Locally Made: Furniture, pottery, and jewelry made with local materials

Ceramic teapot by Bonnie Morgan

Ceramic teapot by Bonnie Morgan

Visit us this month to see new offerings by furniture maker John Weston, who uses woods found and sourced in the Rogue Valley. We are also featuring decorative and functional pottery for your home by Bonnie Morgan, and sterling silver and stone jewelry by one of our newest members, Liz Ellingson.

Rodeo Flyer, an eclectic country, rock & roll, blues band, will play during the First Friday Art Walk – guaranteed to get your feet dancing!

Bonnie Morgan focuses on decorative and functional pottery. Currently she has been working on a series of teapots, covered jars, and serving platters. Porcelain and white stoneware and are her favorite clays to work with on the potter’s wheel and in hand building. Developing new glazes continues to be an interest and challenge that inspires excitement with each kiln opening.

Liz Ellingson’s designs all center around her own custom-cut cabochons. She hand fabricates all of her jewelry in sterling silver using traditional silver-smithing techniques. The jewelry she creates is one of a kind with an earthy, enduring quality.

Becoming a part of a cooperative of artists has inspired John Weston to stretch his woodworking and to combine form with function. His work is intended to provide generations of use and enjoyment. Mortise and tenon joinery, mitred splines, dowels, dovetails. and floating tenons are a few of his favorite construction techniques. John’s work consistently attempts to highlight the natural beauty found in selected pieces of lumber.  He collects unique pieces of lumber and finds enjoyment in sharing their beauty with others. When using exotic woods, he tries to purchase certified lumber that is harvested from tree farms. John’s greatest satisfaction comes from using woods native to Oregon.AAW#11 John three boards

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