Enoteca to Host 5 High School Students for Annual Student Art Show

Come enjoy a glass of wine while you admire the local art!

Come enjoy a glass of wine while you admire the local art!

Enoteca by EdenVale Winery will be hosting 5 local high school students for the annual student show, happening in March. Artwork will range in medium, from pencil to acrylics. Stop by to support them, listen to live music and sample EdenVale’s award winning wine.

We will be hosts to these talented young ladies: Dannae, Raven, Ivy, Posa, and Clara. Each artist is very unique and finds their artwork the best way to express themselves, sans words.

Raven Borgilt is a senior at Ashland High School. She grew up in the hills of Ashland, riding horses, drawing, and playing in the woods. She is inspired by the raw-ness of nature as well as her relationships with people, animals, and her surroundings. Her work is a representation of her emotional experiences depicted by moving dancers. Art is her claim to living.
Mariposa Tratensek-Contor is 17 years old and attends Ashland High School. Both of her parents are talented artists, as well. Art is a way for her to express herself sans words, conveying emotion in those that admire her pieces. Starting out as just sketches, only a select few make it to larger pieces, creating unique works of art that are very personal.
Dannae Stewart is a junior at Ashland High School. Ever since she was a little girl she has always been fascinated by art. She says that her father is the source of her artistic side, as he is an artist himself, passing down a love of art and creativity. Most of her artwork grows out of her love for the outdoors and all the colors nature has to offer.
Clara Baxter has been creating works of art her entire life. She enjoys that making art is a great form of self-expression; the rewarding experience of putting ideas and thoughts out there for others to enjoy. She enjoys making symbolic, surrealist paintings and letting the viewer’s create their own interpretation. She enjoys utilizing bright color schemes in her pieces.
Ivy Connelly is a painter, a drafts person, an etcher, and a student at Ashland High School. When she’s got a paintbrush in her hands, she doesn’t have any limitations-she’d paint her face and slam it into the canvas if she had the time! She draws influence from everything; every piece of art presents some kind of inspiration.

There will be  live music, provided by the lovely and talented Stephanie Kotars who will be singing and playing keyboard. Momma Leche soaps, of Medford, will also be here selling their local artisan product line of soaps, lotions, and much more!

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