Miles Frode presents an inspiring body of art he titles CornucOPIATES

Miles Frode is a third generation, 29 year old Full-time Artist, Freestyle Artist, Emcee, Musician and Poet.


While practicing a lifetime of poetry and art, for more than the last  24 years, he has found new ways to layer his inspiration through the various mediums of paint in the the last ten years.


In free-styling, off the cuff, and using what he calls “Feelism”, a sort of expressionistic  allowance of the “Muse leading” he is absorbed in this very involved process of disconnecting and reconnecting…leaving him to find what had been created much later.


Due to progressive injury’s and inability’s to further treatment all of this show is created using both hands, though most of the show is non-dominant handed. Throughout the last year I have progressively become unable to make ART, or use my arms.

Eshcer's muse copy DSC04866 copyAll sales will go to helping me get

treatment and becoming stable again.

Interested parties
please contact the Artist at: 541(326)-7254