Fall Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Divinely Inspired, Isabel Underwood, Solo Exhibition  


Winter’s Light, Cole Lyons, Solo Exhibition  


It’s Easy to be a Holy Man at the Dairy Queen in Roseburg, Art 498 & Art 375, Group Exhibition


Inquiries, Clee Ferris, Solo Exhibition


Opening Reception:

Friday, October 4, 2019, 5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.

Refreshments provided

Exhibition Dates:

October 4th – October 24th, 2019

Gallery Hours:

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.



Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building):

Divinely Inspired

Isabel Underwood 

Solo Exhibition  


who and what am I praying to? do they know me? enlightenment, divine intervention, a message from up above, what They have done to me has changed my mind beyond recognition.  


this show explores what it means to be obsessive and desperate for recognition from those we worship. 


there is an area to leave gifts for the Deity, please participate and think about why you are compelled to.

Thorndike Gallery (Art Building):

Winter’s Light

Cole Lyons

Solo Exhibition  


Nature is the biggest influence in my art. Making observations, interpretations, and

communicating the forms of nature that I experience is my goal. I want to create

excitement and visual interest by bringing the feelings of the outdoors inside, to the

viewers of my paintings. By painting directly onto the surface, being concrete,

having confident honest brushwork, and being passionate I hope to achieve a
fraction of the artistry that I find in nature.


Marion Ady Building (Art Department Chairs Gallery, & Boise Cascade Gallery):

It’s Easy to be a Holy Man at the Dairy Queen in Roseburg

Art 498 & Art 375

Group Exhibition 


 This class has worked to increase our collective understanding of the vital role of critiques in the art community. Often personal, to the point of discomfort, our work centers around the progress we seek in our art. Each student has grown in their respective style, specifically in how to better express critical, underlying concepts through the artistic process. Our class has come together through mutual curiosity and dedication to claim ownership of the research, the process, and, ultimately, the work.


Meyer Memorial Gallery (Marion Ady Building):


Clee Ferris

Solo Exhibition 

Noticing when a question arises, people turn outward to Internet search engines for answers. Deciding to find answers a different way , I chose psychological introspection coupled with the ancient divination tool of tarot. The mark making in these pieces is the result of these inquiries.

_MG_7689 copy

Attached photos:

  1. Isabel Underwood, Divinely Inspired, Photography 
  2. Cole Lyons, Untitled, Acrylic  
  3. Patrick Vogel, Untitled, Mixed Media 
  4.  Clee Ferris, Where am I Headed, Mixed Media