First Friday Art Opening at 
Ashland Natural Medicine: 180 Lithia Way
September 7th, 2018 

                                                           Abstract Artist: Meggan Baron


It will be a happy smoke free night! So come on out and meet the talented artist, Meggan Baron.

Meggan is a graduate with a BFA from long ago when SOU was SOSC. She was also raised in Ashland and is so very exited to be showing her collection of art at Ashland Natural Medicine in her hometown.

Her work is truly stunning. She is a master of transforming LINE and creating whimsical compositions that are filled with color, shapes and movement.

Meggan’s art explores the nuances of the abstract mark using the mediums that she loves, acrylic and collage on muslin.
With loops, whirls, spheres, circles and gestural line work, this art show invites you to wander through the sensuousness of that exploration.

Meggan writes, 

“My favorite medium is acrylic paint. On fabric I am using Jacquard textile color that is specifically made for applying to fabric. What I love about acrylic is how it spreads when watered down but also can be applied with a dry brush and be thick. I am also in love with a particular cotton muslin that absorbs the paint pigment beautifully, making for rich, bold color.”

“My artwork is considered abstract or even more specific,  nonrepresentational. It is biomorphic and very expressive with a lot of movement. It seems to be very natural for me to paint in loops and circles and create texture either with collage or just different applications of the paint.”

“The artists that I am inspired by are Nathan Oliveira, Wassily Kandinsky, Gustav Klimt, Willem de Kooning, Eva Hesse, Alexander Calder and just about every abstract expressionist ( just to name a few).”

We look forward to seeing all of you.

Please come and enjoy some wine and a little nosh.

Many blessings and fresh air!

IMG_2412 IMG_2673 IMG_2642 Meggan E. Baron 3