First Friday

Eco print

Eco print

Featured Photographer: Bobbi Murphy

Show: Tiny Dancer

TINY-DANCERSLenten roses are one of the earliest flowers in spring, but often go unnoticed because they hang with their faces to the ground.  Their simple beauty shines when you flip them over.  When closely studied, they remind me of tiny ballerinas, bending and turning to some unheard music.  These images were taken with a soft-focus lens that heightens the effect of the gauzy, glowing world of ballet.

Featured Upstairs Artist:  Jo Ann botanical print jacket 2


Show:  Abundance

Jo Ann Manzone is a felter, natural dyer and botanical printer.  In her show, Abundance” she unveils the simple beauty of nature’s bounty on texiles.

Featured Gallery Artists:  Liza Hamilton and Marcy Greene 

Show:  WOOLIZA_006‘Soul Reflections’, mixed media paintings by Marcy Greene, needle felted sculpture by Liza Hamilton.

Marcy Greene