Story Telling through Art

denise kester

thumbnail_IMG_0539 melody bloreFeatured Studio Artist:
Melody Blore
Show: Art of Flowers
I owned a flower shop in Newport Beach California, Melody’s Garden, where i created fragrant, artistic arrangements on a daily basis. Intuitive, expressive explorations honoring her love of flowers. Acrylic on canvas, mixed media, collage with altered photos of her own garden bouquets, hand-carved stamps, stitchery, monoprints made with the gelli plate. Enjoy the fresh floral arrangement.
denise kesterFeatured Gallery Artist:
Denise Kester
Show: Story Art
New monoprints and mixed media art. “Imagination through art allows for magic to happen, lifting the spirit and the heart during these uncertain times”.
aac web image 1Featured Photographer:
Dan Elster
Show: The Sentinel of the Forest
Northern Spotted Owls are perhaps the Pacific Northwest’s best known wildlife species -unfortunately for all of the wrong reasons. The controversy started in the early 1990’s when they were listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Logging operations were suddenly operating under new restrictions and many even shut down. To the small logging communities and the families that lived in them, the owl became a symbol for government overreach and economic hardship. To the environmentalist, spotted owls represent man’s over-consumption and irresponsible stewardship of the environment. A species that continues to decline in numbers, year after year. Some fear the Northern Spotted Owl is doomed no matter what we do.
In the summer of 2019, I was able to add to my portfolio of these elusive birds. I hope these images will help you see Northern Spotted Owls for what they are (fascinating, beautiful, majestic creatures) – not a symbol of a bitter political argument that has gone on for decades. These birds only want to exist. It’s sad to think they may someday only do so in zoos and textbooks.
Bio: Dan Elster is a wildlife photographer based in Ashland, Oregon. He hopes his images serve as reminders that we don’t own the earth, we share it.
Doug WarnerMusical Guest: Doug Warner
Oregon singer-songwriter, Doug Warner, has embodied 45 years of playing, singing and writing blues music in his CDs, Fading Gracefully and Sail Me Away. He composes and performs songs with a master bluesman’s touch, rich with metaphor, infusing his unique sense of humor. He has developed an exiting new voice in the blues and his stories, images and rhythms roll out as if they were longtime standards.
Praise for Fading Gracefully
“This is a handsome tribute to forty years of multi-talented Doug Warner’s music. Warner has a warm and engaging voice, which perfectly suites the downhome nature of these compositions…Time to Get it Right with it’s Tony Joe White feel,is wonderful.”
“Doug Warner has a really nice release of original blues tunes… authentic and genuine.”