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lucille burks

Communion with the CaveFeatured Studio Artist:  Gayle Erbe-Hamlin

Show:  Communion with the Cave

Somewhere between 40,000 and 50,000 years ago, our ancestors went deep into caves and began leaving their marks on the walls and painting extraordinary images of animals. The why will always remain mysterious as they left no written explanation. We remain only to conjecture and be amazed. This show is a reflection of my communion with those people and the expressions and impressions they left behind. A question to ponder is: when the 6th Extinction is over who will remain and what will they paint on the walls of the cave.
lucille burksFeatured Gallery Artist:  Lucille Burke
Show:  Visiting France
We often go to Paris to visit my sister-in-law.  When there we make day trips to the countryside.  These acrylic paintings on canvas are of sights that appealed to me.
Featured Photographer:
Kate Geary
Show: Into the Woods
kate gearyKate Geary’s new show, “In the Woods”, opens on Friday, January 3, 2020, at The Photographer’s Gallery at the Ashland Art Center and runs through the end of February. Kate’s focus in this show is on the amazing beauty and even humor in the small details of the natural world in the forest. So often the small is obscured by the magnificence of the scene, the towering redwood or roaring waterfall. To pause, to look downward and notice the patterns in decaying bark, the sensuous texture of exposed wood,. the beauty of seed pods lying in verdant ground cover, reflections of fall color in a meandering stream, brings a new appreciation to the beauty of detail.
Musical Guests:  Jennifer Davis and Jim Abdo
jenn and jim