Birds, Buddhas, Books and Snakes

Birds, Buddhas, Animals & Snakes

Studio 151 is located at 151 N. Pioneer Street in Ashland. Currently on display is mixed media sculptural art by Elizabeth York. The work includes various buddhas composed in wall relief form, sacred geometry and a series investigating her experiences of relative “time”. Also on display are sculptures from 2 books, the Book of Beings (various ego structures) and Embracing the Shadow (exploring emotions) both arising from the processing of childhood traumas. Elizabeth’s most recent work includes a playful series of animals and a variety of birds. Much of the art will be part of a sale in December, creating space for 2018. The studio will be open Friday, December 1st from 3 to 8 and Saturday, December 2nd from noon to 4:00. All proceeds from the studio support Shine a Light, a 501(c)3 organization committed to raising awareness about, preventing and rehabilitating victims of sex trafficking locally and abroad. Drifting in Time Green Bird on Silver Fence Horse on Wheels Copper Bird on Oil Can