Fall Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the November First Friday and the opening recpetions for the following:

A Light That Never Goes Out, Aimee Dahlin, BFA Thesis Exhibition   

My Studio, Danielle Olsen, Capstone Exhibition

Natural States, Kelsey Goldman, Solo Exhibition

Lessons, Dewy Burton, Solo Exhibition

Transcendence, John Cimperman, Community Member Exhibition

Rainbow Warriors, Sherry Amoore, Solo Exhibition


Opening Reception: Friday, November 3rd, 2017, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Exhibition Dates: November 3rd – November 29th, 2017


Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building): 

A Light That Never Goes Out, Aimee Dahlin, BFA Thesis Exhibition  

This series takes the complex topic of intimate partner violence and attempts to expose the rawness and pain which is often kept hidden. In these pieces, it felt important to keep a quality of beauty that is ever present through even the harshest of circumstances – a light that never goes out. It is meant to be shocking, beautifully distorted, and to be reminiscent of cyclical punishment and redemption.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 11.45.10 AM


Thorndike Gallery (Art Building): 

My Studio, Danielle Olsen, Capstone Exhibition

Welcome to My Studio, a place where the mind goes to simply exist. With a combination of canvas, acrylic, and recycled materials, I have chosen to explore the ambiguity of self-expression as a fluid and forever changing process. By developing a changing platform for what is considered abstraction or non-representational artwork, I have chosen to review the perception of how art is viewed and interpreted in a gallery space.


Danielle Olsen


Meyer Memorial Gallery (Marion Ady Building):

Natural States, Kelsey Goldman, Solo Exhibition

Using 35mm film, this is series of portraits represents people in everyday life. Throughout my life I have loved photography. So, exploring film only seemed natural. These photos depict people of different ages and genders in different settings that have been taken over the course of about a year. The intention of these photos is to capture real emotions and experiences. I use color and black and white film to experiment with lighting and contrast.

The Eclipse. Kelsey Goldman


Boise-Cascade Gallery (Marion Ady Building):

Lessons, Dewy Burton, Solo Exhibition

Learning by creating has always been my method to fully understanding something. These paintings were an exercise to strengthen my painting skills and my ideas of what makes me paint.  Even though I tried something different, underneath I still had my geometric way of complimenting the original artist’s work. My patterns still leak through for the eye to follow, casually creating some excitement.

Pollock Tribute. Dewy Burton


Art Department Chairs Gallery (Marion Ady Building):

John Cimperman, Transcendence, Community Member Exhibition

My canvas paintings and digital illustrations are my prayers and pining for Spiritual Transformation, Healing, and Liberation.



JELD WEN Gallery (Marion Ady Building):

Sherry Amoore, Rainbow Warriors, Solo Exhibition

Rainbow Warriors is a series of paintings honoring women from a multi-generational perspective.  It is my intention to celebrate these powerful women crossing the intersections of race, gender, and class in unity for their planetary and humanitarian life work.  I am inspired by the dynamism of the human spirit, the life force that strives to overcome oppression.  The beauty and mystery of this vitality is reflected within the body of work.  



Attached photos:

Aimee Dahlin, This Girl 2, Pastel and Charcoal

Danielle Olsen, Uniformed Detachment, Watercolor 

Kelsey Goldman, Solar Eclipse, Photography

Dewy Burton, Pollock Tribute, Acrylic (Close – Up)  

John Cimperman, Spiritual Journey, Digital Image

Sherry Amoore, Angela Davis, Acrylic on Canvas