September & October Exhibition :: Tom Hausken

Tom Hausken, Residual II, Mixed Media

This month’s exhibition features minimal and abstract paintings by Tom Hausken.

August Exhibition : Randall David Tipton & John and Robin Gumaelius

Randall David Tipton, New Mexico Remembered, oil on canvas

August Exhibition :: Randall David Tipton & John and Robin Gumaelius July 29 – September 10 First Friday Art Walk Receptions: August 5, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. September 2, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Appointments are available too. About the Exhibition: This month’s exhibition features vibrant and explorative paintings by Randall David Tipton and highly inventive sculptures by John and Robin Gumaelius. Referring to memory as a primary source in his process, Randall uses distortion, radical simplification, and heightened color to create landscapes that are more about experience than physicality. Alternatively, John and Robin combine both skill and imagination to build a singular and unusual world out of clay and metal to form highly inventive sculptures that are often comical or bizarre. About the Artists: Randall David Tipton is a self taught Northwest contemporary landscape painter using an experimental approach to explore pure abstraction in both oils and watermedia. Derived from direct observation in forests and wetlands, Randall approaches each painting in response to what he finds is most compelling on the site of these fragile ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. With minimal […]

June/July Exhibition: Meet Me Out Left Field

P. Dews, “Foxglove” The Badger, ceramic

June/July Exhibition :: Meet Me Out Left Field June 17 – July 23 First Friday Art Walk Reception: July 1, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 12:00 – 5:00 Appointments are available too. About the Exhibition: Ceramic artist P. Dews and painter Robert Koch bring imagined and often eccentric scenarios to life. In this world the lines between animals and humans blur and fiction and fantasy rule. About the Artists: P. Dews received a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1984. Though ceramics was started as a child and continued through schooling, getting a degree in ceramic sculpture did not take a direct route. Studies included architecture, letterpress printing, graphic design, and limestone sculpture in Lacoste, France. P. Dews now produces ceramic sculptures, fusing a love of gardening with large scale sculptures, from realistic to whimsical. Stylized animals exude peaceful, playful expressions with a touch of the mysterious. Delightfully oversized seed pods, vegetables, and fruits create intrigue in the home or along the garden path. Glaze finishes can be gas, electric or wood firings in an Anagama, which creates an ancient look. A fifth generation Oregonian, […]

May Exhibition :: Judy Wise & Wataru Sugiyama

Judy Wise

Vibrant abstract paintings by Judy Wise and expressive sculptures by Wataru Sugiyama.

March/April Exhibition :: Space is Doubt

Tanner Lind, Infinite Leap, acrylic and ink on canvas

Elizabeth Arzani and Tanner Lind, March 25 – April 30

February :: A Dream within a Dream

Stacey Dressen McQueen, Launder, Acrylic

Starting the year off on a charismatically light foot, our February Exhibition indulges imaginative curiosity and reinvention.

December :: 2021 Gallery Artists Gift Salon

Robert Koch, Pink Pajamas,  Acrylic and Pastel on Hardboard

2021 Gallery Artists Gift Salon Paintings, Ceramics, Prints, Sculptures  November 25 – December 24 Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00  Sunday: 12:00 – 4:00  Appointments are also available.  Our 2021 Gallery Artists Gift Salon has been specially curated to offer a variety of diverse options that are perfect for the gift giving season. From fun to reverent, small and large, 2D and 3D, the gallery is featuring artwork from many of our artists.

October/November 2021 :: Claire Duncan, Christian Burchard, Kristy Kun

Christian Burchard & Kristy Kun, Shell no. 6, Wood and Fiber Sculpture

Claire Duncan, Christian Burchard, Kristy Kun Acrylic Paintings, Wood Sculpture, Fiber Sculpture October 14 – November 20 Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00  Sunday: 12:00 – 4:00  Appointments are also available.    This month’s exhibition features graceful paintings by Claire Duncan, elegant wood sculptures by Christian Burchard, and rich fiber sculptures by Kristy Kun. Claire Duncan’s current work continues her series of paintings responding to questions of what it means to be human at a time when our own actions threaten the very nature that inspires us. The creatures that inhabit her paintings appear to bear witness to the after-effects of human impact and give silent judgment. We are left to choose between the comforting, even sublime, experience of immersive nature and the anxiety we face when confronted with the consequences of human activity. Christian Burchard works exclusively with Madrone burl transforming into elegant, often surprising forms. Sandblasting, bleaching, and burning the surface reveals the detail and expressiveness of the wood. The result is a balance of control and freedom; a collaboration between artist and material. Kún forged her artistic mettle apprenticing as a woodworker and upholsterer during […]

September 2021 :: Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Dews

Jhenna Quinn Lewis, A Single Pearl, Oil on Board

Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Dews Oil Paintings, Woodblock Prints, Ceramics  August 19 – October 9 Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00  Sunday: 12:00 – 4:00  Appointments are also available.  This month’s exhibition features masterful oil paintings by Jhenna Quinn Lewis, rich woodblock prints by Millie Whipplesmith Plank, and stylized ceramics by Dews. Jhenna’s paintings are simple, intimate compositions that invite the viewer to closely examine the details of a bird in an unexpected setting. Through the manipulation of composition, subject matter, color, light, and shading, she brings out a subtle inherent quietness in her work. Alternatively, Millie’s prints celebrate the biodiversity and preservation of open spaces. Informed by her cattle ranching heritage, vibrant colors, simple shapes, and the nostalgia of traditional woodblock printing can be seen in her work. For Dews, she is inspired by the fusion of gardening with ceramics, whether it be realistic or whimsical. Dews’ stylized animals exude peaceful, playful, expressions, while adding just a touch of mysteriousness.  

July 2021 :: Wataru Sugiyama & Jon Jay Cruson

Jon Jay Cruson
Overview #18
Acrylic on canvas

Ceramic Sculptures and Landscape Paintings

May 2021: John/Robin Gumaelius & Robert Koch

John and Robin Gumaelius 
Undecided Rider 
Ceramic Sculpture

John/Robin Gumaelius & Robert Koch  Ceramic Sculptures and Narrative Paintings May 13 – June 26 Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. John and Robin Gumaelius Ceramic Sculptures Robin and John Gumaelius, collaborating artists and husband and wife, create articulated human and birdlike sculptures. They combine ceramic, steel, and wood as they form highly inventive sculptures that are often comical or bizarre. Elements of children’s stories, religious icons, reliquaries, Medieval and Renaissance history, African skin decoration, and holy relics from Germany can be seen in their work.   Robert Koch  Narrative Paintings Gestural strokes and spontaneous marks collide with color blocks in  Robert Koch’s narrative vignettes. Often prompted by found  photographs, Koch takes the liberty to make his subjects humans or  creatures inhabiting the same world. Having the appearance of quickness and even naiveté, Koch’s deft drawing skills mean each mark is playful and intentional at the same time.

April 2021: Laura Foster & Wade Schuster

Wade Schuster, 
Wheat Paste Cover Stories,
oil on canvas, 

Laura Foster and Wade Schuster  Reclaimed Materials and Paintings Temporary Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. April 1 – May 8  Wade Schuster Paintings Wade Schuster is an artist and art educator currently living and working in Portland, Oregon. Schuster’s art practice explores perception, memory, and the everyday life of public space, using walks as a source of inspiration. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Schuster received a BA in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire before moving to Las Vegas, where he lived and worked from 2005-2020. His works are held in both public and private collections, including the permanent collection of the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art in Las Vegas, Nevada. Laura Foster Reclaimed Materials My materials are sought in a lazy way; chanced upon, found by the curb. All have been part of some deliberate human action and are now disjoined from that action-perhaps no longer needed, perhaps worn out by that need. Unhitched and scattered, they are words of a sentence chopped apart and thrown into the yard. Threshold, fencepost, windowsill. Cardboard, curtain, shutter. The scattering remains here, the tender mawkishness of a thing […]

Novellas :: Narrative Art by Women for Women’s History Month

Stacey Dressen McQueen, acrylic on paper

 Across times and cultures women have been known as the story keepers and tellers, bringing to life our wisdoms and dreams, histories, and futures. To celebrate this tradition we are giving the gallery over to a group of artists who use their craft to tell us stories.   Ondrea Levey, Drawings and Sculpture Stacey Dressen McQueen, Painting Laurie Gadbois, Mosaic Sculpture Bobbie Jansen, Painting Noriko Sugita, Printmaking   Temporary Gallery Hours Thursday – Saturday 12-4   February 18- March 27

Betty LaDuke Fundraiser & Gallery Artists Salon

Betty LaDuke, Awakening, 11x17, inkjet print

2020 Gallery Artists Salon and new work by Betty LaDuke as well as a fundraiser print sale to help the Rogue Valley farm workers displaced by the Almeda Fire.

John & Robin Gumealius, sculpture & Judy Wise, painting

John & Robin Gumaelius, For the One who Cries Wolf, a Fox Will Have to Do

John & Robin Gumaelius, sculpture
Judy Wise, painting

Korey Gulbrandson, painting & Penelope Dews, ceramic sculpture

Korey Gulbrandson, Dreaming Days Away, mixed media on panel

Korey Gulbrandson, painting & Penelope Dews, ceramic sculpture

Sue Springer, Stan Peterson and Robert Koch, A Trip to the Far Side

Robert Koch, Little Monsters

A Trip to the Far Side: Sue Springer, ceramic sculpture,Robert Koch, paintings, Stan Peterson, carved wood sculpture. July 3 – August 4
Temporary Summer Hours: Thursday – Saturday 12-4

Summer Group Show:: Robert Schlegel, Wataru Sugiyama, Randall David Tipton

Robert Schlegel, Bird House, 28x22

::JUNE:: Summer Group Show May 29 – June 30 Robert Schlegel, paintings Wataru Sugiyama, ceramic sculpture Randall David Tipton, paintings New temporary hours: Thursday – Saturday 12-4 and by appointment:

The 24×24 Solution:: all wall work 24×24 and smaller in the gallery will be shipped free

Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Teas & Cherries, oil on linen, 18x15

This April we bring you, The 24×24 Solution. We are offering free shipping in the U.S. on these or make arrangements to pick it up locally.

Spotlighting Karen Staal, Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Penelope Dews, Élan Chardin Gombart & Judy Howard

Millie Whipplesmith Plank, The Hidden Railway, woodblock print

This month we are spotlighting a few of the women of Hanson Howard Gallery. Karen Staal, Penelope Dews, Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Judy Howard, Elan Chardin

Betty LaDuke :: Original Paintings from the Archives

Chile: Homage to the Disappeared

Betty LaDuke: original paintings created during LaDuke’s mid career era whilst visiting South America and Africa.

Open by Appointment During the Month of January

Betty LaDuke,Catch the Joy, 2018

Happy New Year!!
We will open by appointment during the month of January as we prepare for the new decade.
In February we will reopen with original works by Betty LaDuke.

Tis the (40th) Season :: 1979-2019

Judy Wise, Atempo, acrylic on canvas

Tis the (40th) Season:: 1979-2019. Hosting new work by gallery artists plus a few artists new to the mix throughout the month of December.

Noriko Sugita, woodcut prints & Tom Hausken,paintings

Noriko Sugita, Sky, woodcut print

Noriko Sugita, reduction woodcut prints and Tom Hausken, abstract paintings. November 1st – Dec 3, 2019
Opening Reception November 1st, 5-8 pm

Translating the Terrain:: Three Oregon Landscape Painters, Randall David Tipton, Jon Jay Cruson & Robert Schlegel

Randall David Tipton, Theater of Trees, oil on panel, 12x12

Randall David Tipton, Jon Jay Cruson and Robert Schlegel breakdown the terrain around us into shapes, colors and marks, expressing distinctly personal visions.

Robert Schlegel, painting & Penelope Dews, ceramic sculpture

Robert Schlegel, Houses on Water, acrylic on canvas

Penelope Dews, ceramic sculpture & Robert Schlegel, painting. September 6th – October 1st. Artist Reception: September 6th, 5-8 pm

Sara Swink, ceramic sculpture & Alison O’Donoghue, paintings

Alison O'Donoghue, Odds & Ends

The playful, colorful, imaginative and sometimes bizarre worlds of Portland artists Sara Swink, sculptor and Alison O’Donoghue, painter are paired for a dreamy exhibit with a twist of humor.

Jimmie Nord, sculpture & Élan Chardin Gombart, paintings

Élan Chardin Gombart, Let's Build More Ruins 3

Jimmie Nord, sculpture & Élan Chardin Gombart, paintings
July 5th – 30th
Opening Reception: July 5th, 5-8 pm

June: Jon Jay Cruson, paintings and Robin & John Gumaelius, sculpture

Jon Jay Cruson, Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 30x30

Jon Jay Cruson, painter and collaborative duo Robin & John Gumaelius, ceramic sculptors will be featured this June. Opening reception June 7th, 5-8. Show runs June 7-July.

Sue Springer, ceramic sculpture & Robert Koch, paintings

Sue Springer, When Women Were Birds

Sue Springer, ceramic sculpture & Robert Koch, paintings. May 3 – June 4. Artist reception May 3, 5-8 pm.

Deborah Oropallo, Dark Landscapes for a White House, video and photomontage

Deborah Oropallo, Video Frame: Pirates, Paris, photomontage on paper

Deborah Oropallo, Dark Landscapes for a White House, video and photomontages in conjunction with The Ashland Independent Film Festival and The Schneider Museum of Art. Artist talk April 11th

Millie Whipplesmith Plank, woodblock prints & Christian Burchard, sculpture

Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Chief Mountain, woodblock print

Millie Whipplesmith Plank, woodblock prints celebrating biodiversity & Christian Burchard, madrone burl sculpture. March 1 – April 2. First Friday Opening Reception, March 1st, 5-8 p.m.

40th Anniversary:: Works from the Collection of Hanson Howard Gallery

Larry Lewis, Perfumed Interior

Join us in February for an exhibition of works from the Hanson Howard Collection made available for purchase at original prices. Opening February 1st 5-8 pm.

Animal Crackers, A Gallery Artists Holiday Salon

Robert Koch, Enchantment

In December we continue our gallery artists holiday salon featuring works that honor animals. This show offers many options for those seeking exceptional gifts.

Animal Crackers: Gallery Artists Pay Tribute to Our Furry and Feathered Friends

Stan Peterson, Under the Owl, carved wood

Animal Crackers: Gallery Artists pay tribute to our furry and feathered friends, from the fun to the reverent, small pieces and large, 2D and 3D. This show will be up throughout the holidays.

Claire Duncan :: Dialogs with the Anthropocene, acrylic paintings

Uneasy Truce/ Broken Truce

Claire Duncan responds to questions of what it means to be human in relation to the rest of nature by pairing elegant paintings of wildlife with images of environmental concerns.

Noriko Sugita: woodcut prints, Cheryl Williams: ceramic sculpture

Noriko Sugita, Sky, woodcut print

We will feature the work of Noriko Sugita and Cheryl Williams in September. Noriko Sugita is a printmaker who works with traditional Japanese woodcut in a playful way, with complex layers of color, form and mark-making. Sculptor, Cheryl Williams manipulates thrown ceramic forms into elegant, curving twists and circular shapes with often metallic or patina finish. Join us for a reception for the artists during the Ashland First Friday Artwalk, September 7th, 5-8 pm. Show runs September 7th – October 2nd. Noriko Sugita’s work depends on momentary inspiration, letting shapes and colors explore deep thought.  Inventive and animated, her use of shapes and lines suggests human emotion and relationships or elaborate fictional worlds. Sugita often layers thin pigments of saturated color along with active marks through a reductive woodcut printing technique. While this makes for small editions it allows for increased detail and color. Cheryl Williams was raised in California and spent time camping in the Sierra Mountains where she was influenced by the rivers, stones and light.  She moved to Oregon to start a career in the Arts in the early 1980’s.  After many years establishing herself as a […]

Outside the Lines :: Robert Koch, Peter VanFleet & Pamela Kroll, mixed media painting

Robert Koch, Hush, acrylic on panel

Robert Koch, Peter VanFleet & Pamela Kroll are three painters indulging in the freedom of playing outside the lines. Join us for a reception for the artists during the First Friday Art Walk, August 3rd, 5-8 p.m.  Show runs August 22nd – September 4th. Robert Koch Gestural strokes and spontaneous marks collide with color blocks in Robert Koch’s narrative vignettes. Often prompted by found photographs, Koch takes the liberty to make his subjects humans or creatures inhabiting the same world. Having the appearance of quickness and even naiveté, Koch’s deft drawing skills mean each mark is playful and intentional at the same time. Peter VanFleet Part painting, part sculpture, Peter Van Fleet‘s work invites us to experience dimensionality, structure, and vibrant color. In this new body of work Peter has reworked paintings appropriated from other artists. He calls these paintings “Cowbirds”, referring to that bird which lays its eggs in another bird’s nest so that fledgling will be raised by the host. Pamela Kroll  Influenced by folk art, myth, and cultures from around the world, Pamela works with acrylic on paper, combining collage elements such as wires, beads, sequins, bird bones, and […]

Tom Hausken :: Siskiyou Painting, oil paintings

Tom Hausken, Siskiyou 2, Open Form

Tom Hausken’s Siskiyou Painting will be exhibited throughout July. His oil paintings are abstracts of the landscape which portray a sense of place through paint.

Jon Jay Cruson, landscape paintings and Robin & John Gumaelius, ceramic sculptures

Jon Jay Cruson, A Quiet Road, acrylic on canvas

The stylized landscapes of Jon Jay Cruson will be featured alongside the playful ceramic figures of Robin and John Gumaelius in June. Join us for a reception for the artists on Friday, June 1st 5-8 p.m. during Ashland’s First Friday Artwalk. Show runs June 1st – 29th. Jon Jay Cruson is a true West Coast artist. His paintings, stylized shapes, patterns and colors, are the result of much time spent studying the Pacific Northwestern landscape.  His style is unsullied by trends or fashions. While remaining representational, his paintings tend toward the abstract, a double pull that is one source of the creative tension in his work. His work is included in countless permanent collections including Portland Art Museum, University of Oregon Museum of Art and The Victoria Albert Museum, London, England. Robin and John Gumaelius, collaborating artists and husband and wife, create articulated human and birdlike sculptures. They combine ceramic, steel and wood as they form highly inventive sculptures that are often comical or bizarre. Elements of  children’s stories, religious icons, reliquaries, Medieval and Renaissance history, African skin decoration and  holy relics from Germany can be seen in their work. […]

Lewis Anderson, Marly Eidsness & James Hutchinson :: photography, sculpture and works on paper

Marly Eidsness, The Thinker, wire mesh

Lewis Anderson, Marly Eidsness and Jamie Hutchinson will be featured in May.  In this exhibit which includes photography, painting and metal sculpture each artist introduces us to new visions of the world through delicate and thoughtful fabrication and invention.  Join us for an artist reception on Friday, May 6th, 5-8 pm.  Show runs May 6th-29th.                 Lewis Anderson accurately describes his art as being somewhere between photography and painting, somewhere between East and West, somewhere between contemporary and ancient. The images invite the viewer to explore quiet moments in diverse, invented landscapes full of light and shadow and symbology that emanate a strong sense of peace, solitude and mystery.   James Hutchinson‘s intuitive landscape’s are inspired by Chinese landscape work of the 10th-15th centuries. The compressed space and obsessive lines give the impression of topographic maps yet glimpses of sky and distant mountains brings you back to a sense of environment, though not one that is familiar. These landscapes have the feel of fantasy. Marly Eidsness‘s wire mesh sculptures of birds assembled into shapes and poses we recognize as the majestic great blue heron […]

Randall David Tipton :: Nature Perceived, oil paintings

Randall David Tipton, Window, oil on panel, 26x24

Randall David Tipton, Nature Perceived, Pacific NW landscapes that expose and celebrate the fluid indeterminacy of land, light, air and water.

March:: Women in the Arts

Karen Staal, Are We There Yet, acrylic on canvas

March is Women’s History Month and we are celebrating the creative talent and voices of women in the arts, featuring the women painters, sculptors and printmakers of Hanson Howard Gallery.

Betty LaDuke :: Diversity, original painted panels and giclee prints spanning five decades

Betty LaDuke,Catch the Joy, 2018

Diversity will include new work from Betty LaDuke’s project, Social Justice, which shines a light on current challenges facing Native Americans and immigrant populations.

Gallery Artist Salon & Short Break

Robert Koch, Grannie's Back

We will feature our gallery artists through January 5th, after which we will take a short break to ready the gallery for 2019.

Robert C. DeVoe closing reception & Betty LaDuke :: Diversity, original panels and giclee prints

Betty LaDuke,Catch the Joy, 2018

Betty LaDuke, Diversity, original painted wood panels and giclee prints spanning five decades and five continents of an artistic career dedicated to diversity and social justice.

Robert C. DeVoe, Realist Painter and Gallery Artists Holiday Salon

Robert C. DeVoe, White Roses, watercolor, 37.5x32.5

In celebration of Robert DeVoe’s painting career we have gathered a body of work from galleries and personal archives and are proud to host this exhibition at Hanson Howard Gallery to close out the 2017 season along with our traditional Gallery Artists’ Salon. Join us in a reception for the artists on First Friday, December 1st, 5-8 p.m. Exhibition runs November 24- December 30th. Robert C. DeVoe, master Realist Painter began his career as an artist with Hanson Howard Gallery in the early 1980’s and was soon receiving recognition and awards in national exhibitions.  An English Professor for 20 years at SOU, he retired early to become a full time artist. He has been included in major exhibitions and collections across the country throughout his long and successful career.  His painting of our local mountain range was chosen for the cover of The Artist and the American Landscape, a book sold in museum book stores. He is most noted for his extraordinary still life paintings.  His use of color, light and texture  embodies the finest attributes of the Realist Painting genre.  In the classical tradition, they represent life with authenticity.    

Photo Cascadia & Penelope Dews :: Seven Photographers on Atmosphere and Wood Fired Ceramics

Chip Phillips, Wizards Hat, Bandon Oregon

Photo Cascadia, 7 photographers from the Pacific Northwest that photograph the beauty of the outdoors around the globe and Penelope Dews, ceramic artist, new wood fired ceramic work.

Drawing on the Dream :: Original Prints & Book Signing by Denise Kester & Illustrated Ceramics by Julia Janeway,

Denise Kester, Guaudian Angels Know How to Mend a Broken Heart, monotype

Drawing on the Dream we will feature original monoprints and debut of new book by Denise Kester along with the vibrantly illustrated ceramics of Julia Janeway.

Forma :: New Work by Claire Duncan & Christian Burchard

Claire Duncan, Solitary Persistence, acrylic on panel

Forma:: form, shape & beauty, Claire Duncan (paintings) and Christian Burchard (sculpture). New work that both reveres and responds to the beauty that nature offers.

TRUE STORIES :: Sara Swink & Robert Koch, paintings and sculpture

Sara Swink, Bring on the Rain

Hanson Howard will be featuring, True Stories, the whimsically narrative sculptures and paintings of Sara Swink and Robert Koch this August.

Laurel Bustamante, Élan Chardin Gombart, Kelly Brand & Alexandra Opie :: Supernaturalistic

Laurel Bustamante, All the Little Live Things, acrylic/gouache on panel

Paintings by Laurel Bustamante, Kelly Brand and Élan Chardin Gombart alongside photographic tin types by Alexandra Opie range from micro to macro realities with a heavy dose of imagination.


River Houses, Robert Schlegel

This June we will be featuring the ceramic and mixed media assemblage sculptures of collaborative sculptors, Robin & John Gumaelius and the paintings of Robert Schlegel.

WATARU SUGIYAMA & LEWIS ANDERSON ceramic sculptures & digital photography

Lewis Anderson, Boatman

Wataru Sugiyama infuses a contemporary charm and humor into traditional Japanese motifs in his ceramic sculptures. Lewis Anderson digitally blends photographs to create mystic landscapes.

Carol Ingram & Vince Carl :: Paintings, Figurative and Landscape

Carol Ingram, Growing

April :: Carol Ingram & Vince Carl, paintings. Carol’s paints Oregon landscapes with dramatic effect. Vince Carl approaches the human figure with an abstract approach to form and color.

GABRIEL MARK LIPPER :: paintings: portrait, landscape and still life

The Red Shirt, Gabriel Mark Lipper

Gabriel Mark Lipper uses lush color and strong brushwork to create evocative moods in these unconventional portrait, moody landscape and painterly still life paintings

Betty LaDuke :: Border Crossings & Bountiful Harvest

Border Crossing low res

Betty LaDuke’s 65 year career as an artist has spanned continents focusing on concerns of the human condition. Informed and inspired by Mexican muralists, LaDuke’s panels stand on their own in style and purpose. While often speaking to the trials that humans face, there is also a celebration of spirit present in each large, vibrantly painted panel. February’s exhibition at Hanson Howard Gallery will include giclee prints from the original panels of Betty LaDuke’s series, “Bountiful Harvest” as well as a current series titled “Border Crossings” and beginning sketches of a new project underway concerning the water protectors at Standing Rock which will all be available for purchase. We will also have several new original panels from “Border Crossings” on view but not available for purchase at this time. Beginning by spending time sketching activities on the local farms,  the panels of Bountiful Harvest, From Land to Table illustrate and celebrate the workers who plant, tend and harvest our food here in the Rogue Valley. Border Crossings is a symbolic portrayal of the emotional anguish experienced by mothers, children and families as they desperately seek refuge from violence, hunger and despair. In these […]

GALLERY ARTISTS SALON :: Paintings, Prints, Sculpture and Ceramics Featuring Many of Our Gallery Artists


Keeping in the tradition of giving you an eyeful at the end of the year we will be featuring our gallery artists in salon style.

Gallery Artists: Paintings: Laurel Bustamante, Jon Jay Cruson & Randall David Tipton

Laurel Bustamante, Nightbird in Pompeii

Paintings: New work from Jon Jay Cruson, David Randall Tipton and Laurel Bustamante, each artist having a distinctively different spin on the tradition of “landscape”.

Élan Chardin Gombart & Cathy Valentine, Abstract in Nature, acrylic and encaustic

Élan Chardin Gombart, Screen l, acrylic on panel

Cathy Valentine and Élan Chardin Gombart create abstract work that presents layers of floating shapes, colors and lines reflecting both human nature and physical nature surrounding us.

Noriko Sugita & Tallmadge Doyle :: Printmaking

Viridis Rutilius lll, Tallmadge Doyle

::SEPTEMBER:: Bold and rich treatment of botanical forms feature prominently in the work of printmakers, Tallmadge Doyle and Noriko Sugita. Sugita carves wood block plates to create intricate layers of pattern and form while Doyle uses a variety of methods including aquatint, line etching, drypoint and hand coloring with dramatic results. Show runs September 1- October 4th. Artist Reception during the First Friday Artwalk, September 2nd, 5-8 p.m.     NORIKO SUGITA Noriko Sugita’s work depends on momentary inspiration, letting shapes and colors explore deep thought, as a choreographer explores complex thought through dance composition. Improvised movement of impersonated shape suggests symbols and patterns reflective of human emotion and relationships. She often layers thin pigments, creating reminders that our human experience is layered. Originally from Hakodate, Japan, Noriko Sugita earned a BFA (summa cum laude) from Southern Oregon University in 2004. Exhibiting and teaching throughout the Pacific Northwest, she now resides in Beaverton, OR. TALLMADGE DOYLE After the Storm Within Tallmadge Doyle’s work runs a common thread of interest in the scientific realm. Whether it be astronomy, physics, or botany she is fueled by ideas and images from science and the natural […]

August :: Bobbie Jansen & Gabriel Mark Lipper, paintings :: still lifes & portraits

Aeada, Gabriel Mark Lipper

At first glance Bobbie Jansen and Gabriel Mark Lipper’s paintings are still lifes and portraits, and while both artists approach painting with a respect to these traditions, they share a greater concern for the archetypal resonance of their subject matter.  Transcending the individuality of a woman or the functionality of a shoe, through painting the artists are relating to a broader association with people and objects in our lives; our mothers, our sisters, our everyday burdens/joys….existing at times as both anonymous, yet deeply familiar and always universal. Show runs from August 4th – 30th with an artist reception on First Friday, August 5th from 5-8 p.m.   For Albany artist, Bobbie Jansen, it is often in the process of painting an object that she discovers her connection to it. It may be as simple as the shape or color, but more often it is a symbolic stand-in for something greater. The objects may find themselves in a tight, claustrophobic interior, or in an endlessly expanding exterior. At times they are singular, and isolated, at other times multiplied, intertwined, and chaotic. They may be whole with every detail described, or be fractured, veiled […]

WATARU SUGIYAMA ceramic sculpture & PETER VANFLEET sculptural/abstract painting

Meditating Owl, Wataru Sugiyama

Wataru Sugiyama: ceramic sculptures combining traditional and contemporary techniques and motifs & Peter VanFleet: sculptural, abstract paintings on wood.

JUNE: Robin & John Gumaelius, ceramic sculptures :: Jon Jay Cruson, abstract landscape paintings

Robin & John Gumaelius

Imaginative, whimsical ceramic sculptures by Robin & John Gumaelius along with the colorfully bold abstract landscape paintings of Jon Jay Cruson.

For the Birds: Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Claire Duncan & Barbara Orsow – original paintings and photographs

Claire Duncan, Black Birds, Dark Interlude

“For the Birds” three artists, three artists interpret birds as art subjects with unique approaches: original paintings and photographs by Jhenna Quinn Lewis,Claire Duncan & Barbara Orsow

Greeley Wells – Figure Drawings and Video Installation


March 29th – April 21st we will be featuring “Framed” the figurative drawings and video installation of Greeley Wells.

Christian Burchard – wood sculptures, Karen Staal – paintings & Marcello Romano – photographs

Christian Burchard Acrobat #3

Christian Burchard skillfully manipulates madrone burl to create expressive wood sculptures, Karen Staal focuses on Jazz Musicians in this selection of paintings, creating new harmonies with line, shape and color. Ashland High School student, Marcello Romano photographs the nebulous night in his series, Stargazing.

FEBRUARY ::Betty LaDuke – Bountiful Harvest- paintings, prints and book launch :: Christian Burchard- wood sculpure

From Riddle Series, Christian Burchard

February featured exhibit: Betty LaDuke, paintings, prints and signing of new book, “Bountiful Harvest: From Land to Table” and the wood sculptures of Christian Burchard.

New Year Gallery Artists Salon

Judy Howard & Élan Chardin

Introducing Élan Chardin who has joined Judy in partnership at Hanson Howard Gallery. January will be a salon of works from each of our gallery artists.

Winter Salon featuring all Gallery Artists


The Winter Salon continues into the new year featuring all of our gallery artists in salon style. The gallery will be closed January 17-31.

Holiday Salon

grace and carl

“Grace” by Wataru Sugiyama is standing in front of “Over, Under, Sideways” (detail) by Vince carl. Our Annual Salon will include work by all gallery artists. Featured work includes paintings, encaustics, woodcuts, monoprints, sculpture – mixed media, bronze, wood and ceramic. This exhibit is scheduled from November 25 – December 31.

Beauty in the Time of Climate Change

Winter's Wait 400

Photographs by Doug Smith, Jim Chamberlain, Vincent Leandro and friends. Quote from “Shifting Patterns” published in 2008: “Beyond the classic ingredients that form the world – earth, air, fire, and water – we must acknowledge another: people. Like it or not, humanity is an essential component of all the living systems on the planet, and how we behave will determine the future not just of ourselves, but of every living thing. There is no escaping the consequences of human activity. Like all animals, human beings are, most fundamentally, consumers. We seek abundance, safety, and ease, and have been remarkably successful at getting them. Unfortunately, at the base of it all is the flawed assumption that our consumption of the world’s good things can increase forever. Sooner or later, that assumption was bound to catch up with us. Thanks to climate change, it looks like it’s going to be sooner. . Humans are consumers, yes, but we are also capable of astounding generosity, imagination, creativity, and compassion. This is the time to begin.”

Fields in Color

Fields in Color # 8 08.59.29

JON JAY CRUSON”S remarkable career makes his work highly collectable not only nationally but internationally as well. He has works in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London England and in private collections from Italy to Japan. He is represented in many corporate collections within the United States such as the Ford Collection and Chrysler Collection in Michigan. “Life events– my visual and emotional environments– have guided my work over the last 40 years. I did not always know where I was going, but simply went where the road led me. The metaphor of traveling along a road has been my constant approach to work and life and has led me through many varied environments. I have not jumped on artistic bandwagons, doing what was currently popular. Instead I have followed my own changing interests by studying both the nature of the subject and the ways in which I could best express my understanding of it. Time and again I find myself ‘where the road leads me’, not knowing exactly what I will discover yet finding the inspiration from what comes over the horizon. The open country, patterns, shapes, and […]

Julia and Noriko


NORIKO SUGITA “In creating visual images, I depend on momentary inspiration. I layer thin pigments, creating reminders that our human experience is layered. Sometimes I change directions, covering or leaving snippets behind. I believe that having no clear image in front of me is actually valuable–that if I knew the end from the beginning I would lose my appetite to begin. I’ve learned that if I reach, I will find something valuable, somehow, somewhere.” Julia Janeway: “I think my work will always be about my love of story. I find inspiration in defining fleeting moments of life’s larger narrative –a magpie alights on a fence, a man tries to describe a flying fish, a swallow’s wings turn sharp against the sky as it dives.”

Intimate Visions

Observation 1 & 2

ENCAUSTICS BY CATHY VALENTINE and COLLAGES BY JOSHUA STRINGER “My work is abstract in nature, with a sense of randomness. I consider my paintings to be a type of emotional landscape, my own internal language. I feel as though my pieces provoke memories and experiences of my past, and move into my present life. The process I use currently is a build up of layers of encaustic and drawing directly onto the wax, exploring transparencies. Encaustic is suited for such explorations. The use of this material seems to combine many disciplines, collage, printmaking imagery and sculptural qualities are seen in the final result.” Cathy Valentine. Joshua Stringer is a mixed media artist living in Salem, Oregon. He received his BFA in painting and printmaking from Southern Oregon University in 2005. Since then his work has evolved to become centered on collage techniques with a minimalist aesthetic. This reflects his interest in contemplative spirituality and the aesthetics of wabi-sabi. His thoughtfully spare, yet beautiful work incorporates found images and materials, dried plants, watercolor paint, cut paper, thread, and pencil drawing.

Crows are such Clowns

Clown Crow

Susan Hargrove is a prolific artist and an Ashland native who moved to Sacramento many years ago. She returns with a show called “Crows are such Clowns”. They are a great source of entertainment and examples of how we should play more! “My art is contemporary and expressionistic, relating to our spiritual and human condition.” Sculptures by Robin and John Gumaelius will also be featured in the July exhibit.

R and J Gumaelius, sculpture and Vince Carl, paintings

John 4 28 15-012-Edit

Collaborating artists and husband and wife, ROBIN and JOHN GUMAELIUS incorporate ceramic, steel and wood to create animated human and birdlike sculptures. Their works are comical, bizarre and highly inventive. Robin says, “Radio stories, history books, biking adventures, gardening notes, neighbors spied, strangers watched in stores and parks and cars jangle together in our heads and come so freely to our fingers that when we see the pieces finished we are often delighted – as if we are not their creators; they just come to talk with us for a while and then leave again”. In their unique working relationship, Robin and John combine both skill and imagination together as an artistic team to build a singularly unusual world out of clay and mixed media. The couple and their four young children live in a wooded environment near the coast in Washington. While starting with a treehouse, they have also built their own home, studio, barn and lush garden. VINCE CARL has shifted from his focus on the figure to abstraction with great success after several years of hard work as his process evolved technically and philosophically.

Focus on the Mood


FOCUS ON THE MOOD Paintings by Wayne Armstrong and Karen Staal “I am a great admirer of Vermeer, de la Tour, Hopper and those artists who capture quiet, private moments. Each of these paintings are meant to do the same. The spare compositions, muted colors and lack of features direct attention towards an interior drama. My hope is that each viewer can reveal what is invisible and make tangible what has been implied.” W.A. Karen Staal uses the figure to structure her paintings. Her intention as she begins is not to tell a story but rather to compose by focusing on elements and fundamentals of composition as she paints spontaneously. A successful result for her comes through exploration and discovery during the painting process. Since human figures are the subject, a narrative takes shape and however ambiguous, each viewer brings their own experiences to an interpretation. Occasionally, Karen sees that she has created an image that reflects her personal life.

Sculpture by Wataru Sugiyama


Elements of Japanese history and mythology are almost the exclusive focus of Wataru’s creations. He interprets imaginary and existing objects and gives them a modern twist by bringing his personal vision to these subjects. His sculptures are truly inspirational and have a powerful presence and a sense of humor, and make a strong impression on his viewers. Besides historical elements, extremely fine detail and exquisite facial expressions are featured on his sculptures.

“Scenerios”: Peter VanFleet and David Masters


Part painting, part sculpture, Peter Van Fleet‘s work invites us to experience dimensionality, structure,and vibrant color. Wood is peeled, stressed, recombined, and puzzled thru to create new surfaces, elemental colors, and plenty of room for thought about the tumultuous power of creation or the soft quiet of a simple melody. Introducing David Masters, recently moved to the Northwest, presents “Scenerios”, with recycled woods, fragments and scavenged materials torn loose from context.


Mali Market Day

Multicultural Celebrations by renowned artist, Betty LaDuke will include small paintings (32” X 42”) depicting the lives of villagers from Asia, Africa and Latin America. “I hope that my visual impressions reach out beyond the confines of national boundaries to reveal that in spite of our cultural differences, human survival is dependent on our ability to connect with one another through understanding and compassion. Bonding with my family and friends on a multicultural, global level nurtures me. I have a need to continue sharing visually and verbally examples of human dignity and hope” Betty LaDuke We have represented Betty since the gallery first opened in 1980 with many exhibits throughout her prolific career. Most of her exhibitions and collections are shown or owned by museums and she rarely shows in galleries. We are privileged to make this collection of *small paintings (42” x 32”) accessible to our community. 50% of proceeds will be donated to The Oregon Community Foundation in support of Rogue Valley visual arts.

Gallery Group Show

Marie Maretska is one of the featured artists for the January exhibit which includes most of the gallery stable. Marie is currently producing intimate, jewel like wall pieces as depicted here. “New Leaf over a Full Moon” is one of a small series and part of the current show. Marie recently received a grant from the LLoyd Haines Foundation that encouraged her to explore new directions.

Annual Holiday Salon


The Annual Holiday Salon features a variety of new and revisited work by gallery artists in rotation during November and December.

Annual Holiday Salon

The annual exhibit at Hanson Howard Gallery features salon style hanging
that includes many gallery artists and rotates to add new work during the
month of December.

Magical and Edgy


DENISE KESTER, “My art has a story of its own and a life of its own. My art is magical realism. My art is a possibility. The art I create, creates me.”


“Fine Lines”, photography by Vincent Leandro is a collection of current work including many recent award-winning images from prestigious exhibitions around the country.

Jon Jay Cruson

2014-05-02 09.20.21

JON JAY CRUSON, “A Quiet Place”, is a series of landscape paintings based on his philosophy, “where the road leads me”.

Sara Swink and Marie Maretska

SARA SWINK, Ceramic Sculpture and MARIE MARETSKA, Works on Copper

Ken Grant

Be Back Soon

“Paintings” by Ken Grant, whose paintings invite the viewer into a sunlit comfort zone. He is a contemporary realist.

Gumaelius and Annekristine

Top Hat and Jester Birds
by R & J Gumaelius

Robin and John Gumaelius collaborate to create extraordinary sculpture incorporating ceramic, steel and wood. Painter, AnneKristine, Is a recent and welcome addition to our gallery stable.

Distinctive Characters and Ordinary Folks

"Three Aunts and an  Uncle" by Robert Koch

“Distinctive Characters and Ordinary Folks”
Figurative Paintings by Karen Staal, Wayne Armstrong, Robert Koch, and sculpture by Candace Miller.

Botanecas Artephonius


“Botanecas Artephonius” is a portfolio of prints by WAYNE ARMSTRONG who incorporates familiar styles and images by master artists into botanical illustrations.

Judy and the Beasts

Judy and the Beasts

Judy and the Beasts – Paintings by Judy Howard and Beastly Ceramics by Julia Janeway

New Year Revisit

by Julia Janeway

The December First Friday was cancelled due to snow, ice and freezing temperatures that stayed with us throughout the week. Therefore we will celebrate the New Year by continuing our current show including all gallery artists.

Annual Holiday Salon

Our Annual Salon will include work by all gallery artists on a rotating basis during the holiday season. Featured work includes paintings, encaustics, woodcuts, monoprints, sculpture – mixed media, bronze, wood and ceramic. Carol Ingram is one of the featured painters and her recent work is a departure from the familiar landscapes that collectors have enjoyed in the recent past. Having been an artist all her life, Carol has explored many subjects and her current research takes us into the realm of mythology.

Our Annual Salon will include work by all gallery artists on a rotating basis during the holiday season.

Holiday Salon

"Wearing a Pale Giraffe Hat " by Robin & John Gumaelius

ANNUAL HOLIDAY SALON will include work by all gallery artists on a rotating basis through the months of November and December.

All in the Family

Grace Henson family montage-660

“All in the Family” features Grace Henson, children and a grandchild, all formerly of Ashland who each have careers as Artists and Designers. The title appropriately shifts to “Art in the Family”

Transparency and Density of Form

Petaluma Pecker
Bronze and wood sculpture by Don Ajello

“Transparency and Density of Form” DON AJELLO, bronze and wood sculpture. CATHY VALENTINE, encaustic paintings. See Spotlight.


“THOROUGHBRED”, an equestrian themed show – large extraordinary oil paintings by Gabriel Lipper


JON JAY CRUSON, extraordinary abstract paintings of northwest landscape by this renown artist .

Photographs by Michael Williams; Sculpture by Robin and John Gumaelius

Riding his horse out of town

John and Robin Gumaelius, annual sculpture exhibit of new work. And introducing Michael Williams, Abstract Nude photographs

Bob Bosworth

Bob Bosworth, master watercolorist and renowned architect has made the Rogue Valley home base throughout his illustrious career. He has designed numerous private estates, unique buildings and received national acclaim for the “Oregon Pavilion” at the world’s fair in Seattle 1962. He is currently focused on painting. “My paintings, abstract or representational, emerge from an impulse to seek nature’s poem. Also, painting and design are what I do best in life.”

East Meets West

Wataru Sugiyama, known throughout the Northwest and Japan for his extraordinary sculpture based on Hanawa imagery. Also uniquely elegant paintings by Cheryl Williams.

“It’s For the Birds”

A theme based invitational exhibit with new work in all media by gallery artists. Also on display will be paintings by Raven Borgilt, an exceptional art student and sophomore at Ashland Senior High School.

Gallery Group Show

The focus will be on new sculpture that arrived toward the end of the year by Aggie Zed and the Gumaelius family. We’ll also revisit many fine works by other gallery artists.


Carol Ingram’s unique style captures a drama reminiscent of the paintings created by JMW Turner late in his career. “For me, painting is a mysterious process. I start each painting with a general idea of what I’m going to do, but as I work, the dialogue begins, and things start evolving. My job is to be responsive to what is happening on the canvas, to recognize when it’s good, and to move with it. This involves letting go of knowledge, preconceived ideas, and too much thinking, and that can be really hard. But after all these years of painting, the only thing that works for me is to trust the process. I love the fact that when a painting is finished, I’m always surprised at how it looks, and I think, how did I paint that?” Dennis Meiners work is known for highly textured surfaces and metaphoric content. “The act of making things is a magical privilege for which I have made and will make many sacrifices. I have found that the objects that result from the act of making are secondary to being in the process of bringing those […]


SARA SWINK “I make human and animal forms with a psychological stance, using form, surface, color and facial expression to investigate the imaginal realm of dreams, fantasies and feeling states. The receptivity of clay invites this kind of inner exploration and is the perfect medium to explore the human longing for symbolic understanding and personal regeneration. My ideas derive most often from a process methodology that I teach in workshops, which employs simple and accessible techniques like collage and doodling to unleash the unconscious. Then I try to stay out of the way, letting ideas flow, selecting the ones that most resonate to bring into clay.” KEN GRANT “What I ultimately hope to accomplish with my work is to draw the viewer into the painting, to feel the light and space and evoke a distant memory. I would like my paintings to trigger a pleasant emotional response, much like the way the scent of a daphne blossom can take you back to a particular warm spring afternoon on the porch of your parents house when you were young. When you view my paintings I want you to actually feel the […]

Figuratively Speaking 2

Vince Carl, Karen Staal and Gabriel Mark Lipper compose their paintings based on drawings created while working with live models. Each artist has a unique and personal approach resulting in diverse interpretations of their subjects. Carl’s nudes are drawn directly onto the canvas which has been treated with pattern and painterly effects that embody the figure. Staal uses the figure to create abstract compositions that suggest a relationship, mood or theme within the frame. Lipper’s work tells a story. “I paint decadence and beauty. Color, form, people. Vacuous society. Intimacy.”

“Exposures,” a photography invitational

“Exposures” presents the work of four regional artists. Diana Standing: “Photography gives me the opportunity to look at our world in new and intimate ways, and to share those magical moments. In this exhibit I explore photo ‘expressionism.’ With the camera as a paintbrush I use focus, shutter and aperture settings to create saturated canvases with abstract and impressionistic qualities. I hope these works can transcend subject matter by focusing on light, shape, color and rhythm to evoke a deeper meaning than the surface of the canvas.” Prescott Lewis: Regarding his childhood travels Lewis says, ” I was the official daydreamer of the family. I was transfixed by the infinite rows of plowed fields and the towering electrical transmission lines that marched across the landscape. To this day I am still amazed by the human signature wherever I go and increasingly share contemporary concerns regarding our impact on the natural world. “..I photograph the scenes using a hand held camera, creating a bridge between the innocent wandering eyes of my childhood and my passion for capturing that same world with intent.” Vincent Leandro: Vincent casts an appreciative eye on the […]

Invented by Jamie Newton

Jamie Newton, formerly of Ashland and now Portland, recently returned from a month long artist’s residency in “Playa”, Lake County, Oregon. Results from his experience there will be included along with previous inventions for the month of March. Jamie, a fine artist, makes Art. The reference to invention is also fitting because his process, especially with sculptural pieces, includes parts that work or do things. What they “do” may be inconsequential or absurd but the process is what it’s all about. His work is generally very complex and yet always appears to be fresh and not labored over. Excerpt from Jamie Newton’s Artist’s Statement: “Part of my fascination with the creative process is following those little sparks that send me off on the tangents, the surprising bits that all of a sudden seem to relate, either to each other or a larger whole. It is usually unexpected and is rarely predictable. Most of the dead ends, or at least the less successful explorations, tend to come with trying too hard. Similar to bearing down on an elusive thought problem, the answer often comes when one is relaxed, been distracted or […]

Gallery Group Show

New work by gallery artists will be exhibited during the month of February.

New Year Celebration

We will be closed during the first two weeks of the New Year and reopen on Wednesday, January 18th with a gallery group show. Happy New Year.

Annual Holiday Salon

Annual Holiday Salon features all gallery artists as we fill the walls with an amazing collection of drawings, paintings, prints, and photographs. The sculpture stands include new work by Robin and John Gumaelius, Nelson Davis, Wataru Sugiyama, Sara Swink and Lilli Faville’s dogs are back.

Autumn Montage – an assemblage of new work

New work by gallery artists – the first group exhibition in our new space which will lead to the Annual Holiday Salon when we fill the walls with all of our inventory. “EVE” the extraordinary chaise lounge by KAREN RYCHECK has been held over by popular demand.

Paintings, Prints and a Chaise Lounge

NORIKO SUGITA BECRAFT “I often think about what it is to be human–how we live as imperfect creatures between avarice and morality, in pain and joy, obstinately existing before an unknown future. In creating visual images, I depend on momentary inspiration. I layer thin pigments, creating reminders that our human experience is layered. Sometimes I change directions, covering or leaving snippets behind. I believe that having no clear image in front of me is actually valuable–that if I knew the end from the beginning I would lose my appetite to begin. I’ve learned that if I reach, I will find something valuable, somehow, somewhere. Artwork teaches me daily that I’m human.” KAREN RYCHECK This is a tiny detail of a massive sculpture that one must see to believe.