Water, Ice, Birds, and Blossoms

Cheryl Kempner's Poppies

Visit us this month for a new show featuring Tamara Enz’s photographs of water and ice and Cheryl Kempner’s metal and clay sculptures of birds and blossoms. Come meet the artists at the First Friday Art Walk on May 4.

Tamara’s past life as a biologist informs her current life as a writer and photographer. She strives to witness the natural world in a way that honors its intrinsic value without translation or hyperbole. As a photographer of wild places and intimate natural patterns, Tamara hopes to create meaningful dialogue with a wider audience.

Cheryl creates her art in both clay and metal. Enjoy a grouping of clay hand-built poppies in shades of red and orange. Plus, see the new line of powder-coated metal flowers and trees that can be left outside year round. Metal birds appear perched on rusted steel sculptures and clay birds decorate Cheryl’s vases, trays, and bowls.

Cheryl's Tree DSC_0034 copy DSC_0049 copy DSC_4195 copy