Holding Onto The American Hero

Chief Seattle, by Harriet Greene



Open Monday – Friday :  9:00am-5:00pm
Location:  Ashland Natural Medicine
180 Lithia Way, Suite 103

For More Information Contact:

Samae Chlebowski at info@ashlandnaturalmedicine.com

“Holding Onto the American Hero” is the newest art show at Ashland Natural Medicine that looks deeply into the vanishing icons of our country’s history.

Over 10 years ago, Harriet Greene and Marty Goldman moved to the Rogue Valley bringing with them several thousand pounds of carving stone, published books, produced films and commercials, and large body of remarkable artwork.  Together these two work from their home studios in Talent, Oregon creating artwork that is meaningful,  thought provoking and crafted with such care and beauty.


Harriet created her stone cut print series titled, “Oratory of Eight Great Chiefs” because she was inspired and deeply moved by the speeches of the great American Indian Chiefs.  She states, “Numerous Indian tribes, Bannock, Shoshone, Snake, travelled through the Jackson Hole Valley to their final hunting grounds in Yellowstone.  Being in such close proximity spurred my interest to their plight and I needed to document their great speeches.” Oratory of Eight Great Chiefs include: Chief Joseph, Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, Washakie, Crazyhorse. Geronimo, Plenty Coups and Seattle. This profound collection of final prints took her 15 years to complete.

In addition, Harriet will also be showing her sculptors and stone cut prints that express her love and appreciation for nature and all living creatures.


After a very successful career in television and film Marty intentionally dropped out of the New York/L.A. scene  and with Harriet moved to the Wild, Wild West finding a home just outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Here he decided to immerse himself by illustrating and silk-screening the world around him of the “Rodeo Cowboy”.  Using the compositional art elements line, color, shape, value and texture Marty has created detailed and stunning crafted illustrations that offer his audiences captured moments of humor, posture, natural beauty, defeat, celebration and stillness that encompass the daily life experience of a real, rodeo cowboy.

In addition to his illustrations and silk-screens in the gallery, Marty Goldman is showing his talent as a skilled photographer and cartoonist.  His photography speaks directly to the heart connection and how each of us perceives what is happening and changing around us.  His colorful cartoons remind us not to take ourselves too seriously and that humor and laughter can be found just around the corner.


Artists, Harriet Greene and Marty Goldman in front of their home in Talent, Oregon

“Chief Seattle” Detail Image Stone Cut Print By, Harriet Greene

“Plenty Coups” Stone Cut Print By, Harriet Greene

 Digital Photo -Marty Goldman

“Freedom” Digital Photograph By, Marty Goldman

Harriet Sculpture

“Buffalo People” Italian Raspberry Alabaster Stone By, Harriet Greene



“The Disappearing American Hero” Watercolor, Pen & Ink By, Marty Goldman

“Pony Tails” Watercolor, Pen & Ink By, Marty Goldman