Fall Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the opening receptions for the following:

Capturing Motion, Lindee Newman, Solo Exhibition

Treasures of the Backroom, Curated by Madeleine Farmer & Paige Gerhard

The Tiny Art Show, SOU Students, Alumni & Community Members, Group Exhibition

Sam Marroquin: Social Conscience, Sam Marroquin, Solo Exhibition

Altered Exposure, Anna McGrath, Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: Friday, July 6th, 2018, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Exhibition Dates: July 6th – September 21st, 2018


Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building): 

Capturing Motion, Lindee Newman, Solo Exhibition

Capturing Motion challenges the photographic ideal of clear, stoic imagery. The blurring, “imperfect” photographs have allowed a certain vibrance to come across… An energy that adds a dimension of continuance. Instead of a moment frozen in time, these photographs retain the motion and exertion of a past action. Each motion is specifically accentuated by the lighting. The lighting helps to suspend the motion and highlight the core of each action taken.

Capturing Motion 1


Thorndike Gallery (Art Building):

Treasures of the Backroom, Curated by Madeleine Farmer & Paige Gerhard

Treasures of the Backroom reflects SOU’s educational history, particularly within the Art Department. Chosen based on color and aesthetic, the subjects of the slides range from photography and minimalism, while even dating back the renaissance.



Meyer Memorial Gallery (Marion Ady Building):

The Tiny Art Show, SOU Students, Alumni & Community Members, Group Exhibition

Taking place for its fourth year now, and celebrating art that is both small and diverse, The Tiny Art Show displays works that are three inches by three inches or smaller, and have been created by SOU students, alumni, and community members.



Boise – Cascade Gallery (Marion Ady Building):

Sam Marroquin: Social Conscience, Sam Marroquin, Solo Exhibition

Investigating current and historic events, I am always aware and processing what is going on around us. Images and ideas which are avoided by popular culture and media are the source for my work. Responding to the collective experience of fact and fiction, I explore authenticity of cultural information. Uncovering truth becomes a way of documenting current history while looking to the past, as well as the future.



Art Department Chairs Gallery (Marion Ady Building):

Altered Exposure, Anna McGrath, Solo Exhibition

This work explores the real and the imagined. With the use of beaded and embroidered embellishments, I added imagined and fantastic elements to the natural images of my cyanotype exposures. I added colorful, graphic, radiating shapes to the images, while remaining conscious of the ways in which I integrated the embroidery and beads among the objects within the pieces. The resulting work blurs the line between the real and fantastic.

Promotional Image 2

Attached photos:

Lindee Newman, Capturing Motion, Light & photography

Madeleine Farmer & Paige Gerhard, Treasures of the Backroom, Found objects

Sherry Amoore, Untitled, Film photography

Sam Marroquin, Three Spoons, Acrylic & mixed media on canvas

Anna McGrath, Untitled, Cyanotype & embroidery