Fiber Art, Photography and Paint


Yosemite meadow (1 of 1)Featured Photographer:
Bobbi Murphy
Show: Yosemite: 20 years later
My photographic trip to Yosemite was truly bittersweet. Yosemite holds wonderful memories for me – of autumn walks in golden meadows and full moon nights along the Merced River listening to great horned owls call to their families on cold evenings. Tramping through spring meadows flooded with snow runoff; riotous with wild flowers.
John Muir walked here and created America’s second great National Park.
There is no denying the impact of climate change on the park: drought, fire, pine beetles have killed 129 million trees in California and Yosemite has not been spared. It is heartbreaking to see and experience while remembering how magnificent it was just a few short years ago. But the tourists come in crowds greater than ever.
Despite all that we have done, it is still a glorious, spectacular place that makes a heart sing, even in the midst of destruction and devastation. We are loving it too much and yet, somehow not enough.
Steps in the wind lrFeatured Studio Artist
Susanne Petermann
Show: Inspired by Rumi
Each piece is an original collage created in response to a poem by Rumi, an 12th century Persian poet.
Featured Main Gallery ArtistIMG_2967
Jo Ann Manzone
Show: Reinvent
Jo Ann is a natural dyer, botanical printer and felt artist. Reinvent and refresh is the theme for her December Show. A vest becomes a bag. A bag becomes a pair of fingerless mitts, a dress becomes a vest. Scraps of fabric sewn together becomes a new garment.
4242833_8693286First Friday Musical Guest:
Jennifer De Puglia
Gospel singer, Jennifer De Puglia is our First Friday Musical guest. She is the Vocal Director of the Music Hall Series at the Craterian Theater at the Collier Center for Performing Arts. She has performed at OSF and as a vocalist with the Bishop Mayfield Band.
“I have always, since time immemorial, been consumed with all things music. Every style, every nuance. As a little girl I felt as if my soul were a tuning fork and every time something was played or sung my heart would resound with the melodies wafting through my world.”