Featured Artists in September: Claudia Law & Monique Barker




Monique Barker’s Traditional Technique Original Designs


In 1986 I travelled to Nep

al where I learned traditional rug weaving with Karma Sherap a Tibetan master weaver living in the Katmandu Valley.

The practice of this ancient art opened new options for self-expression with textile arts.

I create a palette of rich tones on wool with natural dyes.


I hand-spin the wool yarns used in knotting the pile entwined in the warp and weft, which is the base of woven tapestries.


I’ve being inspired by Tibetan bold designs, my style of surface design changed over the years. Now I feel the need

to be less structured by designs and concepts.

My 3D work in clay from when I practiced ceramic has resurfaced in my mask making.

I create masks with Celluclay, which is a form of dry paper pulp which is mixed with water.

After modeling, and drying, the surface will become hard enough to be sanded to a smooth surface. Painting the mask is the most fun and creative experience. I let inspiration flow so I can enjoy the surprises.




 Claudia Law’s Evocative Textile Art


I revel in using multi-media applications, such as painting, collage, calligraphy, thread sketching, beading,

couching and embroidery, when creating my art quilts, and imaginative, non-traditional use of color in traditional quilt designs. Quilting cotton is my canvas, but adding texture, sparkle, shine, depth and dimension, is what I really enjoy.


Live Music!

This month, Chris Cummings returns with his unique synthesized blend of jazz, latin guitar and rock.