April and May Watercolor Artist Beth Martin

Tiger LilyI love the way a painting can capture a moment in time and take you there every time you look at it. Scenes that I see in the real world, visions in my imagination, and people – all inspire me.

A member of the Water Color Society of Oregon and a published illustrator, I have shown in galleries, coffee shops, businesses, have paintings hanging in homes in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Mazatlan, MX, and have sold many cards. One of my paintings was chosen to be used for the Gala Forty Year Anniversary Ball for the Harlem Dance Theatre of New York, and shown across the country on Fox news and other advertising venues.

As a professional violinist and retired string teacher I enjoy painting portraits of musicians. I participated in “The Color of Music” by Siskiyou Singers as one of the featured five artists.

There are many ways to approach a painting: from life, plain air, photos, imagination. I love them all. I tend to use a limited palette, feeling this is harmonizing, blending colors both on the palette and on the paper. Water color seems to have a mind of its own – and I enjoy partnerships – if the paint does something I donʼt intend, I try to make something of it. Sometimes itʼs the best part of the painting!

Watercolor for me is a pleasure, anticipated for many years and and begun when my youngest left home. Several workshops from acclaimed artists have presented new exciting ideas and methods. I continue to put much time into painting – a necessity in order to find happiness and satisfaction – in any of the arts!

Searching to uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary, and attempting to capture what intrigues me is a joy!