Lindy Kehoe “Dream Garden”

"Tea Garden"

"Tea Garden"

"Durgalina"Pascha Llama




NOVEMBER 1, 2019 – JANUARY 27, 2020


NOVEMBER 1, 2019


Ashland Natural Medicine, 180 Lithia Way

Enjoy Art, Live Music, Wine and a little Nosh

Lindy Kehoe painting live at a festival.

Upon seeing Lindy Kehoe’s paintings for the first time, I found myself in awe of her creations. So much so, that I stopped breathing for a moment.   I was immediately brought back to my innocent and deeply imaginative eight-year-old self. Her paintings slow your heart rate down, forcing you to take in the beauty and emotions of what’s in front of you. Lindy Kehoe paints from a pure place of imagination. Nothing obstructs her vision. She weaves in magical themes of storytelling about nature, animals, Mother Earth, music, dance, childhood, mystical, unconsciousness, joy, divinity, feminine, masculine, peace and prayer just to name a few…


Lindy writes, “My work is inspired by serendipity, a momentary feeling of interconnected magic, that often feels like a dream.  I am motivated to create images that bring peaceful energy to the viewer, a place of remembrance, a place of innocence. The Oracular tendency keeps me fascinated by the mystical process.”


As an art teacher, I am attracted to Lindy’s ability and talent to master color theory. She carefully selects specific color schemes to deepen the symbolic meaning behind her artwork. You’ll notice analogous color schemes with tints, shades and a complement accent, warm and cool color schemes and focused complementary color schemes. In addition, she uses skillful painting techniques to soften or brighten the intensity of a color.


As we move into the season of darkness, her newest show titled, “Dream Garden” is a reminder that light is just on the other side. Be patient. Now is the time to move inward, reflect and find the time to be still. Before we know it, fall and winter will say, “Goodbye” and we will see the first signs of little purple crocus flowers pushing their way up to reach the sun. And, we shall then awaken from our Dream Garden.