“All in the Family” April 5, 2019 – July 1, 2019

Ajana Miki, ND, LAc

“ALL IN THE FAMILY” was inspired last Autumn when the staff at Ashland Natural Medicine (www.ashlandnaturalmedicine.com) realized that when we are not taking care of our amazing patients we find ourselves making art to unwind, to rejuvenate and to dive into our true selves.  The saying is authentic: Art is Life, Life is Art.  For us, art is essential to our personal growth and wellbeing.  It allows us to express ourselves in empowering ways that we cannot normally do in our everyday lives.  It gives us a stronger connection to life and our purpose here, now.  At Ashland Natural Medicine we are not just healers, but we are also jewelers, drawers, photographers, poets, digital artists and painters.  We come with many talents. This special show is a beautiful collection of who we are at the core and what we value.  An important guide in our mission statement says, “Family First”.  We stand behind those words because we strongly feel that if we do not take care of ourselves and our family first then we are unable to reach the potential of taking care of our patients at the highest level […]

Ashland High School Student Art Show 2019

Ashland High School Annual Student Art Show FIRST FRIDAY ART OPENING: MARCH 1st, 2019 from 5:30pm-7:30pm Light Snacks and Drinks Location: Ashland Natural Medicine 180 Lithia Way, Suite 103 541-414-7230

“Light of Love” A stunning Collection of Paintings, By Harmonee Ashley

"Infinite Love" 
Harmonee Ashley

Ashland Natural Medicine of Contemporary Art Presents “LIGHT OF LOVE” A Stunning Collection of Paintings by, HARMONEE ASHLEE FIRST FRIDAY ART OPENING: DECEMBER 7TH, 2018 5:30pm-8:30pm LOCATION: 180 Lithia Way, Suite 103, Ashland OR Originally from Idaho, eight years ago Harmonee Ashlee found Ashland and realized this region of the world would become her permanent home. Harmonee has always lived her life immersed in creativity.   She enjoys using acrylics, oils and pastels as her favorite mediums.  For Harmonee, “Art for me is a path of discovery and healing. When I begin a painting, I don’t know what I am going to create. I surrender to the Muse and to Love, encountering soulful messages that unfold on the canvas, and then I develop what is revealed to me. This has become one of my primary spiritual practices as I play with the unknown, digest experiences, and deepen in my heart, and the heart of Creativity”. As an artist, she is most influenced by Freydoon Rassouli, who is her mentor and favorite artist.  One can clearly see his influences in her paintings. In addition to being a talented painter, Harmonee is a […]


First Friday Art Opening at  Ashland Natural Medicine: 180 Lithia Way September 7th, 2018  5:30pm-8:30pm                                                            Abstract Artist: Meggan Baron WANDERING THROUGH THE SENSUOUS It will be a happy smoke free night! So come on out and meet the talented artist, Meggan Baron. Meggan is a graduate with a BFA from long ago when SOU was SOSC. She was also raised in Ashland and is so very exited to be showing her collection of art at Ashland Natural Medicine in her hometown. Her work is truly stunning. She is a master of transforming LINE and creating whimsical compositions that are filled with color, shapes and movement. Meggan’s art explores the nuances of the abstract mark using the mediums that she loves, acrylic and collage on muslin. With loops, whirls, spheres, circles and gestural line work, this art show invites you to wander through the sensuousness of that exploration. Meggan writes,  “My favorite medium is acrylic paint. On fabric I am using Jacquard […]

Holding Onto The American Hero

Chief Seattle, by Harriet Greene

PLEASE JOIN US  “HOLDNG ONTO THE AMERICAN HERO” ARTWORK BY:  HARRIET GREENE & MARTY GOLDMAN Open Monday – Friday :  9:00am-5:00pm Location:  Ashland Natural Medicine 180 Lithia Way, Suite 103 For More Information Contact: Samae Chlebowski at info@ashlandnaturalmedicine.com “Holding Onto the American Hero” is the newest art show at Ashland Natural Medicine that looks deeply into the vanishing icons of our country’s history. Over 10 years ago, Harriet Greene and Marty Goldman moved to the Rogue Valley bringing with them several thousand pounds of carving stone, published books, produced films and commercials, and large body of remarkable artwork.  Together these two work from their home studios in Talent, Oregon creating artwork that is meaningful,  thought provoking and crafted with such care and beauty. HARRIET GREENE Harriet created her stone cut print series titled, “Oratory of Eight Great Chiefs” because she was inspired and deeply moved by the speeches of the great American Indian Chiefs.  She states, “Numerous Indian tribes, Bannock, Shoshone, Snake, travelled through the Jackson Hole Valley to their final hunting grounds in Yellowstone.  Being in such close proximity spurred my interest to their plight and I needed to […]

Self=Truth 6 Student Artists: March 2-16, 2018

ANM Gallery of Contemporary Art is excited to host six very talented art students from Ashland High School.  Using oil and acrylic paints, graphite pencil, pastels and water color their collection of creativity delves into the world of surrealism, abstraction, still life and portraiture. Each artist is uniquely different and yet they all share the need and desire to express deeply who they are in their chosen mediums.  The art speaks their truth. Come join us for a festive art opening and meet these incredible artists! THE ARTISTS:  Indigo Magna, Reuben Fellman, Meredith Granger, Cruz McNamara, Claren Shields and Aaisah Clark WHEN:  1st Friday,  March 2nd, 2018 TIME: 5:30-8:30 WHERE: Ashland Natural Medicine 180 Lithia Way, #103  

January 2018, Jennifer Jensen: AFRICA, Fashion & Photography

Jennifer Jensen uses African Textiles and Photographs  to capture the beauty of the animals, places she visited and the people she experienced while on Safari in Africa. She writes, "I was in the Garden of Eden".

ANM Gallery of Contemporary Art is thrilled to host local Ashland artist, Jennifer Jensen’s newest works of art titled:  Africa, Fashion & Photography   This exceptional show is a beautiful combination of creative expression and inspiration from her travels to Selous Game Reserve, in South West Tanzania where she photographed wildlife in the bush and then onto Zanzibar where Jensen purchased African fabrics to bring home and design her clothing. Line, color, shape and texture are just some of the strong art elements that weave together her clothing design choices and carefully selected compositions in each safari image.  The care and attention to detail in creating each clothing and photograph clearly makes a statement of her devotion and passion to her crafts. Each dress, each skirt each jacket, are wearable individual art pieces that are truly stunning.  These garments purposefully are hung on the gallery walls side by side with the photographs.  Together these two different mediums emulate a uniquely original show that ignites the  true essence of Africa’s wildlife, geography, textiles and culture. Meet the artist, Jennifer Jensen Please join us for 1st Friday Art Opening: January 5th, 2018 […]