Do What Your Heart Wants to Do, Printmaking and Mixed Media by Denise Kester

"Mother Natura Revisited" is a mixed media encaustic 16 X 20. This is a detail from the original.

"Mother Natura Revisited" is a mixed media encaustic 16 X 20. This is a detail from the original.

I draw from the dream and the dream draws from me. The stories and the art I reach for are also reaching for me. We are in this together. We trust each other. We have a story to tell.

My art is an expression of my dreaming earth soul realizing itself. Not just that – what I do is a reflection of my heart’s experience making itself visible. And it’s more than that. My art has a story of its own and a life of its own. My art is magical realism. My art is a possibility. The art I create, creates me.

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Gallery Coop Artists 

Nuno Felt Dress Dyed in Comfrey leaves and Printed with Crab applesWearable Felt Art and Accessories by Jo Ann Manzone

Jo Ann Manzone is a fiber artist specializing in felt making.  Her featured summer collection includes lovely lightweight wraps and botanically printed silks.  She has a studio at Ashland Art Center and her work can also been seen in galleries in the Pacific Northwest.

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Natalie StawskyHandmade Fabric Flowers by Natalie Stawsky

My art is made of flowers. I use different kinds of fabrics to create colorful hair pins, headbands, head wraps, rings, scarves, earrings, and accessories for skirts, shoes and lapels. Each piece is made by hand and unique.

I started making flowers to adorn my daughter’s hair or to add color to a pair of old shoes. Working with fabric, the process of selecting, cutting and sewing became my meditation..

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  • Friday, August 7, 5:00 – 8:00 pm
  • As always, visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center. There will also be refreshments and live music.

Acoustic Folk Duo, Jacqui and Dani will provide live musicdan and chatz