Let’s Get Digital!

"Snowy Aurora" by Jessica Hitchcock ~Digital Painting

"Snowy Aurora" by Jessica Hitchcock ~Digital Painting

Annual High School Student Exhibition

The March 2020 Exhibit features the work of three High School students: Jessica Hitchcock, Gail Schmidt and Avery Sayre.

Jessica Hitchcock:

As a student, I am constantly working towards a higher level of art production. I find value in pieces which demonstrate my improvement or mastery of a specific subject in art. I typically choose my subjects based on an emotional or intellectual stirring I get from it and how it can help me improve. My goal as a painter is to convey and accentuate the feeling I get from a subject to the viewer.

I began drawing and painting when I was young and gradually moved towards it being a budding profession since early middle school when I began digital art. My digital process fluctuates but generally follows the order of choosing a subject or a few and blocking in about 3 rough sketches, then choosing or compiling the best parts. Next, I block out the values with broad shapes and slowly work with a smaller and smaller brush as I refine it, keeping each refinement on its own photoshop layer for this stage. Through repeating this step and adding color in a similar manner, I reach the end goal of my paintings, which is marked by a return of the feeling I got in the beginning after hours of scrutinizing and refining my piece.  It has taken me a long time to finally find this workflow and each of the pieces displayed here mark a pivotal point in my art career through the past two years.

 "Sorrow" by Avery Sayre Digital

Avery Sayer:  

Avery has done art all their life, but it wasn’t till they were thirteen that they practiced to get good. They most often draw portraits and figure drawing with the dream of one day becoming a character designer. However, they’ve also pursued other paths, such as T-shirt design. They work under the name Solid Air Designs (solid_air_designs on Instagram), creating simplistic figures using a broad range of shapes and colors. In this set, they’ve tried to personify several extremes of emotion.

"Corduroy" by Gail Schmidt ~Digital Painting 

Gail Schmidt:

“I am a digital artist who is working to capture the unique bond between people and animals. What inspires me now, started from a young age. I have always loved animals and would take any chance I could get to interact with them. When I couldn’t interact with animals, I would draw them. While animals do make up majority of what inspires me, video games have been a big influence on my art.  I admire the character designs and how people can create any world or entity they can imagine. My current focus in art is the interaction between people and animals and trying to capture their personalities as well as building upon my artistic skills. However, I would like to do more work in the video game realm in the future.

In transitioning to digital art, I have learned a lot about the use of different layers to separate things from the foreground and background as well as separate entities within the piece. All my art is done on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil. Every piece starts with a sketch layer, which I then build up layers of color underneath. Once the painting has become detailed enough, I remove the sketch layer and add any final details.”