Bruce Bayard, Video and Digital Collage

Cascadia, digital collage by Bruce Bayard

Photographs and videos depicting the Cascadia bio region, especially southern Oregon.

20 Year Anniversary Celebration

Knowing the Way by Ann DiSalvo

Studio A.B in Ashland is marking their 20th anniversary with a weekend celebration June 1, 2 and 3, kicking off the festivities during the First Friday Artwalk 5 to 8pm, and following that on Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to close. There will be new work by Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard on display, and 20% off all items of art old and new. Starting at 9am Saturday morning, Todd Barton joins Bruce for their weekly Control Voltage Therapy music session in the courtyard. There will be tales of Doppler Dog and other Railroad District Mysteries, audio-video performances, photoshop demonstrations, and spontaneity throughout the weekend. Studio A.B is located at 621 A Street in Ashland

Large Scale Digital Works by Bruce Bayard

The Tempest

Three large digital prints including The Tempest are pulled out of storage for a new glimpse. The Tempest was created for the Shakespeare as Muse exhibit at the Schneider Museum of Art in 2004.

Plein Air works by Ann DiSalvo; The Weekly Press Revisited by Bruce Bayard

The Weekly Press No. 522

Ann DiSalvo recently spent a week on the Oregon coast creating plein air paintings which are featured this month along with The Weekly Press Revisited, digital prints by Bruce Bayard. The act of painting outdoors, en plein air, has been a tradition for centuries. Ann battled the challenges presented by the elements of wind and sun, as well as curious onlookers who would not normally be present in a studio situation. Her reading of the book about composition by Arthur Wesley Dow reinforced her personal concepts and understanding of composition; where to place elements to create visual harmony, color, and contrast. These works will be part of a larger exhibition at the Rogue Valley Manor in May of 2018. Come take a sneak preview. Bruce has been studying the series he completed in 2010, finding new insights into how his previous work informs new video explorations. The series, comprised of 1000 still images became the turning point in his career, establishing his interest into time-based art. The current exhibition consisted of original size prints and a new larger format.

Bruce Bayard: The Disintegration Series and Broken Trains

The Disintegration Series, No. 02

Bruce Bayard: The Disintegration Series and Broken Trains, digital image collage

Gestures at the Continent Edge

Bruce Bayard, BONSAI ROCK, photograph

Drawings, photography, and video by Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard, of rock, ocean and redwood forests.

Drawings by Ann DiSalvo; Digital prints by B. Bayard

Cat Totem, 2014, pastel

Drawings by Ann DiSalvo; Digital prints by B. Bayard

Nude: Group Exhibit

Mutual Respect by Ann DiSalvo

A group exhibit of 10 artists featured in the film by Greeley Wells.

Electronic Collage Prints by Bruce Bayard

Bridge Sate No. 03 by Bruce Bayard

Electronic Collage Prints by Bruce Bayard at Studio A.B, multimedia performance at the DanceSpace April 18.

Screen Captures: Digital Collage by Bruce Bayard

Screen Capture by Bruce Bayard

Screen Captures by digital artist Bruce Bayard, AHS Student Kreshana Belias-Baker

Ann DiSalvo Figurative Drawings

Cat Totem, 2014, pastel

As a winner of the RV Biennial 2013 Juror’s Choice Award, Ann DiSalvo exhibited 15 classical nudes in pastel at the Grants Pass Museum of Art in March, 2014. These drawings are now on exhibit in Ashland, at Studio A.B.

Screen Captures: Digital prints by Bruce Bayard

Passages, screen capture

Screen Captures: Digital prints by Bruce Bayard

Pomegranate Group: 14th annual exhibit

Digital drawing by Mori D.

Featuring figurative work by Ann DiSalvo, Denise Souza Finney, Ruthe Woudenberg, Rachel Barrett, Mori D., Ellen Falkner

Screen Captures by Bruce Bayard

Passages, screen capture

Beginning April 8, through the end of the month, Studio A.B features digital prints by Bruce Bayard. The images are “Screen Captures” of recent performances and films. The performances are by the ensemble of Todd Barton on Buchla synthesizer; Suzee Grilley, dance; Jonah Bornstein, poetry; Christine Williams, vocals and video/film by Bayard. The film is a collaboration with the ensemble, and was accepted into the Ashland Independent Film Festival, which runs April 3–7, 2014. The next performance by the ensemble is April 19 and 20. Tickets available here.

Classical and Digital Art by Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard

The Dream by Bruce Bayard

Find artists Bruce Bayard and Ann DiSalvo at one of the anchor galleries on A St.. Well established and cutting edge, they show classical technique beside elegant use of software tools.

July: Fifteen Years Ago, Studio A.B Established.

Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard present works from fifteen years on the corner of A and Fifth Streets. Surrealism and realism share walls at Studio A.B.

June is 15th anniversary at Studio A.B

Celebrating 15 years in business.

Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard, drawings and digital prints

This month, Studio A.B features drawings by Ann DiSalvo and digital prints by Bruce Bayard. During the First Friday Artwalk, there will also be a running video loop of Triptychs, a collage in motion.

13th Annual Pomegranate Exhibit

Thirteenth Annual Pomegranate Group Show. Ann DiSalvo, Denise Souza Finney, Ruthe Woudenberg, Rachel Barrett, Mori D., Ellen Falkner. Figure studies from their weekly meetings, practicing together for a positive influence on personal creativity. Studio A.B presents six artists’ works in varying mediums, all results of ongoing studies of the female form. The Pomegranate Group is the longest standing women’s drawing group dedicated to this genre, meeting weekly to pursue depictions of the ever-changing nature of women’s bodies. The style each artist brings to the exhibit indicates the potentially endless points of view by which to see the feminine form. Chocolate will be on hand both to honor the Oregon Chocolate Festival and to express the artists’ belief that women and chocolate have a special relationship. The Group chooses to exhibit in March to be a part of Women’s History Month.

Bruce Bayard presents continuous video loop

In conjunction with a new collage series, Bruce Bayard presents a continuous video loop during January First Friday Artwalk. The soundtrack performed at a remote location by Todd Barton, will be streaming online from 6 to 8 pm. Barton will be performing an live improvisational composition on the Buchla synthesizer. The images are a moving collage consisting of hundreds of images, video, and words. Bayard and Barton have been collaborating on live improvisational performances for the last half year and continue the First Saturday concert series: TBA into the new year. First Saturday concerts are at the DanceSpace in Ashland, and January’s guest artist is Michael Maag, moving light programmer and video jockey.

December 2012 Exhibit test

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Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard mixed media and digital art

The studio displays a variety of work by Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard. Ann works in dry media: charcoal, pastel, graphite; and Bruce works with electronic media, producing manipulated photographic collage.

The Pomegranate Group Twelfth Annual Exhibit

Studio A.B is pleased to present works by Ann DiSalvo, Denise Souza Finney, Ruthe Woudenberg, Rachel Barrett, Ellen Falkner, and Mori D. These are figure drawings from weekly sessions in Finney’s studio. The Pomegranate Group began in 1996 and started showing their work in 2001. The list of alumni is long, with new members arriving by invitation and referral. Blending in easily, new members bring new ways of seeing and drawing that the whole group can learn from. Being a women’s group, topics during the visiting time gravitate to food, family and crafts. And being a group of artists, they share tips and techniques in mediums, styles, and favorite influences in great artists. Chocolate is involved while drawing and while showing the works. Meet the artists and learn about life drawing sessions: what makes them successful whether using charcoal, paint, pencil, pastel or pen. Bassist, Joe Cohoon will perform during the opening.

Black and White

Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard present black and white works in various media, including graphite, charcoal and archival ink jet prints. Ann displays her most popular series, “Fables of the Surface,” small graphite drawings that are narratives on water life. They focus on the line between worlds that connects disparate concepts. Bruce presents a few of the black and white Weekly Press images and new works, all digital collages, printed as archival prints.

Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard present Art off the Rack

Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard pull work off the rack: early digital work, long lost drawings, miscellaneous treasures. The Weekly Press Video Loop will be running continuously. Also on display at Studio A.B is “Elegies,” the newest book of prints by B. Bayard.

Bruce Bayard and Ann DiSalvo present air and water images

Bruce Bayard and Ann DiSalvo present their visions of the sky and below the surface of water. Bruce used water soluble crayons to make a drawing on each day of July; painterly specimens of the sky from his imagination, a return to his series called “Atmospheres.” Ann plumbs the depths of what could be happening beneath the surface of water in graphite pieces from her ongoing series, “Fables of the Surface.” All small-scale works, they speak of summer color and cool shadow. Also on display at Studio A.B is the Weekly Press book, documenting over 4 years of digital imagery investigation resulting in the creation of a couple video projects.