“Art is a Verb” Paintings and Mixed Media by Nancy Ashmead

"Art is a Verb" Paintings and Mixed Media by Nancy Ashmead

"Art is a Verb" Paintings by Nancy Ashmead

“Art is a Verb” Paintings by Nancy Ashmead

Art is an expression and a special kind of journey for Nancy Ashmead. Her art usually starts with an idea and an impulse that builds in power like a wave as she works on a piece. Like surfing, everything joins together and she is able to ride the wave all the way to shore. But, unlike a surfer, she has a tangible record of the experience when standing on the warm sand after it’s over. Join Nancy upstairs in her studio for her show “Art is a Verb”.

As always visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center. There will also be refreshments and live music.

Live music will be performed by guitarist David Elan Kelley.

Special Show in the Classroom: The Rogue Hack Lab

Explore and learn about various technology and tinkering projects created by members of the Rogue Hack Lab. Based in Medford, the Rogue Hack Lab is a community-operated, 24-hour space and infrastructure provider for technical and creative projects and events. Members’ projects include 3D printing, robotics, soldering, lock-picking, and computer science solutions.