The Ethereal Spirit


Empress Anita Anderson Fig Joy Hoskin Gunnera Joy Hoskin pixlr_20200519144751110 pixlr_20200519151229375 (2)


June 1st, 2020 – September 1, 2020


ART OPENING JULY 3rd, 2020 from 5:30pm-8:30pm

Ashland Natural Medicine: 180 Lithia Way, Suite 103


The Ethereal Spirit is our special summer season art show at Ashland Natural Medicine.  This nature inspired ethereal collection of  painted leaves and natural yarn handmade “Creations” are a multi-layered effort in the artist crafting process.

The hand painted leaves are a family collaboration.  From the Illinois Valley, Joy Hoskins (mother) and her two daughters, Anita & Melanie work closely together to collect, preserve and craft,  “Joy With Leaves”.  Year round, Joy and her daughters enjoy hiking and notice the changes in leaves from season to season.  These intricately crafted leaf paintings are an expression of these seasonal changes, the appreciation and respect for the places they have visited and for the deep love they have for one another.

Having leaves passed down from Joy’s father as gifts while growing up, the three of them discovered that Southern Oregon offers a wide range of beautiful shapes, sizes, textures and colors of leaves.  Over twenty years ago they happened to see a small leaf painted in a gift shop in Arizona.  Years later, that small painted leaf inspired them to paint on one of the preserved maple leaves that Joy’s father had given them so long ago.

To date, they have harvested over 20,000 different types of leaves.  The preservation and drying process is different with each leaf. No two leaves respond the same during their process of creation.   The leaves also vary widely in size.  They can be as small as half an inch in size all the way up to 36 inches across. And when dried, leaves feel as thin as rice paper while others when dried feel thick, like leather.

Like the hand painted leaves, since she was a young child, Lucinda Kelly’s natural “Creations” also known as nature installations are inspired from her years of collecting natural objects from her life journeys and experiences.  You can often find Lucinda on a solo road trip, observing the land carefully in search of her desire to connect with “Gaia” energy. Gaia as interpreted in Greek mythology was a goddess who gave life to an awaiting material of raw power.  During this time of great chaos, it was she who turned this raw power into the birth of Earth.  Respecting and honoring the earth are essential in Lucinda’s search for objects that resonate with her. Lucinda honors Gaia energy when she discovers something special in the natural world, she asks the land first if she can have the object and she always leaves a gift of creation in return.

As artists we each have our own approach of beginning a new painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. Lucinda begins her process by choosing randomly a type of yarn, similar colors or a single object.  She will sit with her random selection for some time and eventually, creative intuition speaks to her of how to begin.  When making her “Creations” they energetically embody a devotion process of love, gratitude and creativity.  This love, gratitude and creativity towards each found treasure comes to life forming a union with one another and completes the creation process.  In addition, her delicate handmade “Creations” express natural subtle colors that vibrate, embody the soft feminine, and the organic landscapes she explores.  Inside each “Creation” she may place a hidden gem, crystal or hummingbird.

Each whimsical, mix-media”Creation” is crafted purposefully thinking about the design elements of art and with the hopes that her audience will feel a sense of tranquility and connection to Mother Earth.