Year of the Pig Celebration


Year of the pig celebration kicks off on First Friday at Ashland Art Center with Dana Feagin’s Show, Pig Tales.

IMG_0222Featured Gallery Artist:
Dana Feagin
Show: Pig Tales
A celebration of the Chinese year of the pig. An award-winning oil painter focused on animals. All of her proceeds benefit animal charities.
Ashland Art Center and Sanctuary One will be hosting a Year of the Pig event on June 23rd.
IMG_6554 caroleeFeatured Studio Artist:
Carolee Buck
Show: The Art of Travel
Watercolor, pen & ink, on paper and canvas giclee, artwork from Holland, France and Italy. “I love being able to sketch when traveling, a meditation on life and venue that I can carry away with me.”
Flower 2 julie bonneyFeatured Photographer: Julie Bonney
Show: Flowers
Julie Bonney will be presenting a collection of flower photography for the First Friday Art Walk on June 7, 2019. Julie says, “Favorite photography subjects for many are flowers. They touch us in ways that open us to the natural world. However, the challenge is to showcase them in ways that are less common and create a desire in the viewer to stop and take them in. Using tulle, lace, optic choices, shallow depth of field, multiple exposures and more unusual angles of perspective helps to emphasize the ways in which flowers speak to our hearts.”
pjak-cute-girl-300x200John Muir Art Focused Classes Display at Ashland Art Center’s Main Classroom
On First Friday, students from John Muir School will be displaying artwork they created from their Art Focused Classes.  Projects include fiber art, photography, videography, woodworking and circus performing class.  The culinary class will have some desserts available