The Art of Janette Ervin-Brown, Elaine Frenett and Darlene Southworth


Long ago these future friends started their lives. Janette, in California, followed her artist leanings into education, eventually stewarding high school students to reveal their creative talents. Colorado-born Elaine knew in her heart resided an artist yet, was a late bloomer finally letting go of crafts and completing a graphic design program. Darlene had the heart of a scientist and filled her mind and observing with biology – also shaping many a college mind along the way.

They took on a different life. Darlene jumped the “botany” ship, and found herself shaping her mind’s eye with fungi! Janette, an avid lover of the outdoors, took her creative pursuits deep into the arms of nature. And Elaine, well she had left the restrained illustration world for the freedom of the watercolor world. But, their paths were growing closer, tempting fate to see what happened when their paths finally crossed.

The maps of their lives grew closer. Elaine moved north to the Rogue Valley, Darlene was already savoring the lush Southern Oregon surroundings and then … Janette traveled north to Ashland. At the Ashland Art Center, the star-studded artists’ paths began weaving together. Between classes, retreats, and conversations over something warm, these three came to share Studio #13 upstairs, as well as creative challenges. With this camaraderie they have plunged into experimental water media, the only unifying aspect being the format of watercolor paper upon stretcher bars.

Here you sample their wild imaginings: throwing, swirling, stapling, stitching, cutting, tearing mostly watercolor media upon paper. From what had randomly appeared in the artist’s mind, came these expressions of an experiment.

Featured Photographer 


Lewis Anderson is a local image-maker who likes to explore the boundaries between photography and painting.  For the First Friday Art Walk (October 7th) at The Photographers’ Gallery in the Ashland Art Center , Lewis will be displaying his 5-panel landscape.  By using ratio sizes not often seen in the West, mixed with the Asian sensibilities of fog and perspective. his nearly 7-foot wide image begs the question of “Where”?

Lewis says, “I like to offer the viewer a special journey.  Somewhere magical where we go only in our imagination yet somewhere that speaks to our own deeper universal inner journey back home.”

The main exhibition piece is called “Where?” and it uses prints mounted on a series of aluminum panels hung together showing the ever-changing intersection of land, ocean, and mysterious fog.  Each of the five  panels is a scene within itself yet only complete when seen together with all the other sections.  The gestalt separation into panels gives one’s eye the permission to explore deep into the vision.

  • Friday, October, 7, 5:00 – 8:00 pm

  • As always, visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center.

  • There will also be refreshments and live music