Wild Life Photographer, Dan Elster

the wanderer

February First Friday

FREE Community Art Event

February 2, 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Featured Photographer:  Dan Elster

Show: The Trickster

the wandererPlease join local wildlife photographer, Dan Elster in the Photographers Gallery at Ashland Art Center during February First Friday Art Walk.  Dan was born in Chicago, 1971.  In his old life, he was the manger of his brother’s food distribution business on the west side of Chicago.  Several years ago, Dan and his wife took a leap of faith…they quit their jobs, sold their home and hit the road.  Patty took a job as a travel nurse, while Dan pursued a dream career in wildlife photography.  Dan’s subjects are completely wild, (no captive or “staged” shots), and it’s important to him that people know that.  There is something different about wild creatures, you can see it in their eyes.  To them, every day is a struggle just to survive.  Despite every effort by  man to eradicate them from the western United States, coyote populations have grown substantially in the last 100 years.  Their range has expanded eastward too.  Coyotes are tough, smart, resilient survivors and they are beautiful too.




Featured Studio Artist:  Robbin Pearce

Show:  My Needle is my PaintBrush

In the tradition of hand stitchers through the centuries and across the World I hand stitch the beauty of nature and cultural issues I IMG_5017experience.  This exhibit includes a few samples of embroidery, needlepoint and applique.










Featured Gallery Artist:  Wendy Bloom

I’ve always done art of one kind or another.  I think I began drawing in the womb!  For many years I was convinced I was a sculptor, then a IMG_4609transformational experience occurred.  It changed me forever.  I was on the Hawaiian island of Maui.  I went snorkeling on a boat tour.  I splashed into the water, and after swimming around for several minutes, I almost literally bumped into a sea turtle.  He was busy munching on coral.  I floated 5 feet away from him, in awe for what seemed like an hour, but was only 10 minutes.  I felt frozen in time, and deeply connected to this amazing being.  Later, I designed an image of a sea turtle and had it tattooed on my shoulder.  Since then, I have been bombarded by images and painting, painting, painting.  What a gift!  My focus is on power animals.  It seems their spirits are channeling through me.  I’m having an incredible time.  I hope you enjoy what inspiration has brought my way and that the animals speak to you as clearly as they have to me.

Aloha! Wendy Bloom



Dancin hi res_cropped_First Friday Musician:  Liz Jones

Liz Jones is a singer-songwriter-rhythm guitarist and a 20 year Ashland resident.  She is most often seen performing folk, country, blues and jazz at wineries and private events with her group Savanna.