“Doors and Details” Architectural Photography by Judith Pavlik

Doors and Details by Judith Pavlik

Doors and Details by Judith Pavlik

Judith is known and loved for her portraits – of families, children, weddings – and we are delighted to introduce Ashland to her architectural photography as well! Come view her photographs of doors and other man-made details in her work space on the main floor of the Art Center. Her work will be up during March and she will be on hand meeting people and answering questions about her work during the March Art Walk.

New! Live music in two locations: Joseph Crowell will be playing on the landing upstairs and Jacob Howard, downstairs in the lounge area next to the Clay Studio.

As always visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center.

This month’s special First Friday show in the Classroom is “Artists for Economic Justice”. In a unit of study on social justice, the third and fourth grade students at John Muir Elementary examined how poverty can inhibit an individual’s access to civil rights. Students reflect on and make a statement regarding poverty in our community through poetry and collage.