Dia de los Muertos at Ashland Art Center

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November First Friday November First Friday at Ashland Art Center is packed will be packed with great art, wine and music.  Come in costume and be part of the scene.  Art sale to benefit Wilderness Rites, Women’s Vision Quest in the main classroom.

November 1, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Featured Studio Artist:Flow of Mercy
Kat McIver
Show: Home with a Heart
Artwork – especially clay work – is a spiritual practice for me. Exploring the “Heart Center” has been a critical piece of my journey. It is in the heart center that I find/feel the qualities of love, mercy, compassion and empathy…for myself, my family, my friends and the world as a whole. I am drawn to try to express those qualities in my work. Often, when sitting in the heart center, there is the sense that the pieces come through me and I say to myself, “well look who/what showed up today”. I hope in the process to touch your heart as well. Thank you for witnessing them.
0513191210 BridgettFeatured Gallery Artist:
Bridget Reynolds
Show: Movement
A self taught artist explores the theme of movement and dance in different cultures, mixed media works in bright colors and designs.
Featured Photographer:  Darcie Sternenberg
Darcie Sternenberg
Show: Dogwood Forest
Darcie Sternenberg’s new show, “Dogwood Forest”, opens on Friday November 1st at The Photographers’s Gallery at the Ashland Art Center and runs through the end of December.
Darcie, a photographer who specializes in black and white imagery, has long been fascinated by native dogwoods on forest service lands. The magical interplay of these dogwoods scattered amongst the conifers is the subject of this new series of images.
Musical Guest:
Charles Guy & Linda Powers
Charles Guy and Linda Powers are a Charles Guyduo performing original music of Latin flavor with a bit of gypsy flair. You will delight in their infectious melodies and hypnotic rhythms as performed on violin and Spanish guitar.
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