Dia de los Muertos Frist Friday


Music by Frankie Hernandez, Pumpkin painting in the classroom.  Meet our Artists!IMG_2914


Frontyard Blueberries resizeJanette Brown & Katherine Dron
Show: Through Our Eyes: Reflections on Nature
Watermedia artists sharing their interpretations of nature.
Featured Main Gallery Artist
Bridget Reynolds
Trained in a very left brained world of business, I came to the creative process quite late in life. I feel like a whole other world opened upfront me. I said a resounding “YES” and have not looked back. It is like playing in huge sandbox exploring images and color. I LOVE it!!!
Guitar Series:
On my fort canvas, all I know was that I wanted a guitar represented. From that, this series emerged.
What fun I have had in creating them.
Intuitive Pieces:
I love to stand before a blank canvas/paper and just make some strokes and then follow my instincts with a piece.
It is always a surprise to see what emerges. 0611181020_Burst01
29103627_10156257933751683_3189518730996878609_nFirst Friday Musical Guest: Frankie Hernandez
Frankie Hernandez has played every venue conceivable between Seattle and Los Angeles. Half jokester, half home-brewed Tito and Tarantula, and always love-struck, Hernandez has carved quite a name for himself. The only thing bigger than Hernandez’s voice, which could fill a closet or Yankee Stadium with equal aplomb, is his exuberant personality.