Unique Sterling Silver Jewelry


Visit us this month for a new show featuring Liz Ellingson’s original and unique hand-fabricated sterling silver jewelry. You can also meet the artist at the First Friday Art Walk on June 1.

Spring Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the June First Friday and the opening recpetions for the following: Andrew Youngblood, Entering the Infinite, BFA Thesis Exhibition    Keaton Garnett, Dialectical Existence, BFA Thesis Exhibition SOU Students, Annual Juried Student Art Show, Group Exhibition Matthew Spurlock, Silhouette Forest, Capstone Exhibition   Opening Reception: Friday, June 1st, 2018, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Exhibition Dates: June 1st – June 15th, 2018   Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building):  Entering the Infinite, Andrew Youngblood, BFA Thesis Exhibition   Andrew Youngblood’s work is centered around the interaction between the binary opposition of control and chaos. In his thesis exhibition, he hopes to illustrate the constant tension between these polarized forces, and instill a heightened awareness in the viewer of their relative position amidst this balance. The large scale drawing is a manifestation of both extremes, and his interpretation of how these forms, in their isolation and intersection, can be represented through mark making.   Thorndike Gallery (Art Building):  Dialectical Existence, Keaton Garnett, BFA Thesis Exhibition The work surrounds the concept of dialectics, the reconciliation of conflicting or opposing ideas as simultaneous truths. These truths being experiences that either create connection to one’s self as well as […]

Coastal Photography, Watercolor, Pen and Ink Drawings

carolee buck

Meet the artists, featuring Photographer, John Christer Petersen, Watercolor & Pen and Ink, Carolee Buck and Paula Fong. Enjoy music, wine and art!

John Kirk

Take Me With You

Local photographer, John Kirk’s new show, “Looking Back” opens at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center Friday, April 6th during the 1st Friday Art Walk.

Artist as Poet Part ll

painting by Marc Chagall

Artist as Poet
Artists are not always thought of as poets but in fact often are. Our show features both sides.

Lewis Anderson, Marly Eidsness & James Hutchinson :: photography, sculpture and works on paper

Marly Eidsness, The Thinker, wire mesh

Lewis Anderson, Marly Eidsness and Jamie Hutchinson will be featured in May.  In this exhibit which includes photography, painting and metal sculpture each artist introduces us to new visions of the world through delicate and thoughtful fabrication and invention.  Join us for an artist reception on Friday, May 6th, 5-8 pm.  Show runs May 6th-29th.                 Lewis Anderson accurately describes his art as being somewhere between photography and painting, somewhere between East and West, somewhere between contemporary and ancient. The images invite the viewer to explore quiet moments in diverse, invented landscapes full of light and shadow and symbology that emanate a strong sense of peace, solitude and mystery.   James Hutchinson‘s intuitive landscape’s are inspired by Chinese landscape work of the 10th-15th centuries. The compressed space and obsessive lines give the impression of topographic maps yet glimpses of sky and distant mountains brings you back to a sense of environment, though not one that is familiar. These landscapes have the feel of fantasy. Marly Eidsness‘s wire mesh sculptures of birds assembled into shapes and poses we recognize as the majestic great blue heron […]

Water, Ice, Birds, and Blossoms

Cheryl Kempner's Poppies

Visit us this month for a new show featuring Tamara Enz’s photographs of water and ice and Cheryl Kempner’s metal and clay sculptures of birds and blossoms.

Spring Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the May First Friday and the opening recpetions for the following:   Elizabeth King, 65° over 55°, BFA Thesis Exhibition    Caitlin McMorris, You’re Fine, Capstone Exhibition Paige Gerhard, Intentional Chances, BFA Thesis Exhibition Miranda Redhead, Haunted Hearts: Of Laments and Love, Capstone Exhibition Madison Reames, Exploring Self Identity: A Color Study, Solo Exhibition James Montes De Orca, Narrative of Hands, Solo Exhibition Jazmine B. Heard, Stars and Stripes, BFA Thesis Exhibition   Opening Reception: Friday, May 4th, 2018, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Exhibition Dates: May 4th – May 23rd, 2018   Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building):  65° over 55°, Elizabeth King, BFA Thesis Exhibition   Through my artwork, I want the viewer to understand the experience of what it is like to live in a modified world. By including larger than life paintings, sculpture, and video, the scale gives a sense as to how overpowering one event may have been. My work visits recurring themes of stiffness in mobility, as well as the emotional stress of the life alterations I coped with at a young age.   Thorndike Gallery (Art Building):  You’re Fine, Caitlin McMorris, Capstone Exhibition My work holds a certain campy weight that […]

A Taste of Ashland Poster Signing


Denise Kester will be signing her Taste of Ashland Posters during A Taste of Ashland at Ashland Art Center, Saturday and Sunday from 1-2pm.

2018 Oregon Fringe Festival at the CVA Galleries

GET TO KNOW THE ARTISTS!  Left Edge Collaboraitve Studio, Ashland, OR, Retzlaff Gallery     Ruth Lantz, Portland, OR, Thorndike Gallery  Ashley Clasby & Dr. Wilkins-O’Riley Zinn, Ashland, OR, Boise – Cascade Gallery  Out of True, Pacific Northwest College of the Arts M.F.A. Candidates, Portland, OR, Art Department Chairs Gallery    Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 24th, 2018, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Exhibition Dates: April 24th – April 29th, 2018   Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building):  Left Edge Collaborative Studio, Ashland, OR   Left Edge Collaborative Studio, led by SOU faculty member David Bithell, is comprised of students from the Studio Art and Emerging Media and Digital Arts (EMDA) programs. Utilizing a wide range of skills including 3D modeling, fabrication, social media, documentation, coding, robotics, and music composition, this team of artists develops large-scale projects in interdisciplinary arts and technology.   Thorndike Gallery (Art Building):  Ruth Lantz, Portland, OR  Ruth Lantz received her Master’s in Visual Studies from the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in Portland, OR. She has been featured in galleries at the University of Illinois at Chicago, PNCA, Washington State University Vancouver, Lower Columbia College (Longview, WA), Linfield College (McMinnville OR) and Governors State University […]

Home Portrait Program Kicks Off

Oak Leaf Studio artist Leif Trygg is offering home portraits. An original painting is a treasured family keepsake or a thoughtful gift. Includes a dozen note cards with matching envelopes.

Photography, Textiles & Glass work

Lead Image_JohnKirk_Take Me With You

Glass Artist, Dan Seffinger will be demonstrating his process, Textile Artist, Jo Ann Manzone and Photographer, John Kirk showcase their work. Music and Wine tasting.

Debra Harder

Iceland Horse I

Photographer Deb Harder’s new show, A Viking’s Paradise, opens at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center on April 6th during the 1st Friday Art Walk. Come see beautiful Iceland.

Please welcome Cynthia Daniel Wolf for the months of April and May

The Animated Image

The Schneider Museum of Art’s Spring exhibition The Animated Image is in collaboration with the Ashland Independent Film Festival. The exhibition is co-curated by SMA Director Scott Malbaurn and AIFF Artistic and Executive Director Richard Herskowitz. This exhibition features artists: Matt Bollinger Chris Doyle Rick Silva Stacey Steers Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 11th, from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. On View: April 12th through May 12th, 2018 RoxyAnn Winery will pour wine at our opening reception for the exhibition. Image Caption: Chris Doyle. Still from Swell, 2017. 4K Digital Animation. Edition of 5 + 2AP. 10:12 minutes. Score by Jeremy Turner, performed by Flux Quartet. Sound design by Owen O’Neill. Image courtesy of the artist and Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco.

Randall David Tipton :: Nature Perceived, oil paintings

Randall David Tipton, Window, oil on panel, 26x24

Randall David Tipton, Nature Perceived, Pacific NW landscapes that expose and celebrate the fluid indeterminacy of land, light, air and water.

“The Charm of our Wonderful Little City” Watercolor and ink paintings by Lori Taylor

"Black Sheep on the Plaza" Watercolor and Ink by Lori Taylor

In this collection, Lori uses watercolor, ink and a bit of artistic license to capture the charm of this wonderful little city. You may discover reality has been augmented ever so slightly!

Textiles and Paintings: April at Ashland Art Works


In April, we feature our Associate Artist members, including weavings and textiles by Angelique Stewart, acrylic paintings by Suzanne Etienne, and hand-dyed scarves by Connie Simonsen.

A New Season at Oak Leaf Studio

In April, Oak Leaf Studio reopens after it’s Winter hiatus with new paintings in acrylic and pastel by artist Leif Trygg. Featured are four new paintings including Honeymoon Hotel, an acrylic influenced by Trygg’s interest in architectural landscapes. And, Late Snow on Oak Street showing an Ashland neighborhood following a late Winter snowstorm. Prints and cards of Trygg’s new art and selected previous works will also be available. Oak Leaf Studio is open from 5-8 for First Friday on April 6th.  

Spring Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the opening recpetions for the following:   Dewy, Past, Present, Future, BFA Thesis Exhibition    Sherry Amoore, Affinity, BFA Thesis Exhibition Reba Crawford Hayes, It Hurts, Until it Doesn’t, BFA Thesis Exhibition Kendal Cermak, Art Through Learning, Capstone Exhibition Madelyn Zarraonandia, Untitled, Solo Exhibition Sierra Burt, Climate Change Contemplations, Capstone Exhibition   Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 11th, 2018, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Exhibition Dates: April 6th – April 20th, 2018   Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building):  Past, Present, Future, Dewy, BFA Thesis Exhibition   This work represents my life experiences, past, present and future. I use paint, paper and tulle to express the history of my plans that have been steady and those that have gone array. Color helps to echo the feelings I have when looking at these time periods. My viewers can see their own feelings and patterns playing out with the texture in each painting and hopefully reminisce on their own lives.   Thorndike Gallery (Art Building):  Affinity, Sherry Amoore, BFA Thesis Exhibition My photography reveals and celebrates the intrinsic beauty of human emotion in intimate moments. I focus on the authentic nature of affection and explore the raw and tender expressions of deep […]

Holding Onto The American Hero

Chief Seattle, by Harriet Greene

PLEASE JOIN US  “HOLDNG ONTO THE AMERICAN HERO” ARTWORK BY:  HARRIET GREENE & MARTY GOLDMAN Open Monday – Friday :  9:00am-5:00pm Location:  Ashland Natural Medicine 180 Lithia Way, Suite 103 For More Information Contact: Samae Chlebowski at info@ashlandnaturalmedicine.com “Holding Onto the American Hero” is the newest art show at Ashland Natural Medicine that looks deeply into the vanishing icons of our country’s history. Over 10 years ago, Harriet Greene and Marty Goldman moved to the Rogue Valley bringing with them several thousand pounds of carving stone, published books, produced films and commercials, and large body of remarkable artwork.  Together these two work from their home studios in Talent, Oregon creating artwork that is meaningful,  thought provoking and crafted with such care and beauty. HARRIET GREENE Harriet created her stone cut print series titled, “Oratory of Eight Great Chiefs” because she was inspired and deeply moved by the speeches of the great American Indian Chiefs.  She states, “Numerous Indian tribes, Bannock, Shoshone, Snake, travelled through the Jackson Hole Valley to their final hunting grounds in Yellowstone.  Being in such close proximity spurred my interest to their plight and I needed to […]

Ashland Art Center, Artist Member Show

Order and Origin

Ashland Art Center Member Show March 16, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Featured Artists:  Shoshanah Dubiner, Micah Ofstedahl & Art Van Kraft     Shoshanah Dubiner Dubiner is an artist and designer whose creativity has found expression in a wide range of disciplines including costume design, museum exhibition design, computer graphics and animation, and fine arts painting (with gouache as her primary medium).  Since 2007, (after attending a class at SOU in cell biology), she has found artistic inspiration in the microscopic world.  A large reproduction of her “Dndosymbiosis:  Homage to Lynn Margulis” hangs in the Morrill Science Center at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Reproductions of her paintings about pollinators are installed near the beehives at SOU’s The Farm.  The originals of all these works are featured at SOU’s Hannon Library. Micah Ofstedahl My work invokes awareness of the complexity and beauty of the world around us, seen and unseen. To achieve this I incorporate lesser-known elements of nature and science into my paintings in addition to my creative interpretation of the unseen, mysterious components of life. Observable scientific subject matter may include microscopic views of single-cell radiolarians, the facets of a bee’s eye, or anatomy right down to the cellular level and beyond. I believe […]

Oil Painting, Watercolors and More…

T Frosini_elephant

Featured Gallery Artist, Terry Frosini will be showing his oil paintings his show, “Things that go Together.” Also featured, Melody Blore, Studio Artist and Debra Harder, photographer

Darcie Sternenberg

Bali Hai

Darcie Sternenberg, a local photographer, opens her new show, “ In Search of Bali Ha’i”, at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center at the 1st Friday Art Walk on March 2nd.

Fine Wines and Felines

tattoo cat - artist unknown

Fine Wines and Felines
Celebrating our 16th year with Devitt wines & Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolates.
Music by Dan Fellman and Grant Ruiz
More than 8 artists showing cat artistry

March:: Women in the Arts

Karen Staal, Are We There Yet, acrylic on canvas

March is Women’s History Month and we are celebrating the creative talent and voices of women in the arts, featuring the women painters, sculptors and printmakers of Hanson Howard Gallery.

Springtime at Ashland Art Works


We have new pieces by our member artists, as well as work from some wonderful young artists from Ashland High School, who will be showing paintings, small tables, benches, and lathe work.

Art of Students from Ashland High School

Indi Reynolds yarn collage

Art&Soul Gallery Features student artists Nicole Muller, Indi Reynolds and Sierra Kelly. We are pleased to exhibit a variety of genres and mediums created by our three student artists.

AHS Student Art Walk

We’re hosting AHS students Charlie Burr and Althea Moyer for March First Friday. Charlie’s work highlights the spectacular scenery of Joshua Tree. His use of black and white imagery makes an already unique landscape even more dramatic! Althea’s work focuses on portraiture through a variety of mixed media including collage and paint. Please stop in and check out our local budding artists’ work!

Oak Leaf Studio at Winter’s End

In March, Oak Leaf Studio reopens after a three month Winter hiatus and is showing new paintings in acrylic and pastel by artist Leif Trygg.

In a nod to his new interest in “architectural landscapes”, Trygg will show three new paintings he completed during the winter break. The first is “Honeymoon Hotel” based on a photograph taken over 30 years ago of the Pink Palace, or Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki.

Prints and cards of Trygg’s new art and selected older works will also be available.

Oak Leaf Studio is open from 5-8 for First Friday on March 2nd

Self=Truth 6 Student Artists: March 2-16, 2018

ANM Gallery of Contemporary Art is excited to host six very talented art students from Ashland High School.  Using oil and acrylic paints, graphite pencil, pastels and water color their collection of creativity delves into the world of surrealism, abstraction, still life and portraiture. Each artist is uniquely different and yet they all share the need and desire to express deeply who they are in their chosen mediums.  The art speaks their truth. Come join us for a festive art opening and meet these incredible artists! THE ARTISTS:  Indigo Magna, Reuben Fellman, Meredith Granger, Cruz McNamara, Claren Shields and Aaisah Clark WHEN:  1st Friday,  March 2nd, 2018 TIME: 5:30-8:30 WHERE: Ashland Natural Medicine 180 Lithia Way, #103  

Rust Obessions: Using Found Objects to create Art


Featured Gallery, Ashland Art Center will be presenting “Rust Obsessions,” artists who use found rusted objects to create textiles, encaustic, assemblage and collage.

Winter Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the March First Friday and the opening recpetions for the following: Kaylee Vanek, Divulge, BFA Thesis Exhibition    SOU Students, Faculty, & Community Members, Women in Action, Group Exhibition Reba Crawford Hayes, Kelsey Goldman, Jazmine B. Heard, Manya Orescan, & Ellie Peck, Poetry in Sink, Group Exhibition Ryan Evangelisti, Lost Places, Solo Exhibition Ben Gradel, Adventure in Motorcycling, Solo Exhibition Tristan Perrotti, Heartache, Solo Exhibition   Opening Reception: Friday, March 2nd, 2018, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Exhibition Dates: February 23rd – March 21st, 2018   Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building):  Divulge, Kaylee Vanek, BFA Thesis Exhibition   This work discusses interaction between person and everyday articles. Using video as my canvas, ceramic medium highlights the surface of common objects to make visible a transfer of information. Motion and contrast meet a constructed experience to slow moments and preserve certain occurrences. It is my intent to give us insight into our own reality and to ultimately celebrate the mundane.    Thorndike Gallery (Art Building):  Women in Action, SOU Students, Faculty, & Community Members, Group Exhibition Women in Action celebrates the differing identities of women, in addition to their lived experiences and activism within society.   Meyer Memorial Gallery (Marion […]

Dan Elster

The Wanderer

Local wildlife photographer, Dan Elster, opens his new show The Trickster at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center during the First Friday Art Walk, February 2nd.

Betty LaDuke :: Diversity, original painted panels and giclee prints spanning five decades

Betty LaDuke,Catch the Joy, 2018

Diversity will include new work from Betty LaDuke’s project, Social Justice, which shines a light on current challenges facing Native Americans and immigrant populations.

East Meets East

East Meets East Part 2
Gallerie Karon takes you on a journey to the Near, Far and Middle East this month.
Exotic jewelry, kimonos, Buddhas and Quan Yins abound! They are joined by ceramics, masks, and fascinating accessories. Gallerie Karon now features antique furniture specializing in small interesting pieces that will fit anywhere with versatile uses. Special performance February 2nd, 5:30-7pm by Tribal dancer, Zahara!

“In Love With Oregon” Watercolor paintings by Betty Barss

"Blue Joint" Watercolor by Betty Barss

My love of Oregon began about fifty years ago. There are always interesting and beautiful sites that excite me to get out my watercolors and brushes to capture my feelings of inspiration.

Wild Life Photographer, Dan Elster

the wanderer

Meet the artists: Wild Life Photographer, Dan Elster, Painter, Wendy Bloom, and Fiber Artist Robbin Pearce. Live Music with Liz Jones.

Mata Ortiz Pottery- How it all Started


In 1976, Spencer Heath MacCallum walked into Bob’s Swap Shop in Deming, New Mexico. There, among the battered pans and chipped china, he came across three, handmade, ceramic pots. Each was perfectly symmetrical, with red and black painted geometric designs covering the extremely thin clay walls.  He purchased the pots and took them back home to California. Over the coarse of the next month he couldn’t get the three pots or the unknown maker out of his mind. On his next trip back he asked  the owner of the Swap Shop if she had any idea who made them. She did not, but suggested that “Mexico would be a good place to start.” Spencer decided then and there he must find this artist. With only three pictures of the pots to go by, he set off through northern Mexico looking for this unknown potter. He assumed it must be a woman, as all the great American Southwest potters had been: Nampeyo, who revived the Hopi pottery tradition, Maria Martinez (Poveka) of San Ildefonso Pueblo, and Lucy Lewis of Acoma Pueblo. After a day or two of searching, they were given […]

Bobbi Murphy

Mobius Arch, CA

Bobbi Murphy’s show, Public Land Grab, opens at The Photographers’ Gallery at The Ashland Art Center on Friday, January 5th. Her show protests the shrinking of federal monuments and parks.

Please welcome featured artist Eva Thieman for January and February

Eva is a local artist who paints in oils and is best known for her artwork featuring the bears of Alaska’s Denali and Katmai National Parks. Additionally, Eva has produced a number of paintings featuring various species of owls and wolves. Educated in Riga, Latvia with degrees in both Biology and Art, Eva enjoys traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and the Rockies, submerging herself in the flora and fauna these beautiful regions have to offer. An avid birder and hiker, she discovered a passion for Oregon birds including Great Grey Owls, Northern Spotted Owls, Barred Owls, Barn Owls, Burrowing Owls and Great Horned Owls. Over many nesting seasons, Eva had numerous Great Grey Owl sightings, allowing her to observe this elusive owl. She studied young fledglings and adults in all seasons, perched secretly in trees at the edge of meadows. With her passion for nature, Eva has captured the realistic beauty of her subjects while opting for surrealistic, dreamy backgrounds. One not only sees the majesty of these animals on canvas but is also invited, by the artist, to “feel” the experience amidst soaring mountains, deep wooded forests and […]

Winter Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the February First Friday and the opening recpetions for the following: Haley Summerfield, Of the Body, BFA Thesis Exhibition    Southern Oregon Fine Arts Students Club, Sofa Art, Group Exhibition Dewy, From Within, Solo Exhibition Sherry Amoore, Framily, Solo Exhibition Madeline Scannell, Interaction, Solo Exhibition SOU Figure Painting & Drawing Methods Class, Figure Forms, Group Exhibition   Opening Receptions: Friday, January 19th, 2018 & Friday, February 2nd, 2018 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Exhibition Dates: January 19th – February 14th, 2018   Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building):  Of the Body, Haley Summerfield, BFA Thesis Exhibition   My work is visually exploring and recording the relationship people have with their bodies. Using a camera to perform interviews and using clay to capture points of connection while answering questions, it is my intent to create a dynamic and safe place for people to engage with the conversation surrounding the topic of body politics.   Thorndike Gallery (Art Building):  Sofa Art, Southern Oregon Fine Arts Students Club, Group Exhibition Sofa Art is a series of multimedia artworks in which students come together to talk about art, and to create art.   Meyer Memorial Gallery (Marion Ady Building): From Within,  Dewy, Solo Exhibition […]

Gallery Artist Salon & Short Break

Robert Koch, Grannie's Back

We will feature our gallery artists through January 5th, after which we will take a short break to ready the gallery for 2019.

Robert C. DeVoe closing reception & Betty LaDuke :: Diversity, original panels and giclee prints

Betty LaDuke,Catch the Joy, 2018

Betty LaDuke, Diversity, original painted wood panels and giclee prints spanning five decades and five continents of an artistic career dedicated to diversity and social justice.

Happy New Year!


Come visit us and celebrate the start of a new year!

“My Art” works by Alexis Wilson

"Night Sky" Mixed media by Alexis Wilson

My major focus is nature and wildlife preservation for which I have always had love and admiration. Art teaches me that mistakes are fixable and not everything must be perfect.

January 2018, Jennifer Jensen: AFRICA, Fashion & Photography

Jennifer Jensen uses African Textiles and Photographs  to capture the beauty of the animals, places she visited and the people she experienced while on Safari in Africa. She writes, "I was in the Garden of Eden".

ANM Gallery of Contemporary Art is thrilled to host local Ashland artist, Jennifer Jensen’s newest works of art titled:  Africa, Fashion & Photography   This exceptional show is a beautiful combination of creative expression and inspiration from her travels to Selous Game Reserve, in South West Tanzania where she photographed wildlife in the bush and then onto Zanzibar where Jensen purchased African fabrics to bring home and design her clothing. Line, color, shape and texture are just some of the strong art elements that weave together her clothing design choices and carefully selected compositions in each safari image.  The care and attention to detail in creating each clothing and photograph clearly makes a statement of her devotion and passion to her crafts. Each dress, each skirt each jacket, are wearable individual art pieces that are truly stunning.  These garments purposefully are hung on the gallery walls side by side with the photographs.  Together these two different mediums emulate a uniquely original show that ignites the  true essence of Africa’s wildlife, geography, textiles and culture. Meet the artist, Jennifer Jensen Please join us for 1st Friday Art Opening: January 5th, 2018 […]

Photographer, Bobbi Murphy shows new work

Lead Image

Featured photographer, Bobbi Murphy’s “Public Land Grab” will be featured this month. Patrick Mc Kechnie will display his architectural work in the upstairs Lounge, “Walls of Ruin.”

Winter Exhibitions at the Schneider Museum of Art

Exhibitions on View: January 19th – March 17th 2018 Opening Reception: Thursday, January 18th 5:00 – 7:00 PM Anna Gray & Ryan Paulsen, Between the Beginning and the Middle  Maria de Los Angeles, Transcending Myths  Betty LaDuke, Social Justice Continued  Storm Tharp, Fierce Last Stand *image: Betty LaDuke, Standing Rock Water Protectors, Acrylic on shaped panel, 2017

Gifts by the Gifted


Our Holiday Show with over 30 artists

To name a few, Jim Langhoffer, Liz Shepherd, Diane Lea and Denise Hazleton

Affordable antiques, art & animals

Let us be your “Personal Shopper”!

Robert C. DeVoe, Realist Painter and Gallery Artists Holiday Salon

Robert C. DeVoe, White Roses, watercolor, 37.5x32.5

In celebration of Robert DeVoe’s painting career we have gathered a body of work from galleries and personal archives and are proud to host this exhibition at Hanson Howard Gallery to close out the 2017 season along with our traditional Gallery Artists’ Salon. Join us in a reception for the artists on First Friday, December 1st, 5-8 p.m. Exhibition runs November 24- December 30th. Robert C. DeVoe, master Realist Painter began his career as an artist with Hanson Howard Gallery in the early 1980’s and was soon receiving recognition and awards in national exhibitions.  An English Professor for 20 years at SOU, he retired early to become a full time artist. He has been included in major exhibitions and collections across the country throughout his long and successful career.  His painting of our local mountain range was chosen for the cover of The Artist and the American Landscape, a book sold in museum book stores. He is most noted for his extraordinary still life paintings.  His use of color, light and texture  embodies the finest attributes of the Realist Painting genre.  In the classical tradition, they represent life with authenticity.    

Winter Wonders: Holiday Gift Show Continues at Ashland Art Works


Give this holiday season a more meaningful touch with gifts created by local artists. We’ve been busy designing unique holiday creations sure to delight your friends, family, and yourself!

Winter Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

The CVA Galleries do not have any current exhibitions due to Winter Break. Stay tuned for new and exciting artwork being shown beginning in January of 2018!

“Gazing with Awe; Rogue Impressions and Beyond” Oil Paintings by Silvia Rothschild Trujillo

"On the Trail" OIl Painting by Silvia Rothschild Trujillo

These are paintings that communicate mood and a sense of time by coloring the light and shadow of each season, scene, or still life with a perception of beauty that begs for acknowledgment.

Large Scale Digital Works by Bruce Bayard

The Tempest

Three large digital prints including The Tempest are pulled out of storage for a new glimpse. The Tempest was created for the Shakespeare as Muse exhibit at the Schneider Museum of Art in 2004.

Oak Leaf Studio in the Fall and Winter

Beginning December, Oak Leaf Studio will be open on an appointment-only basis as artist Leif Trygg uses this period to create new art for the New Year. Focusing on his Home Portrait program, he will be painting several buildings and landmarks of architectural interest. Additionally, Trygg will continue to expand his portfolio of colorful pastel landscapes. His latest is titled Oregon Fall.

2nd Annual SOU Adventure Writing and Photography Class Display

Come and enjoy 27 SOU Outdoor Adventure Leadership (OAL) students’ adventure photos and stories. For 10-weeks students learned the art of composition; manipulating light through aperture, ISO, and shutter speed; and telling their story. They honed their skills to explore their natural environment though the medium of adventure, a camera, and words. Conveying meaning though creative writing and stunning photography allows a wide range of people to momentarily step into the world of adventure. And for an OAL major, there is nothing more important the igniting a passion for exploration. Inspiration can often happen from a single photo, or a poetic phrase. Let these SOU OAL students light your fire for adventure.  

Pueblo Storyteller Pottery


Helen Cordero of the Cochiti Pueblo is known as the first person to make a storyteller doll. The people of the Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico, situated between the Rio Grande River and the Jemez Mountains, have been making distinctive pottery featuring black designs over the top of layers and layers of white clay slip for over one thousand years. Traditionally the potters of Cochiti made useful items such as pots, bowls, and other containers. They also made small figures of animals and people. Some of these figures were decorative. Others were used for ceremonies. One of the most common was a mother holding a child. These mother-child figures were known as “singing mothers” because their mouths were always left open to let the lullaby out. In 1964, drawing on the “singing mother” motif, Helen created a clay figure based upon her grandfather Santiago Quintana. Mr. Quintana was a renowned pueblo storyteller. What she most remembered about is seeing him with lots and lots of grandchildren, like herself, climbing on him, begging him for stories, a request that he almost never refused. He told stories of Coyote, Rabbit, and Badger, […]

Acrylic & Mixed Media art by Bridgett Reynolds & Linda Dixon

Bridgett Reynolds

Acrylic & mixed media artists, Deb Van Poolen, Bridgett Reynolds & Linda Dixon are featured artists. Photographer Kate Geary and young clay artists are also featured this month.

Please welcome new artist Omari Mdimi for the months of November and December

Born in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, East Africa, Omari Mdimi (Ommy) was introduced to art while attending Secondary School in Bagamoyo on the shores of the Indian Ocean.  While there he met many local artists and other young men like himself who wanted to learn a trade upon finishing Secondary School.  He was introduced to Bagamoyo Sculpture School and was accepted to learn the crafts of painting, drawing, wood sculpting, casting, music and English.  The school was started by an NGO to give young artists a chance to learn artistic skills.  It was free for those willing to study and provide their own room and board. Ommy was a student at Sculpture School for three years where he developed his unique abstract painting style. His use of vibrant, bold colors along with sometimes bizarre characters leaves you wondering where they come from.  His paintings bring to life the stories, beliefs and folklore of Tanzania. Their central themes include friendship, the oneness of all living things, and the natural balance in the universe. He met his wife in 2008 in Bagamoyo Tanzania. Ommy moved to California in 2011 and eventually to […]

Fall Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the November First Friday and the opening recpetions for the following: A Light That Never Goes Out, Aimee Dahlin, BFA Thesis Exhibition    My Studio, Danielle Olsen, Capstone Exhibition Natural States, Kelsey Goldman, Solo Exhibition Lessons, Dewy Burton, Solo Exhibition Transcendence, John Cimperman, Community Member Exhibition Rainbow Warriors, Sherry Amoore, Solo Exhibition   Opening Reception: Friday, November 3rd, 2017, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Exhibition Dates: November 3rd – November 29th, 2017   Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building):  A Light That Never Goes Out, Aimee Dahlin, BFA Thesis Exhibition   This series takes the complex topic of intimate partner violence and attempts to expose the rawness and pain which is often kept hidden. In these pieces, it felt important to keep a quality of beauty that is ever present through even the harshest of circumstances – a light that never goes out. It is meant to be shocking, beautifully distorted, and to be reminiscent of cyclical punishment and redemption.   Thorndike Gallery (Art Building):  My Studio, Danielle Olsen, Capstone Exhibition Welcome to My Studio, a place where the mind goes to simply exist. With a combination […]



Faces Hidden and Revealed

Masks, Portraits and Puppets

masks from all over the world

puppets in all their configurations

portraits by 5 different artists

Photo Cascadia & Penelope Dews :: Seven Photographers on Atmosphere and Wood Fired Ceramics

Chip Phillips, Wizards Hat, Bandon Oregon

Photo Cascadia, 7 photographers from the Pacific Northwest that photograph the beauty of the outdoors around the globe and Penelope Dews, ceramic artist, new wood fired ceramic work.

Winter Wonders: Holiday Gift Show at Ashland Art Works

Ceramic tree

Give this holiday season a more meaningful touch with gifts created by local artists. We’ve been busy designing unique holiday creations sure to delight your friends, family, and yourself!

“An Assortment of Dogs” Paintings by Nancy Zufich

Banjo at the Beach painting by Nancy Zufich

Inspired by the endless variety of sizes, breeds and colors of Ashland’s dogs I see on my daily walks, I have been sketching and painting them over the last few months. Come and enjoy!

First Friday Art Walk November 2017

julie bonney

Join us for a fun evening of art, music and wine. Meet our studio and featured artists, Julie Bonney, photographer, Thalia Keple, Weaver and MIdge Black printmaker and painter

Faces, Hidden and Revealed

African mask

Faces, Hidden and Revealed
Masks, Portraits and Puppets
Portraits by 5 of our artists, masks from all over the world and puppets in all their configurations

Fall Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the October First Friday and the opening recpetions for the following: Project 562 Campus Collection, Matika Wilbur, Community Member Exhibition The Tiny Art Show, SOU Students, Faculty, and Rogue Valley Community Members, Group Exhibition   Opening Reception: Friday, October 6th, 2017, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Exhibition Dates: October 6th – October 25th, 2017   Retzlaff and Thorndike Gallery (Art Building): Project 562 Campus Collection, Matika Wilbur, Community Member Exhibition Matika Wilbur, a leading young photographer from the Pacific Northwest (Tulalip and Swinomish Tribes), has traveled more than 100,000 miles in the United States over the past five years, acquiring extraordinary portraits and remarkable narratives in her quest to visit and photograph people from every federally recognized sovereign Native American tribe (562 at the start of her project, now 567). Project 562 examines the Indian image across socioeconomic and intergenerational spectrums, from tribal to hardcore urban, traditional elders to enduring teens. The Project 562 Campus Collection features 15 of Wilbur’s Native American portraits, accompanied by stirring narratives from select sitters. Matika Wilbur, photography (Courtesy of artist)   Meyer Memorial, Art Department Chairs, Boise-Cascade, and JELD WEN Galleries […]

Drawing on the Dream :: Original Prints & Book Signing by Denise Kester & Illustrated Ceramics by Julia Janeway,

Denise Kester, Guaudian Angels Know How to Mend a Broken Heart, monotype

Drawing on the Dream we will feature original monoprints and debut of new book by Denise Kester along with the vibrantly illustrated ceramics of Julia Janeway.

Patterns and Pathways: The Beauty of Geometry and Nature’s Landscapes


Visit us for “Patterns and Pathways: The Beauty of Geometry and Nature’s Landscapes”, featuring Claudia Law’s art quilts and Elin Babcock’s geometric paper tiles and new assemblage works.

Jemez Pueblo Potter Pauline Romero

Pauline Romero

Jemez Pueblo potter Pauline Romero has been producing pottery for over 35 years. Pauline has won awards at Santa Fe Indian Market, New Mexico State Fair and Intertribal Indian Ceremonial.

Brooklyn Tweed Meet & Greet

Saturday, October 28: Meet Jared Flood, American knitwear designer, photographer and founder of Brooklyn Tweed. Jared will be here to share his inspiration and the history of Brooklyn Tweed yarns. Join us at 11:30am to hear the story of Brooklyn Tweed. Pre-registration is required; includes a seat and a drawing entry for a Brooklyn Tweed gift. Limited Seating, register early. $10.

Shibui Fall Preview & Trunk Show

Join us on Friday, October 6th for our Shibui Fall Preview & Trunk Show. All day, designer Shellie Anderson and Sales Manager Sandy Barnes will be in the shop to help you pick the perfect Shibui project. They will share their insights into finer, yarn combinations, and Shibui designs. From 5-7pm, we are hosting a Private Shibui Party and Fashion show. Food, drink, yarn sampling, door prizes and social time. Wear a Shibui piece you have knit in the fashion show and get a special Shibui gift!

Fall Exhibitions at the Schneider Museum of Art

Loren Munk, “The Pollock Matrix” (2009) oil on linen, 20 x 30 inches

Nathaniel Meade and Loren Munk, both from Brooklyn, NY and the late Clifford Wilton, who lived and worked in Ashland, OR, to present solo exhibitions alongside Highlights of the Permanent Collection this fall.

Swallows for Ashland Open Studio Tour and Hanson Howard Show

Julia Janeway hand carves swallows on clay.  This piece will then be fired twice and part of her show with Denise Kester at Hanson Howard Gallery the month of October 2017.

The smoke has cleared a bit in the Rogue Valley, but I’m still firing pieces about swallows for two upcoming exciting events: my show with printmaker Denise Kester at Hanson Howard Gallery during the month of October. And the Ashland Open Studio Tour, which will be the weekend of October 14-15, from 11-4 each day. I will be doing a demo of my carved work and welcome you to come visit me in my home ceramics studio!

October Spotlight Ashland Art Center

Dan Seffinger demo

October Spotlight on Ashland Art Center. Featured Artists include John Christer Petersen, Elaine Frenett, Janette Brown and Daniel Seffinger who will demonstrate his glass making techniques

The Female of the Species Part II

Light Touch by Janet Patterson

The Female of the Species Part II
Judy Benson La Neir

Gloria Kramer

Liz Shephard

Diane Lea


and many others – mixed mediums

Forma :: New Work by Claire Duncan & Christian Burchard

Claire Duncan, Solitary Persistence, acrylic on panel

Forma:: form, shape & beauty, Claire Duncan (paintings) and Christian Burchard (sculpture). New work that both reveres and responds to the beauty that nature offers.

“The Birds and the Bees” Paintings by Pamela Haunschild

Pam has created a series of bird and other pollinator paintings that are colorful and highly textured and speak to the beauty of these pollinating animals and the plants they pollinate.

Locally Made: Furniture, pottery, and jewelry made with local materials

Ceramic teapot by Bonnie Morgan

Featured this month are new offerings by furniture maker John Weston, decorative and functional pottery by Bonnie Morgan, and sterling silver and stone jewelry by Liz Ellingson.

Mixed media paintings by Native American Farrell Cockrum

Farrell Cockrum "Horse" 40" x 30"

  In September, American Trails will be highlighting the work of Blackfoot artist Farrell Cockrum. Farrell’s great passion in life is informing the world of his rich, Native American heritage through his contemporary works of art. Steeped in the traditions and culture of his native ancestors, Farrell captures the spirit of the Blackfeet Nation in each of his unique and colorful paintings. Vivid color, rich texture and striking subject matter are core ingredients in a Farrell Cockrum painting. Farrell’s captivating subjects include native figures and honored wildlife; such as the majestic eagle, the American bison and the strong, silent western bred horse. Add a touch of abstract expressionism and streaming colors of a Blackfoot Chief and you are entering Farrell’s world. Farrell studied at art at the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe in the early 1980’s. He is very well known throughout the southwest and collected across the world. He lives and paints in Albuquerque.

First Friday Art Walk, September 1, 2017

John Kirk Waiting for Rain copy

Featured Artists Darlene Southworth and Jo Ann Manzone share their work along with our Studio Artists. Come meet the artists and join us for wine, music and fun.

1970’s Kachinas and Lelooska Dolls

  American Trails is proud to highlight the collection of 1970’s Hopi Kachina dolls and NW Coast dolls made by Shona-hah from Ricky and Linda Miller. Here is how Ricky described the relationship between his father and the Hopi artists: My parents were in Scottsdale, AZ looking at Kachina’s in the stores, and my dad wanted to meet an artist.  One of the owners of the store put him in touch with Joe Gash.  So they went out to the third mesa to Joe Gash’s home.  He met and liked him very much,  purchased a Kachina from him that day.  After my dad returned home, he began to correspond with Joe Gash.  He  had a couple of Kachina doll books and would look through them and would find a doll that caught his eye; hence, he would write to Joe Gash and ask him to carve it for him.  A couple of months later, it would be delivered to his home.,  This is how he dealt with the purchases from him.  After receiving the doll, he would send a check with an order for another one, along with any embellishments […]

Please welcome featured artist Joyce Feigner for the months of August and September

Joyce Feigner      Artist, Nature lover, student of life, farmer and Modoc native, I find my inspiration in the natural beauty of the world and all living things.      My intention in creating my art is to reveal a certain spirituality or magic, often with a whimsical aspect.  I love to make the viewer smile when looking at my work.      I hold a degree in Fine Arts and taught art to children until retirement. I still enjoy teaching kids.  Passing on knowledge of art and inspiration to them completes the “color wheel” of my life.      Creating art is like breathing air, I can’t live without it!

The Beautiful World of Photographer Tamara Enz and Sculptor George Popa


Introducing our newest photographer Tamara Enz and sculptor George Popa, two artists who portray the natural world with love and insight.

The Female of the Species

Light Touch by Janet Patterson

Female of the Species – All Women Artists Invitational
over 20 artists – mixed mediums

Gloria Kramer

Liz Shephard

Diane Lea


and many others. mixed mediums

TRUE STORIES :: Sara Swink & Robert Koch, paintings and sculpture

Sara Swink, Bring on the Rain

Hanson Howard will be featuring, True Stories, the whimsically narrative sculptures and paintings of Sara Swink and Robert Koch this August.

Plein Air works by Ann DiSalvo; The Weekly Press Revisited by Bruce Bayard

The Weekly Press No. 522

Ann DiSalvo recently spent a week on the Oregon coast creating plein air paintings which are featured this month along with The Weekly Press Revisited, digital prints by Bruce Bayard. The act of painting outdoors, en plein air, has been a tradition for centuries. Ann battled the challenges presented by the elements of wind and sun, as well as curious onlookers who would not normally be present in a studio situation. Her reading of the book about composition by Arthur Wesley Dow reinforced her personal concepts and understanding of composition; where to place elements to create visual harmony, color, and contrast. These works will be part of a larger exhibition at the Rogue Valley Manor in May of 2018. Come take a sneak preview. Bruce has been studying the series he completed in 2010, finding new insights into how his previous work informs new video explorations. The series, comprised of 1000 still images became the turning point in his career, establishing his interest into time-based art. The current exhibition consisted of original size prints and a new larger format.

“Following the Circuitous Thread” paintings by Eve Margo Withrow

"Sky Lake Moon" Mixed water media painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Many of my favorite and most exciting works are the result of finding imaginative solutions to things run amok. I play and adventure with my expressions. Following threads here and there.

“Following the Circuitous Thread” paintings by Eve Margo Withrow

Many of my favorite and most exciting works are the result of finding imaginative solutions to things run amok. I play and adventure with my expressions.

First Friday Art Walk, August 4, 2017


First Friday Art Walk, August 4, 2017. Featured Artists: Photographer, David Lorenz Winston; Studio Artists, Candy Wooding, Paul Littell, Robbin Pearce & Gallery Artists, Linda Dixon & Dev

Laurel Bustamante, Élan Chardin Gombart, Kelly Brand & Alexandra Opie :: Supernaturalistic

Laurel Bustamante, All the Little Live Things, acrylic/gouache on panel

Paintings by Laurel Bustamante, Kelly Brand and Élan Chardin Gombart alongside photographic tin types by Alexandra Opie range from micro to macro realities with a heavy dose of imagination.

Robert Paulmenn

by Robert Paulmenn

Robert Paulmenn – One Man Show
It’s been some time since Robert moved to Astoria with his partner, Mary Lou (although we’ve continued to carry his work). This show exhibits his latest work.

Leif Trygg’s Perspective on Nature

Multnomah Falls

Showing both long-distance and up-close views of natural landscapes allows Oak Leaf Studio artist Leif Trygg to show both intimate details and broader settings. This month Trygg debuts two new paintings. Multnomah Falls is a pastel picture while June Blooms was created in acrylic paints. Both will be on display during the month of July.

“Color” Paintings by Dixie Kinser

"August Moon" by Dixie Kinser

I believe that painting should be a refreshing exploration for the artist and the viewer.  Each painting reflects different combinations of color, style and focus.  

Right At Home With Creations By MaryDee Bombick and Angelique Stewart


Marydee Bombick’s pottery ranges from functional pieces to more whimsical items, many for the garden. Angelique Stewart weaves beautiful tea towels, table runners, scarves and shawls.

Pam Stoehsler

American Trails is proud to have Pam Stoehsler as our featured artist of the month. Pam portrays close encounters with nature, and gives you a view of wildlife not often seen by the casual observer. Her exquisitely detailed and realistic portraits of birds and animals bring to life natures secret moments. The artist grew up in the small northern California town of Adin, where country living prevailed and wildlife was abundant. She now lives in Klamath Falls, the west’s largest flyway for northern bird migrating to California and Mexico, offering Pam a unique opportunity to photograph and observe a large variety of birds and other wildlife. Some of Pam’s many achievements include: winner of the Oregon Upland Gamebird Stamp in two consecutive years, 1995 and 1996, California Upland Gamebird Stamp in 1997, Oregon’s Ducks Unlimited Artist of the year in 1998, California Upland Gamebird Stamps in 2000-2001 and 2002-2003. She was also awarded the opportunity to create three paintings depicting early coastal life of the Coos, Lower Umpqua ( of which she is a member) and Siuslaw Native Americans. The paintings are displayed in the Coos Bay, Oregon tribal office. […]

Summer Exhibitions at the Schneider Museum of Art

Amir Fallah, Adventure Awaits, 2016 Acrylic, colored pencil and collage on paper mounted to canvas 60 x 96 inches

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the Schneider Museum of Art is presenting solo exhibitions of four artists who have achieved high recognition in the art world: Tofer Chin, Amir H. Fallah, Ryan Schneider, and Liz Shepherd. The exhibition will be on view through September 9, 2017.

First Friday Art Walk, July 2017

FullSizeRender Melody Blore

Ashland Art Center, First Friday Art Walk: Featured artists: Darcie Sternenberg, Melody Blore and Denise Kester.

Husbands, Wives and Lovers

Love & Creation

Art by couples Diane and Leonard Lea, Rebecca Gabriel and Jonah Bornstein, Judy and Mike La Nier, Bruce Barton and Jerri Cook among others.

Music by: Allison and Victor

Five Decade Retrospective

Zabriski Point Death Valley, 1970

For the month of June Oak Leaf Studio is hosting a retrospective of the work of Ashland artist Leif Trygg. In a nod to the past, the show features drawings, paintings and mixed media created since 1966 until today. Known for his landscapes of Ashland and Southern Oregon, Leif Trygg began his career as a graphic artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. He started and ran an advertising design firm that thrived helping high tech startups in the Silicon Valley area. He later worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for several technology companies as well as retailers. Since moving to Ashland in 2006, Leif has focused on creating his own fine art. In 2014 he opened Oak Leaf Studio as a place to produce art as well as showcase it. In a nod to the future, on First Friday, June 2, from 5pm to 8pm, Oak Leaf Studio is proud to host Nan’s Raw Goods, our partner during A Taste of Ashland. Nan produces raw, vegan, gluten-free food that is incredibly flavorful. Our personal favorites are the White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Truffles and the Orange Ginger Glazed Donut Holies. […]


River Houses, Robert Schlegel

This June we will be featuring the ceramic and mixed media assemblage sculptures of collaborative sculptors, Robin & John Gumaelius and the paintings of Robert Schlegel.

Patrick Beste exhibits his art at Creekside for June and July

Patrick Beste is an artist living in Ashland, Oregon. His art reflect his love for Oregon, its forests, beaches, and the Siskiyou mountains.  He paints with watercolor and acrylic media to depict the vibrant colors and textures of nature.

“In Full Bloom” is the June show featuring the newest floral creations from Suzanne Etienne, painter, and Cheryl Kempner, clay and metal artist.


Come enjoy new floral creations: Suzanne Etienne’s paintings are exuberant with humor and joy. Cheryl has hand-built fun clay flowers that can hang on walls inside or out.

Fred Harvey “Tourist” Bracelets

In 1876, Fred Harvey (pictured above) struck a deal with the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad company, allowing him to establish eating houses along the railroad lines. They were known as “Harvey Houses” and wealthy and middle-class Anglo tourists would stop for food and rest as they traveled through the “Wild West.” Harvey passed in 1901, but his sons continued in their fathers foot steps. Once the automobile became a more common form of transportation, there became a considerable decline in the amount of train passengers. To adjust, the Harvey Company developed new attractions to drum up business. They began to market the lifestyle of the Native Americans of the Southwest by staging “Indian Detours” or scenes of Native American living in the desert. Indian arts and crafts were sold and the birth of “Fred Harvey Jewelry” was born. More lightweight than traditional Native American silverwork, the jewelry was easier to wear for the Anglo tourists. It is also marked by a fair amount of ornamentation/stamping. The biggest change from earlier native jewelry (Pre 1900) was it became mass produced with the help of specialized machinery and commercial sheet […]

June First Friday

jennifer nelson

Join us for First Friday with Featured Artists, Dan Elster, Jennifer Anne Nelson & Linda Dixon. Musical Guests, Generation Jones. Platt Anderson Cellars with be serving wine.

Artist as Poet – Part II

Part II opens May 5th.

New additions of early work by Dori Appel, Todd Davis, Jesse Widener,

Ken Deveney, and Karen Wasser.

A poetry reading is scheduled for May 17th from 7 to 8 pm.

WATARU SUGIYAMA & LEWIS ANDERSON ceramic sculptures & digital photography

Lewis Anderson, Boatman

Wataru Sugiyama infuses a contemporary charm and humor into traditional Japanese motifs in his ceramic sculptures. Lewis Anderson digitally blends photographs to create mystic landscapes.

“Spring’s Sweet Flowering Month of May

"Red Bloomers" Watercolor by Kay Myer

Medleys of fresh colors in our gardens inspire my paintings.  As the poet Gibran wrote, “It’s a time to be like a flower and turn your face to the sun”.

Michael Gibson’s Paintings For Ashland Art Works May Showing

FullSizeRender (6)

New Surrealistic Winescapes by Ashland Art Works painter, Michael Gibson. “I got into their heads, appreciating the originality of their compositions, use of color and love of life.

Alebrije or Animalistas

In May, we will be featuring the folk art of Oaxaca, Mexico. Fanciful carvings called alebrije or animalistas were first done by artist Pedro Linares Lopez in the 1930’s. When documentarian Judith Bronowski made a documentary about Pedro in 1975 he soon rose to international fame. The art form took off and we are proud to have over 80 families represented in our gallery. First Friday- We are proud to have guitarist Jon Galfano performing        

First Friday

Eco print

First Friday Featured Artists: Bobbi Murphy, photographer, Jo Ann Manzone, botanical printer, felter, Liza Hamilton, felter, Marcy Greene, mixed media painter.

Celebrating Silk! Vibrant hand-painted scarves by Connie Simonsen


“I’ve always been passionate about color and the texture of silk,” says Simonsen. “From the first, the process of steam-set dyes seemed magical, to transfer the image in my mind onto the silk.”

Artist as Poet

Summer Lake Darkness by Steve Dieffenbacher

Who knew that so many artists are also poets (and the other way around?!). This months show at Gallerie Karon has more than 10 artists/poets. We’ll feature Steve Dieffenbacher’s sketchbooks from his trail walks and new photographs paired with his poetry. Johan Bernstein will show his fantastic photographs from their recent trip to Jerusalem. Rebecca Gabriel has portraits. Both will incorporate new poetry. Liz Shepherd presents new sumi-e ink drawings with her own poems and translations of zen poetry.

Of course their will be poetry books in our new poetry corner you can purchase and have signed.

Carol Ingram & Vince Carl :: Paintings, Figurative and Landscape

Carol Ingram, Growing

April :: Carol Ingram & Vince Carl, paintings. Carol’s paints Oregon landscapes with dramatic effect. Vince Carl approaches the human figure with an abstract approach to form and color.

“The Wanderer” Oil paintings by Diana Wright Troxell

"Tunnel of Lace" Oil painting by Diana Wright Troxell

From a San Francisco luncheon to sun drenched Cayucos and then a cool, mist filled day in Oregon, I marvel at the endless beauty of the world. With my art I hope to communicate love and joy.

Convergence: Digital Media and Technology

Vanessa Renwick, Medusa Smack, 2012, MOV file, screen, rugs, pillows, 66 x 86 inches.

Schneider Museum of Art presents Convergence: Digital Media and Technology in collaboration with the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (JSMA) and the Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF).

Grand Opening and Appraisal Day

American Trails will be having its Grand Opening during the First Friday Artwalk on April 7th. April 22 Free Appraisal Day 12-4 pm. Do you have an Indian basket, bracelet, Navajo weaving or anything else ethnographic? Bring it down and owner David Bobb will be on hand to give you an idea of what it is, where its from and it’s current value. Dave has over 30 years experience in the Native Arts field.

Intimate Landscapes

New Paintings from artist Leif Trygg are featured, beginning on First Friday April 1st from 5pm to 8pm at Oak Leaf Studio, 247 Oak Street between Hanson Howard and the Ashland Art Works. Departing from pastels, the Ashland artist unveils new small-format acrylic paintings that he calls intimate landscapes. Featuring scenes from Southern Oregon and beyond, Trygg turns a common view into a uniquely personal experience.

April First Friday Featured Artists


Featured Artists: Photographer, Leonard Lea; Gallery Artists, Paula Fong & Marty Hogan; Print Artist, Amy Godard; Studio Artists, Marty Hogan & Michael Corcoran; Musician, Martin Ball.

Please welcome featured artist Richard Alston for March and April

Life brings problems and my art attempts to fix those. I sell my art so I can continue the practice. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or offers. — Richard Alston

Fine Wines and Felines

All Cats All Mediums

Take the trolley to Gallerie Karon’s to commemorate our 15th anniversary! In celebration, on March 3rd, First Friday, we will have a wine tasting by Grizzly Peak Winery from 5:30 to 7:30 pm and chocolate by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Live music will be provided by Dan Fellman and Grant Ruiz.

GABRIEL MARK LIPPER :: paintings: portrait, landscape and still life

The Red Shirt, Gabriel Mark Lipper

Gabriel Mark Lipper uses lush color and strong brushwork to create evocative moods in these unconventional portrait, moody landscape and painterly still life paintings

“Celebrate Color” Paintings by Claire O. Harkins

"1940's Prom" Oil painting by Claire O. Harkins

Color, whimsy and strong lines help Claire Harkins celebrate color. She likes to use interesting perspectives to draw the viewer in to her paintings. Her show runs Feb. 28-April 2, 2017.

Meet New Ashland Art Works Artist, Angelique Stewart


Angelique loves using high-quality organic materials and time-proven techniques, but with a modern sensibility. Stop in at Ashland Art Works to see the work of this talented artist!

Trolley Fun, Exhibitions, Student Open Studios, and Book Reading this First Friday


On First Friday, 3/3, Allaboard Trolley will shuttle patrons from 5:00 to 10:00 PM to 3 stops: the Schneider Museum of Art, A Street between 5th and 6th Streets, and the Plaza.

Iconoplasty, Featured Musician

Iconoplasty is a complex stew of electronic beats, surf guitar riffs, ambient noise and appropriated pop choruses, all courtesy of multi-instrumentalist, Josh Gross. Think of mashup DJ-but one that live-loops instruments instead of using samples, seamlessly switching between drums, guitars, and keyboards in a single beat, all while tap-dancing on an army of pedals to earn frequent comparisons to Ratatat, El Ten Eleven and a trained octopus.

Julie Bonney, Featured Photographer

Hibiscus sm

March 2017 Featured Photographer, Julie Bonney Show:  Delicate Beauty Julie Bonney is a widely traveled local photographer who will be sharing a selection from her recent work, “Delicate Beauty” during March 2017.  Favorite photography subjects for many are flowers.  They speak the language of the heart touching us in ways that open us to the natural world.  However, the challenge is to showcase them in ways that are less common and create a desire in the viewer to stop and take them in.  Photography workshops can be a source of inspiration when things feel stagnant.  To learn some new techniques, Julie participated in a flower photography workshop last September.  Using tulle, lace, optic choices, shallow depth of field, multiple exposures and more unusual angles of perspective she immersed herself in the joy of rekindling her love of floral photography.  

Featured Artists, First Friday Art Walk, March 2017

Hibiscus sm

Ashland Art Center: Featured Artists: Darlene Southworth & Susanne Petermann. Featured Photographer: Julie Bonney and Musical Guest: Iconoplasty

East Meets East

Antique Chinese Bridal Box

Gallerie Karon celebrates The Year of the Rooster! Come shop the exotic bazaars of the Eastern World. Art, antiques, iconic figures, furniture and jewelry. Countries represented include Japan, China, Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal and more. Clothing from many countries will be featured including handmade scarves and jackets by Diane Lea, constructed from antique kimono fabrics.(as are her collages) On First Friday, February 3rd, Zahara and her musicians will perform from 5:30 to 7pm. Join us in celebrating the Year of the Rooster!

Betty LaDuke :: Border Crossings & Bountiful Harvest

Border Crossing low res

Betty LaDuke’s 65 year career as an artist has spanned continents focusing on concerns of the human condition. Informed and inspired by Mexican muralists, LaDuke’s panels stand on their own in style and purpose. While often speaking to the trials that humans face, there is also a celebration of spirit present in each large, vibrantly painted panel. February’s exhibition at Hanson Howard Gallery will include giclee prints from the original panels of Betty LaDuke’s series, “Bountiful Harvest” as well as a current series titled “Border Crossings” and beginning sketches of a new project underway concerning the water protectors at Standing Rock which will all be available for purchase. We will also have several new original panels from “Border Crossings” on view but not available for purchase at this time. Beginning by spending time sketching activities on the local farms,  the panels of Bountiful Harvest, From Land to Table illustrate and celebrate the workers who plant, tend and harvest our food here in the Rogue Valley. Border Crossings is a symbolic portrayal of the emotional anguish experienced by mothers, children and families as they desperately seek refuge from violence, hunger and despair. In these […]

“Journeys of the Heart” Paintings by John Lambie

"Contemplating the Universe" by John Lambie

The subjects of my paintings include landscapes and abstracts that capture the emotional responses to personal experiences. Emotion is expressed through the use of deep and dramatic color.

The Schneider Museum of Art Utilizes New York/London Curator to Present Work by SOU Creative Arts Faculty

Max Reinhardt, Nightmarks, 2016, digital print, 30"x 40", detail

The Schneider Museum of Art presents Shapes of Curiosity, the SOU Creative Arts Faculty Exhibition curated by Kelly Worman to complement the SOU Center for the Humanities Campus Theme.

Bridget Reynolds, Featured Artist

Deity Arts

Bridget Reynolds, Deity Arts is our featured artist for February.  Her Ganesh theme will be represented in her drawings, tracing mono prints multi-media, journals and cards.  Bridget, a Business Consultant and Artist came to art late in life and has found such joy and depth in the process. From the beginning she was compelled to create deities and has followed this. She loves and respects the energy that presents as she works and hopes that this energy translates to the pieces created. Featured Photographer: John Christer Petersen Show:  A Hidden Gem in Sweden John-Christer Petersen is a local photographer who has shown his work in multiple venues in the Rogue Valley.  In recent history, though raised by Danish parents, John discovered that he was adopted and is Swedish.  Instead of being an “only” child he has been welcomed into a large family in Sweden.  Last summer John made another trip to Sweden to visit his family and to learn more about his true heritage.  He will be showing “A Hidden Gem in Sweden”, at The Photographer’s Gallery in the Ashland Art Center during the 1st Friday Art Walk in Ashland on February 3rd.         […]

Please welcome featured artist Thomas Glassman for January and February

TOM GLASSMAN has been shooting with a camera for hundreds of years. “I attribute my ability ‘to see’ to my advertising background.”  As a former creative director at several ad agencies he is used to routinely looking for the unusual.        Tom’s first love is still black and white photography, as evidenced by many of the images routinely included in his shows and the monochromatic look of many of his color photographs.                       Tom’s wife, Linda, gets most of the credit for his photography career.  She was the one who first encouraged him to pursue it, and over the years, allowed him to abandon her on many of their trips so he could go off and take pictures (while she went shopping).  She also went without diamonds and furs so he could purchase a nice lens now and then.       Tom’s work has shown in a number of galleries and exhibits in Boston, Massachusetts; Portland and Kennebunkport, Maine; Seattle and Kirkland, Washington; California; and of course, Oregon.  His work is in the private collections of many […]

East Meets East

Antique Chinese Bridal Box

Come shop the exotic bazaars of the Eastern World. Art, antiques, iconic figures, furniture and jewelry. Join us in celebrating the Year of the Rooster!  

“Winter Expressions” paintings by Art&Soul Gallery Artists

"SnowMoon"  Watercolor by Pamela Haunschild

“Winter Expressions” will take away the Winter chill as you experience paintings by Art&Soul Gallery Artists. Expressions in oil, pastel, acrylic, and watercolor will be shown.

Kester Studio

I have been working on my web site. I have added many new images to my gallery. They are available as Giclee’ prints for purchase, if you so desire. Have a look– http://drawingonthedream.com/portfolio/gallery/ I am planning to start up classes in February 2017. My next news letter will have the schedule and the details for –  Creating paste papers, Carving stamps, Book Making and Monoprinting with oils. Sign up for my newsletter here – Monthly Musings sign up

New Artists at Ashland Art Works

New work by Textile Artist Claudia Law

Come welcome new artists, Bonnie Morgan and Angelica Stewart. Bonnie is a potter with a delightful diversity of works. Angelica makes beautifully woven scarves, table toppers, and much more.

A Panoramic Point Of View with Photographer John Kirk

The Guardians

Featured Photographer: John Kirk Show:  A Panoramic Point of View   Award-winning photographer John Kirk displays a retrospective of his favorite panoramic images as Featured Photographer for January in the Photographer’s Gallery at Ashland Art Center. He searches for unusual and dynamic landscapes and his travels have taken him to the Lavender fields of Sequim, WA, the farm lands of Oregon and the Red Rock Country of the Southwest.  John has shown his work and taken the top awards at many fine art shows throughout the West. Featured Musician: Generation Jones will be performing from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Generation Jones, the father and son duet of Jeffrey and Julian Jones play a variety of music based mostly around the Celtic traditions on guitar, fiddle and vocals but, they often throw a few surprises in their sets including old-time, Klezmer, classic rock and surf tunes.  Jeff and Julian have been performing together since Julian was six years old.  They have performed at most of the region’s retirement facilities, local Irish Pubs, artists galleries and regional retirement music events.  In the summer of 2010, they performed in Florence, Italy and in Dublin, Doolin […]

GALLERY ARTISTS SALON :: Paintings, Prints, Sculpture and Ceramics Featuring Many of Our Gallery Artists


Keeping in the tradition of giving you an eyeful at the end of the year we will be featuring our gallery artists in salon style.

Three Dimensional Printmade Jewelery by Tiffany Hokanson


Tiffany Hokanson will be showing her copper etched and metal jewelry in Studio 6B. Carolee Buck and Donna Hertz are the Upstairs Featured Artists and their work can be seen in Studio #10”. David Lorenz Winston’s photography will be on display at The Photographers Gallery and JJ Joss will be providing live music. 

Winter Wonders: Holiday Gift Show at Ashland Art Works

Come see our latest creations for the holiday season!

Give this Holiday season a more meaningful touch with gifts created by local artists – unique holiday creations sure to delight your friends, family, and – of course – yourself!

WSO Watercolor Exhibit

"Sunday Afternoon" Watercolor by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

The Watercolor Society of Oregon 50th Fall Transparent Media Traveling Show will be hosted by and on exhibit at the Art & Soul Gallery in Ashland. The show will be exhibited through Dec. 29.

Our Annual Show, “Gifts from the Gifted”, Continues


We have just returned from a buying trip. so in addition to the work of over 30 artists, we have exotic gifts from around the world.

Gallerie Karon is a gallery unlike any other and we have recently added small pieces of antique furniture that will fit anywhere in your home.

Come let us help you select gifts for everyone on your list. Affordable art, antiques, animals, jewelry, furniture, books, cards and so much more!

Janus Innes is featured artist November and December

I truly love abstract art. I like to create art that appears simple but on closer scrutiny is complex, depicting emotions rather than objects. My art is the result of years of studying and experimenting with different mediums and styles. Each piece is an experiment into the unknown, and it is exciting to work with different materials to create a new and unique piece. Abstract art pushes my boundaries and challenges me to create new and more dynamic pieces. I have no preconceived idea of what image will eventually appear on the canvas. Mood, color, and texture play an important part in my work. I love to invite the observer into my painting, to let them interpret it for themselves. Janus Innes  

Gallery Artists: Paintings: Laurel Bustamante, Jon Jay Cruson & Randall David Tipton

Laurel Bustamante, Nightbird in Pompeii

Paintings: New work from Jon Jay Cruson, David Randall Tipton and Laurel Bustamante, each artist having a distinctively different spin on the tradition of “landscape”.

The Art of Midge Black

Come and see the art of Midge Black, including paintings, drawings, and prints. Melody Blore,the featured studio artist, has a happy palette and works in acrylic. Featured Clay Artist Sheri Clarey, will be showing her work. Darcie Sternenberg, a photographer specializing in black and white imagery and she will be showing her work at The Photographer’s Gallery. Blades of Grass will be providing music.

“Serendipity” Watercolor painting by Kay Myer

"Hooters" Watercolor by Kay Myer

Kay Myer says “Serendipity is me! It best describes my daily painting journey in watercolor. What evolves is what I have seen or felt, not what I “know” is there.”

Winter Wonders: Holiday Gift Show at Ashland Art Works

Come see our latest creations for the holiday season!

Give this Holiday season a more meaningful touch with gifts created by local artists – unique holiday creations sure to delight your friends, family, and – of course – yourself!

Bruce Bayard: The Disintegration Series and Broken Trains

The Disintegration Series, No. 02

Bruce Bayard: The Disintegration Series and Broken Trains, digital image collage

The Schneider Museum of Art Showcases Work by Noteworthy Women Artists

Polly Apfelbaum, Lover’s Leap III, 2004, Monoprint, 47 x 47 inches

The Schneider Museum of Art is excited to present a new exhibition, Art on Paper: 10 Women Artists from the Collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation featuring the works of ten internationally renowned female artists.

The Art of Janette Ervin-Brown, Elaine Frenett and Darlene Southworth


The Art of Janette Ervin-Brown, Elaine Frenett and Darlene Southworth, here you can sample their wild imaginings: throwing, swirling, stapling, stitching, cutting, tearing mostly watercolor media upon paper. From what had randomly appeared in the artist’s mind, came these expressions of experimentation. The featured Photographer, Lewis Anderson, is a local image-
maker who likes to explore the boundaries between photography and painting. JJ Joss will provide live music

Scenic Southern Oregon

Artist Leif Trygg expands both his medium and his viewpoint during First Friday, October 7 from 5pm to 8 pm at Oak Leaf Studio, 247 Oak Street between Hansen Howard and the Ashland Artworks. The Studio will exhibit recent acrylic paintings of evocative scenes here in Southern Oregon. For the past year Trygg has been painting exclusively in pastels, while prior efforts were composed with watercolors. “I like working with the texture of acrylics; the effects are more three-dimensional and the colors are more permanent than pastels,” says Trygg.

Élan Chardin Gombart & Cathy Valentine, Abstract in Nature, acrylic and encaustic

Élan Chardin Gombart, Screen l, acrylic on panel

Cathy Valentine and Élan Chardin Gombart create abstract work that presents layers of floating shapes, colors and lines reflecting both human nature and physical nature surrounding us.

Rebecca Gabriel – Being and Becoming – Solo Exhibition

The Visitation
By Rebecca Gabriel

Drawing on past divergent life situations, Rebecca Gabriel colors her paintings with passionate emotion. You’ll learn to explore every inch of her work to discover the richness, not only of detail, but of significance. Nothing is left to chance. Nothing is without meaning.

“Travels: going from one place to another” (Webster’s Dictionary) Paintings by Gloria Kastenberg

"Dawn in Havana" Oil painting by Gloria Kastenberg

My paintings are created on my travels and in my backyard. As light travels through life, I travel within, following light from conception to creation. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey.

Woodland and Woodwork: The Creations of Claudia Law and John Weston


Enjoy stunning new creations by textile artist Claudia Law, and John Weston’s cutting boards and woodwork finely crafted of native woods from Lithia Park, the Rogue Valley, and Brookings.

October at the Schneider Museum of Art

David Eckard, Rail (heraldry veil), 2016, Steel, fabric, painted wood, and ribbon, 72 x 108 x 12 inches

The Schneider Museum of Art will be extending its part of Portland2016: A Biennial of Contemporary Art until Saturday, October 15. This summer, the Museum was one of 25 venues across the state participating in this exhibition organized by Disjecta Contemporary Art Center and artist-curator Michelle Grabner. The Portland Mercury proclaimed Portland2016: A Biennial of Contemporary Art as “Oregon’s Biggest Art Show Ever.” At the Schneider Museum of Art venue, the exhibition features five diverse, contemporary artists working in Oregon. The artists exhibited in this show – Mike Bray, David Eckard, Giles Lyon, Brenna Murphy, and Storm Tharp – work in a variety of mediums and have created rich work that will engage visitors.

Later in October, the Schneider Museum of Art will present Art on Paper – 10 Women Artists from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and his Family Foundation, featuring the works of ten internationally renowned female artists. This exhibition will show prints by Polly Apfelbaum, Jennifer Bartlett, Louise Bourgeois, Ann Hamilton, Louise Nevelson, Judy Pfaff, Kiki Smith, Pat Steir, Sarah Sze, and Barbara Takenaga.

Noriko Sugita & Tallmadge Doyle :: Printmaking

Viridis Rutilius lll, Tallmadge Doyle

::SEPTEMBER:: Bold and rich treatment of botanical forms feature prominently in the work of printmakers, Tallmadge Doyle and Noriko Sugita. Sugita carves wood block plates to create intricate layers of pattern and form while Doyle uses a variety of methods including aquatint, line etching, drypoint and hand coloring with dramatic results. Show runs September 1- October 4th. Artist Reception during the First Friday Artwalk, September 2nd, 5-8 p.m.     NORIKO SUGITA Noriko Sugita’s work depends on momentary inspiration, letting shapes and colors explore deep thought, as a choreographer explores complex thought through dance composition. Improvised movement of impersonated shape suggests symbols and patterns reflective of human emotion and relationships. She often layers thin pigments, creating reminders that our human experience is layered. Originally from Hakodate, Japan, Noriko Sugita earned a BFA (summa cum laude) from Southern Oregon University in 2004. Exhibiting and teaching throughout the Pacific Northwest, she now resides in Beaverton, OR. TALLMADGE DOYLE After the Storm Within Tallmadge Doyle’s work runs a common thread of interest in the scientific realm. Whether it be astronomy, physics, or botany she is fueled by ideas and images from science and the natural […]

The Female of the Species – Part II


Female of the Species – Part II
Our annual invitational all women artists show
Over 20 artists: photography, painting, porcelain portraits, textiles, ceramics, books and cards.

“Waking Dreams” Recent Watermedia Works in Abstraction by Rogue Valley Artist, Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

"Seeds in the Wind" Watermedia by Lynda Hoffman Snodgrass

Often when I am painting I feel like I am in an altered state or a waking dream. The process in creating this body of abstract paintings starts out very intuitive, developing over time.

Magical Realism -Whimsical Animals: The Artwork of Liza Hamilton and Denise Kester


Imaginative needle felted wool sculptures by fiber artist Liza Hamilton will be displayed with Denise Kester’s ‘Story Art’. This month: Printmaker, Tiffany Hokanson, will be displaying her most recent work as the downstairs featured artist at the Ashland Art Center. Featured Gallery Artist, Linda Dixon is showing oil paintings of local images. Leonard Lea is a local nature photographer living in Ashland Oregon who will be featuring a selection of images entitled “Floral Impressions” at The Photographers Gallery.

Vessel, Bird and Branch – Acrylic painter Suzanne Etienne and Raku Ceramicist Lorene Senesac

Basket Woman, Acrylic painting by Suzanne Etienne

Painter Suzanne Etienne and Raku ceramicist Lorene Senesac blend their unique styles to showcase a symbiotic understanding and celebration of the female form through the beauty of nature.

Jennifer Anne Nelson’s beautiful paintings August and September

Biography Jennifer Anne was born in the desert and spent her childhood tracing the desert canyons and mesas formed by the passage of time and water. She pursued art growing up, and received a B.A. degree from UC Berkeley. She has shown in southern California and throughout the Bay Area, and is currently living in southern Oregon. Jennifer Anne’s art captures imaginative worlds based on research of old stories and legends. Her work currently focuses on the flora and fauna, the architecture, and the geography of the stories of Mt. Shasta, Atlantis, the Pleiades, constellations, and hidden cities. Statement My pieces are examinations of that which has been left behind. My work is a tool that gathers the mysteries transcribed in myths and legends: forging a partnership with the materials, there is a freedom given to myself, the ink, the water and the page — unlocking those pregnant moments, the movement amidst the stillness. Activating the once dried pools of ink allows archetypes, symbols, and wild landscapes to emerge.

Paris Blue: Autre Fois

Sunrise in San Germain

Artist Leif Trygg unveils new images from his digital photograph series Paris Blue.

The Female of the Species


The Female of the Species
Our annual, invitational, all women artists show.
Over 20 artists: photography, painting, porcelain portraits, textiles, ceramics, books and cards.

August :: Bobbie Jansen & Gabriel Mark Lipper, paintings :: still lifes & portraits

Aeada, Gabriel Mark Lipper

At first glance Bobbie Jansen and Gabriel Mark Lipper’s paintings are still lifes and portraits, and while both artists approach painting with a respect to these traditions, they share a greater concern for the archetypal resonance of their subject matter.  Transcending the individuality of a woman or the functionality of a shoe, through painting the artists are relating to a broader association with people and objects in our lives; our mothers, our sisters, our everyday burdens/joys….existing at times as both anonymous, yet deeply familiar and always universal. Show runs from August 4th – 30th with an artist reception on First Friday, August 5th from 5-8 p.m.   For Albany artist, Bobbie Jansen, it is often in the process of painting an object that she discovers her connection to it. It may be as simple as the shape or color, but more often it is a symbolic stand-in for something greater. The objects may find themselves in a tight, claustrophobic interior, or in an endlessly expanding exterior. At times they are singular, and isolated, at other times multiplied, intertwined, and chaotic. They may be whole with every detail described, or be fractured, veiled […]

Rocks and Poetry, Painting and Sculpture by Michael Gibson and Elin Babcock


This month Ashland Artwork features new mediums and creative combinations by two talented artists: Art on Rocks by Michael Gibson, and Art, Poetry and Thee by Elin Babcock.

“Journey” Paintings by Judy Richardson

"Summer Morning Thoughts" Pastel painting by Judy Richardson

Judy Richardson’s Oil and Pastel paintings have a story to tell. Her journey from concept to expression is the driving force behind her paintings. Please come and enjoy her stories.

Ponchos on Parade by Laura Lawrence


Textile artist Laura Lawrence will present Ponchos on Parade in Upstairs in Studio #7. Paula Fong, watercolor illustratins, and Jane Sterling , ceramic sculpture, will be featured in the main Gallery. And visit featued downstairs artist Elijah Boor in Studios # 2B and #3B.
visit Elijah downstairs in Studios # 2B and #3B

Gestures at the Continent Edge

Bruce Bayard, BONSAI ROCK, photograph

Drawings, photography, and video by Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard, of rock, ocean and redwood forests.

Capturing the Spirit of Western Landscapes


Now through July 31 at Oak Leaf Studio, 247 Oak Street between Hanson Howard and the Ashland Artworks, pastel artist Leif Trygg will show new works of art featuring majestic landscapes throughout the West.

Mari ! A One Woman Show thru July

Mari !

“Whimsy is her forte”. Her charming and funny artistry is well represented. Mari has her new book, “Out of the Blue Valese” along with many paintings and drawings for this exhibit.

WATARU SUGIYAMA ceramic sculpture & PETER VANFLEET sculptural/abstract painting

Meditating Owl, Wataru Sugiyama

Wataru Sugiyama: ceramic sculptures combining traditional and contemporary techniques and motifs & Peter VanFleet: sculptural, abstract paintings on wood.

“Wild Cranes” Hand Painted Silk by Judy Elliott

"Majestic" Hand Painted Silk by Judy Elliott

My inspiration for painting on silk is influenced by my experience while growing up in Hawaii. The beauty of our natural world and its preservation pleases my soul and also inspires me to create.

A Method to the Madness by Debra Rene Harder

My World

A Method to the Madness by Debra Rene Harder, the Featured Photographer of July 2016. July’s Upstairs Featured Artists – Zoe West and Susanne Petermann will be presenting their work in Upstairs Studio #6. Downstairs Featured Artist, Lisa Eldredge will present her ceramics and the Gallery Featured Artists are Hannah Brehmer and Leah Mebane. Accapellaré will present live music.

Tortoises: New Work by Clay Artist Marydee Bombeck and Wire Artist George Popa

IMG_0616 2

In July: tortoises and much more by two talented artists, clay artist Marydee Bombeck and wire sculptor George Popa. Also great non-traditional traditional music by David Nigel Lloyd.

Schneider Museum of Art is a Portland2016 Biennial Venue


The Schneider Museum of Art is gearing up to be a part of Disjecta Contemporary Art Center’s groundbreaking Portland2016: A Biennial of Contemporary Art curated by Michelle Grabner. The Museum is one of twenty-five different exhibition spaces across the state of Oregon that is showing works this summer. Works by: Mike Bray, David Eckard, Giles Lyon, Brenna Murphy and Storm Tharp.

HUSBANDS, WIVES AND LOVERS – Romance and Intrigue

Beauty Unmasked

  An element of intrigue always seems to be present where romance is involved. We’ve mixed disguising masks with the art of our artists. The show reflects that many couples do artwork. Included are photography, painting, music, poetry and more. Jim Langhofer, our newest gallery member, will introduce his photograph of an extremely rare white phantom deer. Raina Bradshaw will be showing he latest jewelry and her husband, Roger Bradshaw will have his music CDs here.  Rebecca Gabriel and Jonah Bornstein will show her paintings and his poetry. Come see the work of these artists and many more. The show opens June 3, First Friday, and runs for one month only.   Who are the lovers?  We never tell .  

YOSEMITE: Honoring our National Parks


Early exposure to Yosemite as a young child ignited a life-long love of the Park and its grandeur in artist Leif Trygg. In honor of the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary, Trygg features large pastel paintings of such iconic Yosemite locations as Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite Fall and the Valley floor.

JUNE: Robin & John Gumaelius, ceramic sculptures :: Jon Jay Cruson, abstract landscape paintings

Robin & John Gumaelius

Imaginative, whimsical ceramic sculptures by Robin & John Gumaelius along with the colorfully bold abstract landscape paintings of Jon Jay Cruson.

“Passages” Paintings by Marge Heilman

"Rattle Vase and Frog" Oil by Marge Heilman

History has always interested me, especially with regard to art. Standing on historic ground in France painting in the footsteps of the masters, I try to portray feeling and atmosphere.

Ashland Middle School Student Artwork Exibit

Student Artwork Gallery

Ashland Middle School will be exhibiting artwork from the students of Christie Boyd, Visual Arts Instructor at AMS. Featured Studio Artists; Studio 5 – Thalia Keple, Michael Corcoran and Marty Hogan, Downstairs – Amy Godard and Featured Photographer, Julie Bonney will be displaying their works.

Landscape Artist Daniel Loch and new Crazy Birds by Cheryl Kempner

Mt Shuksan Reflected

In June, Ashland Artworks on Oak Street features Cheryl Kempner’s whimsical clay birds along rusted steel branches, plus the work of new gallery member, landscape photographer Daniel Loch.

Lynda Hoffman Snodgrass exhibits her work at Creekside June and July

From shared experiences in realism, tributes to spirituality and journeys into abstraction: my artwork is a culmination and a sharing of my life experiences, dreams, inner visions, of all I that am. A third generation Artist I was encouraged to explore and express my creativity at an early age. Predominately, I am a watercolorist; a colorist with a strong emphasis on design. The most important part of a painting for me is the message or experience that I want to share with the viewer. How I handle this dictates the style and medium that I use. If I can do this with watercolor I will, but I won’t limit myself to just that medium. Born in Wisconsin, I moved to Oregon in 1964, calling the Rogue Valley my home since 1972. In 1973 I began to work with watercolor on paper and decided to make it my primary medium. It was 1978 when I received a BS in Art from SOSC. A lifetime member and past President of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, I was honored to receive the WSO 2014 Service Award. I am also a signature member of […]

Fresh From the Garden

Throughout his long career, the artist Leif Trygg has been attracted to the beauty of natural flowers, gardens and remote settings. This exhibit displays several of those paintings for view.

Drawings by Ann DiSalvo; Digital prints by B. Bayard

Cat Totem, 2014, pastel

Drawings by Ann DiSalvo; Digital prints by B. Bayard

For the Birds: Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Claire Duncan & Barbara Orsow – original paintings and photographs

Claire Duncan, Black Birds, Dark Interlude

“For the Birds” three artists, three artists interpret birds as art subjects with unique approaches: original paintings and photographs by Jhenna Quinn Lewis,Claire Duncan & Barbara Orsow

Artist As Poet

Tyger by William Blake

The exhibit continues through May showcasing artists who are also poets (and vice versa). It’s surprising how many do both!

Jo Ann Manzone – Mother Earth-the Art of Botanical Printing

felt vest printed with eucalyptus

Jo Ann Manzone, a felter, botanical printer and dyer displays her botanical prints in her showcase entitled Mother Earth-The Art of Botanical Printing.
Samantha McDermott, fiber artist and natural dyeing.
Live music by APhoebe Knowles and Accapellaré

“Awesome Oregon” Paintings by Sue and Steve Bennett

"Along the Blitzen" Pastel by Steve Bennett

Steve and Sue Bennett were born in Oregon, have lived most of their lives in Oregon and have have enjoyed painting Oregon scenes for the last 30 years. Don’t miss this colorful exhibit!

We’ve Got a New Artist: Suzanne Etienne!


First Friday in May will be a joy-filled event at Ashland Artworks, with a new look, lively music, and the vibrant paintings of our newest artist, Suzanne Etienne!

Julia Janeway’s Salmon Pillow Tiles

Salmon Pillow Tiles by Julia Janeway

Ceramic artist Julia Janeway tells the story of the salmon through 100 “pillow tiles” at the Rogue Gallery in Medford April 22-May 27. Reception on May 20 5-8 p.m.


A superb collection of American made “Art to Wear”

In Scene: The Schneider Museum of Art Collaborates with Ashland Independent Film Festival

Laura Heit, Two Ways Down, 2016, Drawn animation installation

The Schneider Museum of Art presents In Scene, a group exhibition of eight artists who explore the state of the natural world in modern times through video, installation, site-specific outdoor installation, sculpture, and photograms. Participating artists include Adam Bateman, Anna Daedalus, Kerry Davis, Tannaz Farsi, MK Guth, Rashawn Griffin, Laura Heit, and Jesse Sugarmann. Laura Heit is presented in collaboration with the Ashland Independent Film Festival. In Scene is on view through Saturday, June 11. Museum hours are Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Greeley Wells – Figure Drawings and Video Installation


March 29th – April 21st we will be featuring “Framed” the figurative drawings and video installation of Greeley Wells.

Dean Buchser

Dean Buchser

Dean Buchser has been creating mosaics for over twenty years, He thrives on the vibrant colors and reflections in his mosaic mirrors. The convex mirrors warp what we see into what it just might be. What exactly is behind the looking glass?

Creating mosaics for over twenty years, I thrive on the vibrant colors and reflections in my mosaic mirrors. The convex mirrors warp what we see into what it just might be. What exactly is behind the looking glass?

With a zest for Central American culture and my early years in the desert southwest, I sculpt what I have seen in my dreams. There are places in time that change us and sculpt us into who we are, who we have been and who we will become. These little steps or giant leaps we take are so much who we are as people and as artists.

Visit Dean upstairs in Studio #8.

Sexual Assault Survivor’s Healing (SASH) Group Art Show

SASH image

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Sexual Assault Survivor’s Healing (SASH) Group Art Show will be in the main classroom.

“Lithia Park and Beyond” Paintings by Joan Brown

"Gold Leaf" Oil painting by Joan Brown

Joan Brown is an award winning artist who paints an array of subjects, her oil paintings are noted for their light and color. This exhibit features her paintings of Lithia Park and beyond.

Nude: Group Exhibit

Mutual Respect by Ann DiSalvo

A group exhibit of 10 artists featured in the film by Greeley Wells.