“Sunrise, Sunset”

"Morning Light" a pastel painting by Judy Richardson

December 3, First Friday, our last first Friday we will have 2-4 artists at the gallery all day from 10 am – 7 pm.

“Oregon Land and Sea” New Oils and Acrylics by Christina Madden

"Go With The Flow" Oil by Christina Madden

“I have always been inspired by nature’s astounding beauty and variety.”

“Through the Window” Pastel Paintings by Carla J Griffin

First Light at Lake Louise pastel by Carla J Griffin

October 1, First Friday, Carla will answer questions about her work from 5 – 8 pm.

“Splash” Intuitive Abstract Expressionism in Watercolor by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

“Splash” Intuitive Abstract Expressionism in Watercolor by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass  and an social media photo contest Art & Soul Gallery proudly presents our September 2021 featured exhibit, “Splash” by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass.  Water has a mind of its own.  And so does Lynda.  Don’t miss the temporary “Splash” on our wall. This exhibit will include a temporary painting applied directly to the featured artist’s wall on the Sunday before first Friday.  The temporary splash will be painted over at the end of the month, so come in and take a selfie with it.  Stop by and ask about our photo contest! Spetember 3,  First Friday, Let’s all be safe!!!  Lynda will answer questions about her work from 5 -8 pm. Limit of 6 visitors in the gallery at a time. Please make a 30 minute appointment to see these magnificent paintings in person. The exhibit will remain on display from August 31  – September 26.   If you can’t visit us in person, visit us online at: https://artandsoulgallery.com/ Or on our YouTube channel: Watch “Splash” on YouTube   Current hours: Sun, Tues & Weds: 12 – 4, Thurs. Fri. & Sat. 10 – […]

“Adornment” New paintings by Eric Peterson

These paintings explore “adornment” through building and excavating layers of paint, wax, stencils and collage capturing some of the beauty and mystery of our multi-cultural world.

“Colors of the Pacific Northwest” Watermedia paintings by Pam Haunschild

"Crane Dance" Acrylic painting by Pam Haunschild

Pam’s work is set apart by her fantastical color and imaginative perspective. Treat yourself to the vibrant extravaganza!

“Following the Circuitous Thread” Mixed Media paintings by Eve Margo Withrow

"Moonlit Grove" Mixed Media painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Art & Soul Gallery proudly presents our June 2021 featured exhibit, “Following the Circuitous Thread.” This show leaps off the wall with the unbridled creativity of Eve Margo Withrow.

“Fresh Paint” from Jenay Elder

"Grizzly Peak Sunset" Acrylic by Jenay Elder

This May Art & Soul Gallery features “Fresh Paint,” an exploration of spring and new beginnings in acrylic and oil paint by Jenay Elder. Live painting demo Friday, May 7 between 4 & 7 pm.

“Branded by Oregon” Watercolors by Betty Barss

"Branded" Watercolor by Betty Barss

April’s featured exhibit at Art & Soul Gallery is “Branded by Oregon,” a reflection in watercolor by Betty Barss.

“Why We Paint”

At Art & Soul Gallery our annual New Year’s exhibit features one small work from each artist in the gallery, framed by the gallery’s new owner, Peter Stone.

“Cradles Rock!”

"Don't Lick the Painting" oil on cradle by Judy Richardson

Local artists Jenay Elder, Charlotte Peterson and Judy Richardson have created this “rocking” featured exhibit for the month of December at Art and Soul Gallery. Come by to see it!

“Back to the Garden” paintings by Marjett Schille

“Back to the Garden” an exploration of natural wonders in mixed media by artist Marjett Schille. “Like many of us, … I draw solace from nature, even if it is only in my backyard.”

“Sunlight and Shadows” Paintings by Jenay Elder

Oil Painting "Black Swan" by Jenay Elder Art & Soul Gallery

Local artist Jenay Elder is September’s featured artist at Art and Soul Gallery in downtown Ashland, Oregon. This show will remain on display from September 3rd – 27th.

“Oil and Water Don’t Mix” paintings by Joan L Brown

"Fuschia Fireworks" watercolor by Joan L Brown

Joan L Brown loves to paint with oils and watercolors. But she always keeps them separate. Stop by the gallery Friday or Saturday from 11 – 3 in August for the in person experience.

“Time Travel” with Eric Peterson

Dream Tracks #1, Oil by Eric Peterson

“Traveling in my mind, through the softer lens of memory, and imagination, I find a comfort that rejuvenates and allows me to come back and deal with what we are all facing.” ~ Eric Peterson

“June Blume” Works in Oil and Acrylic by Kathy Morawiec

Jillian acrylic (2)

Kathy Morawiec, Art & Soul Gallery’s featured Artist for June is celebrated in a new video on our new YouTube channel: https://artandsoulgallery.com/ and in the Gallery’s window. Stop by!

“Revisiting the Renaissance” ~ Oil Paintings by Penny Simmons

Commonwealth Lake

“Revisiting the Renaissance”
Contemporary Oil Paintings in the Style of the Old Masters by Penny Simmons

“Light and Illusion”

Awakened Path Jeff Fennel ~Acrylic on Aluminum

Take time to come by the Gallery to view Jeff’s exceptionally unique and amazing work in our front window.

Let’s Get Digital!

"Snowy Aurora" by Jessica Hitchcock ~Digital Painting

Annual High School Student Exhibition The March 2020 Exhibit features the work of three High School students: Jessica Hitchcock, Gail Schmidt and Avery Sayre. Jessica Hitchcock: As a student, I am constantly working towards a higher level of art production. I find value in pieces which demonstrate my improvement or mastery of a specific subject in art. I typically choose my subjects based on an emotional or intellectual stirring I get from it and how it can help me improve. My goal as a painter is to convey and accentuate the feeling I get from a subject to the viewer. I began drawing and painting when I was young and gradually moved towards it being a budding profession since early middle school when I began digital art. My digital process fluctuates but generally follows the order of choosing a subject or a few and blocking in about 3 rough sketches, then choosing or compiling the best parts. Next, I block out the values with broad shapes and slowly work with a smaller and smaller brush as I refine it, keeping each refinement on its own photoshop layer for this stage. […]

“The Language of Trees”

"The Language of Trees" Mixed Watermedia by Pam Haunschild

This February all 27 of the Art & Soul Gallery artists has created a mini-masterpiece in an attempt to capture some of the majesty and grandeur of a tree. Come see the glorious results!

“What a Difference a Frame Makes!”

"sivo'ham, sivo'ham" (I am Shiva, I am Shiva) Oil by Eric Peterson, framing by Peter Stone

“What a Difference a Frame Makes” This exhibit includes artwork by all of the Art & Soul Gallery artists which has been framed by Peter, the gallery’s new owner. January, 2020

Songs of the Earth and Sea


Meditations by Marjett Schille

“Color Notes” Oil painting on linen by Jenay Elder


Jenay Elder’s impressionistic oil paintings are known for their textured notes of color, representational quality and their sensitive subject matter.

“Floral Gardens” oil on canvas by Alice Niemiec

"Peony Flower" Oil on Canvas by Alice Niemiec

“The beauty of flower gardens have inspired me since I was a child. I love to watch the flowers dance in the bright sunshine.” Alice Niemiec

Merging Art & Music, Come see it happen live

Ashland Deer

How does and artist get from a blank canvas to a finished painting? Merging art and music, come and see it happen live!

“Land of My Heart” Oil Paintings by Silvia Trujillo

"Hill Song" Oil on Canvas by Silvia Trujillo

“It’s my goal to honor land, water, and sky in my paintings and to create a need for preserving an area’s natural beauty.” – Silvia Trujillo

“From the Tide Pool to the Stars” by Pam Haunschild

In My Sleeping Bag VI

The title “From the Tide Pool to the Stars” is a quote from John Steinbeck’s “The Log from the Sea of Cortez: “…all things are one thing and that one thing is all things —

“Nature’s Spirit” watercolor and mixed media by Linda Boutacoff


“Nature’s Spirit” ~ Exploring Nature’s Hidden Treasures. Nature is my sanctuary. It is a source of discovery and inspiration that stimulates my creativity and brings joy to my spirit.

“Come the Spring with All Its Splendor” watercolors by Charlotte Peterson

Purple Rain Purple Rain v3

Inspiration comes in so many ways:

~ spring flowers!

~ a request from a friend!

~ words of a familiar song!

~taking a walk in the park!

Essential Ingredients, paintings by Eve Margo Withrow


A sense of adventure to explore the edge just outside the box
A sense of play for the creative journey
A sense of inspiration as each layer, each mark, and each surprise unfolds.

Art & Spirituality – The Need to Create – a short lecture


Sunday, March 31st 5:30 pm (45 min.) Art & Soul Gallery, 247 E. Main St. Wine and Cheese while you mingle and meet after the lecture Kevin Yell is a semi-retired teacher and minister, as well as a multi-media artist, with a background in theatre, dance, writing and design – and mathematics! Originally from the UK, he now lives in Portland, Oregon, where, among other things, he is an occasional spiritual director and popular guest preacher and workshop leader in things spiritual and /or artistic. He is currently the President of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance, and on the Board for New Century Players, theatre company. Kevin believes that the urge to create – whether art, cooking, gardens, or as a true teacher etc., – is a uniquely human activity: We are the only part of creation that continually uses external symbols to communicate. These “communications” often speak to our “Spirit” and our sense of “Spirituality.” They can also be seen as ways in which we mimic the fundamental nature of the Divine as understood in the Judeo/Christian story of Genesis. This Presentation will explore the two sides of the […]

Featuring Art Students from Ashland High School

Featuring Art Students from Ashland High School
Works by Student Artists:

Mikhal Mesco Cruz McNamara Julia Petrone

“Art & Soul Gallery Artists Small Paintings Plus One Exhibit” paintings by Art & Soul Artists and invited guest artists

"The Lioness" Acrylic on canvas by Jasmine Patten

This Small Works exhibition continues showing the creative expressions of participating Art & Soul Gallery Artists, in a variety for medium and genre, and their invited Guest Artists.

“Small Works” Paintings by Art and Soul Gallery Artists

"Cascading" painting by Pam Haunschild

“Small Works” will showcase the artistic talents of Art & Soul Gallery’s Artists, as we present original art in a variety of genre and media. The show will be exhibited Jan. 2-Jan. 27 2019.

“Expressions” Watermedia paintings by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

"Portal to Summer Dreams" Watercolor by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

Along with our Featured Artist, Art&Soul Gallery presents our new owner Peter Alexander Welch. Music by Beth and Craig Martin with Todd Ragland,

“Expressions” paintings by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

"Springtime Delight" Watermedia by Lynda hoffmin-Snodgrass

EXPRESSIONS is an exhibition of watermedia paintings by artist Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass. This collection of Lynda’s paintings are focused on abstraction with rich textures, patterns and color

“Mountains and More” Paintings by Carla Griffin

"Smith Rock" Pastel painting by Carla Griffin

Carla presents her exquisite, realistic Oil and Pastel paintings. Her expressive landscapes depict the world through her observations and vision.

“New Beginnings” Paintings by John Lambie

Camouflaged Aspen Acrylic by John Lambie

John works from a passion about mixing paints and colors that eventually takes me by the hand to the paintings desired destination. His paintings are full of hopeful optimism.

“The Charm of our Wonderful Little City” Watercolor and ink paintings by Lori Taylor

"Black Sheep on the Plaza" Watercolor and Ink by Lori Taylor

In this collection, Lori uses watercolor, ink and a bit of artistic license to capture the charm of this wonderful little city. You may discover reality has been augmented ever so slightly!

Art of Students from Ashland High School

Indi Reynolds yarn collage

Art&Soul Gallery Features student artists Nicole Muller, Indi Reynolds and Sierra Kelly. We are pleased to exhibit a variety of genres and mediums created by our three student artists.

“In Love With Oregon” Watercolor paintings by Betty Barss

"Blue Joint" Watercolor by Betty Barss

My love of Oregon began about fifty years ago. There are always interesting and beautiful sites that excite me to get out my watercolors and brushes to capture my feelings of inspiration.

“My Art” works by Alexis Wilson

"Night Sky" Mixed media by Alexis Wilson

My major focus is nature and wildlife preservation for which I have always had love and admiration. Art teaches me that mistakes are fixable and not everything must be perfect.

“Gazing with Awe; Rogue Impressions and Beyond” Oil Paintings by Silvia Rothschild Trujillo

"On the Trail" OIl Painting by Silvia Rothschild Trujillo

These are paintings that communicate mood and a sense of time by coloring the light and shadow of each season, scene, or still life with a perception of beauty that begs for acknowledgment.

“An Assortment of Dogs” Paintings by Nancy Zufich

Banjo at the Beach painting by Nancy Zufich

Inspired by the endless variety of sizes, breeds and colors of Ashland’s dogs I see on my daily walks, I have been sketching and painting them over the last few months. Come and enjoy!

“The Birds and the Bees” Paintings by Pamela Haunschild

Pam has created a series of bird and other pollinator paintings that are colorful and highly textured and speak to the beauty of these pollinating animals and the plants they pollinate.

“Following the Circuitous Thread” paintings by Eve Margo Withrow

"Sky Lake Moon" Mixed water media painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Many of my favorite and most exciting works are the result of finding imaginative solutions to things run amok. I play and adventure with my expressions. Following threads here and there.

“Following the Circuitous Thread” paintings by Eve Margo Withrow

Many of my favorite and most exciting works are the result of finding imaginative solutions to things run amok. I play and adventure with my expressions.

“Color” Paintings by Dixie Kinser

"August Moon" by Dixie Kinser

I believe that painting should be a refreshing exploration for the artist and the viewer.  Each painting reflects different combinations of color, style and focus.  

“Spring’s Sweet Flowering Month of May

"Red Bloomers" Watercolor by Kay Myer

Medleys of fresh colors in our gardens inspire my paintings.  As the poet Gibran wrote, “It’s a time to be like a flower and turn your face to the sun”.

“The Wanderer” Oil paintings by Diana Wright Troxell

"Tunnel of Lace" Oil painting by Diana Wright Troxell

From a San Francisco luncheon to sun drenched Cayucos and then a cool, mist filled day in Oregon, I marvel at the endless beauty of the world. With my art I hope to communicate love and joy.

“Celebrate Color” Paintings by Claire O. Harkins

"1940's Prom" Oil painting by Claire O. Harkins

Color, whimsy and strong lines help Claire Harkins celebrate color. She likes to use interesting perspectives to draw the viewer in to her paintings. Her show runs Feb. 28-April 2, 2017.

“Journeys of the Heart” Paintings by John Lambie

"Contemplating the Universe" by John Lambie

The subjects of my paintings include landscapes and abstracts that capture the emotional responses to personal experiences. Emotion is expressed through the use of deep and dramatic color.

“Winter Expressions” paintings by Art&Soul Gallery Artists

"SnowMoon"  Watercolor by Pamela Haunschild

“Winter Expressions” will take away the Winter chill as you experience paintings by Art&Soul Gallery Artists. Expressions in oil, pastel, acrylic, and watercolor will be shown.

WSO Watercolor Exhibit

"Sunday Afternoon" Watercolor by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

The Watercolor Society of Oregon 50th Fall Transparent Media Traveling Show will be hosted by and on exhibit at the Art & Soul Gallery in Ashland. The show will be exhibited through Dec. 29.

“Serendipity” Watercolor painting by Kay Myer

"Hooters" Watercolor by Kay Myer

Kay Myer says “Serendipity is me! It best describes my daily painting journey in watercolor. What evolves is what I have seen or felt, not what I “know” is there.”

“Travels: going from one place to another” (Webster’s Dictionary) Paintings by Gloria Kastenberg

"Dawn in Havana" Oil painting by Gloria Kastenberg

My paintings are created on my travels and in my backyard. As light travels through life, I travel within, following light from conception to creation. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey.

“Waking Dreams” Recent Watermedia Works in Abstraction by Rogue Valley Artist, Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

"Seeds in the Wind" Watermedia by Lynda Hoffman Snodgrass

Often when I am painting I feel like I am in an altered state or a waking dream. The process in creating this body of abstract paintings starts out very intuitive, developing over time.

“Journey” Paintings by Judy Richardson

"Summer Morning Thoughts" Pastel painting by Judy Richardson

Judy Richardson’s Oil and Pastel paintings have a story to tell. Her journey from concept to expression is the driving force behind her paintings. Please come and enjoy her stories.

“Wild Cranes” Hand Painted Silk by Judy Elliott

"Majestic" Hand Painted Silk by Judy Elliott

My inspiration for painting on silk is influenced by my experience while growing up in Hawaii. The beauty of our natural world and its preservation pleases my soul and also inspires me to create.

“Passages” Paintings by Marge Heilman

"Rattle Vase and Frog" Oil by Marge Heilman

History has always interested me, especially with regard to art. Standing on historic ground in France painting in the footsteps of the masters, I try to portray feeling and atmosphere.

“Awesome Oregon” Paintings by Sue and Steve Bennett

"Along the Blitzen" Pastel by Steve Bennett

Steve and Sue Bennett were born in Oregon, have lived most of their lives in Oregon and have have enjoyed painting Oregon scenes for the last 30 years. Don’t miss this colorful exhibit!

“Lithia Park and Beyond” Paintings by Joan Brown

"Gold Leaf" Oil painting by Joan Brown

Joan Brown is an award winning artist who paints an array of subjects, her oil paintings are noted for their light and color. This exhibit features her paintings of Lithia Park and beyond.

“Spirit of Spring” paintings by Art&Soul Gallery Artists

"Emerging"  Watercolor by Pamela Haunschild

Art&Soul Gallery presents our Gallery Artists in a Spring show of colorful and creative paintings evoking the spirit of Spring in a variety of mediums.

“Unique Perspectives in Art” works by Rogue Women

Rogue Women is a group of professional artists from the Rogue Valley and Northern California who use diverse media and unique approached to making art.

“Minis” small works presented by the Artists of the Art&Soul Gallery

"I'm Not a Pair" Watercolor by Charlotte Peterson

Art&Soul Gallery is currently showing and exhibit of small works, created by Artists from the Gallery. There is a variety of mediums and subject matter, something to appeal to everyone.

“Minis” in a variety of mediums by the Artists of the Art&Soul Gallery

"Feather Dance"  Watercolor on claybord by Pamela Haunschild

Art&Soul Gallery is pleased to present an eclectic exhibition of small works in a variety of mediums. These small gems will be perfect for gift giving-to yourself or someone you love!

“Adventures in Abstraction” Mixed media works by Dodie Brandon Hamilton

"Fall Forest Dance"  Mixed media by Dodie Brandon Hamilton

“Adventures in Abstraction” is the culmination of my many years of painting as well as my many years of life …95 actually. It has been great fun!.

“Simply Painted” Oil paintings by Carla Palmese

This is a simply painted show, a small collection of large paintings, about the dark and mysterious places where wolves live in Southern Oregon.

“Patterns of Nature” paintings by Pam Haunschild

"Octopus Garden" Watercolor by Pam Haunschild

I paint nature. In this exhibit you will see my watercolors emulating the effects of natural systems in producing patterns, colors, and textures.

“Funny Farm” Oil paintings by Dana Feagin

"Sugar Rush"  Oil painting by Dana Feagin

Dana Feagin’s new exhibit “The Funny Farm”, captures the silly side of farm animals we love. 10% of sales from this show will be donated to Sanctuary One, a local non-profit care farm.

“Lithia Park-The Jewel of Ashland” paintings by Marilyn Hurst

Capturing the sense of this magnificent park has been a joyful journey for me. is my hope I have touched the viewer with my

“SPRING BREATHES NEW LIFE” mixed media paintings by Nancy Zufich

SPRING IN THE GARDEN Mixed Media painting by Nancy Zufich

The colors that Spring brings to our landscape excite me and demand a new palette, a new approach, a fresh breath.

“Canvas Chronicles” Paintings by Linda Curtis

Linda Curtis’ colorful images of the landscapes and riverscapes of Southern Oregon reflect her love of nature.

“Expressions of Spring” paintings by Art&Soul Gallery

Morning by the Bay pastel painting by Willo Balfrey

Art&Soul Gallery presents “Expressions of Spring” a gallery show featuring Art&Soul artists exhibiting works that depict the change from winter to the color, light and warmer days of Spring.

“Landscapes” Paintings by Art & Soul Artists

"Winter Solstice"  acrylic painting by Christina Madden

Art & Soul Gallery presents an exhibit of Landscape paintings by Gallery Artists. Participating artists: Carla Palmese, Dana Feagin, Christina Madden, Judy Richardson, Linda Boutacoff, Willo Balfrey. Steve Bennett, Sue Bennett, and Randye Jensen.

“Winter Celebration” paintings by Art & Soul Gallery Artists

"Tree Tribe Sees Masked Moon"  Mixed media by Eve Margo Withrow

In celebrating the winter season, Artists of the Art & Soul Gallery have come together to show their many expressions and mediums in a 12″ x 12″ format.

“Winter Celebration” Featuring Art & Soul Gallery artists


In celebrating the season, Artists of the Art & Soul Gallery have come together to show their many expressions and mediums in a 12″ x 12″ format.

“Farms That Became Ashland” Oil Paintings by Carla Palmese

Billings Barn

Carla has documented historic farms of Ashland. her expressive oil paintings will be accompanied by historic black and white photos.

“Edgy in October” paintings by Art & Soul Artists

"Forgotten"  pastel by Carol Wilder

The word “Edgy” has many connotations ! The Art & Soul Gallery is taking part in the Southern Oregon Event “Edgy in October” with many of the Gallery’s Artists.

“Shelter Animals” Oil paintings by Dana Feagin

Sanctuary One Goat
Oil by Dana Feagin

Join us at Art & Soul for Dana Feagin’s show of her whimsical animal portraits. Dana

“Travels in North Wales” paintings by Carla Palmese

Canal near Ellesmere

Carla Palmese is exhibiting her oil paintings of her trip through the canal so North Wales

“WHOLE HEARTED” Water Media Paintings by Eve Margo Withrow

Blood Moon

Eve: “Many of my favorite and most exciting works are the result of finding creative solutions to things run amok.”

Eve: “Many of my favorite and most exciting works are the result of finding creative solutions to things run amok.”

“A moment in time . . .” Pastel Paintings by Randye Jensen

Through the Tress

Please join us Art & Soul Gallery for Randye Jensen’s exhibit of exquisite pastel paintings. Her landscapes are her way of expressing a sense of place and beauty.

“Fashion Illustration” paintings by Susan Frank

Moonlight Mini Dress

Susan Frank, Art & Soul’s newest artist, presents her Fashion Illustration paintings. Wear something you love!

“Off the Beaten Path” oil paintings by Chuck Prudhomme

Waimea Woody

I am primarily a plein air painter. I attempt to capture the spirit of the place in a loose painterly fashion, with bright vibrant colors and thick paint rather than a photo realistic replica.

“Natural Elements” Ecoprints by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

Natural Elements #12

I love to paint, it is my voice! From shared experiences in realism, tributes to spirituality and journeys into abstraction: my artwork is a culmination and sharing of my life’s experiences.

“Takes Three to Tangle” Zen Dezigns by Betty Barss, Linda Boutacoff and Charlotte Peterson

Delightfully tangled pears!

Three talented and witty water media artists create Zen DeZigns to delight the eye!

“Fool the Eye and Feed the Soul” paintings by Nancy Zufich


Nancy Zufich presents her whimsical, colorful mixed media paintings and a Trompe L’oeil surprise!

Circus, Circus Acrylic paintings by Katharine Gracey

For Katharine Gracey, art is about life, dreams and telling stories about places and people that are there-and not there. Her observations and experiences translate beautifully into whimsical vignettes.

Color my World Paintings by Christina Madden

I enjoy using color as a unique and playful way of expressing a subject or abstract painting.  My hope is to draw the viewer into seeing everyday subjects in a new and exciting way. Working with color against shadow, light and design is always a challenge and one I hope you will enjoy sharing with me.

Wayside Trails and Gardens watercolor paintings by Barbara Eshoo

Barbara Eshoo is an established regional artist who is a sweepstakes and award-winning member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society, California. She has exhibited widely, including solo shows at Hanson Howard Gallery, Ashland, Oregon, Lawrence Gallery, Sheridan, Oregon, and Rogue Gallery, Medford, Oregon.  Her work can be found in corporate, public and private collections in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Her images have appeared on covers of numerous publications and have twice been chosen for the annual “Taste of Ashland” poster. Many paintings are now reproduced in limited-edition giclee prints and fine art cards. Please join us at Art and Soul for wine and snacks. Music will be provided by Craig and Beth Martin.

Abstract Vision: A Journey Through Self Expression works by Alx Fox


< This show represents a gathering of images that illustrate my passion for emotional expression through color. My images evolve from a desire to experiment with color while allowing the layers to develop freely on their own with no previous background drawings being used. I wish to share my journey with the hope that you enjoy as much as I enjoyed creating it. Music by Douglas Ross on the Dulcimer. Refreshments served First Friday August 2, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Figures and Metaphorests by Mabrie Ormes

Nude in Green and OrangeAGA

“The opportunity to draw from the live model is one of Ashland’s special offerings to the visual artist. In my case, I began making the leaf papers about 8 years ago. It took moving to Ashland in 2009 to inspire me to draw on those papers in artist-run sessions featuring the nude model. It was a Eureka! moment. There is something ineffable about the congruence of drawn nude with leaf paper in the way it expresses our humanity as part of Nature. Paintings here that do not include a figure are made on thick art papers that will take a lot of paint. My intention is to evoke landscape from close up. Rhythmic patterns assail the eye in dense forests of leaves: hence, Metaphorests.

Landscape Pastel Paintings by Ina Prosser

Mt Shasta View

“Landscape Paintings” by Ina Prosser “Having been raised on the Oregon Coast as a child, I’ve been painting its many beautiful landmarks off and on for many years. The last few years I’ve been drawn to painting scenes from my past. I see a beauty and softness in the remains of old buildings, wharves, boats, and aging forests. Who among us doesn’t love the ocean, rocks, and sandy beaches. These are the things that inspire me. Enjoy!” Music by Douglas Ross on the Dulcimer. Refreshments served First Friday June 7th, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Recent Work with Color Theory, Paintings by Judy Bjorlie

These paintings by Judy Bjorlie show her recent work with color theory as taught by Stephen Quiller. Each painting was approached with a different mix of color choices and/or color theory including mixing those gorgeous grayed tones in between complimentary colors. Represented in this work are: Complimentary Relationships, Analogous Color, Color Families, Double Analogous Color Relationships and Triad Color relationships. Judy is one of the six owners/directors of Art & Soul Gallery. Music by the Cantabile Quartet who will be playing single movements by Beethoven, Mozart, Borodin, Shostakovich, Wolf and Gershwin. Judy Bjorlie is a member of the quartet playing the cello.

Dodie Welcomes Spring

Paintings by Dodie Hamilton-Brandon “Since coming to the Rogue Valley thirty years ago I have been pursuing my art career as a painter and teacher of watercolors. I have become known especially for my florals, but recently I have been venturing into the area of non-objective subject matter using collage and acrylic media. During this month of April, as featured artist, I am showing both areas with the theme “Dodie Welcomes Spring”, which not only expresses my joy at the coming of spring after our dark, cold winter days but also my love of color.” Happy Birthday to Dodie as she celebrates her 93rd birthday this month! Dodie is an inspiration to all of us!In 1998, she was one of the founding owners/partners of Art & Soul Gallery and served with the other owners as Executive director for eleven years.Thank you, Dodie! Dulcimer Music by Douglas Ross.

Chasing the Muse, original paintings by Dixie Kinser

“My paintings represent my journey in chasing my “muse.” I sometimes think, “Ah ha, now I have her.” Then later she taunts me to find her again. It is a constant search to find her in each painting or when working dyeing silk. Actually, dyeing silk was the beginning of my journey. Later I tried watercolor and finally acrylic became my favored medium. I now frequently find that the two mediums work well with each other in my pursuit of the muse.” Dulcimer Music by Douglas Ross.

All Art, Great & Small

An invitation went out to all the artists at Art & Soul Gallery to create miniature paintings for the featured wall. Small paintings are easy to hang in various places of interest in ones home or given as a special gift to that special person. Enjoy the diversity of styles from abstracts to realistic to impressionistic; and from mediums from oils to pastels to acrylics to watercolor to mixed media. All Art, Great and Small created by Art & Soul Gallery Artists! Dulcimer Music by Douglas Ross.

Sue Bennett, on Location in France

This show represents 15 years of gratefully painting on location in France. Standing at an easel in Rodin’s Sculpture Garden in Paris was a moving and challenging experience: In front of me was the sculpture of The Burghers of Calais. People watched to see it interpreted in watercolor. In countless locations, I’ve loved painting peaceful scenes of beauty and charm: villages, mills and landscapes. Seeking out countryside subjects that speak to my heart has become a passion. I am full of awe and appreciation for the influence of the French impressionists in my own love of art. Painting gear for watercolor is easy to carry, a necessity because the trips include planes, trains, busses, cars and miles of walking. I’ll soon return to a favorite farm near Bergerac; then leave there to explore a new area hoping to capture more antiquity of this country. Dulcimer Music by Douglas Ross.

People, Places and Things of Beauty

Oil and Pastel Paintings by Judy Richardson.”Beauty is something that can be experienced no matter where we are or what we are doing. The light shining through a leaf, the steam rolling off of your cup of coffee, the glint of the sun on a child’s hair can all be things of beauty. As an artist I am always looking for moments of beauty. When I look with my “artist eyes”, I see the world differently. I see shapes of color and light that work together to make form. My pleasurable task then becomes interpreting these moments for the viewer.” “The works in this show are a collection of images from our travels, blossoms from our yard and people we have encountered in our journey through life. My wish is for you enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed their creation.” Dulcimer Music by Douglas Ross.


I have always been attracted to the beauty of the outdoors which has led me on this artistic journey. Thirty years ago, when I began painting, my specialty was wildlife but I soon realized I needed to place the wildlife in their natural habitat. This led to the appreciation and study of landscapes and I have not looked back. The joy of creating a landscape painting that invites the viewer to walk in, linger awhile, and maybe stay � is my personal goal. En Plein air (on location), has helped me to express what I see and how I feel about the beauty that surrounds me. I paint on location as much as possible and bring those studies back to the studio to create larger pieces either in pastel or oil. I want to viewer to feel the mood, light, and pleasure of the piece. Dulcimer Music by Douglas Ross.

Different Strokes, Paintings by Art & Soul Gallery Owners

April’s Featured artists are the six owners of Art and Soul Gallery: Linda Boutacoff, Charlotte Peterson, Judy Bjorlie, Betty Barss, Judy Richardson, and Joan Whitsett. Each artist has their own style, they own media, their own passion and their own job description in the making of Art & Soul Gallery one of the most popular galleries in our valley for the past 13 years. It is our hope that, in viewing this exhibition, all will enjoy the different strokes. Music by Douglas Ross on the Dulcimer.

Those Who Don’t Believe in Magic Will Never Find It

Pen and Ink drawings by Gorgeous Gwen “Greetings and welcome to Gorgeous Gwen’s world of Pen and Ink.Within every inch of our earth I find many worlds, textures and abundant life.It is my delight to portray the lyrical and magical details of our earth in Pen and Ink.I pencil sketch my compositions directly onto watercolor paper.I love how the pen connects with the pits and dimples of the textured paper.I use up at least one pen per drawing, laying down thousands of strokes and seemingly miles of ink.” Gorgeous Gwen injects warmth and humor into her detailed natural world inspired Pen and Ink drawings. She has traveled extensively to show her work at some of the nation’s highest rated fine art shows and her drawings are in private collections all over the world. Music by Douglas Ross, Dulcimer

Wild About Red

An all artists show of red paintings. Each of the 30 artists was asked to paint primarily with red as the dominant pigment. Symbolism of the color red: Red is the color of fire and blood. Hebrew words for blood and red have the same origin: “dm” means red and “dom” means blood. Blood and fire have both positive and negative connotations: bloodshed, aggression, war, and hate are on one side, and love, warmth and compassion on the other side. In ancient Egypt, red was the color of life and of victory. During celebrations, Egyptians would paint their bodies with red ochre. The oldest pigment was probably red ochre, which was used in cave art. The ancient world had red madder lake, artificially-made red lead, and vermilion (natural mineral cinnabar). Artificially-made vermilion was the most prominent red pigment until the manufacture of cadmium red in 1907. Red is one of the subtractive primary colors. Red is light of the longest wavelengths discernible by the human eye. Enjoy the variety and brilliantly red show! 

Music by Douglas Ross, Dulcimer

Painted Memories of 2011

Plein Air Oil Landscapes by Silvia Trujillo. New to the Art & Soul Gallery, Silvia is presenting fresh works that were painted on location throughout Southern Oregon throughout the year; Emigrant Lake, Billings Pond, Ashland Hills, Mountain Lakes, Mt. McLoughlin and Lithia Park are all among some of the represented scenery. Trujillo is known for her California and Oregon impressionist oil paintings which reflect her mastery of capturing the color and atmosphere of these regions.

“Congruences” Tempera Paintings by Mabrie Ormes

The prints made by fallen leaves on the sidewalk after a rainstorm inspired me to use leaves in paintings on Mulberry paper. One fine day, I brought one of my tempera paintings to an artist-run figure drawing session and drew the model on it. It was a ‘Eureka!’ moment. The drawing expressed something poetic about us and the congruences between our human selves and Nature. The visual congruences allude to deeper ones. The joining of arm to shoulder and of leaf vein to stem are similar. Nature makes a joint that moves, has nuance and pulsates with energy. Like the leaves on a tree, our aliveness is replete with water, air, and heat. Our blood runs along branching pipelines. Our feelings come from our gut. Thought itself moves through dendrites and across synapses. In the same way, sap makes its way through a tree. Some of our deepest imaginings come from the visual poetry of Nature seen again in Art. Why is it we separate our human selves from Nature? Like these nudes we are intimately wound up in Nature in the way we are built, the way we feel, […]

From the Rockies to the Pacific

In my paintings I try to combine the realities of different places traveled with the color and mood experienced. From mountains to valleys, to woods, to farms, to ocean, to the people along the way, with the infinite color changes experienced as day progresses into night and with the textures of the ever changing land. Whether from nature or the reconstruction of a scene through notes and memory, I like to create a range of different subjects and approaches in my paintings that are both varied yet speak to each other. I endeavor to portray a sense of drama and mood, a frozen moment of enduring love and abiding respect for land, sea and nature. Music by Douglas Ross on the Dulcimer.