Linda Lamore

With the current political climate, I see friends and family in turmoil. The need for hope and compassion, acceptance and inclusion, is needed now, more than ever. A willingness to pull together and move forward in a time of chaos is by far the largest hurdle. To fight against this chaos, I choose to show the positive possibilities.  In my artwork, I strive to express feelings of optimism, to convey courage, to give a sense of wonder. It is my wish that hope has the ability to conquer. 

Nimbus Gallery


Glassworks by Ashland Glass Act We are proud to feature our midsummer spotlight artists, Daniel and Stef Seffinger of Ashland Glass Act. Danny has studied and continues to study at the Bullseye Glass Education Center in Portland and has 13 years of glass work experience. He is a skilled and experimental glassmaker, who loves the concept of glass flow and movement. Currently, his interest has been captivated by tapestry and murrini glass. Stefani, along with her 10 years of glass work, has varied art work experience which includes photography, drawing, design, ceramics and watercolor. Her initial interest in glass was in using torch work skills to make glass beads. The studio specializes in a variety of hand crafted techniques and styles using Bullseye glass. These include creation of murrine cane, layered assemblage, edge construction, segment and flow bar construction, pot melts, glass flow pieces, tapestry design, weaved design and torch work. Their products are art pieces, specialty items, items for home use including bowls, platters, trivets, vases, and wall art. Recently, due to their concern about the environment, they have been creating wall art and recycled necklaces to promote environmental awareness. Their latest environmental wall art piece is […]


Contemporary paintings, glass, wood, ceramics and jewelry.

SEPTEMBER: Linda Lamore, Endless Possibilities, Original Oil Paintings

Linda Lamore, Ocean Harmonics,

Nimbus will be featuring, “Endless Possibilities”, the abstract oil paintings of Linda Lamore.

JUNE: Frank Phillips Pottery

Ceramic Vessel, Frank Phillips

Ceramic artist, Frank Phillips will be featured at Nimbus this June. With a daily practice and over 30 years in the craft, Frank creates beautifully expressive and functional pottery to enhance the home.

MAY FEATURED ARTIST :: Jerry Shanafelt, Original Oil Landscape Paintings

"Lily Pond" Jerry Shanafelt

Nimbus Gallery will be featuring the richly textured and impressionistic landscape paintings of Jerry Shanafelt. Using a palette knife technique and vibrant colors, Shanafelt creates landscapes with pronounced feeling and nostalgic effect. Join us on Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk, May 1st, from 5-8 p.m.  for an evening of art. Light refreshments will be offered. Jerry Shanafelt’s love of oil painting began in the 1960’s while working in the architectural field in New England and continued after his move to Oregon in 1973.  In 1995 he was able to focus full time on his passion.  Jerry is a signature member of the American Impressionists Society and member of the Oil Painters of America.  His work has been accepted into numerous national and international juried shows and has won many award, including the Grumbacher Gold Medallion Award. “Inspiration for my paintings comes from the abstract shapes and designs that color, light and shadows create in nature.  I look for scenes that capture my attention, like the contrast of snow on granite peaks, the variety of colors and hues in a field of wild flowers, or the play of light on moving […]

Eric Christenson, “Wine Country Artist”

'Passion for Pinot'
Water color painting by 
Eric Christianson

New to Nimbus is this month’s featured water color artist, Eric Christensen bringing still life images from the wine
country to life.

Patrick Horsley

Studio Potter Patrick Horsley creates primitive and modern-architectural pottery which is illuminated by brilliant glazes.

Linda Lamore

Linda Lamore: Flora Series. Taking a break from her color fields and using a palette knife, Linda Lamore is exploring the world of curves.

Jon Anderson: Fimo Creations

Jon Anderson creates clay sculptures of animals that have details beyond imagination.

Standhardt Studio

Storage Vessel, Standhardt Studio

“The art of Pre-Columbian Native Americans and the work of ancient cultures around the world have been a strong influence on my work. In particular, I am drawn to the qualities of primitive vessels that were created by the process of pressing a layer of clay onto the interior surface of a basket. The interior pattern of the basket becomes the exterior surface of the clay vessel once fired. This ingenious method created vessels with three strong elements: form, pattern, and texture. These are the focus of my work and nature’s endless combinations of these elements is my inspiration. “After I throw each vessel on the potter’s wheel and it dries leather-hard, I trim its rough edges and indent the exterior surface with a variety of handmade steel tipped tools. In a single vessel, the number of indentations can vary from 500 to 5,000, each placed by hand and eye. Thus, no two vessels are ever the same. ” -Kenneth Standhardt

“Fluid Universe Series” by Mary Ann Czermak

“I like to use subtle blends of colors to give the paintings a peaceful and soothing quality that gently radiates from within. The geometric forms are the background that provides the beginning structure. The curved accents of sculpted wood are symbolic and influenced by Asian characters. Each wood piece being a physical reminder of the possible strokes that the hand can make. The heat-treated copper symbolizes the fire within each of us that strives to be recognized. Each painting also has Chinese characters that give each piece an additional meaning. The small squares are my way of organizing and balancing each painting to bring a sense of calm and equilibrium that finishes the structure of the painting. My goal with my art is to capture a tranquil mood so that the viewer can step away from the chaotic world that we live in.”

Copper Canyon Walls

Fired copper is the signature of Kara Young’s work. “This process literally arose out of the ashes of the Oakland fire of 1991, after my studio and home burned to the ground. While digging through the rubble, amid my tears and grief, I discovered beautiful burned rolls of copper that inspired a dramatic redirection to my artistry / artistic endeavors. Handmade paper is the “canvas” that enhances the organic,”soft” feeling of my creations. The unique nature of my work is in combining fired metals, paper and other materials to represent nature’s process of aging as found in rusted metals, dry river beds and stained stone walls. This is my life’s aspiration.” Kara Young is an internationally recognized professional fiber/mixed media artist throughout the United States,in Europe and in Japan. Her work is seen as ancient but also contemporary fitting in many different environmental settings.

Abstract Paintings

Born in Arcata, California, and raised in Ashland, Oregon, Megan Headley has always felt the need to create. Staying true to her passion she pursued a degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in painting. Megan studied at multiple Universities and institutes both nationally and internationally, ultimately receiving her degree from Oregon State University in 2007. Shortly after graduating, Headley relocated to Denver, Colorado where she painted part time and was the Installation Manager at Museo de las Americas- a Latin American Art Museum. Megan\’s decision to become a full time artist coincided with her move back to the Rogue Valley in the summer of 2011. Currently she works out of her studio in Talent, Oregon. “I enjoy taking objects, experiences, or places and breaking them down into shapes, patterns, colors and textures. My inspiration sometimes comes from nature and the particular energy that a place has. Other times my work is informed by a more personal space- the mental space one travels to when doing nothing. In Taoism it is referred to as ‘Wu Wei,’ the paradoxical ‘action of non-action’.” “I find that these spaces are best explored on […]

Beyond Time

Linda Lamore skips back and forth splitting her time between painting on canvas and painting on copper. The paintings vary from large scale color fields on canvas, to multimedia on canvas, to small scale mixed media on copper. A new addition is her line of clocks that can be purchased throughout the west coast. Sometimes the two mediums join creating her one-of-a-kind art clocks.

Student Show

Come see what the girls from Ashland High School Wood Working Class are doing! Students Joy Harpham, Sheralyn Shumway, Kenzie Jackson, and Christina Chow will have their wood shop pieces on display from the first of March through the 11th. Joy Harpham will be displaying her book tower, Sheralyn Shumway will be displaying her book shelf and rocking chair, Kenzie Jackson will be displaying her Vanity Table, and Christina Chow will be displaying her walnut table. From the Drawing Class, Melissa Lamore will have several drawings on display. Come see, and cheer these girls on!

Fluid Universe

MaryAnn’s early years were spent in pre WWII Germany surrounded by family and friends, many of whom were gifted writers and musicians. She won her first award at a juried competition in Marin County, CA, and for many years had a thriving business traveling to horse shows and ranches up and down the west coast taking photographs. The Quarter Horse Journal published many of those images. During those years she kept a darkroom and processed her own film. An interest in aerial photography led her to obtain a pilot’s license, and she spent many flights photographing both as a pilot and as a passenger. In reaction to these flights far above the earth, she felt the need to get closer to the small things in nature and “I believe it was during this time that my love for macro photography evolved.” After pursuing a Ph.D. in psychology and a later career in handwriting forensics she retired and now devotes most of her time to photography. “A long life affords many opportunities for learning, exploring and photographing.”

Virgil Sova

Virgil Sova’s paintings and prints have been exhibited in more than one hundred national, international and one-man shows and are in private and public collections throughout the United States and Europe. He has won awards at the National Academy of Design, The Allied Artists of America, Salmagundi Club, The Knickerbocker Artists and Neo-Graphics to name just a few. During five consecutive years the Pastel Society of America bestowed top awards on Sova’s work, including the award for Most Innovative Use of Pastel and in 1986 he was elected Master Pastelist by the society, thus placing the artist in the vanguard of contemporary pastelists. Recently his work was included in the French Invitational for pastel painting and the exhibition Master Pastelists of the Pastel Society of America, which toured major museums in the United States.

Planetary Visions

Charles Cangilose received his masters in fine art from California University at Los Angeles in painting and printmaking. He exhibited at numerous galleries in the Los Angeles area. Upon moving to Southern Oregon, he taught art at Rogue Community College for five years. The works on display are cut aluminum shapes of various thicknesses fitted together and painted with automotive paints.

Gallery Artists

On display are gallery artists.