February and March

large_Ashland Fun 090Our featured artist this month is Dave Riney.

Dave Riney, 32, has been creating acrylic-on-canvas artwork for over ten years. He studied under Tom Jewell-Vitale at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. His work at the time was all done in chalk, but because he found it hard to transport the chalk without smearing, he turned to
painting, and never looked back.

Most of his works will have some sort of a horizon line and focus heavily on nature. Dave lived in the city of Chicago for much of his artistic life, but found he was always painting nature, and so in November of 2010, he moved to Medford, Oregon, to find the ultimate inspiration. He is most inspired by the colors found in water and finds them to be the most calming. This is what he strives for in his paintings, a window of calm.

Using mostly acrylic paint, Dave enjoys creating pieces that have texture and layers that jump off the canvas. Occasionally, he will use elements of nature in his work like berries or leaves, inevitably bringing the outdoors, indoors.

Dave has several of his works in private collections, design centers, and homes throughout the country. He hopes to continue his passion of creating unique, peaceful, and meaningful art for people here in the Pacific Northwest.

For more information, you may contact Dave at 773.988.4488, or email him at daveriney@gmail.com.