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(Lead photo) Low Tide (AAG) print

(Lead photo) Low Tide (AAG) printFeatured Photographer: Kate Geary
Show: Where Sea Meets Sand
Kate Geary, a Ashland photographer, opens her new show Where Sea Meets Sand at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center on August 3rd during the 1st Friday Art Walk. Her show explores the seaside beaches of Bandon and the Oregon Dunes near Reedsport, OR.
The sea creates an ever-changing, often dramatic interface with the land.  It shapes wide sandy beaches, rough rock-cobbled shores strewn with shells and other gifts from the sea, or flat vistas strewn with towering rock formations.  The remote beaches of southern Oregon seems to go on forever and gives one a sense of utter solitude. But upon closer inspection, a multitude of sea-dependent creatures cling to the rocks in multi-colored tenaments exposed by low tide. Wind is the sea’s partner is shaping the coastal landscape. Where the sea has created fine particles of sand, the wind spins it into myriad, ever-changing shapes and designs. At the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area one could easily imagine being in an exotic desert in far distant lands. But glancing down, there are exquisite abstract designs at your feet. Kate’s new show explores the intersection between sea and land on the dramatic Oregon coast.
Kate has also shown her work at the Illahe Gallery, Liquid Assets and Studio 5 in Ashland, and Rogue Gallery in Medford.
6887_830355w650Featured Studio Artist
Jeanne LaRae

Inspirational, Creative, Adventuresome


Artist, Fine Art Painter, Illustrator, Teacher, and Photographer,

Jeanne LaRae explores and discovers from her home town, the U.S. and  worldwide “in search of light and shadow and its magical effects.”  She “loves the light as it dances across a dogs nose, causes the shimmer on Aspen trees, the sparkle in water, the drama of shadows and the bouncing light with color creating paths throughout a landscape, and the role it plays in telling the story as it allows Jeanne to relate and deliver it throughout her paintings of nature, landscapes, architecture, people, and animals”.


Jeanne LaRae captures visions and reflects them in all forms and techniques of art.  Her commissions range from detailed realism, impressionistic, to abstract.

Jeanne encourages and inspires people to look further and deeper into our surroundings,

finding the beauty and the story, to listen to the whispers of the world around them as more of a symphony of color and light, and to appreciate the gift and experience of the path.  Her students are incited, nurtured and cheered to venture down this journey.  


2470FEDF-3294-4D48-BAAA-17AE85D0BFB6Featured Main Gallery Artist
Jennifer Anne Nelson
Show: Glow
Jennifer’s pieces are examinations of that which has been left behind. Her work is a tool that gathers the mysteries transcribed in myths and legends: forging a partnership with the materials, there is a freedom given to herself, the ink, the water and the page — unlocking those pregnant moments, the movement amidst the stillness. Activating the once dried pools of ink allows archetypes, symbols, and wild landscapes to emerge.