Please welcome Kristen O’Neill for the months of September, October and November!!

  Contemporary Realism with Impressionist brushwork, focusing on landscaping painting. Private, group, and online/on-demand art lessons available. Painting hiking and outdoor experiences. Recent series, Common Ground, focuses on wildfires. Kristen graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has mentored artists worldwide, and loves teaching art just as much as creating it. Studio visits by appointment.        

Welcome Betty Barss for the months of May, June and July!

Transparent watercolors

Please welcome Patrick Beste for the months of Janurary, February and March

Patrick Beste is an abstract artist. A native of Nebraska, he moved west in 2001 and was immediately attracted to the natural beauty of Oregon.

Special welcome to Stacee Rohlf Moore for the months of September, October and November!

Mixed Media Paintings

Please welcome Meesha B for the months of June thru August!


Special welcome to Zoriya Soriya Estrella Blalock

Self taught abstract impressionist.  Living and loving in Ashland Oregon.  Open to commission and projects. These works are all on stretched canvas and a range of Oils, Acrylics and Mixed Media.  I am he recipient of a Mathew Loydd Haines grant from 2019. Very grateful to Creekside Pizza for hosting my visual shenanigans!

Please welcome Benjamin Blue Abben for the months of March and April!

Abstract Artist Benjamin Blue Abben is also a local musician, and stand up comedian.

Welcome Justin Gordon for the months of December and January

Justin Gordon is an artist and musician living in Ashland Oregon who enjoys traditional processes that harken back to the twentieth century before the digital world inundated us with images and sounds and facsimiles of real objects. He can be found driving around in a yellow seventies pick up snapping photos or playing his original songs with his band The Holy Mackerels around town when he is not at work as a carpenter and painter. Justin Gordon is an artist and musician living in Ashland Oregon who enjoys traditional processes that harken back to the twentieth century before the digital world inundated us with images and sounds and facsimiles of real objects. He can be found driving around in a yellow seventies pick up snapping photos or playing his original songs with his band The Holy Mackerels around town when he is not at work as a carpenter and painter.

Please welcome Jon Del Secco for the months of September and October

Jon Del Secco is an engineer, photographer, film producer & adventurer based out of San Francisco. He spent several years living in Southern Oregon and is delighted to return for this showing. Jon is incredibly grateful that he is able to experience so much in life. It keeps him motivated for new adventures and it inspires him to share these experiences with others.  Jon strives to capture authentic moments as they unfold before him, rather than creating contrived composites. Whether working on a commission or on his own free time, you will always find him with a camera in his hand. Jon is available for work worldwide.  To get in touch, please visit or on Instagram at @delseccoj

Special welcome to artist Toni DeMello for the months of June, July and August

Art is something I stumbled upon while doing life back in 2003.  It’s helped me in many ways and continues to do so!  I want to forever be evolving in my paintings and my life, my hope is that when you view a piece of my art, it touches something inside of you! Antoinet (Toni) DeMello Ashland Oregon– 541-646-8320

Please welcome David Nau for the months of April and May

David Nau I paint the vibrations of nature.  All matter vibrates at a particular frequency, that frequency can be influenced by its surroundings.  Water to ice, water to steam.  When different gemstones are placed together they form a symphony of vibrations. Like a composer writes sheet music, I paint the symphony with genuine gemstone and organic watercolor pigments.  

New artist Jesse Smith for the months of February and March

Artists Bio – Jesse Smith was born in Mt. Shasta City, CA in 1983. Having grown up in the Southern Cascades region, he has a close relationship with the area’s natural environments. Jesse has always been drawn to the outdoors. From camping in Northern California and Southern Oregon as a kid, to living out on a local golf course in the summers. He has always had an appreciation for the area, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that he took the path of capturing it and sharing it with the world. After college Jesse began his career as an accountant and raised his two kids, Kai & Orion, alongside his wife Andrea. He is a member of the board of Ashland Little League and enjoys sports and card games in his spare time.“

Please welcome Paula R. Fong for the months of December and January

“I have been fortunate to spend much of my career and recreation time exploring nature. It is fascinating to examine all the details, above and below ground, up close and from a landscape perspective. Every square inch of our natural world contains something artistically beautiful and scientifically interesting. I like to pick out one aspect of the environment and hold it up for inspection, with all its imperfections and variation. By changing perspective, focus, season and habitat, I have an infinite palette, and an unlimited source of inspiration.” Paula R. Fong received her B.S. in Biology from Denison University and her M.S. in Forest Ecology from the College of Forestry, Oregon State University. Her twelve years as a soil scientist and ecologist with the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service gives her a unique perspective of the art in nature. Paula’s primary medium is watercolor with pen and ink. She has illustrated numerous scientific publications, plant and wildlife posters, trail guides, and interpretative trail signs. She lives on a mountain top in rural Southern Oregon.

Please welcome artist Linda J Dixon for October and November

Linda has been painting for more than 20 years and holds a BFA from the University of Central Oklahoma. She teaches painting and mixed media techniques to students of all skill levels.   Her creative energy alternates between several bodies of work, including: traditional oils, abstract acrylics, and mixed media. The use of vibrant color is a common thread connecting her various artistic expression.   She is represented by the Ashland Art Center Gallery and maintains studio 7 on the upper level. More information about her work and classes is available at     Artist Statement Enchantment I moved to the rogue Valley almost three ago and have explored my new environment through painting. This body of oil paintings reflects my enchantment with the natural beauty all around me. Capturing the essence of a subject is more interesting than recording every detail. I strive to convey the energy and luminosity animating each subject.    Rich color and the juxtaposition of transparent versus opaque color are prominent features in my work. Palette knives are often employed to keep the colors fresh and impart texture.

Please welcome new artist Dana Feagin for August and September

Dana Feagin is an oil painter based in Ashland, Oregon, using her art to raise money for animal charities. Dana is a board member for Sanctuary One, a volunteer for Friends of the Animal Shelter (FOTAS), and an artist member with HeARTsSpeak—a global community of artists, shelter staff, rescue volunteers, and animal advocates working together to ensure that no shelter animal goes unseen. Dana is also a mom to three former shelter dogs and five adopted bunnies. More of Dana’s work can be seen on her website or at the Ashland Art Center.  Images:  Lennon, Sanctuary One Calf

Please welcome artist Desmond Serratore for the months of June and July

Desmond Serratore is  devoting himself to Plein Air landscape painting.  Desmond has been influenced  the American  artist Frank Webb,  plus the Chinese watercolourist Wu Guanzhong. Desmond learned how to paint while employed as a billboard painter at a sign company. He began his recent adventures in art about 3 years ago after he retired in 2013. Desmond is a member of the Artists Workshop, the Southern Oregon Artists Guild, the Rogue Gallery Art Center, the Grants Pass Museum, the Southern Oregon Society of Artists and the Ashland Gallery Association. emai: ph: 702-994-7818 website: www.

Please welcome Cynthia Daniel Wolf for the months of April and May

Please welcome featured artist Eva Thieman for January and February

Eva is a local artist who paints in oils and is best known for her artwork featuring the bears of Alaska’s Denali and Katmai National Parks. Additionally, Eva has produced a number of paintings featuring various species of owls and wolves. Educated in Riga, Latvia with degrees in both Biology and Art, Eva enjoys traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and the Rockies, submerging herself in the flora and fauna these beautiful regions have to offer. An avid birder and hiker, she discovered a passion for Oregon birds including Great Grey Owls, Northern Spotted Owls, Barred Owls, Barn Owls, Burrowing Owls and Great Horned Owls. Over many nesting seasons, Eva had numerous Great Grey Owl sightings, allowing her to observe this elusive owl. She studied young fledglings and adults in all seasons, perched secretly in trees at the edge of meadows. With her passion for nature, Eva has captured the realistic beauty of her subjects while opting for surrealistic, dreamy backgrounds. One not only sees the majesty of these animals on canvas but is also invited, by the artist, to “feel” the experience amidst soaring mountains, deep wooded forests and […]

Please welcome new artist Omari Mdimi for the months of November and December

Born in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, East Africa, Omari Mdimi (Ommy) was introduced to art while attending Secondary School in Bagamoyo on the shores of the Indian Ocean.  While there he met many local artists and other young men like himself who wanted to learn a trade upon finishing Secondary School.  He was introduced to Bagamoyo Sculpture School and was accepted to learn the crafts of painting, drawing, wood sculpting, casting, music and English.  The school was started by an NGO to give young artists a chance to learn artistic skills.  It was free for those willing to study and provide their own room and board. Ommy was a student at Sculpture School for three years where he developed his unique abstract painting style. His use of vibrant, bold colors along with sometimes bizarre characters leaves you wondering where they come from.  His paintings bring to life the stories, beliefs and folklore of Tanzania. Their central themes include friendship, the oneness of all living things, and the natural balance in the universe. He met his wife in 2008 in Bagamoyo Tanzania. Ommy moved to California in 2011 and eventually to […]

Please welcome featured artist Joyce Feigner for the months of August and September

Joyce Feigner      Artist, Nature lover, student of life, farmer and Modoc native, I find my inspiration in the natural beauty of the world and all living things.      My intention in creating my art is to reveal a certain spirituality or magic, often with a whimsical aspect.  I love to make the viewer smile when looking at my work.      I hold a degree in Fine Arts and taught art to children until retirement. I still enjoy teaching kids.  Passing on knowledge of art and inspiration to them completes the “color wheel” of my life.      Creating art is like breathing air, I can’t live without it!

Patrick Beste exhibits his art at Creekside for June and July

Patrick Beste is an artist living in Ashland, Oregon. His art reflect his love for Oregon, its forests, beaches, and the Siskiyou mountains.  He paints with watercolor and acrylic media to depict the vibrant colors and textures of nature.

Please welcome featured artist Richard Alston for March and April

Life brings problems and my art attempts to fix those. I sell my art so I can continue the practice. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or offers. — Richard Alston

Please welcome featured artist Thomas Glassman for January and February

TOM GLASSMAN has been shooting with a camera for hundreds of years. “I attribute my ability ‘to see’ to my advertising background.”  As a former creative director at several ad agencies he is used to routinely looking for the unusual.        Tom’s first love is still black and white photography, as evidenced by many of the images routinely included in his shows and the monochromatic look of many of his color photographs.                       Tom’s wife, Linda, gets most of the credit for his photography career.  She was the one who first encouraged him to pursue it, and over the years, allowed him to abandon her on many of their trips so he could go off and take pictures (while she went shopping).  She also went without diamonds and furs so he could purchase a nice lens now and then.       Tom’s work has shown in a number of galleries and exhibits in Boston, Massachusetts; Portland and Kennebunkport, Maine; Seattle and Kirkland, Washington; California; and of course, Oregon.  His work is in the private collections of many […]

Janus Innes is featured artist November and December

I truly love abstract art. I like to create art that appears simple but on closer scrutiny is complex, depicting emotions rather than objects. My art is the result of years of studying and experimenting with different mediums and styles. Each piece is an experiment into the unknown, and it is exciting to work with different materials to create a new and unique piece. Abstract art pushes my boundaries and challenges me to create new and more dynamic pieces. I have no preconceived idea of what image will eventually appear on the canvas. Mood, color, and texture play an important part in my work. I love to invite the observer into my painting, to let them interpret it for themselves. Janus Innes  

Jennifer Anne Nelson’s beautiful paintings August and September

Biography Jennifer Anne was born in the desert and spent her childhood tracing the desert canyons and mesas formed by the passage of time and water. She pursued art growing up, and received a B.A. degree from UC Berkeley. She has shown in southern California and throughout the Bay Area, and is currently living in southern Oregon. Jennifer Anne’s art captures imaginative worlds based on research of old stories and legends. Her work currently focuses on the flora and fauna, the architecture, and the geography of the stories of Mt. Shasta, Atlantis, the Pleiades, constellations, and hidden cities. Statement My pieces are examinations of that which has been left behind. My work is a tool that gathers the mysteries transcribed in myths and legends: forging a partnership with the materials, there is a freedom given to myself, the ink, the water and the page — unlocking those pregnant moments, the movement amidst the stillness. Activating the once dried pools of ink allows archetypes, symbols, and wild landscapes to emerge.

Lynda Hoffman Snodgrass exhibits her work at Creekside June and July

From shared experiences in realism, tributes to spirituality and journeys into abstraction: my artwork is a culmination and a sharing of my life experiences, dreams, inner visions, of all I that am. A third generation Artist I was encouraged to explore and express my creativity at an early age. Predominately, I am a watercolorist; a colorist with a strong emphasis on design. The most important part of a painting for me is the message or experience that I want to share with the viewer. How I handle this dictates the style and medium that I use. If I can do this with watercolor I will, but I won’t limit myself to just that medium. Born in Wisconsin, I moved to Oregon in 1964, calling the Rogue Valley my home since 1972. In 1973 I began to work with watercolor on paper and decided to make it my primary medium. It was 1978 when I received a BS in Art from SOSC. A lifetime member and past President of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, I was honored to receive the WSO 2014 Service Award. I am also a signature member of […]

April and May Watercolor Artist Beth Martin

I love the way a painting can capture a moment in time and take you there every time you look at it. Scenes that I see in the real world, visions in my imagination, and people – all inspire me. A member of the Water Color Society of Oregon and a published illustrator, I have shown in galleries, coffee shops, businesses, have paintings hanging in homes in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Mazatlan, MX, and have sold many cards. One of my paintings was chosen to be used for the Gala Forty Year Anniversary Ball for the Harlem Dance Theatre of New York, and shown across the country on Fox news and other advertising venues. As a professional violinist and retired string teacher I enjoy painting portraits of musicians. I participated in “The Color of Music” by Siskiyou Singers as one of the featured five artists. There are many ways to approach a painting: from life, plain air, photos, imagination. I love them all. I tend to use a limited palette, feeling this is harmonizing, blending colors both on the palette and on the paper. Water color seems to have […]

Featured Artist at Creekside Pizza February & March; Brie Ehret Barron

when i paint i am drawn into the world of the unknown, of discovering and expressing emotions, touching the wings of soul and a world that can’t easily be unveiled by words. living in a world of mind and body that didn’t support heart and soul, i unconsciously started out very early in my life to use drawing and painting to express in ways no words can capture. having gone through decades as a degreed graphic designer and art director in advertisement, i returned to art when i started my own inner emotional work. fascinated with bringing my own emotions to canvas and letting them be alive, uncensored and not judged, i started helping people express the divinity of what they feel and could as such move my deep love for them and how much i care. connecting open-heartedly with people brought me to a place where i love creating individual soul art for others by listening to what wants to be seen or unveiled, either to help a difficult life situation or just as a reminder of their own spiritual roots, leading to the unknown within which is the […]

Featured Artist Pam Haunschild December and January 2015

I paint nature. In this exhibit you will see my work emulating the effects of natural systems in producing nature’s patterns, colors, and textures. I use paint and other natural materials in a way that reflects natural processes, e.g., washes of paint produce rivulets and wave-like patterns like those found in the ocean. Salts, stones, and beeswax texture paint in patterns that mimic wind-blown surfaces and rocks. One of my key sources of inspiration is from living on a wooded high-elevation property near Ashland, which I retired to after a career as a social science Professor. I have studied with nationally renowned artists and have received awards for my work.   Pam Haunschild Website: Email: Phone:  (541) 941-1202 See more of my work at Art & Soul Gallery, 247 E. Main Street, Ashland

Featured: Local Artist Rueben Davis during June and July at Creekside

Most people know Rueben as the skateboard guy. Or maybe the snowboard guy. Or maybe he pierced your belly button when you were 15. You may have seen him prancing with fire on the Plaza before it was overrun with hippies, or perhaps he taught Biology to your children at Ashland High. Rueben is a riddle, lost in a mystery, inside an enigma, wrapped in bacon. And now he thinks he can do fine art. Brightly colored reactions intertwine with crackles of unmixed paint, kinetic chemistry and splashes of movement, experiments in controlled chaos conjuring images of the natural world as seen through the eyes of a lunatic polymath. Amazing pieces, definitely worth lots of money.

Featuring Photographer Jade Hincks

Jade Hincks. Student, Business Owner, Artist. South African born and bred, from the moment we meet, you will know me. Having acquired an extensive certificate in Fine Art Photography at the age of 18, my parents and I packed up and relocated to the wonderful US of A. The land of dreams did not fall short: settling in the gorgeous Southern Oregon, pursuing a Masters Degree, living my life to its fullest with loved ones, and not to mention having the rare and shinning opportunity to start my very own small business. As I grow, so do my dreams, and it is with each and every individual with whom I connect that my heart grows tenderer and my passion to capture life burns brighter. Currently 23 and a Bro-ista at Dutch Bros, my life is packed with activity. I aspire to be more like my mother and close circle of friends: graceful, motivated and fearless. Feel free to connect with me at anytime – I welcome any chance to be more involved with the world.

Ashland High School Artists Featured March 2015

My first experience studying photography was in the darkroom at Willow Wind. I then attended a performing and visual arts school in Miami, FL. I am currently a senior at Ashland High School where I continue to explore my art through the incredible resources and support provided to me by the school and the community. Art is a way to explore and reflect upon life. My belief is that art connects us, as human beings, through common experience; it is my hope that my photography may have a similar effect.  Lars Filson was born in Boulder Colorado in 1997. His time spent there as a child heavily influenced his artwork. With a background in graffiti and street art, you can see elements of bright colors, the use of aerosol paint, crisp lines and other qualities he learned to appreciate in graffiti.

Artist Jupiter Moon featured December and January

“Floral Interpretations” by Zeno Thanes

FLORAL INTERPRETATIONS Paintings by D. Zeno Thanes I have been living in Oregon for more than thirty-five years. My visual investigations have taken many forms, many different uses of materials and manners of interpretation. Among my various investigations none seems more mysterious and difficult to grasp than a vase of flowers. Looking at flowers has thus come to be a special source of visual inspiration. They evoke in me the magical and sentimental feelings about nature. The abundance of color and variety always amaze me. My quiet fascination seems to stimulate many aesthetic questions. How do the petals fold on one another? What abstractions of light might be caught through a clear vase holding stems and leaves? What is that particular light and color that envelope the background? What is it about a colorful bouquet that is so mesmerizing? This group of paintings represents a selection of my pieces related to floral themes. Some were painted in traditional observational ways and some are just made up in the ethers of the creative process. I had a good time painting them, and always had a sense of the mysterious beauty of […]

Jane Hardgrove A fifth generation Oregonian on both sides of her family, Jane’s work shows her love and relationship with the beauty of Oregon. A distinguished and respected landscape designer and contractor for 33 years, her interest in painting began with a drawing class to add to her design business. The drawing class was just a beginning in a life long love of watercolors and pastels. Jane is an award-winning member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. She was a founding member of the Art and Soul Gallery in Ashland Oregon and has exhibited her work in many one person and group shows. Her work has been reproduced in prints, posters and cards. Jane started teaching drawing and watercolor in community classes in 1990. Since 2005 she has been teaching weekly classes and workshops. Jane is a popular watercolor teacher who focuses on the basic techniques and design principles with humor and enthusiasm.

Creeks at Creekside by D. Zeno Thanes

I love to paint and draw. I love color. I love the feel of wet paint sliding under the brush and the smell of oil and turpentine. I love to see images appear out of the end of a pencil or pen where there was only a blank paper before. I love the feeling of being lost in the creative process to such an extent that I seem to be watching myself work. There is a certain level of absorption when the magic of creating takes over and the pieces seem to come alive on their own. I have been living in Oregon for more than thirty-five years. My visual investigations have taken many forms, many different uses of materials and manners of interpretation. I have always found the landscape of Oregon to be a source of visual inspiration, and giving rise to many aesthetic questions. How do the clouds move across the ridgeline at the end of the valley? What is that particular light and color that envelope the mountains early or late in the day? What is it about a creek which is so mesmerizing and peaceful? This […]

Creekside is featuring local artist Zeno Thanes. This is a great opportunity to see some paintings by one of the valley’s unique and eclectic painters.

Featuring Ashland High School Students Sonora and Sam

Sonora Mindling Werling They say that for a warrior, the sword should be an extension of the arm; art is like that for my soul. I am not particularly good a verbalizing my thoughts, when I try to explain things I often get muddled up and lost in the tangle of ideas and vague concepts, until I am left wandering a perpetual forest of “Like, if you put the thing with the other thing it would be cool because of reasons.” With art, it’s not like that. If I have a vague idea, I will paint with watercolors and just swirl blues and yellows and reds into cloudy shapes until suddenly, a clear image will appear out of the ambiguous hues. Sometimes I will have a clear thought, and I will create that also, dashing on oils or charcoal until my blank paper is full of my feelings or the images that come to me at 3am. I had an art teacher that used to say that art should be a verb. I am not just doing art, I am arting. I do art because it is my way of […]

Featuring Ashland High School students

Creekside Pizza is excited to feature Ashland High School students Sonora Mindling-Werling and Sam Gostnell. Both artists enjoy to paint in different styles but share a similar understanding of expression. The idea that art can begin with a concept and in the end take on a completely different form is embraced by both. Please come in for some great pizza and check out their unique body of work!

Miles Frode presents an inspiring body of art he titles CornucOPIATES

Creekside Pizza is proud to welcome back Ashland artist Miles Frode for this inspiring body of art he titled CornucOPIATES. Layers of acrylic on canvas and wood represent his “Feelism” style of expression.

PAPAYA! Artist Anahata Katkin Featured at Creekside Pizza

Anahata Katkin was born in 1978. She is an Alaskan-bred, Oregon-based artist and co founder of PAPAYA! Inc, PAPAYA! Living Boutique, and LEELAH clothing. She developed her passion for the arts by trial-and-error discovery. Anahata’s work is a synergy between painting, graphic design and hand made, mixed media pieces. She has woven a heart centered landscape of off-beat icons and illustrations that have comprised the spectrum of PAPAYA’s signature aesthetic since it’s beginning in 2003. Based in Ashland, Oregon Anahata is continually inspired to bounce between her life as an artist, mother, entrepreneur, traveler and boutique-maker. The facets of Anahata’s professional and personal life merge together in what she likes to call, “Creative Abandon”. A credo that to her, simply means a life of purpose, passion and creative authenticity rolled into a singular goal. One she feels she will be chasing & expressing for life. “I like the place where pretty and gritty meet. Where flowers, faces and ink run together. I’m inspired endlessly by plants, travel, textiles, folk arts, Asian influences and faces…always faces. I build artwork then I tend to overlay a character or mood that I feel […]

Creekside Pizza is proud to feature artist Anahata Katkin. She is an Ashland based artist and co founder of the Rogue Valley’s Papaya! Inc. and Papaya! Living Boutique. Her work is a synergy between painting, graphic design and hand made mixed media pieces.

Creekside Pizza is featuring artist Keith Jordan. His bold choice of color and style make these acrylic on canvas paintings come to life.

Featured Artist Keith Jordan

keith jordan

Creekside Pizza is featuring local artist Keith Jordan. His gritty yet colorful work with acrylic on canvas is something to check out.

Richard Levitt, photographer and digital artist


Richard LeVitt is a photographer and digital artist living and working in Ashland, Oregon. Richard admires great photographers, and has been fortunate to study with some of the best. His teachers include Ansel Adams, Ralph Gibson, Barbara Morgan, Wright Morris, Olivia Parker, John Sexton, and Jerry Uelsmann. His earliest images were of rural landscapes, and dealt with the unintentional alterations made by time, neglect, and weather. Eventually he became interested in altering the photographs themselves, first by using Jerry Uelsmann’s darkroom techniques, and later by recombining print elements and painting them with watercolors or photo oils. These alterations progressed to the scenes before the camera, where—influenced by Olivia Parker—he composes still-life combinations of found objects. This progression led him inevitably to the computer, and the infinite possibilities of digital media. Beginning with photographs taken by himself and by others, Richard adds colors and transforms compositions to make surprising new works. He says, “Using computer tools gives me incredible freedom. I can experiment with ideas and learn from my mistakes much faster than I ever could in the darkroom. And I can change what the eye sees—new kinds of expression are […]

April and May Artist

Our featured local artist this month is Rueben Davis. After 14 years in business, owning and operating a snowboard/skateboard shop, a tattoo/piercing shop, a hair salon, and a record store, Rueben went into teaching. Earning a degree in biology and two master’s degrees, he spent the last few years teaching high school biology and environmental science as well as courses at SOU. So what’s next? Painting of course. “My paintings embrace the fact that I have no training or skill as a painter. With no preconceptions of what art should be, I am not afraid of failure. I treat painting as an experiment because in an experiment there is no success or failure, only results. What will happen if I do this? Or that? My paintings are bright and energetic, they are abstract and amateurish, they are fun and large and hard to miss. I am interested in capturing kinetic energy, the impression of movement, as well as the chemistry of colors, arresting a mixture of colors and textures mid reaction to see if I can derive an image from it. Mixing and cracking, clumping layer upon layer of color. […]

December and January Featured Artist

Our featured artist this month is Leah Fanning Mebane. Leah Fanning Mebane lives with her son, Django and husband, Drew, in beautiful Southern Oregon and exhibits her abstract and portraiture work in galleries throughout the states. She grew up in the richly artistic city of New Orleans and then lived on the east coast for many years as a professional ballet dancer while also studying painting at various universities. She later graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in Painting/ Illustration and also studied art in Cortona, Italy. Leah has had articles published in many national and international magazines on her art process and has been teaching abstract and portrait painting for many years. She has been commissioned for over 500 portraits and murals over the past sixteen years, and her style has evolved into a unique and colorful, expressionistic style. Her abstract work has a distinct “flowing” style filled with texture, layers and vibrant organic shapes. She paints in oil with all non-toxic materials, earthen pigments and walnut oils so her painting process does not harm the environment or off-gas like all traditional oil paintings. In 2011, she started […]

August and September Featured Artist

Our featured artist this month is Zoe West. What does a feeling, thought or need look like at its molecular beginning? Strip away our skin color, cultural mores and inhibitions, and what do we have? Hopefully—commonality, determination, and a sense of humor. At least , this is where I’m coming from…..Zoe West.

June and July Featured Artist

Our featured artist this month is Jupiter Moon. Jupiter grew up on a farm in Iowa, allowing for an early experience of being close to nature and fostering an isolated and very unique creative growth. He attended Nothwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri, attaining a BFA in fine art. Since then, Jupiter has lived on the West Coast from LA to Seattle. He has had numerous local exhibitons throughout the years and has created and sold hundreds of paintings. From 1997-2008 he ran a retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains in which he sold many works in his personal studio. His work is in collections around the nation. The primary theme of Jupiter’s art is expressing the fundamental unity of all in a fun, colorful way. Infused with philosophical ideas, the primary aspect of his paintings is a bold, full-spectrum use of color to create a unified-field composition. In addition to being a highly original prolific visual artist, Jupiter is also an accomplished musician and songwriter, with hundreds of songs to his credit.

February and March

Our featured artist this month is Dave Riney. Dave Riney, 32, has been creating acrylic-on-canvas artwork for over ten years. He studied under Tom Jewell-Vitale at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. His work at the time was all done in chalk, but because he found it hard to transport the chalk without smearing, he turned to painting, and never looked back. Most of his works will have some sort of a horizon line and focus heavily on nature. Dave lived in the city of Chicago for much of his artistic life, but found he was always painting nature, and so in November of 2010, he moved to Medford, Oregon, to find the ultimate inspiration. He is most inspired by the colors found in water and finds them to be the most calming. This is what he strives for in his paintings, a window of calm. Using mostly acrylic paint, Dave enjoys creating pieces that have texture and layers that jump off the canvas. Occasionally, he will use elements of nature in his work like berries or leaves, inevitably bringing the outdoors, indoors. Dave has several of his works in private […]

December and January Featured Artist

Our featured artist this month is Jess Gleasman. Jess Gleasman was born in Alaska and raised on a farm in rural Eastern Oregon. He moved to Ashland, Oregon to study theater and fine arts at SOU. There he discovered that theater wasn’t for him and that printmaking was. After obtaining his BS in printmaking he opened up a commercial screen printing studio, Basement Ink, in downtown Ashland. Currently Jess continues to run his screen printing and graphics shop, assists teaching printmaking classes at SOU, coaches high school snowboarding, and produces his own fine art among other activities in the community.

October and November 2011 Featured Artist

Our featured artist this month is Danielle Swaser. I am native to Minnesota and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2008. I graduated from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Studio Art. For as far back as I can remember I have had a passion for art. Throughout my life I have taken every opportunity I could to submerge myself in all forms of art, from drawing, painting and photography to ceramics and sculpture. I have recently been focusing on paining and drawing. My mediums of choice are oils, charcoal, and pencil. My ideas come from what I encounter in my walk through life. My Latvian grandpa was a huge influence on how I feel about nature and my connection with it. He taught me to have both fascination and respect for it. As a result of the wonderful influence my grandpa had on me, I generally pick subject matter that represents the cycle of life and the interrelationship of all living beings in the natural world. To represent this, I love to use trees. I usually create […]