Fiber meets Pottery meets Painting

thumbnail_Crowned Cranes in Flight

thumbnail_IMG_0184Featured Gallery Artist:
Lucille Burke
Show: Inspiration
I have always been involved in the arts. From the beginning, I had wonderful art teachers starting in elementary school. My High School art teacher, Mike VanDame, had the most influence on my artistic development as he introduced his classes to the many forms of artistic creation. I studied with Also Casanova and Marion Stewart among others before graduating from Scripps College. I did post grad classes in ceramics with “Bud” McKee at SF State and then at SOU with Jim Romberg. From my many teachers, both “official” and “unofficial,” I have learned and grown in my artistic expression.
Artist statement:
Inspiration – What inspires us?
It is different for everyone. For me it can be a fleeting image. Or a photo of something that turns into something else. Or, ultimately, paint on a brush, put on a canvas, that becomes a painting.
thumbnail_Crowned Cranes in FlightFeatured Photographer, Judy Benson Lanier
Show: African Birds
Local photographer Judy Benson Lanier’s new show, African Birds, opens at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center on Friday, August 2nd during the First Friday Art Walk. She is showing her colorful photos of African birds. During her many trips to Africa as a photo safari leader, Judy discovered African birds are wide ranging in size, coloring, and habits. From the smallest yellow and green Bee-eater to the largest black and white Ostrich, the birds display their grandeur and variety for all to see.
Whether in flight or resting on ground or branch, birds hold delight and wonder for earth-bound humans. In these photos Judy expresses her fascination with birds and invites the viewer to fly away with beautiful avian creatures. Judy’s work has been featured in books about Africa and Oregon and she has published eight books of her own photography. Judy is a graduate of Ashland High School and OSU, and is an award winning photographer.
MDrummingMusical Guest: Martin Ball
Martin Ball is an eclectic multi-instrumentalist and regular feature of First Friday events in Ashland where he performs improvised genre-mixing instrumental music with guitars, Native American flutes, didjeridus, percussion, and more, all blended together on the spot with his loop pedal, and often accompanied by Bram Lightbourne on EWI (electronic wind instrument). Martin and Bram also perform with vocalist Jessalynn Jones as Fractal Love Jam for which Martin is the primary composer and lyricist.