Shades of Blue: Dyeing with Indigo

Pitcher & Pears 2

Studio Artist Shared Exhibit, “Shades of Blue”
Marta Marthas, Jo Ann Manzone, Peggy Biskar, Janine Twining & Gayle Erbe-Hamlin
JoAnn_manzone print rust
This group of studio artists at Ashland Art Center share a passion for textile design and using natural dyes, especially Indigo. They explore multiple ways of using Indigo hues in their textile art.
Botanical sources of the blue dye, Indigo, have been used for thousands of years by people of many cultures to color natural fibers. This exhibit will demonstrate the wide color range that can be achieved with natural Indigo dyes and outline the process used to dye with Indigo plants. Handmade garments and textile wall art pieces dyed with Indigo will be featured.
Pitcher & Pears 2Featured Photographer: Debra Harder
Show: The Comforts of Home
Debra Harder’s new show, The Comforts of Home, opens on Friday, February 1st at The Photographers’ Gallery At Ashland Art Center. Photographing in the comforts of home on cold winter days is one of Debra’s favorite things to do. She enjoys creating still life scenes reminiscent of old paintings. These images include some of her beloved possessions such as her collection of English White Ironstone. The natural light streaming in from nearby windows is all that is needed to “paint” the items being photographed. Debra’s still life images truly reflect her personal style not only in photography but also in her home.
Featured Gallery Artist: Jennifer Anne NelsonDE9E9850-EF54-4F1D-9F28-BE0B0C757481
Show: Freed from the Halls of Amenti
Medium: eco oil paint, soldering iron, ink
Jennifer Anne holds a B.A. degree from UC Berkeley in Art Practice, and is currently living in southern Oregon where she is a gallery artist at The Ashland Art Center. Her artworks investigate the mysteries transcribed in ancient legends, working in partnership with the materials to allow archetypes, symbols, and wild landscapes to emerge.
Holly Gleason picMusical Guest:  Holly Gleason
Holly Gleason’s vocal and compositional stylings vary vast and wide as she meanders down a musical memory lane with her audience in melancholic characters spouting self-reflective bits of wisdom learned too late. Her first publicly released album “Light Show” follows last year’s self-produced EP “Miracle Mile” wherein audiences got to experience a funky, fresh facet of Mz Gleason’s performance & songwriting. Much more on the personal side, “Light Show” is a collection of romantic songs that speak of the exquisite pleasure and gift of loving another person unconditionally. With sweet and sour levity combined with humble and refined self-reflection she lures the listener from quirky pillow talk to soul-wrenching heartache in one sentence. Her beautiful-to-brass style of singing around her fettered guitar playing is raw, sincere, and elegantly self-effacing.