Taste of Ashland: Raye Aubin & Linda Evans

By Raye Aubin

By Raye Aubin

Raye Aubin’s Artist Statement:

Light, energy, shapes, colors and the eternal movement of life have always been a great source of fascination and continual discovery for me. My artwork is inspired by nature and the diversity of the human form. Plein air painting gives me a close up interaction with nature and models. Working with charcoals, oils and watercolors brings to me, a lifetime of challenges and excitement. My style is a blend of traditional realism with a contemporary touch. In my life, art is about appreciating the magnificence of nature and sharing precious moments with family, friends, models and viewers. I am forever grateful.

Linda Evans’ Artist Statement:

The beauty of the landscape of the Rogue Valley has called to me since I moved to this area in 2006 and began to work here in both oils and pastels. Preserving an appreciation of our beautiful environment, whether it be in panoramic landscapes or intimate close-ups of Nature, is my artistic goal. My strongest influences continue to be the French Impressionists, the California Impressionists, and my own intuitive observations, especially when painting “en plein air,” as I did for the smaller works in this show.

Summer's Promise by Linda Evans

Summer’s Promise by Linda Evans