June at Ashland Art Works

Shari Southard

Drop by Ashland Art Works in June to check out our Featured Artists, Shari Southard and Marydee Bombick.  We’ll host an Artist’s Reception on First Friday Artwalk, June 3rd from 5 to 8pm.


In addition to Shari and Marydee, our 4 galleries are filled with art from our 13 local artists.


Shari Southard

Shari is a plein air painter,  she paints outside on location.  Shari’s love of nature acts as a conduit to her inspiration for her paintings. Mountain hikes or coastal views – the smells, the sounds, the birds and animals all become part of her visual journal. Her paintings are a representation of the world as she sees it.



Marydee Bombick

Marydee’s interest in clay began in her early teens when her Aunt taught her to paint on pre-formed pieces.  After graduate school, she took a summer class in throwing pots and was hooked. When Marydee retired as a high school math teacher in 1998, she was able to devote more time to clay projects and set up a small studio in her basement. Her work continues to evolve as she learns more techniques and develops new and exciting glazes.



RippleVase Little Plates