Photographer, Bobbi Murphy shows new work

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Featured Photographer:  Bobbi Murhpy
Show: Public Land Grab

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Bobbi Murphy’s new show, Public Land Grab opens at The Photographers’Gallery at Ashland Art Center on FridayJanuary 5th.  For the first time in U.S. history, the government is shrinking federal protected park lands.  In December, 2,000,000 acres lost their National Monument status which opens them up to commercial development and exploitation.  And this is just the beginning: administration has signaled they will continue to attack federal lands and sell them off. At Glacier National Park in Montana, Bobbi Murphy stood next to a German visitor at the top of the Going to the Sun road admiring the vast landscape.  He said to her, “you Americans are so lucky.  In Europe this land would be privately owned and off limits.”  Bobbie’s images show some of the incredible beauty of our public lands and is intended to highlight the threat to them.  All proceeds from her show will be donated to The Nature Conservancy.

Featured Studio Artist:  Patrick McKechnie 

Show:  “Walls of Ruin”

Patrick McKechnie received a Master of Architecture from Boston Architectural College.  He has a Design Studies Bachelor from Arizona State.  Patrick’s thesis project was on how to revitalize dying shopping malls.  Currently, 3/4 of the US built footprint is comprised of retail space, 1/3 of that is considered a dying or dead mall space.  While all mall sites will be redeveloped one way or another, Patrick’s thesis explores how to expand the use of these sites for recreational and much more than just retail.  On First Friday, Patrick will take you through his design.

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