Landscape Artist Daniel Loch and new Crazy Birds by Cheryl Kempner

Mt Shuksan Reflected


In June, Ashland Artworks on Oak Street features whimsical clay birds perched along rusted steel branches by sculptor Cheryl Kempner, plus the work of new gallery member, landscape photographer Daniel Loch.

Dan is an avid mountaineer, backpacker  with a passion for capturing the first rays from a summit or the dwindling glow of a sunset reflecting in an alpine lake. He enjoys immersing himself fully in his surroundings to capture the essence of the moment in his images.

Birds on branch




Cheryl forms her birds from flat pieces of clay that are paddled around balloons. Each bird is fired in the kiln to over 2000 degrees. The rusted steel branches and bird houses are cut by Cheryl with a plasma torch. Her husband, Ken, does any necessary welding.


LIVE MUSIC: We are also proud to present imaginative electronic music by keyboardist Chris Cummings – beautiful to hear when strolling through our galleries and garden.

Metal_Birdhouse Untitled-1