Drawing and Painting with Carolee Buck


I’ve had a lot of fun with my artwork. Art gives me a positive way of looking at the world and sharing my vision with others. Art requires me to slow down and observe carefully…or just splash around for awhile. It suits my many moods. At home and traveling I observe more and interact more with my surroundings when I draw what I see. Or I can turn the observations inwards and draw what I feel. I hope by sharing my artwork others will enjoy my interpretation of life and space and place.

Living in a variety of places, the portability of art, and Art, has let me be inspired by new surroundings and atmospheric conditions. California was my birthplace. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, Malibu, Encinitas, Santa Barbara, Mammoth and June Lake. I spent two years in Tucson, Arizona. Two years with Peace Corps in Senegal. Following my husband, kindly named Art, we were part of the Foreign Service posted to Singapore, Cameroon and London, England. Most recently we’ve had jobs in Kosrae, Micronesia and The Hague, Netherlands. Always enjoying my sense of place, I have had my art supplies with me to draw and paint my surrounding.

Visit her in her studio #10 upstairs during the Art Walk Friday.

Featured Gallery Artists

Spirits in the Forest by Paula R. Fong and Liza Hamilton

Trees tower above; fungi, lichens, and leaves cover the forest floor. Light filters through the canopy, highlighting intricate and colorful living things in the undergrowth.. The forest guardians stand sentinel; the protecters, watching over their woodlands. Invisible to all but those who are in need of them, these guardian spirits keep the balance of life in check, and bring harmony into the lives of those they encounter.

Nature illustrator Paula Fong and fiber artist Liza Hamilton invite you experience their magical, woodland-themed show in the AAC gallery during the First Friday artwalk, and throughout the month of November.

pfongPaula R Fong

Paula R. Fong specializes in illustrating plants and animals in their natural habitat. Her unique blend of detailed artistry and scientific accuracy has won her praise from both artists and scientists alike. Paulas original watercolors, prints, and greeting cards are available in AAC main gallery, visit her at: www.prfong.com





lizahLiza Hamilton

Liza Hamilton creates pose able, life-like animals & fantasy creatures using wool and needle felting techniques. She offers weekly drop-in felting classes for all ages, as well as felting supplies, do-it-yourself kits, and one of a kind creations in her upstairs AAC, studio #3. Visit Liza at: www.wooliza.com





Featured Ceramic Studio Artist

Lisa EldredgeLisa Eldredge

Much of my design inspiration comes from my time restoring and sailing traditional wooden boats. For ages, boat builders have pushed the limits of balancing beautifully proportioned lines with smart and simple functionality. Similar curves, proportions, and design elements work their way into my pottery, complimented by inspiration from the woods and mountains that I call home.

I am continually driven to keep growing as an artist, to change my work, to adapt, and to experiment. Recently I have been exploring contrasting textures in stoneware clays, and bright colors and stains on porcelain. I have been enjoying this direction greatly and plan to continue this exploration through larger pieces. 


eARThly Biomimicry Series

imageChelsea Gilmore

Come see the last exhibited work from the eARThly Biomimicry Series, in Studio 5b in lower level,  reflecting on themes of shelter, habitat, and material configuration. This sculptural installation by Chelsea Gilmore will be up for the first two weeks of the month. Re-experience art with inspired wonder and curiosity.





  • Friday, November 6, 5:00 – 8:00 pm

  • As always, visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center.

  • There will also be refreshments and live music


Phoenix SigaloveLive music by Phoenix Sigalove

Phoenix Sigalove is an experienced musician that will delight you with his musical talents. He has performed at Ashland Art Center before with rave reviews and has been invited back to showcase his talents once more.

Phoenix is not to be missed, you will not regret making the trip to Ashland Art Center, if only to hear his extraordinafy sound. He is the consumate professional musician and we are honored to have him grace “The Landing” at our community art center.