Julia Janeway’s Salmon Pillow Tiles

Salmon Pillow Tiles by Julia Janeway

Ceramic artist Julia Janeway tells the story of the salmon through 100 “pillow tiles” at the Rogue Gallery in Medford April 22-May 27. Reception on May 20 5-8 p.m.


A superb collection of American made “Art to Wear”

In Scene: The Schneider Museum of Art Collaborates with Ashland Independent Film Festival

Laura Heit, Two Ways Down, 2016, Drawn animation installation

The Schneider Museum of Art presents In Scene, a group exhibition of eight artists who explore the state of the natural world in modern times through video, installation, site-specific outdoor installation, sculpture, and photograms. Participating artists include Adam Bateman, Anna Daedalus, Kerry Davis, Tannaz Farsi, MK Guth, Rashawn Griffin, Laura Heit, and Jesse Sugarmann. Laura Heit is presented in collaboration with the Ashland Independent Film Festival. In Scene is on view through Saturday, June 11. Museum hours are Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Greeley Wells – Figure Drawings and Video Installation


March 29th – April 21st we will be featuring “Framed” the figurative drawings and video installation of Greeley Wells.

Dean Buchser

Dean Buchser

Dean Buchser has been creating mosaics for over twenty years, He thrives on the vibrant colors and reflections in his mosaic mirrors. The convex mirrors warp what we see into what it just might be. What exactly is behind the looking glass?

Creating mosaics for over twenty years, I thrive on the vibrant colors and reflections in my mosaic mirrors. The convex mirrors warp what we see into what it just might be. What exactly is behind the looking glass?

With a zest for Central American culture and my early years in the desert southwest, I sculpt what I have seen in my dreams. There are places in time that change us and sculpt us into who we are, who we have been and who we will become. These little steps or giant leaps we take are so much who we are as people and as artists.

Visit Dean upstairs in Studio #8.

Sexual Assault Survivor’s Healing (SASH) Group Art Show

SASH image

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Sexual Assault Survivor’s Healing (SASH) Group Art Show will be in the main classroom.

“Lithia Park and Beyond” Paintings by Joan Brown

"Gold Leaf" Oil painting by Joan Brown

Joan Brown is an award winning artist who paints an array of subjects, her oil paintings are noted for their light and color. This exhibit features her paintings of Lithia Park and beyond.

Nude: Group Exhibit

Mutual Respect by Ann DiSalvo

A group exhibit of 10 artists featured in the film by Greeley Wells.

April and May Watercolor Artist Beth Martin

I love the way a painting can capture a moment in time and take you there every time you look at it. Scenes that I see in the real world, visions in my imagination, and people – all inspire me. A member of the Water Color Society of Oregon and a published illustrator, I have shown in galleries, coffee shops, businesses, have paintings hanging in homes in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Mazatlan, MX, and have sold many cards. One of my paintings was chosen to be used for the Gala Forty Year Anniversary Ball for the Harlem Dance Theatre of New York, and shown across the country on Fox news and other advertising venues. As a professional violinist and retired string teacher I enjoy painting portraits of musicians. I participated in “The Color of Music” by Siskiyou Singers as one of the featured five artists. There are many ways to approach a painting: from life, plain air, photos, imagination. I love them all. I tend to use a limited palette, feeling this is harmonizing, blending colors both on the palette and on the paper. Water color seems to have […]

Celebrating the Arrival of Spring

Oak Leaf Studio celebrates the beginning of Spring with a show of pastel paintings highlighting buds and blooms in Ashland.


Tyger by William Blake

Examples of their poetry and artwork by our artists shown side by side.

April is National Poetry Month and we are happy to join in the celebration.

Tast of Ashland participant

Featured in April at Ashland Art Works: Wearable Art


This month Ashland Art Works will feature wearable art: luxurient silk scarves by Connie Simonsen, and dazzling gold and silver jewelry by Ali Shannon. Stop by on First Friday, April 1!

Fine Wines and Felines

Cat on Step Sumi Ink
by Liz Sheperd

As you requested, all cats, all mediums.
Wild and domestic cats by our artists in watercolor, photographs, sumi ink, mixed media and tile.

Come celebrate our 14th anniversary! You’re invited to a wine tasting by Paschal Winery. And, as a participant in the Oregon Chocolate Festival, to sample chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. As always, live music. Hop on the trolley and join us!

Christian Burchard – wood sculptures, Karen Staal – paintings & Marcello Romano – photographs

Christian Burchard Acrobat #3

Christian Burchard skillfully manipulates madrone burl to create expressive wood sculptures, Karen Staal focuses on Jazz Musicians in this selection of paintings, creating new harmonies with line, shape and color. Ashland High School student, Marcello Romano photographs the nebulous night in his series, Stargazing.

The Wonderful World of Wool with Jo Ann Manzone

Botanically printed vest

Jo Ann Manzone, a felter, botanical printer and dyer combines these skills to create her pieces for “The Wonderful World of Wool” exhibit. Liza Hamilton creates expressive animals, each possessing its own unique energy and presence, come to life in all shapes and sizes using only wool and a felting needle.

“Spirit of Spring” paintings by Art&Soul Gallery Artists

"Emerging"  Watercolor by Pamela Haunschild

Art&Soul Gallery presents our Gallery Artists in a Spring show of colorful and creative paintings evoking the spirit of Spring in a variety of mediums.

Three Student Artists Featured in March!

Three Student Artists from Ashland Highschool in March

This month Ashland Artworks takes great delight in featuring the work of three talented artists from Ashland Highschool. We are proud of the young talent in our community. Come and see!

New Work and Guest Student Artists!

Ashland High School students Ellie Dicker and Ayla Marsden will share studio space with artist Leif Trygg for the First Friday Student Show program.

East Meets East

East Meets East
First Friday – Feb. 5th
Come shop the exotic bazaars of the Eastern world. Middle Eastern dance performance by Zahara

FEBRUARY ::Betty LaDuke – Bountiful Harvest- paintings, prints and book launch :: Christian Burchard- wood sculpure

From Riddle Series, Christian Burchard

February featured exhibit: Betty LaDuke, paintings, prints and signing of new book, “Bountiful Harvest: From Land to Table” and the wood sculptures of Christian Burchard.

“Unique Perspectives in Art” works by Rogue Women

Rogue Women is a group of professional artists from the Rogue Valley and Northern California who use diverse media and unique approached to making art.

Love is in the air!

Hand built clay heart - Cheryl Kempner

Back from resting and rejuvenating in January! Come meet the artists and see what we’ve been up to. Hand built clay hearts and more!

Featured Artist at Creekside Pizza February & March; Brie Ehret Barron

when i paint i am drawn into the world of the unknown, of discovering and expressing emotions, touching the wings of soul and a world that can’t easily be unveiled by words. living in a world of mind and body that didn’t support heart and soul, i unconsciously started out very early in my life to use drawing and painting to express in ways no words can capture. having gone through decades as a degreed graphic designer and art director in advertisement, i returned to art when i started my own inner emotional work. fascinated with bringing my own emotions to canvas and letting them be alive, uncensored and not judged, i started helping people express the divinity of what they feel and could as such move my deep love for them and how much i care. connecting open-heartedly with people brought me to a place where i love creating individual soul art for others by listening to what wants to be seen or unveiled, either to help a difficult life situation or just as a reminder of their own spiritual roots, leading to the unknown within which is the […]

New Year Gallery Artists Salon

Judy Howard & Élan Chardin

Introducing Élan Chardin who has joined Judy in partnership at Hanson Howard Gallery. January will be a salon of works from each of our gallery artists.

Winter Salon featuring all Gallery Artists


The Winter Salon continues into the new year featuring all of our gallery artists in salon style. The gallery will be closed January 17-31.

Lacey River by Jessica Lee

In the Garden

Jessica Lee, mother of two children, is an Ashland, Oregon based mixed media artist. Her collage paintings incorporate re-purposed and ecological materials delivering deep color, textures and layered assemblages. She finds inspiration in the nature of petals, branches, feathers, botanicals and the ocean. With a foundation as an advocate and guide for young artists, Jessica Lee’s collections of mixed media creations are now available for public display. Jessica has studied with Portland, Oregon artist Flora Bowley and is the niece of renowned California artist Pamela Findleton.     Samantha McDermott-Goldie, Lower Level Featured Artist As a child I loved to create potions out of everything around me, trees, flowers, and mushrooms. I would put everything I collected into a jar to bake and ferment in the sun. And being an adult back in Ashland after living in the corporate world of fashion I have decided to go back to my love of making potions. From my surroundings, farms, gardens, and parks, I gather organic material and then hand dye textiles into one of kind pieces of art. I do this in hopes of challenging what clothes are made of and how, […]

“Minis” small works presented by the Artists of the Art&Soul Gallery

"I'm Not a Pair" Watercolor by Charlotte Peterson

Art&Soul Gallery is currently showing and exhibit of small works, created by Artists from the Gallery. There is a variety of mediums and subject matter, something to appeal to everyone.

Renovation and Renewal – Gallery closed month of January

Ashland Art Works artists at potluck.

Gallery will be closed the month of January 2016 for renovation and renewal. See you February 1st… Winter Hours are Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, 11-3.

Winter Exhibition Features Oregon Artists Selected by New York/Wisconsin Curator

Tia Factor, The Farm, 2014, Oil and acrylic ink and spray paint on wood, 32 x 40 inches.

This winter, the Schneider Museum of Art presents Exploring Reality, an exhibition curated by Shane McAdams and Scott Malbaurn that consists of nine artists who delve into and explore reality to complement the Southern Oregon University (SOU) campus theme. The participating artists work in many mediums, including painting, printmaking, installation, and sculpture.  The community is invited to the opening reception of Exploring Reality on Thursday, January 14, from 5:00 – 7:00 PM. SOU’s Center for the Humanities has assembled a series of academic events throughout the year to investigate the theme of exploring reality with the goal “for the campus and our larger community to engage in rigorous intellectual conversations about this challenging subject, informed by the latest research, scholarship, and insights from a wide variety of perspectives.”  The Schneider Museum of Art is happy to collaborate with them this term to provide the insight of artists and curators. By working with an outside curator, Shane McAdams, who is based in Wisconsin and New York, the Schneider Museum of Art is not only bringing great art from the state of Oregon to our region, but bringing national exposure to these […]

Featured Artist Pam Haunschild December and January 2015

I paint nature. In this exhibit you will see my work emulating the effects of natural systems in producing nature’s patterns, colors, and textures. I use paint and other natural materials in a way that reflects natural processes, e.g., washes of paint produce rivulets and wave-like patterns like those found in the ocean. Salts, stones, and beeswax texture paint in patterns that mimic wind-blown surfaces and rocks. One of my key sources of inspiration is from living on a wooded high-elevation property near Ashland, which I retired to after a career as a social science Professor. I have studied with nationally renowned artists and have received awards for my work.   Pam Haunschild Website:  www.pamhaunschild.com Email:  Pamela.haunschild@mccombs.utexas.edu Phone:  (541) 941-1202 See more of my work at Art & Soul Gallery, 247 E. Main Street, Ashland

“Minis” in a variety of mediums by the Artists of the Art&Soul Gallery

"Feather Dance"  Watercolor on claybord by Pamela Haunschild

Art&Soul Gallery is pleased to present an eclectic exhibition of small works in a variety of mediums. These small gems will be perfect for gift giving-to yourself or someone you love!

Wearable Art by Marty Hogan


Featured co-op GALLERY artists will be Michael Corcoran and Marty Hogan; Featured upstairs STUDIO artist, Laura Lawrence; and the Featured lower level STUDIO artist, Robbin Pearce
Featured Photographer of the Month: Lewis Anderson and Acoustic Jazz Music by Garrett Baxter and Brandon Crafts

Let it snow… let it snow!

Winter Wonderland, Crater Lake - Daniel Loch

FANTABULOUS local art by fourteen artists! Art is the best gift you could give… or receive. Come to our Holiday Gift Gala on Oak Street.

Holiday Salon

grace and carl

“Grace” by Wataru Sugiyama is standing in front of “Over, Under, Sideways” (detail) by Vince carl. Our Annual Salon will include work by all gallery artists. Featured work includes paintings, encaustics, woodcuts, monoprints, sculpture – mixed media, bronze, wood and ceramic. This exhibit is scheduled from November 25 – December 31.

Drawing and Painting with Carolee Buck


Carolee Buck will be featuring her Ashland scenes done in pen and ink, watercolor. Visit her in her studio #10 upstairs during the Art Walk Friday, Experience the magical, woodland-themed show, Spirits in the Forest by Paula R. Fong and Liza Hamilton, in the AAC gallery during the First Friday artwalk, and throughout the month of November. And don’t miss Lisa Eldridge in the basement Ceramic Studio. Check out the eARThly Biomimicry Series in Studio 5b in lower level. Live music by Phoenix Sigalove and refreshments for the First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

Beauty in the Time of Climate Change

Winter's Wait 400

Photographs by Doug Smith, Jim Chamberlain, Vincent Leandro and friends. Quote from “Shifting Patterns” published in 2008: “Beyond the classic ingredients that form the world – earth, air, fire, and water – we must acknowledge another: people. Like it or not, humanity is an essential component of all the living systems on the planet, and how we behave will determine the future not just of ourselves, but of every living thing. There is no escaping the consequences of human activity. Like all animals, human beings are, most fundamentally, consumers. We seek abundance, safety, and ease, and have been remarkably successful at getting them. Unfortunately, at the base of it all is the flawed assumption that our consumption of the world’s good things can increase forever. Sooner or later, that assumption was bound to catch up with us. Thanks to climate change, it looks like it’s going to be sooner. . Humans are consumers, yes, but we are also capable of astounding generosity, imagination, creativity, and compassion. This is the time to begin.”


Our Annual Gifted Show – over 30 artists work

Gallerie Karon – an art gallery and so much more.

Let us help you select gifts for everyone on your list!

Affordable art, antiques and animals

November Happenings at the Schneider Museum of Art

Douglas Melini, Growing Fragrant, 2013, Acrylic on canvas with hand-painted frame, 53.5 x 45.5 x 1.75"

The Schneider Museum of Art’s current exhibition, Breaking Pattern, highlights several generations of artists from coast to coast whose works investigate and advance the discourse around pattern, optical, and perceptual abstract painting. The exhibition features recent paintings by seven American artists: Gabriele Evertz, Anoka Faruqee, Michelle Grabner, Gilbert Hsiao, Douglas Melini, Brian Porray, and Michael Scott. Breaking Pattern coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Museum of Modern Art’s seminal exhibition, The Responsive Eye, curated by William C. Seitz. The curators of Breaking Pattern are respective artists themselves. The Museum presents in its Treehaven Gallery With You in Constant Conversation, an exhibition featuring two works: Sweet Like Candy to My Soul by Rossana Martinez and Zero-Sum by Matthew Deleget. November Events at the Schneider Museum of Art First Friday at Southern Oregon University – Friday November 6 This First Friday, the Schneider Museum of Art is making parking and visiting all the galleries easier and fun!  On November 6, the Museum will extend its hours to 8:00 PM.  In the buildings adjacent to the museum, patrons can visit the students’ open studios and the Center for the Visual Arts exhibition spaces. […]

Best of 2015

                      Oak Leaf Studio is featuring a Best of 2015 Show with hand-picked art by both fine artist Leif Trygg and contemporary artist Diana Trygg. Each has selected several pictures to represent the best work they’ve produced this season. Leif’s collection includes several pastels from his Lithia Park Series as well as landscapes from around the area. Diana’s selection includes a memorial to French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  Prints and cards of the various images will be available for purchase during First Friday. Winter hours begin for the studio November 1 through March 1, 2016. Oak Leaf Studio will be open by appointment only during this period, aside from First Friday events. Please contact us at 541 488-5756 to arrange a time to visit. This is the “fallow” period of the studio where both artists work intensely on new pieces for the next season.  

“Adventures in Abstraction” Mixed media works by Dodie Brandon Hamilton

"Fall Forest Dance"  Mixed media by Dodie Brandon Hamilton

“Adventures in Abstraction” is the culmination of my many years of painting as well as my many years of life …95 actually. It has been great fun!.

Art and Warm Cheer!

Crater Lake Sunset - Daniel Loch

Warm cheer and a delightful array of handcrafted, unique, affordable art gifts and cards by seventeen artist members. Graphite drawings by Althea Keiser, Maslow Project.

Around The World In 30 Days

Our artists expressions of the world

Japanese Garden

Although closed for both First Friday and Saturday, October 3rd for a private event, Oak Leaf Studio will resume its hours of 11 am to 2 pm Tuesday through Saturday on Tuesday, October 6. We will also participate in the Open Studio Tour on Saturday and Sunday, October 10 and 11 from 11 am to 5 pm. Fine artist Leif Trygg will show the completed painting he featured previously of the entrance to the Japanese Garden in Lithia Park. This pastel is the last of a series of images taken from the Park.

“Simply Painted” Oil paintings by Carla Palmese

This is a simply painted show, a small collection of large paintings, about the dark and mysterious places where wolves live in Southern Oregon.

Fields in Color

Fields in Color # 8 08.59.29

JON JAY CRUSON”S remarkable career makes his work highly collectable not only nationally but internationally as well. He has works in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London England and in private collections from Italy to Japan. He is represented in many corporate collections within the United States such as the Ford Collection and Chrysler Collection in Michigan. “Life events– my visual and emotional environments– have guided my work over the last 40 years. I did not always know where I was going, but simply went where the road led me. The metaphor of traveling along a road has been my constant approach to work and life and has led me through many varied environments. I have not jumped on artistic bandwagons, doing what was currently popular. Instead I have followed my own changing interests by studying both the nature of the subject and the ways in which I could best express my understanding of it. Time and again I find myself ‘where the road leads me’, not knowing exactly what I will discover yet finding the inspiration from what comes over the horizon. The open country, patterns, shapes, and […]

Sharing Art and Celebrating Artist Co-ops!

Elin Babcock and Sandra Davis with KIDs Art at AAW.

“Celebrating Artist Co-ops at AAW” in October! Seventeen member artists will participate in a gallery collective show, each choosing their “favorite” piece of art. Sharing art!

The Schneider Museum of Art’s Fall Exhibition Breaking Pattern

Douglas Melini, Untitled, 2014, Oil and acrylic on canvas with hand painted frame, 25.5 x 21.5 x 1.75 inches.

This fall, the Schneider Museum of Art (SMA) will present Breaking Pattern, an exhibition curated by Matthew Deleget and Rosanna Martinez of the Brooklyn-based gallery Minus Space. The exhibition will highlight several generations of artists from coast to coast whose works investigate and advance the discourse around pattern, optical, and perceptual abstract painting. The community is invited to the opening reception of Breaking Pattern on Thursday, October 1 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. The Museum will show the works of seven artists: Michelle Grabner, who co-curated the 2014 Whitney Biennial and will curate the next Portland Biennial exhibition; Gabriele Evertz, whose artwork is included in the public collections of the Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art among others; Anoka Faruqee, an associate professor at the Yale School of Art; Gilbert Hsiao, who has received awards from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation; Douglas Melini, who received a painting fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts; Brian Porray, whose most recent exhibitions include Abstracted Visions: Information Mapping from Mystic Diagrams to Data Visualizations at Cerritos College Art […]

Jane Sterling


Sculptures and earrings by Jane Sterling and mixed media Altars, Shrines and Mosaic mirrors by Leslie Gibbons. Live music, by Phoenix Sigalove, and refreshments for the First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

Julia and Noriko


NORIKO SUGITA “In creating visual images, I depend on momentary inspiration. I layer thin pigments, creating reminders that our human experience is layered. Sometimes I change directions, covering or leaving snippets behind. I believe that having no clear image in front of me is actually valuable–that if I knew the end from the beginning I would lose my appetite to begin. I’ve learned that if I reach, I will find something valuable, somehow, somewhere.” Julia Janeway: “I think my work will always be about my love of story. I find inspiration in defining fleeting moments of life’s larger narrative –a magpie alights on a fence, a man tries to describe a flying fish, a swallow’s wings turn sharp against the sky as it dives.”

Pastel Demo

Fine artist Leif Trygg will demonstrate his technique and style in creating pastel landscapes of local landmarks in Ashland during First Friday, and the entire month. Topics covered include the process of selecting subject matter, framing the natural image to reveal the most interesting perspective of the site, the world of color selection, rendering and drawing techniques using pastels, and how and why matting and framing can make or break a picture. This picture is a work in progress that Leif will complete during the demonstrations. There are others in the queue that will follow in this on-going series of pastel portraits of Ashland.

“Patterns of Nature” paintings by Pam Haunschild

"Octopus Garden" Watercolor by Pam Haunschild

I paint nature. In this exhibit you will see my watercolors emulating the effects of natural systems in producing patterns, colors, and textures.

Raku Sculpture and Fine Woodworking

"Dancing with Fire," raku sculpture by Lorene Senesac

“Dancing with the Fire,” raku sculptures celebrating Spirit by Lorene Senesac. Fine woodworking using Oregon wood by John Weston; turned bowls, benches, and more.

Intimate Visions

Observation 1 & 2

ENCAUSTICS BY CATHY VALENTINE and COLLAGES BY JOSHUA STRINGER “My work is abstract in nature, with a sense of randomness. I consider my paintings to be a type of emotional landscape, my own internal language. I feel as though my pieces provoke memories and experiences of my past, and move into my present life. The process I use currently is a build up of layers of encaustic and drawing directly onto the wax, exploring transparencies. Encaustic is suited for such explorations. The use of this material seems to combine many disciplines, collage, printmaking imagery and sculptural qualities are seen in the final result.” Cathy Valentine. Joshua Stringer is a mixed media artist living in Salem, Oregon. He received his BFA in painting and printmaking from Southern Oregon University in 2005. Since then his work has evolved to become centered on collage techniques with a minimalist aesthetic. This reflects his interest in contemplative spirituality and the aesthetics of wabi-sabi. His thoughtfully spare, yet beautiful work incorporates found images and materials, dried plants, watercolor paint, cut paper, thread, and pencil drawing.

Ashland Green

The Fountain at Noon

New fresh pastel paintings of scenes around Ashland by fine artist Leif Trygg

The Female of the Species – Through September

The Female of the Species
Over 20 female artists all in a show of their own. By invitation – all women – all media

“Funny Farm” Oil paintings by Dana Feagin

"Sugar Rush"  Oil painting by Dana Feagin

Dana Feagin’s new exhibit “The Funny Farm”, captures the silly side of farm animals we love. 10% of sales from this show will be donated to Sanctuary One, a local non-profit care farm.

Do What Your Heart Wants to Do, Printmaking and Mixed Media by Denise Kester

"Mother Natura Revisited" is a mixed media encaustic 16 X 20. This is a detail from the original.

Printmaking and Mixed Media by Denise Kester in studio #8 upstairs. Gallery Coop Artists; Natalie Stawsky, Handmade fabric flowers upstairs in Studio #2, and Jo Ann Manzone, Wearable Felt Art upstairs in studio #9. Live music and refreshments for the First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

Faces of Nepal and Fun & Functional Pottery

"Hindi Girl," Sandra Davis

“Faces of Nepal: Remembering the Earthquake,” paintings by Sandra Davis. “Pottery: Fun and Functional,” something for everyone by Marydee Bombick.

Crows are such Clowns

Clown Crow

Susan Hargrove is a prolific artist and an Ashland native who moved to Sacramento many years ago. She returns with a show called “Crows are such Clowns”. They are a great source of entertainment and examples of how we should play more! “My art is contemporary and expressionistic, relating to our spiritual and human condition.” Sculptures by Robin and John Gumaelius will also be featured in the July exhibit.

Handmade Fabric Flowers by Natalie Stawsky

Natalie Stawsky

Handmade fabric flowers by Natalie Stawsky upstairs in Studio #2 and Wearable Felt Art by Jo Ann ManzoneBeaded in upstairs, studio #9. . Live music and refreshments for the First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

Held Over!

The Ringmaster

        Due to a warm reception, the one-woman show by Diana Trygg has been held over through the month of July. Showing her first work in more than 40 years, Trygg creates three-dimensional collages with a wide variety of subject matter.   These images are part of a new series focused on the circus. Trygg found the printed images of various performers and applied them to French drapery fabric. The Ring Master is crowned by a red and gold enameled brooch, while Ivan and Magda are both in frames decorated with red beads.  

Crazy Birds and Assemblage Sculpture

Hand build "Crazy Bird" vase, by Cheryl Kempner

“Air and Fire” by Elin Babcock includes Assemblage Sculptures and Lyrical Abstract paintings. Cheryl Kempner will highlight “Clay Birds, Birdhouses, and Blossoms.”

Chuck Close: Face Forward Showing at the Schneider Museum of Art this Summer


The Schneider Museum of Art at Southern Oregon University is pleased to announce an important exhibition, Chuck Close: Face Forward – from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and his Family Foundation, which will be on view from Friday, June 19 through Saturday, September 5, 2015. There will be a public opening reception featuring wines generously donated by Eliana Wines, and music by Modern Prometheus Jazz Company, on Thursday, June 18, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Chuck Close: Face Forward – from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and his Family Foundation was made possible through a generous loan from the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation. The show features a comprehensive range of works by this revered American artist. Highlighted in this exhibition are a wide array of Close‘s etchings, linocuts, lithographs, screen prints, woodcuts, and paper-pulp multiples. This exhibition was organized and curated by Erika Leppmann, Director, Schneider Museum of Art, Oregon Center for the Arts, Southern Oregon University. Chuck Close, one of the most influential artists of our time, earned his reputation by continuously reinventing portraiture.  He developed his signature style in the late 1960s when he painted his […]

One Woman Show


One woman show of five months worth of contemporary collages.

R and J Gumaelius, sculpture and Vince Carl, paintings

John 4 28 15-012-Edit

Collaborating artists and husband and wife, ROBIN and JOHN GUMAELIUS incorporate ceramic, steel and wood to create animated human and birdlike sculptures. Their works are comical, bizarre and highly inventive. Robin says, “Radio stories, history books, biking adventures, gardening notes, neighbors spied, strangers watched in stores and parks and cars jangle together in our heads and come so freely to our fingers that when we see the pieces finished we are often delighted – as if we are not their creators; they just come to talk with us for a while and then leave again”. In their unique working relationship, Robin and John combine both skill and imagination together as an artistic team to build a singularly unusual world out of clay and mixed media. The couple and their four young children live in a wooded environment near the coast in Washington. While starting with a treehouse, they have also built their own home, studio, barn and lush garden. VINCE CARL has shifted from his focus on the figure to abstraction with great success after several years of hard work as his process evolved technically and philosophically.

“Lithia Park-The Jewel of Ashland” paintings by Marilyn Hurst

Capturing the sense of this magnificent park has been a joyful journey for me. is my hope I have touched the viewer with my

Dogs Look Good in Blue, Watercolors by Rachel Jean Fisher

Rachel Fisher

Pet portraiture by Rachel Jean Fisher in the Artist Underground (Studio #1B, lower level), and upstairs in Studio #5, Beaded Tapestries by Thalia Keple and Wearable Art by Marty Hogan. Live music and refreshments for the First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

Oil Paintings and Three-dimensional Wire Sculpture Featured

"Shell Collection," oil, by Michael Gibson

“Open Wings,” wire sculptures by George Popa. Michael Gibson showing “Collection Boxes,” trompe l’oeil paintings in oil. Music by Rutendo Marimba Bands with Sonic Kaleidoscope.

Featured: Local Artist Rueben Davis during June and July at Creekside

Most people know Rueben as the skateboard guy. Or maybe the snowboard guy. Or maybe he pierced your belly button when you were 15. You may have seen him prancing with fire on the Plaza before it was overrun with hippies, or perhaps he taught Biology to your children at Ashland High. Rueben is a riddle, lost in a mystery, inside an enigma, wrapped in bacon. And now he thinks he can do fine art. Brightly colored reactions intertwine with crackles of unmixed paint, kinetic chemistry and splashes of movement, experiments in controlled chaos conjuring images of the natural world as seen through the eyes of a lunatic polymath. Amazing pieces, definitely worth lots of money.

June Offerings at the Schneider Museum of Art

Spring Exhibitions on View through Saturday, June 6 Currently on view at The Schneider Museum of Art (SMA) are four thought-provoking exhibitions.  The shows include installations by Marlene Alt and Garrick Imatani created in response to the “site” of the landscape, history, and culture of the Rogue Valley, as well as work by Sang-ah Choi produced during her month-long artist residency at Southern Oregon University.  The Museum also features the vibrant silkscreens of Sister Corita Kent, an activist artist who utilized images from popular culture in her prints. The exhibitions are on view through Saturday, June 6, 2015. Chuck Close Exhibition Opens Thursday, June 18 Chuck Close: Face Forward – from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and his Family Foundation, will be on view from Friday, June 19 through Saturday, September 5. There will be a public opening reception on Thursday, June 18, from 5 to 7 PM. Chuck Close, one of the most influential artists of our time, earned his reputation by continuously reinventing portraiture.  He developed his signature style in the late 1960s when he painted his first self-portrait enlarged to a monumental scale.  Since then, he has […]

Lithia Duck Pond: In-progress

Leif is currently working on a large pastel of Lithia Park’s Lower Duck Pond. With a myriad of different trees to paint, the picture is a  study of movement  and flow in numerous shades of green and blues. The completed painting is up for viewing during the month of May. “This painting challenged me in a new way because I used so many different techniques to convey the different leaf structures and light and shadow,” says Leif. Diana is working on a collage honoring Frida Kahlo for Cinco de Mayo. A large piece, the picture contains multiple images of Kahlo, three-dimensional objects recalling the jungle as well as other touches that commemorate this artist’s life. In addition, smaller pieces, such as the one shown above,  are available depicting domestic scenes featuring family images for Mother’s Day, May 10.

Husbands, Wives and Lovers

The Lovers by Rebecca Gabriel

Husbands, Wives & Lovers

Two Hearts Beat As One

the exhibit features artist couples who sometimes work together, sometimes separately. The show combines the work of painters, writers, photographers and more. May 1st features the wines of Platt Anderson Cellars from 5-8 with chocolate! Come be inspired!

Who are the lovers? We never tell…

“SPRING BREATHES NEW LIFE” mixed media paintings by Nancy Zufich

SPRING IN THE GARDEN Mixed Media painting by Nancy Zufich

The colors that Spring brings to our landscape excite me and demand a new palette, a new approach, a fresh breath.

Focus on the Mood


FOCUS ON THE MOOD Paintings by Wayne Armstrong and Karen Staal “I am a great admirer of Vermeer, de la Tour, Hopper and those artists who capture quiet, private moments. Each of these paintings are meant to do the same. The spare compositions, muted colors and lack of features direct attention towards an interior drama. My hope is that each viewer can reveal what is invisible and make tangible what has been implied.” W.A. Karen Staal uses the figure to structure her paintings. Her intention as she begins is not to tell a story but rather to compose by focusing on elements and fundamentals of composition as she paints spontaneously. A successful result for her comes through exploration and discovery during the painting process. Since human figures are the subject, a narrative takes shape and however ambiguous, each viewer brings their own experiences to an interpretation. Occasionally, Karen sees that she has created an image that reflects her personal life.

“Out of the Box” by Susanne Petermann & “Bead Embroidery” by Stephanie Gould

a collage (an assemblage of disparate images) by Susanne Petermann

Featured artists are Susanne Petermann with her collages & Stephanie Gould with her bead embroidery. Join Susanne and Stephanie upstairs at AAC. Live music and refreshments for First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

Claudia Law Featured Artist – Fibers, paint and thread sketching make rich, colorful art quilts.

"Beautiful Feather," quilt by Claudia Law

Claudia Law, textile and multimedia artist. Fibers, paint, and thread sketching are used to create texturally rich, colorful art quilts featuring nature and Celtic themes.

Schneider Museum of Art Spring Exhibitions

Sang-ah Choi, About beautiful painting and painting beautifully_ landscape #5, 2015, Acrylic, pen, molding paste, masking tape, glitter, sticker and resin on wood panel, 19.5” x 8.5” x ½”

The Schneider Museum of Art (SMA) is presenting four thought-provoking exhibitions that include installations by Marlene Alt and Garrick Imatani created in response to the “site” of the landscape, history, and culture of the Rogue Valley, as well as work by Sang-ah Choi produced during her month-long artist residency at Southern Oregon University.  The Museum is also featuring activist artist Sister Corita Kent’s vibrant silkscreens made from the 1950’s through 70’s. The exhibitions are on view from April 3 through June 13, 2015. The Museum’s Main and Treehaven galleries feature Southern Oregon Site Project installations by Garrick Imatani and Marlene Alt. This project, funded in part by The Ford Family Foundation, Roseburg, is designed to support the development and presentation of new art by Oregon artists. Garrick Imatani’s installation reflects his interest in the history of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a 1930’s government program employing millions of people, including many artists, during and after the Depression. Imatani is working with the imagery of Diego Rivera’s mural, The Making of a Fresco Showing the Building of a City, which is in the San Francisco Art Institute. Rivera’s work had a […]

Featuring Photographer Jade Hincks

Jade Hincks. Student, Business Owner, Artist. South African born and bred, from the moment we meet, you will know me. Having acquired an extensive certificate in Fine Art Photography at the age of 18, my parents and I packed up and relocated to the wonderful US of A. The land of dreams did not fall short: settling in the gorgeous Southern Oregon, pursuing a Masters Degree, living my life to its fullest with loved ones, and not to mention having the rare and shinning opportunity to start my very own small business. As I grow, so do my dreams, and it is with each and every individual with whom I connect that my heart grows tenderer and my passion to capture life burns brighter. Currently 23 and a Bro-ista at Dutch Bros, my life is packed with activity. I aspire to be more like my mother and close circle of friends: graceful, motivated and fearless. Feel free to connect with me at anytime – I welcome any chance to be more involved with the world.  www.lilysandhorns.com

Sculpture by Wataru Sugiyama


Elements of Japanese history and mythology are almost the exclusive focus of Wataru’s creations. He interprets imaginary and existing objects and gives them a modern twist by bringing his personal vision to these subjects. His sculptures are truly inspirational and have a powerful presence and a sense of humor, and make a strong impression on his viewers. Besides historical elements, extremely fine detail and exquisite facial expressions are featured on his sculptures.

Artist As Poet

Tyger by William Blake

Artist As Poet
Examples do their poetry and artwork shown side by side

“Behind The Looking Glass” Mosaic mirrors and sculpture by Dean Buchser

Serpents and mirrors by Dean Buchser

Featured artist is Dean Buchser with his hand made mosaic mirrors. Join Dean upstairs in his second floor studio at AAC. Live music and refreshments for First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

“Canvas Chronicles” Paintings by Linda Curtis

Linda Curtis’ colorful images of the landscapes and riverscapes of Southern Oregon reflect her love of nature.

Electronic Collage Prints by Bruce Bayard

Bridge Sate No. 03 by Bruce Bayard

Electronic Collage Prints by Bruce Bayard at Studio A.B, multimedia performance at the DanceSpace April 18.

Tapestries, Masks, Fused Glass, Jewelry and Silk Scarves at Associate Members Show

"Radiance," by Monique Barker

Hand-woven tapestries and masks, Monique Barker; fused glass and jewelry, Debbie Earley; hand-dyed silk scarves, Connie Simonsen. Maslow art student Crystal Tarbell, drawings.

Ashland High School Artists Featured March 2015

My first experience studying photography was in the darkroom at Willow Wind. I then attended a performing and visual arts school in Miami, FL. I am currently a senior at Ashland High School where I continue to explore my art through the incredible resources and support provided to me by the school and the community. Art is a way to explore and reflect upon life. My belief is that art connects us, as human beings, through common experience; it is my hope that my photography may have a similar effect.  Lars Filson was born in Boulder Colorado in 1997. His time spent there as a child heavily influenced his artwork. With a background in graffiti and street art, you can see elements of bright colors, the use of aerosol paint, crisp lines and other qualities he learned to appreciate in graffiti.

Ceramics by Donna Marie

Ceramics by Donna Marie

Featured artist is Donna Marie with her hand made ceramics. Join Liza upstairs in her studio at AAC. Live music and refreshments for First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

Fine Wines and Felines

sumi ink by Liz Sheppard

Fine Wines and Felines
As you requested…all cats, all mediums

Friday, March 6 from 5 to 8pm

Wine tasting by South Stage Cellars

Chocolate by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Come celebrate our 13th Anniversary!

“Scenerios”: Peter VanFleet and David Masters


Part painting, part sculpture, Peter Van Fleet‘s work invites us to experience dimensionality, structure,and vibrant color. Wood is peeled, stressed, recombined, and puzzled thru to create new surfaces, elemental colors, and plenty of room for thought about the tumultuous power of creation or the soft quiet of a simple melody. Introducing David Masters, recently moved to the Northwest, presents “Scenerios”, with recycled woods, fragments and scavenged materials torn loose from context.

Screen Captures: Digital Collage by Bruce Bayard

Screen Capture by Bruce Bayard

Screen Captures by digital artist Bruce Bayard, AHS Student Kreshana Belias-Baker

“Expressions of Spring” paintings by Art&Soul Gallery

Morning by the Bay pastel painting by Willo Balfrey

Art&Soul Gallery presents “Expressions of Spring” a gallery show featuring Art&Soul artists exhibiting works that depict the change from winter to the color, light and warmer days of Spring.

Paintings, Jewelry, Woodwork by Art Students

Sonora Mindling-Werling works on a painting.

Student artists at AAW gallery are Sonora Mindling-Werling, watercolors and jewelry, and Theo Whitcomb, acrylic paintings. Woodworking students will also display their fine wood products.

Love is in the air…

Clay "Heartwork" by Cheryl Kempner

“Heart works,” metal sculpture by Cheryl Kempner. Other art on display includes Paintings, Jewelry, Textile Creations, Assemblage Art, Pottery, Woodworking, Fiber Arts, Prints and Cards.


Mali Market Day

Multicultural Celebrations by renowned artist, Betty LaDuke will include small paintings (32” X 42”) depicting the lives of villagers from Asia, Africa and Latin America. “I hope that my visual impressions reach out beyond the confines of national boundaries to reveal that in spite of our cultural differences, human survival is dependent on our ability to connect with one another through understanding and compassion. Bonding with my family and friends on a multicultural, global level nurtures me. I have a need to continue sharing visually and verbally examples of human dignity and hope” Betty LaDuke We have represented Betty since the gallery first opened in 1980 with many exhibits throughout her prolific career. Most of her exhibitions and collections are shown or owned by museums and she rarely shows in galleries. We are privileged to make this collection of *small paintings (42” x 32”) accessible to our community. 50% of proceeds will be donated to The Oregon Community Foundation in support of Rogue Valley visual arts.

Wooly Wonders, Fiber Art Creations by Liza Hamilton

Wooly Wonders, Fiber Art Creations by Liza Hamilton

Featured artist is Liza Hamilton with her fantastical, whimsical fiber art creations. Join Liza at the featured artist wall upstairs or in her studio at AAC. Live music and refreshments for First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

“Landscapes” Paintings by Art & Soul Artists

"Winter Solstice"  acrylic painting by Christina Madden

Art & Soul Gallery presents an exhibit of Landscape paintings by Gallery Artists. Participating artists: Carla Palmese, Dana Feagin, Christina Madden, Judy Richardson, Linda Boutacoff, Willo Balfrey. Steve Bennett, Sue Bennett, and Randye Jensen.

Gallery Group Show

Marie Maretska is one of the featured artists for the January exhibit which includes most of the gallery stable. Marie is currently producing intimate, jewel like wall pieces as depicted here. “New Leaf over a Full Moon” is one of a small series and part of the current show. Marie recently received a grant from the LLoyd Haines Foundation that encouraged her to explore new directions.

Winter at Ashland Art Works

sandra profile photo

Cards with photography of Sandra Davis and Annette Trujillo now at Ashland Art Works on Oak St.

“Winter Celebration” paintings by Art & Soul Gallery Artists

"Tree Tribe Sees Masked Moon"  Mixed media by Eve Margo Withrow

In celebrating the winter season, Artists of the Art & Soul Gallery have come together to show their many expressions and mediums in a 12″ x 12″ format.

East Meets East Part ll

1910 Chinese ladies jacket

Come shop the exotic bazaars of the Eastern World. Art, antiques, iconic figures, furniture and jewelry with an emphasis on textiles.
Zahara and Madrona will perform Middle Eastern dance and music at 6 and 7 pm Feb. 6

Baker’s Dozen: SOU Creative Art Faculty 2015 and New Works: SMA Collection 2012-2014

Cody Bustamante, 2013, charcoal, conte, on paper, 11" x 14"

Baker’s Dozen will showcase the diverse and engaging works of the Southern Oregon University Creative Arts faculty. New Works: SMA Collection 2012-2014 will feature works by national and international artists newly represented in the Museum’s collection.  The exhibitions will be on view from January 12 through March 14, 2015.  Regular Museum hours are Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. A special opening reception with the artists featured in Baker’s Dozen will be held on Thursday, January 15, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.   Revealing a wide range of approaches and disciplines, Baker’s Dozen includes recent works by David Bithell, Cody Bustamante, Miles Inada, Peg Sjogren, Robin Strangfeld and visiting professors Rene Allen, Brooks Dierdorff, Summer Ventis, and Ben Waterman. A series of talks by the artists, readings by Creative Writing faculty Kasey Mohammed, Robert Arellano, and Craig Wright, and lectures by Professors Melissa Geppert and Warren Hedges will enrich the exhibition. The dates for the free presentations are as follows: Thursday, January 22, 5:30 PM, Brooks Dierdorff Thursday, January 29, 5:30 PM, Summer Ventis Thursday, February 5, 5:30 PM, Melissa Geppert Thursday, February 12, 5:30 PM, Cody Bustamante Thursday, February 19, 5:30 PM, Craig Wright, Kasey Mohammad, Bobby Arellano Thursday, February […]

Artist Jupiter Moon featured December and January

Annual Holiday Salon


The Annual Holiday Salon features a variety of new and revisited work by gallery artists in rotation during November and December.

Assemblage by Dale Muir

Dale Muir in her studio at Ashland Art Center, which she now shares with artist Denise Kester.

Featured artist is Dale Muir with her inventive and whimsical assemblage collages and sculptures. Join Dale at the featured artist wall upstairs or in her studio at AAC. Live music and refreshments for First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

“Winter Celebration” Featuring Art & Soul Gallery artists


In celebrating the season, Artists of the Art & Soul Gallery have come together to show their many expressions and mediums in a 12″ x 12″ format.

New Artist Joins Oak Leaf Studio

Swedish Summer

Contemporary artist Diana Trygg is now sharing exhibit space at Oak Leaf Studio with fine artist Leif Trygg. Diana calls her pieces Curated Art. Each image, texture, and object has been personally culled from a collection created over the past 15 or more years. Odd items, unusual shapes, textures and colors, or old memorabilia, as well as found objects are used to create unique images.

“Farms That Became Ashland” Oil Paintings by Carla Palmese

Billings Barn

Carla has documented historic farms of Ashland. her expressive oil paintings will be accompanied by historic black and white photos.


unique gift giving at Gallerie Karon

Our annual gift show with 28 artists and guests for a twist on the usual!

Holiday Gifts at Ashland Art Works on Oak Street!

Deer Head (2)

Come visit Ashland Art Works for our Annual Holiday Gala! Sculpture, ceramics, paintings, fabric art, scarves, prints, cards and more – something for everyone on your holiday list!

Annual Holiday Salon

The annual exhibit at Hanson Howard Gallery features salon style hanging
that includes many gallery artists and rotates to add new work during the
month of December.

“New Directions: Perhaps dimensional, Perhaps intuitive” watercolors by Elaine Frenett

Encaustic mixed media by Elaine Frenett

Featured artist is watercolorist Elaine Frenett with “New Directions: Perhaps dimensional, Perhaps intuitive.” Join Elaine in her studio upstairs at AAC. Live music and refreshments for First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

Still-life Florals and New Water Paintings

Approaching Emerald Bay

Falling water creates rivers and creeks, and nurtures colorful blooms that lift our spirits and remind us of balmy weather. Oak Leaf Studio is featuring a new painting of  Lake Tahoe, which you may have seen “under construction” during the Open Studios Tour. Artist Leif Trygg has completed this mixed media piece created by using both watercolors and pastels and it is now up for viewing. Taking a cue from nature again, Trygg observes the world around him and translates those images into personal statements. His series of still-life flower paintings depict Shasta Daisies, roses,  bouquets of peonies, and more. Each is a contemplative view of individual blooms rendered in compelling tones and whimsical but classic settings. Originals as well as prints and cards will be available for viewing and purchase.

Held over by over by popular demand with new additions! 

Magical and Edgy


DENISE KESTER, “My art has a story of its own and a life of its own. My art is magical realism. My art is a possibility. The art I create, creates me.”

“Painting with Yarn” textile art by Laura Lawrence

"Laughing Lupine Poppy Fields" abstract knit vest

Featured artist is textile artist, Laura Lawrence with “Painting with Yarn”. Join Laura in her studio upstairs at AAC. Live music by JJ Joss and refreshments. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

“Edgy in October” paintings by Art & Soul Artists

"Forgotten"  pastel by Carol Wilder

The word “Edgy” has many connotations ! The Art & Soul Gallery is taking part in the Southern Oregon Event “Edgy in October” with many of the Gallery’s Artists.

Selections from PORTLAND2014: A Biennial of Contemporary Art

Modou Dieng & Devon A. VanHouten-Maldonado, Tranquillo, 2014, Mixed media, partial view

The Schneider Museum of Art Announces New Exhibition: Selections from PORTLAND2014: A Biennial of Contemporary Art The Schneider Museum of Art (SMA) is celebrating its participation in Southern Oregon University’s new Oregon Center for the Arts by presenting a year of Oregon artists.  As part of this celebration, the Museum is excited to show Selections from PORTLAND2014: A Biennial of Contemporary Art, a major exhibition that surveys the work of Oregon visual artists who are defining and advancing the contemporary arts landscape.  The exhibition will be showing from Friday, October 3 through Saturday, December 6, 2014 with an opening reception on Thursday, October 2 from 5:00 TO 7:00 PM. PORTLAND2014: A Biennial of Contemporary Art was conceived of and produced by Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in Portland, Oregon and curated by Amanda Hunt.  Founded in 2000, Disjecta Contemporary Art Center builds ambitious programs that promote artists and engage communities. (To learn more, visit disjecta.org ) SMA Director Erika Leppmann worked with curator, Amanda Hunt, and Disjecta Director, Bryan Suereth, to organize the Biennial for the fall exhibition at the Schneider Museum of Art. Curator Hunt visited nearly 50 studios and reviewed over […]

October at Ashland Art Works


In October, Ashland Art Works features John Weston’s finely crafted hardwood gifts, and new work from talented wire sculptor, George Popa. In addition, we will introduce hand woven luxury scarves and shawls by our newest member, Stefanie Moss. Stefanie uses a rigid heddle loom to create these beautiful works. Inspired by her own skin sensitivity, she uses natural fiber, high quality yarns – primarily alpaca, merino and silk – that drape beautifully, and feel soft to the skin. __________________________ 5 GALLERIES AND THE SCULPTURE GARDEN: As always, you will be more than pleased by our selection of Fine Art and Crafts. AAW is home to these other outstanding local artists…     Elin Babcock’s Assemblage, Jewelry, & Paintings Marydee Bombick’s Functional and Garden Pottery Monique Barker’s Tibetan-style Weaving & Masks Sandra Davis’ Oil Paintings, Prints & Cards Don Gilmer’s Assemblage Clocks Debbie Earley’s fused glass jewelry, functional bowls and plates Michael Gibson’s Painting in post impressionists’ style Sierra Gwin’s Nature Inspired Silver Jewelry Cheryl Kempner’s Jewelry, Garden Art & Crazy Clay Birds Claudia Law’s Textile Creations Stefanie Moss’s Textile Weaving George Popa’s Dimensional Wire Sculptures Marilyn Reeves’ Narrative Clay Sculptures Lorene Senesac’s […]

WATER: Creeks, Rivers and the Ocean

Beach SunriseWeb

Oak Leaf Studio has created a show based on the theme of bodies of water. Beaches, streams, and waterfalls have all been inspiration for the canvases created in pastels, watercolors and acrylics by artist Leif Trygg. Subject matter ranges from Yosemite to the Pacific Coast to our own Ashland Creek.



“Shelter Animals” Oil paintings by Dana Feagin

Sanctuary One Goat
Oil by Dana Feagin

Join us at Art & Soul for Dana Feagin’s show of her whimsical animal portraits. Dana

Mixed Media and Book Arts of Printmaker with Denise Kester

Denise Kester

Featured artist is printmaker Denise Kester with “Mixed Media and Book Arts”. Join Denise in her studio upstairs at AAC. Live music and refreshments. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!


“Fine Lines”, photography by Vincent Leandro is a collection of current work including many recent award-winning images from prestigious exhibitions around the country.

September at Ashland Artworks

Marydee flower vase

Whimsical sculptures of people both young and old will be displayed by artist Marilyn Reeves.
Also enjoy “It’s for the Birds” ceramics by Marydee Bombick.

“Floral Interpretations” by Zeno Thanes

FLORAL INTERPRETATIONS Paintings by D. Zeno Thanes I have been living in Oregon for more than thirty-five years. My visual investigations have taken many forms, many different uses of materials and manners of interpretation. Among my various investigations none seems more mysterious and difficult to grasp than a vase of flowers. Looking at flowers has thus come to be a special source of visual inspiration. They evoke in me the magical and sentimental feelings about nature. The abundance of color and variety always amaze me. My quiet fascination seems to stimulate many aesthetic questions. How do the petals fold on one another? What abstractions of light might be caught through a clear vase holding stems and leaves? What is that particular light and color that envelope the background? What is it about a colorful bouquet that is so mesmerizing? This group of paintings represents a selection of my pieces related to floral themes. Some were painted in traditional observational ways and some are just made up in the ethers of the creative process. I had a good time painting them, and always had a sense of the mysterious beauty of […]

The Female of the Species

Over 20 artists in a show all their own!

Our Third Annual invitational exhibit. All women, all media

“Travels in North Wales” paintings by Carla Palmese

Canal near Ellesmere

Carla Palmese is exhibiting her oil paintings of her trip through the canal so North Wales

Ann DiSalvo Figurative Drawings

Cat Totem, 2014, pastel

As a winner of the RV Biennial 2013 Juror’s Choice Award, Ann DiSalvo exhibited 15 classical nudes in pastel at the Grants Pass Museum of Art in March, 2014. These drawings are now on exhibit in Ashland, at Studio A.B.

Paste Papers by Candy Wooding

Candy Wooding

Featured artist is Candy Wooding with “Paste Papers” paper art. Join Candy for a paste paper making demo and view her amazing folded paper art in her studio upstairs at AAC. Live music and refreshments. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

Jon Jay Cruson

2014-05-02 09.20.21

JON JAY CRUSON, “A Quiet Place”, is a series of landscape paintings based on his philosophy, “where the road leads me”.

July at Ashland Artworks

Dotted bird house

Featuring: Cheryl Kempner’s “Crazy Birds Love Polka Dots” created in clay and metal, and original work by sketch artist and painter Michael J. Gibson.

“WHOLE HEARTED” Water Media Paintings by Eve Margo Withrow

Blood Moon

Eve: “Many of my favorite and most exciting works are the result of finding creative solutions to things run amok.”

Sara Swink and Marie Maretska

SARA SWINK, Ceramic Sculpture and MARIE MARETSKA, Works on Copper

The World of Faces

One Man Show for Jerri Cook Barton Porcelain Plaques – “The Ethnic Series”   Somalia Mother and Child Shown with a collection of masks from around the world.  

Paintings and Illustrations by Elijah Boor

Elijah Boor

Elijah Boor’s digital and traditional paintings and illustrations is featured in his studio downstairs at AAC in the Artist’s Underground. All three floors of art, artists in their students. Special Show in the Classroom: Enrichment Studio Show. Live music, refreshments.

Eve: “Many of my favorite and most exciting works are the result of finding creative solutions to things run amok.”

July at Ashland Artworks on Oak Street

unnamed (1) 2

“Continuing the Journey” New Raku sculpture and Healing Bowls by Lorene Senesac. “Smooth as Glass” Ocean influenced fused glass by Debbie Earley.

Colorful Summer Exhibitions and FREE Family Days

Royal Nebeker, Victory Without Witness, 2013 oil & collage on canvas 88" x 80"

A Colorful Summer at the Schneider Museum of Art Royal Nebeker: An Artist’s Journey Recent Additions to the Permanent Collection: Andy Warhol Silkscreens Opening Reception Thursday, June 19, 5:00 – 7:00 PM Featuring Artist’s Gallery Talk with Royal Nebeker at 5:30 PM Exhibition on View Friday, June 20 through Saturday, September 6 The Schneider Museum of Art is excited to present colorful, energetic, and engaging exhibitions this summer.  Royal Nebeker: An Artist’s Journey and Recent Additions to the Permanent Collection: Andy Warhol Silkscreens will open Thursday, June 19 and will be on view through September 6, 2014. Royal Nebeker: An Artist’s Journey features the beautiful figurative paintings and collages of Royal Nebeker. Nebeker received his MFA from Brigham Young University and continued his art studies in Norway, where he became deeply influenced by the work of Edvard Munch.  Nebeker’s painting also reflect his engagement with Abstract Expressionism.  He currently resides in Astoria, Oregon, and he has held residencies and has exhibited widely throughout the world.  Royal Nebeker: An Artist’s Journey is sponsored by Miller Paint Company. Nebeker’s exhibition of paintings will be complemented by Recent Additions to the Permanent Collection: […]

Jane Hardgrove A fifth generation Oregonian on both sides of her family, Jane’s work shows her love and relationship with the beauty of Oregon. A distinguished and respected landscape designer and contractor for 33 years, her interest in painting began with a drawing class to add to her design business. The drawing class was just a beginning in a life long love of watercolors and pastels. Jane is an award-winning member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. She was a founding member of the Art and Soul Gallery in Ashland Oregon and has exhibited her work in many one person and group shows. Her work has been reproduced in prints, posters and cards. Jane started teaching drawing and watercolor in community classes in 1990. Since 2005 she has been teaching weekly classes and workshops. Jane is a popular watercolor teacher who focuses on the basic techniques and design principles with humor and enthusiasm.

Ken Grant

Be Back Soon

“Paintings” by Ken Grant, whose paintings invite the viewer into a sunlit comfort zone. He is a contemporary realist.

Husbands, Wives and Lovers – Held Over

Husbands, Wives and Lovers exhibit continues through June with new additions! Come be inspired By the obvious visions of love for each other expressed by these artists.

“Tuned into Tunics” fiber art by Jo Ann Manzone

Jo Ann Manzone

Jo Ann Manzone, a nationally known felter is featured in ““Tuned into Tunics” in her studio at AAC. Three floors of art, artists in their students. Special Show in the Classroom: TBA. Live music, refreshments.

June at Ashland Artworks on Oak Street

photo (2)

Ashland Artworks features the art of Elin Babcock and Claudia Law: Assemblage Sculptures, Paintings & Textile Creations with multi-media embellishments. All in a beautiful garden setting!

“A moment in time . . .” Pastel Paintings by Randye Jensen

Through the Tress

Please join us Art & Soul Gallery for Randye Jensen’s exhibit of exquisite pastel paintings. Her landscapes are her way of expressing a sense of place and beauty.

Screen Captures: Digital prints by Bruce Bayard

Passages, screen capture

Screen Captures: Digital prints by Bruce Bayard

“Fashion Illustration” paintings by Susan Frank

Moonlight Mini Dress

Susan Frank, Art & Soul’s newest artist, presents her Fashion Illustration paintings. Wear something you love!

“Assemblage: Recycle, Repurpose, Experiment” mixed media assemblage by Dale Muir

Dale in her studio upstairs at AAC

Dale Muir’s mixed media assemblage art is featured in “Assemblage: Recycle, Repurpose, Experiment” in her studio upstairs at AAC. Three floors of art, artists in their students. Special Show in the Classroom: TBA. Live music, refreshments.

Pomegranate Group: 14th annual exhibit

Digital drawing by Mori D.

Featuring figurative work by Ann DiSalvo, Denise Souza Finney, Ruthe Woudenberg, Rachel Barrett, Mori D., Ellen Falkner

Gumaelius and Annekristine

Top Hat and Jester Birds
by R & J Gumaelius

Robin and John Gumaelius collaborate to create extraordinary sculpture incorporating ceramic, steel and wood. Painter, AnneKristine, Is a recent and welcome addition to our gallery stable.

May at Ashland Art Works


Hand knotted, woven tapestries and papier-mâché masks by Monique Barker. Ashland Pond Ducks and a Mosaic of oil paintings by Sandra Davis.

Two Great Events this Week at the Schneider Museum of Art!

Avantika Bawa, Flood.Control, 2014, Paint, wood, graphite, hardware, rock

Avantika Bawa, Flood.Control Installation Artist, to Speak at SOU and Vocalist Christine Williams to Perform “Sounding the Gallery” Thursday, May 1, 2014 Lecture: 5:30 PM, Meese Auditorium Performance: Immediately after the Lecture, Schneider Museum of Art On Thursday, May 1 at 5:30 PM, the Schneider Museum of Art is presenting a lecture by Avantika Bawa, whose installation, Flood.Control, is featured in the Museum’s current exhibition, 3.  In Flood.Control, Bawa uses the history and geography behind the formation of Emigrant Lake as the conceptual underpinning of her installation. Immediately after the lecture, Vocalist Christine Williams will perform “Sounding the Gallery” in Avantika Bawa’s installation space. Avantika Bawa is an artist, curator, and Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Washington State University in Vancouver, WA.  She is “interested in transforming the act of drawing into sculptural gestures that react formally and also conceptually to architectural spaces and their history.” Vocalist Christine Williams, SOU Department of Music Faculty believes that music and art occupy unrelated dimensions of time and space.  Those boundaries will be erased as Williams performs “Sounding the Gallery” inside Avantika Bawa’s installation, Flood.Control.  Since Bawa’s installation about Emigrant Lake fills […]

“Off the Beaten Path” oil paintings by Chuck Prudhomme

Waimea Woody

I am primarily a plein air painter. I attempt to capture the spirit of the place in a loose painterly fashion, with bright vibrant colors and thick paint rather than a photo realistic replica.

Creeks at Creekside by D. Zeno Thanes

I love to paint and draw. I love color. I love the feel of wet paint sliding under the brush and the smell of oil and turpentine. I love to see images appear out of the end of a pencil or pen where there was only a blank paper before. I love the feeling of being lost in the creative process to such an extent that I seem to be watching myself work. There is a certain level of absorption when the magic of creating takes over and the pieces seem to come alive on their own. I have been living in Oregon for more than thirty-five years. My visual investigations have taken many forms, many different uses of materials and manners of interpretation. I have always found the landscape of Oregon to be a source of visual inspiration, and giving rise to many aesthetic questions. How do the clouds move across the ridgeline at the end of the valley? What is that particular light and color that envelope the mountains early or late in the day? What is it about a creek which is so mesmerizing and peaceful? This […]

Screen Captures by Bruce Bayard

Passages, screen capture

Beginning April 8, through the end of the month, Studio A.B features digital prints by Bruce Bayard. The images are “Screen Captures” of recent performances and films. The performances are by the ensemble of Todd Barton on Buchla synthesizer; Suzee Grilley, dance; Jonah Bornstein, poetry; Christine Williams, vocals and video/film by Bayard. The film is a collaboration with the ensemble, and was accepted into the Ashland Independent Film Festival, which runs April 3–7, 2014. The next performance by the ensemble is April 19 and 20. Tickets available here.


Artist As Poet

Examples of artwork by poets shown side by side. On April 23rd at 7pm a rare poetry reading here in the gallery with 5 different poets.

Distinctive Characters and Ordinary Folks

"Three Aunts and an  Uncle" by Robert Koch

“Distinctive Characters and Ordinary Folks”
Figurative Paintings by Karen Staal, Wayne Armstrong, Robert Koch, and sculpture by Candace Miller.

“Works on paper” Printmaking art by Tiffany Hokanson

Tiffany Hokanson, printmaker

Tiffany Hokanson’s printmaking art is featured in “Works on Paper” in the AAC Print Studio, lower level of AAC. Three floors of art, artists in their students. Special Show in the Classroom: Hearts and Hopes Illuminated, Survivor Art Show. Live music, refreshments.

3 – Featuring Heidi Schwegler, Avantika Bawa, and Matt McCormick

Heidi Schwegler, Separation Anxiety_03, 2014, Pillow, paint, 7” x 12” x 15”

3 Heidi Schwegler, Visibility Near Zero Avantika Bawa, flood.control Matt McCormick, The Great Northwest For its spring exhibitions, the Schneider Museum of Art is presenting the first of a two-part exhibition of the Southern Oregon Site Project, generously supported by The Ford Family Foundation.  The project features two installations created in response to the site: the Museum, Southern Oregon University, and the greater Rogue Valley. Avantika Bawa, an artist, curator, and Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Washington State University, Vancouver, WA, is “interested in transforming the act of drawing into sculptural gestures that react formally and also conceptually to architectural spaces and their history.” In flood.control, Avantika Bawa uses the history and geography behind the formation of Emigrant Lake as the conceptual parameters from which her installation has been created. As an artist, Heidi Schwegler states that she “is drawn to the peripheral ruin, modifying discarded objects in order to give them a new sense of purpose.”  Her latest installation, to be premiered at the Schneider Museum of Art, is entitled Visibility Near Zero.  She earned her MFA from the University of Oregon and is Associate Chair of the […]

For April: Romantic Clocks and Vibrant Scarves


In the month of April, Ashland Artworks’ featured presents beautiful clocks by Don Gilmer, and hand-painted scarves by Connie Simonsen.

Creekside is featuring local artist Zeno Thanes. This is a great opportunity to see some paintings by one of the valley’s unique and eclectic painters.

“Natural Elements” Ecoprints by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

Natural Elements #12

I love to paint, it is my voice! From shared experiences in realism, tributes to spirituality and journeys into abstraction: my artwork is a culmination and sharing of my life’s experiences.

March at Ashland Art Works on Oak Street: Young Artists

Student Artists

In March, Ashland Art Works on Oak Street is pleased to feature the works of young artists from Ashland High School. Stop in on First Friday, March 7, to enjoy their fresh talent and vision.

Botanecas Artephonius


“Botanecas Artephonius” is a portfolio of prints by WAYNE ARMSTRONG who incorporates familiar styles and images by master artists into botanical illustrations.

Oil Paintings by Terry Frosini

Realistic Nikon S2, oil painting by Terry Frosini

“I paint what interests me in the moment; I look for a challenge, something I have not tried before, perhaps something I may fail at.” – Terry Frosini
Terry’s realistic oil paintings of portraits, landscapes, and still lifes draw you in with their charm and ability to tell a story. Visit Terry in his studio in the Artists Underground on the lower level of Ashland Art Center. Learn about his process and the stories behind each unique piece.

As always, visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center. There will also be refreshments and live music on First Friday.

Featuring Ashland High School Students Sonora and Sam

Sonora Mindling Werling They say that for a warrior, the sword should be an extension of the arm; art is like that for my soul. I am not particularly good a verbalizing my thoughts, when I try to explain things I often get muddled up and lost in the tangle of ideas and vague concepts, until I am left wandering a perpetual forest of “Like, if you put the thing with the other thing it would be cool because of reasons.” With art, it’s not like that. If I have a vague idea, I will paint with watercolors and just swirl blues and yellows and reds into cloudy shapes until suddenly, a clear image will appear out of the ambiguous hues. Sometimes I will have a clear thought, and I will create that also, dashing on oils or charcoal until my blank paper is full of my feelings or the images that come to me at 3am. I had an art teacher that used to say that art should be a verb. I am not just doing art, I am arting. I do art because it is my way of […]

Featuring Ashland High School students

Creekside Pizza is excited to feature Ashland High School students Sonora Mindling-Werling and Sam Gostnell. Both artists enjoy to paint in different styles but share a similar understanding of expression. The idea that art can begin with a concept and in the end take on a completely different form is embraced by both. Please come in for some great pizza and check out their unique body of work!

“Takes Three to Tangle” Zen Dezigns by Betty Barss, Linda Boutacoff and Charlotte Peterson

Delightfully tangled pears!

Three talented and witty water media artists create Zen DeZigns to delight the eye!

Judy and the Beasts

Judy and the Beasts

Judy and the Beasts – Paintings by Judy Howard and Beastly Ceramics by Julia Janeway

East Meets East Part II

Dancing Deva Bronze Figure

East Meets East Part II

Celebrate Chinese New Year – The Year of the Horse

Come with us to the marketplaces of the Eastern World. Japan, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Thailand, India, Morocco and Nepal.

Discover artwork, icons, textiles, jewelry, masks and more!

With the addition of local artists interpretations.

“Natural Inspirations” paintings and monoprints by Pam Haunschild

Daisy by Pam Haunschild

Natural Inspirations: Paintings and Monoprints by Pam Haunschild. Join Pam in the Artists Underground at AAC, on the lower level, studio 4B. Special show in the Classroom: Cartoon Art by Curt Evans and Kids Cartooning students. Live music and refreshments.

Home: Shelter and Habitat in Contemporary Art

Robert Minervini, One Percent Efficiency, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 48” x 72”

The Schneider Museum is Pleased to Announce its Premier Exhibition for 2014 Home: Shelter and Habitat in Contemporary Art Showing January 10 – March 15 For most of us home is a personalized place of comfort, privacy, and security. Inside its walls we create spaces that reflect who we are and what is important to us. We also take refuge and respite from the rest of the world in these enclosures, believing in the safety that four walls and a roof can offer. In Home: Shelter and Habitat in Contemporary Art, 28 artists have deconstructed their meanings of home and assembled their concepts through photography, painting, sculpture, and video. The result is engaging art that invites us to rethink our notions about the places we live. To sculptors Sasha Petrenko and Gina Tuzzi, home is not a fixed unit, but a nomadic dwelling that can be brought with us wherever we go. Ari Salomon’s photographs provide intimate views of the interior of his great aunt’s apartment where she lived for 30 years. In contrast, Henry Wessel’s photographs are taken from a voyeur’s perspective. His haunting exterior shots leave us to imagine […]

February at Ashland Artworks

Crazy Love Birds by Cheryl Kempner

This month, Ashland Artworks features new work by local artists, plus a new member, textile artist Stefanie Moss.

New Year Revisit

by Julia Janeway

The December First Friday was cancelled due to snow, ice and freezing temperatures that stayed with us throughout the week. Therefore we will celebrate the New Year by continuing our current show including all gallery artists.

Oil Paintings by David Gordon

Sky Flowers by David Gordon

Featured artist David Gordon will show his abstract oil paintings. Join David in his studio upstairs at AAC. All three floors open to explore. Live music by Pat O’Scannell and Sean Connors, traditional Irish music. Special show in the Classroom: Stop motion animation with Elijah Boor.

Ceramics by Kami Carlson

Ceramic vessel by Kami Carlson

Kami Carlson, ceramicist and teacher, will be showing her stylish functional and decorative wares. Live music by Henry Mercer. Special show in the Classroom: John Muir School’s student show with music by the John Muir School band at 5:45. As always: galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center!

“Fool the Eye and Feed the Soul” paintings by Nancy Zufich


Nancy Zufich presents her whimsical, colorful mixed media paintings and a Trompe L’oeil surprise!

Annual Holiday Salon

Our Annual Salon will include work by all gallery artists on a rotating basis during the holiday season. Featured work includes paintings, encaustics, woodcuts, monoprints, sculpture – mixed media, bronze, wood and ceramic. Carol Ingram is one of the featured painters and her recent work is a departure from the familiar landscapes that collectors have enjoyed in the recent past. Having been an artist all her life, Carol has explored many subjects and her current research takes us into the realm of mythology.

Our Annual Salon will include work by all gallery artists on a rotating basis during the holiday season.

Holiday Gala

Festival of Lights - Quilt by Claudia Law

Celebrate the glory of the season at Ashland Art Works! Visit with the artists, buy a unique and special gift, or just enjoy the beauty of our garden under the stars, our deck by the river, and our five wonderful galleries.

“Dynamic and Still Life” paintings and illustrations by Yelena Joy

Illustration from Yelena Joy's show "Dynamic and Still Life" featuring paintings and illustrations

“Dynamic and Still Life”, paintings and illustrations by Yelena Joy, upstairs in her studio at AAC. Live music and refreshments. Live music by singer/songwriter Sage Meadows. Special show in the Classroom: AAC Drawing and Painting Students Art Show.

Miles Frode presents an inspiring body of art he titles CornucOPIATES

Creekside Pizza is proud to welcome back Ashland artist Miles Frode for this inspiring body of art he titled CornucOPIATES. Layers of acrylic on canvas and wood represent his “Feelism” style of expression.

Holiday Salon

"Wearing a Pale Giraffe Hat " by Robin & John Gumaelius

ANNUAL HOLIDAY SALON will include work by all gallery artists on a rotating basis through the months of November and December.

Circus, Circus Acrylic paintings by Katharine Gracey

For Katharine Gracey, art is about life, dreams and telling stories about places and people that are there-and not there. Her observations and experiences translate beautifully into whimsical vignettes.

“Fun with Felt” felted art and wearables by Jo Ann Manzone

Autumn Orange Vest detail pin by Jo Ann Manzone

Fun with Felt, felted art and wearbables by Jo Ann Manzone, upstairs in her studio at AAC. Live music and refreshments. Special show in the Classroom: The Enrichment Ceramics Program, art by students in the AAC Enrichment program. Print Studio art supply sale and Clay Studio ceramics sale on the lower level.

For November: Fall Fundraiser to Support Children and Teens


Help support our fall fundraiser by purchasing “Art Note Cards” created by students and artists. Visit our new display room plus enjoy the senior art project by AHS student Kaiya Spain.

All in the Family

Grace Henson family montage-660

“All in the Family” features Grace Henson, children and a grandchild, all formerly of Ashland who each have careers as Artists and Designers. The title appropriately shifts to “Art in the Family”

Color my World Paintings by Christina Madden

I enjoy using color as a unique and playful way of expressing a subject or abstract painting.  My hope is to draw the viewer into seeing everyday subjects in a new and exciting way. Working with color against shadow, light and design is always a challenge and one I hope you will enjoy sharing with me.


New work by Horst Wolf (with smattering of earlier work)

“New Sanctuary One Animal Paintings” by Dana Feagin

"Hickory" oil painting by Dana Feagin

“New Sanctuary One Animal Paintings”
Oil Paintings by Dana Feagin
Dana Feagin’s expressive animal portraits are eye-catching and memorable. She has an innate ability to show animals’ funny, quirky characteristics. She paints portraits of pets and rescue animals from local shelters. For the month of October, Dana is showing seven new paintings of rescue animals from Sanctuary One, a non-profit farm in Jacksonville, OR. Ten percent of sales from these paintings and associated prints and cards will be donated to Sanctuary One. There will be an opening reception on First Friday, October 4, from 5:00 – 8:00 pm. As always on First Fridays, visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of AAC with live music and refreshments. The AAC Print Studio will be holding a reception for its Artist-in Residence Shannon Yost. There will also be a special show in the Classroom with non-profit Eyes to Burma showing photographs by humanitarian and photographer Fred Stockwell.

For October: Cheryl Kempner & John Weston

Cheryl's bird3

John Weston and Cheryl Kempner are October’s featured artists. John uses local, sustainable hardwoods to craft benches, cutting boards, turned bowls, and more. Cheryl creates whimsical clay pieces for her show “Crazy Birds Love Books.”

PAPAYA! Artist Anahata Katkin Featured at Creekside Pizza

Anahata Katkin was born in 1978. She is an Alaskan-bred, Oregon-based artist and co founder of PAPAYA! Inc, PAPAYA! Living Boutique, and LEELAH clothing. She developed her passion for the arts by trial-and-error discovery. Anahata’s work is a synergy between painting, graphic design and hand made, mixed media pieces. She has woven a heart centered landscape of off-beat icons and illustrations that have comprised the spectrum of PAPAYA’s signature aesthetic since it’s beginning in 2003. Based in Ashland, Oregon Anahata is continually inspired to bounce between her life as an artist, mother, entrepreneur, traveler and boutique-maker. The facets of Anahata’s professional and personal life merge together in what she likes to call, “Creative Abandon”. A credo that to her, simply means a life of purpose, passion and creative authenticity rolled into a singular goal. One she feels she will be chasing & expressing for life. “I like the place where pretty and gritty meet. Where flowers, faces and ink run together. I’m inspired endlessly by plants, travel, textiles, folk arts, Asian influences and faces…always faces. I build artwork then I tend to overlay a character or mood that I feel […]

Join in on the fALL ARTS FESTivities at the Schneider Museum of Art

Willie Cole, From Water to Light, 2012 Recycled 16 OZ. P.E.T. Bottles

As part of Southern Oregon University’s fALL ARTS FEST/2013 presented across the campus from September 30 through October 5, the Schneider Museum of Art is opening three thought-provoking exhibitions.  The Museum will feature noted African American artist Willie Cole with From Water to Light, an installation made of recycled water bottles, and additional sculptures, The Traveler and the Housewife: Deluxe Edition, drawings and vessels created by Daniel Duford during his artist residency at SOU, and Black Manifold, a program of short videos curated by Avantika Bawa and Greg Minissale.  An opening reception will be held Thursday, October 3 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM, and the exhibitions will be on view starting Friday, October 4 during the Museum’s regular hours of 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Saturday. From Water to Light features Willie Cole’s newest artistic obsession: water bottles.  With this material he redefines recycling as reincarnation, repurposing over 10,000 recycled water bottles to create chandeliers and rooms filled with a spiritual aura.  According to Cole, “From Water to Light pays homage to the natural feminine forces of water, light, and air, and to the earth itself.”  The installation consists […]

Creekside Pizza is proud to feature artist Anahata Katkin. She is an Ashland based artist and co founder of the Rogue Valley’s Papaya! Inc. and Papaya! Living Boutique. Her work is a synergy between painting, graphic design and hand made mixed media pieces.

Wayside Trails and Gardens watercolor paintings by Barbara Eshoo

Barbara Eshoo is an established regional artist who is a sweepstakes and award-winning member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society, California. She has exhibited widely, including solo shows at Hanson Howard Gallery, Ashland, Oregon, Lawrence Gallery, Sheridan, Oregon, and Rogue Gallery, Medford, Oregon.  Her work can be found in corporate, public and private collections in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Her images have appeared on covers of numerous publications and have twice been chosen for the annual “Taste of Ashland” poster. Many paintings are now reproduced in limited-edition giclee prints and fine art cards. Please join us at Art and Soul for wine and snacks. Music will be provided by Craig and Beth Martin.

September show

  The Female of the Species Our annual invitational show of all women artists in a show of their own. Continues through September with new additions.       Isis Revisited by J. Ellen Austin

“Vested Interests” Dancing Threads by Laura Lawrence

"Vest Combo" by Laura Lawrence, Dancing Threads

Featured artist Laura Lawrences’ Dancing Threads show “Vested Interests”, upstairs in studio 3. Special show in the Classroom: Felt Squares Community Art Project – Everyone can make a felted square! Three floors of the Art Center to explore, refreshments, live music.

Transparency and Density of Form

Petaluma Pecker
Bronze and wood sculpture by Don Ajello

“Transparency and Density of Form” DON AJELLO, bronze and wood sculpture. CATHY VALENTINE, encaustic paintings. See Spotlight.

Featured Artists in September: Claudia Law & Monique Barker


Monique Barker and Claudia Law intertwine their beautiful fiber arts: Monique with colorful woven tapestries and masks; Claudia with multi-media treatment of quilted fabrics.

Abstract Vision: A Journey Through Self Expression works by Alx Fox


< This show represents a gathering of images that illustrate my passion for emotional expression through color. My images evolve from a desire to experiment with color while allowing the layers to develop freely on their own with no previous background drawings being used. I wish to share my journey with the hope that you enjoy as much as I enjoyed creating it. Music by Douglas Ross on the Dulcimer. Refreshments served First Friday August 2, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

The Female of the Species

The Female of the Species
Our annual invitational exhibit
All women artists in a show all their own

Experience Live Glassblowing

Watch us blow glass, take a class or place an order. We are happy to make your glass visions a reality.

Classical and Digital Art by Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard

The Dream by Bruce Bayard

Find artists Bruce Bayard and Ann DiSalvo at one of the anchor galleries on A St.. Well established and cutting edge, they show classical technique beside elegant use of software tools.