“Patterns of Nature” paintings by Pam Haunschild

"Octopus Garden" Watercolor by Pam Haunschild

"Octopus Garden" Watercolor by Pam Haunschild

I paint nature.  In this exhibit you will see my work emulating the effects of natural systems in producing patterns, colors, and textures.  I paint with saturated watercolors washed over natural materials like stones, leaves and grasses.  I use paint in a way that reflects natural processes, e.g., washes of watercolor produce rivulets and wave-like patterns like those found in the ocean.  Salts and stones texture paint in patterns that mimic wind-blown surfaces and geological strata.  The resulting paintings are colorful, highly textured, and semi-abstract, but the natural forms can still be identified.   So, for example, you will see an octopus in a tide pool, the moon, grasses and seeds blowing in the wind, and other flora and fauna native to the Northwest.

One of my key sources of inspiration is from living on a wooded high-elevation property near Ashland, which I retired to after a career as a social science Professor.  I now have time to devote to my lifelong interest in art.  I have studied with nationally renowned artists in watercolor and acrylics and have received awards for my work.  I recently completed a summer at Lassen National Park as their 2015 artist-in-residence.  Some of the paintings in this exhibit were done during that residency.

This show will be exhibited from September 1 through September 28.

"Windborne"   Watercolor by Pam Haunschild

“Windborne” Watercolor by Pam Haunschild

Join us for the opening of this intriguing show, on Friday September 4, 2015, from 5-8 PM.  Ashland Wine Cellar  will be providing wine tasting and Appetizers by Chef Steve will be served.