Three Dimensional Printmade Jewelery by Tiffany Hokanson


Tiffany Hokanson earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking. Her work always tells a rich story using layers of line and texture. Recently, she began applying her copper etching and metal work experience to jewelry fabrication. Her jewelry and 3-dimensional prints will be on sale through December, just in time for the holidays. Come downstairs and visit me in Studio #6B










Upstairs Featured Artists 

homecaroleebuck02-300x219Carolee Buck

Carolee has a lot of fun with her artwork.  Art gives her a positive way of looking at the world and sharing her vision with others.  Sometimes whimsical sometimes more serious, Carolee paints scenes of Ashland, scenes around the world, and scenes in her heart and head.   Slowing down and observing carefully … or just doodling her art suits her many moods.  At home and traveling she observes and interacts with her surroundings, buildings, landscapes, animals, trees, people.  She works in pen and ink and watercolor, as well as oil on canvas.

From Here to ThereDonna Hertz

Living a joyful and meaningful life is the greatest challenge and blessing of all—and teaching, painting, writing and traveling have allowed me a passionate existence.    From Here to There embodies movement from one specific moment in life to the next and is symbolic of many of the journeys I have had—some difficult, with long and winding roads, and detours that have often more interesting than the intended destination.

I have taught French language and culture at various institutions for many years, lived and traveled in the Francophone world, and became a painter in middle-age.  I have lived permanently in Ashland for twelve years and am a California-Francophone transplant. I am grateful for a life “well-lived.”

Visit Carol and Donna in Studio #10

Featured Gallery Artists











New original art by Liza Hamilton and  Denise Kester.  Featuring sculpted felted wool and mixed media monoprints.

Featured Photographer

nyc-joy-david-winston-lorenz-4David Lorenz Winston

David Lorenz Winston is an award-winning, internationally recognized photographer based in Talent, Oregon.  A selection of his photographs, to include “NYC Joy”, will be on display at The Photographers Gallery at Ashland Art Center from December 2-31, 2016.  David is particularly known for his images of trees. However, he is equally at home divulging ordinary moments in everyday life, moments that are often missed as we press ahead in our daily routines.  The images David is featuring for the month of December demonstrate his skill at uplifting the ordinary moment in unexpected ways.

  • Friday, December 2, 5:00 – 8:00 pm
  • As always, visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center.
  • There will also be refreshments

Live music by JJ Joss

jj-jossJennifer “JJ” Joss is this month’s musician. Regarding the music she will play, she writes:  “I don’t stick to any one genre of music. I choose songs that move me; whether a funky modern country song, an evocative indie tune or more well-known pop.  Playing guitar and singing has given me emotional sustenance, so when I play out I aim to touch people in some way…with a lyric, tone, or simply a smile. Perhaps one of my musical friends or daughters may join me for a few songs. It is always an honor to provide a musical backdrop for the amazing artists featured through Ashland’s First Friday!”