April 2021: Laura Foster & Wade Schuster

Wade Schuster, 
Wheat Paste Cover Stories,
oil on canvas, 

Laura Foster and Wade Schuster  Reclaimed Materials and Paintings Temporary Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. April 1 – May 8  Wade Schuster Paintings Wade Schuster is an artist and art educator currently living and working in Portland, Oregon. Schuster’s art practice explores perception, memory, and the everyday life of public space, using walks as a source of inspiration. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Schuster received a BA in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire before moving to Las Vegas, where he lived and worked from 2005-2020. His works are held in both public and private collections, including the permanent collection of the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art in Las Vegas, Nevada. Laura Foster Reclaimed Materials My materials are sought in a lazy way; chanced upon, found by the curb. All have been part of some deliberate human action and are now disjoined from that action-perhaps no longer needed, perhaps worn out by that need. Unhitched and scattered, they are words of a sentence chopped apart and thrown into the yard. Threshold, fencepost, windowsill. Cardboard, curtain, shutter. The scattering remains here, the tender mawkishness of a thing […]

“Branded by Oregon” Watercolors by Betty Barss

"Branded" Watercolor by Betty Barss

April’s featured exhibit at Art & Soul Gallery is “Branded by Oregon,” a reflection in watercolor by Betty Barss.

April Exhibit

Showing the work of just a few of our 13 local artists.

Ashland Art Works is proud to offer all original art and unique gifts, lovingly crafted by our local artists. The diversity of art expands the possibilities of finding something special.

Artist Collective


Ashland Art Works is proud to offer all original art and unique gifts, lovingly crafted by our local artists.  The diversity of the art mediums expands the possibilities of finding something special to adorn your home or your person. Drop by when you’re in the neighborhood. We’re a short stroll from the Plaza! March Hours: Thurs – Fri – Sat  10 to 2 Closed Sun – Weds Or by appointment: 541-552-0100 ashlandartworks@gmail.com

Gallerie Karon Celebration

In appreciation of all our customers over the years, Gallerie Karon is having an enormous sale which is something we have never done! It’s our 19th anniversary and the gifts are for you!

East Meets East – The Year of The Ox Part ll

East Meets East – The Year of The Ox Part ll
Anticipating Spring and a New Beginning!
Come explore our finds from all over the Orient and celebrate the new year!

February at Art Works


Ashland Art Works is proud to offer all original art and unique gifts, lovingly crafted by our local artists.

Other Works of Elizabeth York

Studio 151 is located at 151 N. Pioneer Street in Ashland and features mixed media sculptural art by Elizabeth York.

Novellas :: Narrative Art by Women for Women’s History Month

Stacey Dressen McQueen, acrylic on paper

 Across times and cultures women have been known as the story keepers and tellers, bringing to life our wisdoms and dreams, histories, and futures. To celebrate this tradition we are giving the gallery over to a group of artists who use their craft to tell us stories.   Ondrea Levey, Drawings and Sculpture Stacey Dressen McQueen, Painting Laurie Gadbois, Mosaic Sculpture Bobbie Jansen, Painting Noriko Sugita, Printmaking   Temporary Gallery Hours Thursday – Saturday 12-4   February 18- March 27

“Why We Paint”

At Art & Soul Gallery our annual New Year’s exhibit features one small work from each artist in the gallery, framed by the gallery’s new owner, Peter Stone.

East Meets East – Year of the Ox

East Meets East – Year of the Ox
Anticipating Spring and a New Beginning
Show features everything Eastern.

Artist Collective


Ashland Art Works is celebrating all of their artists this month, with many new pieces exhibited in our three galleries on the Creek. Please join us!

Out of Africa, Out of the Ash

Out of Africa: Out of the Ash

Our current show featuring Judy Benson LeNeir, Alameda fire victim, continues through December.

“Cradles Rock!”

"Don't Lick the Painting" oil on cradle by Judy Richardson

Local artists Jenay Elder, Charlotte Peterson and Judy Richardson have created this “rocking” featured exhibit for the month of December at Art and Soul Gallery. Come by to see it!

Fall 2020 Exhibitions

Fall Exhibitions October 29 – December 10, 2020 Join us for our Fall Exhibitions featuring Daniel Duford and Elizabeth Malaska.

“Back to the Garden” paintings by Marjett Schille

“Back to the Garden” an exploration of natural wonders in mixed media by artist Marjett Schille. “Like many of us, … I draw solace from nature, even if it is only in my backyard.”

Out of Africa, Out of the Ash

One of our best known artists, Judy Benson La Nier, was burned out of her home, studio and storage space with minutes to flee during the Almeda Fire on September 8. We wanted to do something special.

Betty LaDuke Fundraiser & Gallery Artists Salon

Betty LaDuke, Awakening, 11x17, inkjet print

2020 Gallery Artists Salon and new work by Betty LaDuke as well as a fundraiser print sale to help the Rogue Valley farm workers displaced by the Almeda Fire.

November at Ashland Art Works

We will continue to highlight all of our artists with a collective show in November.

“Resilience & Refuge” Earth Altars, By: Laura Loescher (100% Goes Towards Fire Relief)

IMG_4547 2

“Resilience & Refuge” by Laura Loescher November 6th, 2020 – January 4th, 2021

Special welcome to Zoriya Soriya Estrella Blalock

Self taught abstract impressionist.  Living and loving in Ashland Oregon.  Open to commission and projects. These works are all on stretched canvas and a range of Oils, Acrylics and Mixed Media.  I am he recipient of a Mathew Loydd Haines grant from 2019. Very grateful to Creekside Pizza for hosting my visual shenanigans!

Ashland Art Works this Fall


October 3rd – Artist Demonstrations These Saturday events had to be cancelled in September due to the air quality. We are happy to have at least one Saturday with 3 of our artists showing off the processes. Claudia Law Textile and Multimedia Artist Claudia Law will be demonstrating Inktense Block painting on fabric. She has recently delved into the world of using Inktense Blocks to color fabric. Come watch as Claudia transforms a piece of plain white muslin, to a brilliantly colorful piece of textile art. Roxanne Evans Stout Collage Artist Roxanne will demonstrate collaging and stitching papers and fabrics together to make a larger piece of art.   Connie Simonsen Silk Artist Connie will show several different examples of her scarves and paintings with a discussion to illustrate the techniques and silk dyes that she uses. She will also display and address the many types of silk and how a piece of silk can be readied for painting using a frame or table. The application of resist to outline an image or for abstract work will also be discussed.   October 17 and 18 Pop-up Event:   The annual […]

The Female of the Species Part II

Feminine, Passionate, Exotic and Feline

Part 2 of our all female artists exhibit opens October 2nd. No First Friday Art Walk is planned but stay tuned!

“Peering Through the Seasons” Jeanne LaRae

Aspen Mist

“Peering Through the Seasons”
Aspen Oil Paintings by, Jeanne LaRae
September 1, 2020 – November 2, 2020

“Sunlight and Shadows” Paintings by Jenay Elder

Oil Painting "Black Swan" by Jenay Elder Art & Soul Gallery

Local artist Jenay Elder is September’s featured artist at Art and Soul Gallery in downtown Ashland, Oregon. This show will remain on display from September 3rd – 27th.

John & Robin Gumealius, sculpture & Judy Wise, painting

John & Robin Gumaelius, For the One who Cries Wolf, a Fox Will Have to Do

John & Robin Gumaelius, sculpture
Judy Wise, painting

The Female of the Species

Gallerie Karon presents our annual all female artists invitational show. Over 20 artists are represented, in all mediums.

Korey Gulbrandson, painting & Penelope Dews, ceramic sculpture

Korey Gulbrandson, Dreaming Days Away, mixed media on panel

Korey Gulbrandson, painting & Penelope Dews, ceramic sculpture

Art Days of August

The artists at Ashland Art Works would like to thank those of you that have come by for a visit over the last several weeks. We are here for you, and you have been here for us!

Images Thru the Eye of the Photographer II

We’re open and ready to welcome you! Photography is so important to Ashland and we are continuing our show through August with new pieces.

“Oil and Water Don’t Mix” paintings by Joan L Brown

"Fuschia Fireworks" watercolor by Joan L Brown

Joan L Brown loves to paint with oils and watercolors. But she always keeps them separate. Stop by the gallery Friday or Saturday from 11 – 3 in August for the in person experience.

Sue Springer, Stan Peterson and Robert Koch, A Trip to the Far Side

Robert Koch, Little Monsters

A Trip to the Far Side: Sue Springer, ceramic sculpture,Robert Koch, paintings, Stan Peterson, carved wood sculpture. July 3 – August 4
Temporary Summer Hours: Thursday – Saturday 12-4

July at Ashland Art Works


We will continue our group show through July, highlighting all of our diverse artists. Come and visit our three galleries in our back garden space. For the month of July, we will continue to be open with limited hours: Thurs – Fri – Sat – 12:00 to 4:00. For more information on all of our artists, visit: www.ashlandartworks.org     Have a glimpse at Ashland Art Works’ virtual tour: https://youtu.be/XSwj6azmdVQ

Images Thru the Eye of the Photographer

Nature photography by Judy Benson LaNier, Jim Langhoffer and Jamie Lusch. Portraits by Pam Danielle. Landscapes by Jesse Widener and Todd Davis. World travel shots by Ken Deveney, Andi Taylor and Steve Dieffenbacher.

“Time Travel” with Eric Peterson

Dream Tracks #1, Oil by Eric Peterson

“Traveling in my mind, through the softer lens of memory, and imagination, I find a comfort that rejuvenates and allows me to come back and deal with what we are all facing.” ~ Eric Peterson

Migrating Bodies: For(saking) Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Mohau Modisakeng
"Passage", 2017
Still from Three Channel HD Projection
18:49 min
Edition of 10 + 2 AP

Co-curated by Jill Hartz, former executive director of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, University of Oregon, Richard Herskowitz, artistic and executive director of the Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF), and Scott Malbaurn, director of the Schneider Museum of Art.

Artist as Poet lll

A Poet’s Garden: Can you come out and play? By the time you read this we will be open! Come join us in our garden for real!

June Rejuvenation

The Pathway to our Galleries

Ashland Art Works is pleased to announce that our Main Gallery has relocated to our Thrown Stone Gallery in our back garden space – Join us for our “soft” opening Thursday June 4th – 12:00 to 4:00.

“June Blume” Works in Oil and Acrylic by Kathy Morawiec

Jillian acrylic (2)

Kathy Morawiec, Art & Soul Gallery’s featured Artist for June is celebrated in a new video on our new YouTube channel: https://artandsoulgallery.com/ and in the Gallery’s window. Stop by!

Houston’s Custom Framing is Open!


Houston’s Custom Framing and Fine Art is OPEN!
Regular hours: Tues. – Sat. 10-6pm and by appt.
Please call: 541.482.1983 or cell: 541.292.8261
See our website. houstonscustomframing.com

Summer Group Show:: Robert Schlegel, Wataru Sugiyama, Randall David Tipton

Robert Schlegel, Bird House, 28x22

::JUNE:: Summer Group Show May 29 – June 30 Robert Schlegel, paintings Wataru Sugiyama, ceramic sculpture Randall David Tipton, paintings New temporary hours: Thursday – Saturday 12-4 and by appointment: info@hansonhowardgallery.com

The Ethereal Spirit


THE ETHEREAL SPIRIT June 1st, 2020 – September 1, 2020 JOIN US! FOR FIRST FRIDAY ART OPENING JULY 3rd, 2020 from 5:30pm-8:30pm Ashland Natural Medicine: 180 Lithia Way, Suite 103 ashlandnaturalmedicine.com   The Ethereal Spirit is our special summer season art show at Ashland Natural Medicine.  This nature inspired ethereal collection of  painted leaves and natural yarn handmade “Creations” are a multi-layered effort in the artist crafting process. The hand painted leaves are a family collaboration.  From the Illinois Valley, Joy Hoskins (mother) and her two daughters, Anita & Melanie work closely together to collect, preserve and craft,  “Joy With Leaves”.  Year round, Joy and her daughters enjoy hiking and notice the changes in leaves from season to season.  These intricately crafted leaf paintings are an expression of these seasonal changes, the appreciation and respect for the places they have visited and for the deep love they have for one another. Having leaves passed down from Joy’s father as gifts while growing up, the three of them discovered that Southern Oregon offers a wide range of beautiful shapes, sizes, textures and colors of leaves.  Over twenty years ago they happened to see a […]

Ceramic Tiles For Home, Garden, and Altar

JUNE FEATURE: HANDMADE TILES by Jill Zimmerman Jill is a ceramic artist living in Minneapolis, MN. She is also a yoga teacher, and has combined her love of putting her hands in clay with the ancient symbol of OM.

Judy Benson LaNier

Honu Mosaic

The Photographers’ Gallery is closed except by appointment. It will reopen when the Ashland Art Center opens.

Artist As Poet II

A Poet’s Garden

Although we are temporarily closed, our Poet’s Garden can be seen through our windows. We’ve added a few things so the scenes are fresh. You’ll find an Oriental garden up front with a table where the poet has been working on his calligraphy. Examples by Liz Sheppard are above. Next is a natural setting with photographs by Ken Deveney and Jonah Bornstien and Steve pens a trail sketchbook. They are surrounded by pods, leaves and mushrooms. Straight ahead is the Italian garden with a beautiful outdoor sculpture holding a cornucopia of roses and ivy. Above her on a pedestal is a massive arrangement of more roses and trailing vines set off on the wall with a romantic painting by Rebecca Gabriel. There is a table set with Chianti and fruit for the gardener who is taking a break planting – basket and hat set aside. In the far corner you’ll find the French country garden. Bright and colorful with grape vines and a wonderful painting by Pegi Smith ” She Dreams of Ravens”.


“Revisiting the Renaissance” ~ Oil Paintings by Penny Simmons

Commonwealth Lake

“Revisiting the Renaissance”
Contemporary Oil Paintings in the Style of the Old Masters by Penny Simmons

Spring Window Dressing

May 2020 window 2

Check out our May window. All items are for sale and you can contact us at info@ashlandartcenter.org. We will remain closed until further notice. Stay safe!

The 24×24 Solution:: all wall work 24×24 and smaller in the gallery will be shipped free

Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Teas & Cherries, oil on linen, 18x15

This April we bring you, The 24×24 Solution. We are offering free shipping in the U.S. on these or make arrangements to pick it up locally.

Artist As Poet

A Poet’s Garden

Gallerie Karon’s next show, opening April 3rd, is all about Spring. The whole front gallery space will be transformed into a series of gardens – Japanese, Italian and natural settings. The whole effect is romantic and fit for a poet!

Taking a Pause at Ashland Art Works


Due to current health alerts, we are closed temporarily. Check our website for current information: www.ashlandartworks.org

John Christer Petersen

Coffee Pot Rocks

John Christer Petersen’s new show, “Sedona Red Rocks”, is featured through April in the Photographer’s Gallery at the Ashland Art Center.

Center Closure due to COVID-19

We are sorry to report that we will be closed until further notice due to COVID-19

“Light and Illusion”

Awakened Path Jeff Fennel ~Acrylic on Aluminum

Take time to come by the Gallery to view Jeff’s exceptionally unique and amazing work in our front window.

Please welcome Benjamin Blue Abben for the months of March and April!

Abstract Artist Benjamin Blue Abben is also a local musician, and stand up comedian.

Enclave Studios Spring Exhibition 2020!

Enclave Studios Spring Exhibition

Enclāve Studios & Galleries presents our annual spring exhibition “Transparencies” with new works and works-in-progress by resident artists

Let’s Get Digital!

"Snowy Aurora" by Jessica Hitchcock ~Digital Painting

Annual High School Student Exhibition The March 2020 Exhibit features the work of three High School students: Jessica Hitchcock, Gail Schmidt and Avery Sayre. Jessica Hitchcock: As a student, I am constantly working towards a higher level of art production. I find value in pieces which demonstrate my improvement or mastery of a specific subject in art. I typically choose my subjects based on an emotional or intellectual stirring I get from it and how it can help me improve. My goal as a painter is to convey and accentuate the feeling I get from a subject to the viewer. I began drawing and painting when I was young and gradually moved towards it being a budding profession since early middle school when I began digital art. My digital process fluctuates but generally follows the order of choosing a subject or a few and blocking in about 3 rough sketches, then choosing or compiling the best parts. Next, I block out the values with broad shapes and slowly work with a smaller and smaller brush as I refine it, keeping each refinement on its own photoshop layer for this stage. […]

Spotlighting Karen Staal, Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Penelope Dews, Élan Chardin Gombart & Judy Howard

Millie Whipplesmith Plank, The Hidden Railway, woodblock print

This month we are spotlighting a few of the women of Hanson Howard Gallery. Karen Staal, Penelope Dews, Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Judy Howard, Elan Chardin

Ashland Art Works in March


Ashland Art Works is pleased to host a special exhibit from the Ashland High School art department. We’ve reserved space to show off the talents of our local younger artists.

Winter Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries Round 3

Multiple solo and group art exhibits

Rogue Hot Club Trio- Live 8-10pm

Join us for the March First Friday after party at Bird & Rye, featuring live music from Rogue Hot Club Trio. Don’t forget to ask your server about our First Friday food and drink specials.

Saddle Road: A Grandmother and Granddaughter Art Exhibit

First Friday Art Opening March 6th, 2020   Ashland Natural Medicine Gallery of  Art Presents SADDLE ROAD Nancy Puterbaugh & Molly McBrayer Feburary 6th, 2020 – March 31, 2020   Saddle Road, is a colorful story of the ever-changing face of nature/nurture and of two artists from two very different generations who are closely related. Grandmother, Nancy Puterbaugh and Granddaughter, Molly McBrayer for the first time ever are showing their incredible talents together. This 2020 New Year marks 20 years since the passing of her grandmother, Nancy. The combining of these two artists is not just a memorial, but more importantly a touching celebration of the power of inspiration passed down from one generation to another creating a legacy that lasts more than a single lifetime. Nancy Puterbaugh (Grandmother) a Plein Air Expressionist artist did not start painting until her husband retired. She was used to having her home to herself and when her husband retired she needed something to focus on. Inspired by Vincent Van Gough, she began to paint and soon became very close friends with the famous Bay Area painter, Pam Glover. Pam Glover is well known for […]

Artist’s Top Ten

After focusing on pastels for the last five years, artist Leif Trygg has assembled his top ten pastel paintings for Oak Leaf Studio’s first show of 2020 in March. Pictured here is Yosemite Falls from 2016. Prints and cards of the featured paintings will be on sale throughout the month.  

New Season, New Work

dan seffinger glass

Glass artist, Dan Seffinger, painter, Jeanne LaRae and collage artist Susanne Petermann are featured in March along with a student art show, music and wine by Platt Anderson Cellars.

“The Language of Trees”

"The Language of Trees" Mixed Watermedia by Pam Haunschild

This February all 27 of the Art & Soul Gallery artists has created a mini-masterpiece in an attempt to capture some of the majesty and grandeur of a tree. Come see the glorious results!

Betty LaDuke :: Original Paintings from the Archives

Chile: Homage to the Disappeared

Betty LaDuke: original paintings created during LaDuke’s mid career era whilst visiting South America and Africa.

Kate Geary

Madrone Tree Detail

Kate Geary’s new show, “In the Woods”, opens on Friday, January 3, 2020, at The Photographer’s Gallery at the Ashland Art Center and runs through the end of February.

Winter Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries Round 2

Winter Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries Round 2

The Passionate Chef


In the heart of Southern Oregon winter with hints of Valentine delights in the chilly air, what better art to take to heart than that which depicts loving artisans of flame, heat and nourishment for the body and soul… Join Ashland Property Management’s February First Friday event in a savory showing of Jeanne LaRae’s warmth and light-fill exhibit “The Passionate Chef” – a collection of dynamic paintings of chefs and bakers joyfully at work with steam, fire and food. Meet the artist in our gallery association cottage and raise a cup of hot cider out on our “patio.” Friday, February 7, 2020 5-8 PM Ashland Property Management is located at 40 Church Street.  

Acrylic, Mixed Media and more…

lucille burks

Make a Valentine and meet our artists. Featured artists this month: Kate Geary, Lucille Burke & Gayle Erbe-Hamlin. Musical guests, Jennifer Davis and Jim Abdo. Wine by Platt Anderson

East Meets East

It’s that time of year when Gallerie Karon takes you to the Exotic East to honor the Lunar New Year!

Winter Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries Round 1

Please join the CVA Galleries for the opening receptions for the following:   Unpeel, Megan Ross, Solo Exhibition  Art Expressing Emotion, Katie Vermillion, Capstone Exhibition  Mudlark, Chella Foster-Flynn, Solo Exhibition  Ingram Group Show, Ingram Studio Group, Group Exhibition    Opening Reception: Thursday, January 16th, 2020, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Refreshments provided   Exhibition Dates: January 10th, 2020 – January 30th, 2020   Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.    Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building): Unpeel Megan Ross Solo Exhibition   My work is about reaching a deep set of emotions that are hidden in plain sight. I believe not only of the magic of mystery, but of the expansion of the human mind. Taking a mundane act and expanding it to the absurd allows the mind to make its own personal relations; reaching a core reflection that goes beyond the limits of just this timeline.   Thorndike Gallery (Art Building): Art Expressing Emotion Katie Vermillion  Capstone Exhibition    For this project, I wanted to find a way to put color with my black and white drawings that are meant to be expressing a particular emotion. The […]

Ashland Artworks in January

Happy New Year! It’s been a wonderful, artistic year for all of us at Ashland Artworks and we thank all of you that have come by for a visit. We will be closed for the month of January to freshen up all of the galleries. Check back in February!

“What a Difference a Frame Makes!”

"sivo'ham, sivo'ham" (I am Shiva, I am Shiva) Oil by Eric Peterson, framing by Peter Stone

“What a Difference a Frame Makes” This exhibit includes artwork by all of the Art & Soul Gallery artists which has been framed by Peter, the gallery’s new owner. January, 2020

Open by Appointment During the Month of January

Betty LaDuke,Catch the Joy, 2018

Happy New Year!!
We will open by appointment during the month of January as we prepare for the new decade.
In February we will reopen with original works by Betty LaDuke.

Bruce Bayard, Video and Digital Collage

Cascadia, digital collage by Bruce Bayard

Photographs and videos depicting the Cascadia bio region, especially southern Oregon.

Celebrating Art

Artist member show

Special Artist Member Show, visit our working studio’s, meet our artists and shop for local art while enjoying music and wine from Platt Anderson Cellars


Wendy Red Star, "Winter", from "The Four Seasons", Archival pigment print on Museo silver rag, 35.5 X 40 inches, Courtesy of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Eugene, OR

This exhibition presents the work of two Northwest Indigenous artists who work across media and whose work responds, on their own terms, to historic and contemporary misrepresentations of Native Americans.

Welcome Justin Gordon for the months of December and January

Justin Gordon is an artist and musician living in Ashland Oregon who enjoys traditional processes that harken back to the twentieth century before the digital world inundated us with images and sounds and facsimiles of real objects. He can be found driving around in a yellow seventies pick up snapping photos or playing his original songs with his band The Holy Mackerels around town when he is not at work as a carpenter and painter. Justin Gordon is an artist and musician living in Ashland Oregon who enjoys traditional processes that harken back to the twentieth century before the digital world inundated us with images and sounds and facsimiles of real objects. He can be found driving around in a yellow seventies pick up snapping photos or playing his original songs with his band The Holy Mackerels around town when he is not at work as a carpenter and painter.

Songs of the Earth and Sea


Meditations by Marjett Schille

Cold Days Warm Hearts


Let us melt your heart and warm your soul. For the months of November and December, the 5 galleries at Ashland Artworks will feature all of our artists. Original paintings, ceramics – functional and sculptural, hand fabricated jewelry, assemblages, hand painted silks, wire sculptures, textile creations, woodworking and textural collages. We have a little of everything, all hand made with care and quality. Ashland Artworks is a hidden gem, off the beaten path. Join us for First Friday Dec. 6th, 5:00 to 8:00p .  

Oil Paintings by David William Terry

Gabija 16x20 oil on linen by David W Terry 300

David William Terry uses oil paint to portray what he considers to be beautiful, focusing on capturing the essential character of his subjects and less concerned with originality or style.

Tis the (40th) Season :: 1979-2019

Judy Wise, Atempo, acrylic on canvas

Tis the (40th) Season:: 1979-2019. Hosting new work by gallery artists plus a few artists new to the mix throughout the month of December.

Art with a Heart

IMG_4028 marcy Greene

Ashland Art Center will be featuring Susanne Petermann, Marcy Greene, & Jo Ann Manzone. We are partnering with CASA with a giving tree for children in need. Holiday show in the classroom.

Gifts By The Gifted Part ll

It’s that time again – the Holidays are coming. No matter what you celebrate, we have the perfect gift. Included are artwork by all 32 artists such as Janet Patterson pastels,  Jim Langhoffer wildlife photographer, Denise Hazleton one of a kind jewelry and Kirk Zetterberg handmade teddy bears. You can also select from small version pieces of furniture and accessories for the home. Perhaps a gift for each other! We can help you create a private area in your home as a sanctuary from the world using our Buddhas, Quan Yins and more. Then of course there are our fabulous life like stuffed animals. So life like that many people think they are real taxidermy animals. These animals are popular with children and adults alike! Many are endangered species which bring awareness and make good educational tools. So bring your list and let us help – we’re good at finding the perfect gift. Please check out our brand new website! discovergalleriekaron.com  with links to our Facebook page and the Ashland Gallery Association website page.

Gifts By The Gifted

Gifts by the Gifted
It’s that time again – the Holidays are coming. No matter what you celebrate, we have the perfect gift.

Included are artwork by all 32 artists such as Pegi Smith painter, Jim Langhoffer wildlife photographer, Horst Wolfe Martian art, Liz Shepherd sumi ink cats and calligraphy and Kirk Zetterberg handmade teddy bears.

You can also select from small version pieces of furniture and accessories for the home. Perhaps a gift for each other! We can help you create a private area in your home as a sanctuary from the world using our Buddhas, Quan Yins and more.

Then of course there are our fabulous life like stuffed animals. So life like that many people think they are real taxidermy animals. These animals are popular with children and adults alike! Many are endangered species which bring awareness and make good educational tools.

So bring your list and let us help – we’re good at finding the perfect gift. Please check out our brand new website! discovergalleriekaron.com with links to our Facebook page and the Ashland Gallery Association website page.

Changing Seasons


For the months of November and December, the 5 galleries at Ashland Artworks will feature all of our artists.

Noriko Sugita, woodcut prints & Tom Hausken,paintings

Noriko Sugita, Sky, woodcut print

Noriko Sugita, reduction woodcut prints and Tom Hausken, abstract paintings. November 1st – Dec 3, 2019
Opening Reception November 1st, 5-8 pm

“Color Notes” Oil painting on linen by Jenay Elder


Jenay Elder’s impressionistic oil paintings are known for their textured notes of color, representational quality and their sensitive subject matter.

Fall Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

People I’ve Been, Syd Rvinsky, Capstone Exhibition   Acts of Gradual Progression, Sheila Lam & Bridget Quinn, Group Exhibition   Tiny Art Show, SOU Students & Community Members, Group Exhibition   Opening Reception: Friday, November 1, 2019, 5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. Refreshments provided   Exhibition Dates: November 1st – December 5th, 2019   Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.   Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building):  People I’ve Been Syd Rvinsky Capstone Exhibition   This collection of work focuses on the many faces I have worn in Ashland and aims to put them to rest. I am ready to start over. I am ready to become someone new. Centering my art around memory, sexual abuse, and personal boundaries has helped me find a new, more honest sense of self. Never forget the people you’ve been and never allow history to repeat itself at your expense.   Thorndike Gallery (Art Building): The Politics of Dead Rats Semi-Private Studio Members Group Exhibition   A collection of student work from some of the the Semi-Private Studio members. Grown from hours of sleep deprivation and stagnant basement air. Every stroke brings them closer to their […]

Lindy Kehoe “Dream Garden” ARTIST TALK! Closing Show

"Tea Garden"

Lindy Kehoe paints from a pure place of imagination.

Dia de los Muertos at Ashland Art Center

0513191210 Bridgett

Join us in celebrating Dia de los Muertos. Art, wine and music. Featured Artists: Kat McIver, clay; Bridgett Reynolds, mixed media, Darcie Sternenberg, photography. Costumes encouraged

Aileron Flares ~ by Jarrett Rex Davidson

"Aileron Flares" ~ watercolor ~ Jarrett Rex Davidson

Amalgamations of memory and folklore that result in grand depictions of cultural iconography.

Fall Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Divinely Inspired, Isabel Underwood, Solo Exhibition     Winter’s Light, Cole Lyons, Solo Exhibition     It’s Easy to be a Holy Man at the Dairy Queen in Roseburg, Art 498 & Art 375, Group Exhibition   Inquiries, Clee Ferris, Solo Exhibition   Opening Reception: Friday, October 4, 2019, 5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. Refreshments provided Exhibition Dates: October 4th – October 24th, 2019 Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.     Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building): Divinely Inspired Isabel Underwood  Solo Exhibition     who and what am I praying to? do they know me? enlightenment, divine intervention, a message from up above, what They have done to me has changed my mind beyond recognition.     this show explores what it means to be obsessive and desperate for recognition from those we worship.    there is an area to leave gifts for the Deity, please participate and think about why you are compelled to. Thorndike Gallery (Art Building): Winter’s Light Cole Lyons Solo Exhibition     Nature is the biggest influence in my art. Making observations, interpretations, and communicating the forms of nature that I experience is my goal. […]


Gallerie Karon’s October show is appropriately all about phantoms and masks. Wonderful artists who have died or moved away and seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth, not to be found (ghosts or phantoms?). At any rate, they still show their outstanding artwork with us as do others who have simply moved away but still in touch.

Our phantoms include Jack MccLarty, Mari, Vernon Lawhorn, Micki McCormic and others. Along with their artwork we will show is masks from many countries. Masks from Africa to Japan and others.

The final category for the show will be a variety of puppets, (hand, string and rod). Look for the sales display of puppet heads and the English butler, monsters and very stranger “others”! Complete puppets are the “Villain” and the ” Witch” and a roller skating cow too!! Many of these are vintage and some are more contemporary like Kermit the Frog. Natural life like animal puppets complete the show.

It’s fun and spooky at the same time. Not so spooky is the live music jazz trio, Stolen Moments playing from 5 to 8 on First Friday.

Paintings and Sculpture

Landscape1- Michael Gibson

Our Featured Artists this month are Michael Gibson and George Popa, showing all new paintings by Michael with fun new wire sculptures by George.

Translating the Terrain:: Three Oregon Landscape Painters, Randall David Tipton, Jon Jay Cruson & Robert Schlegel

Randall David Tipton, Theater of Trees, oil on panel, 12x12

Randall David Tipton, Jon Jay Cruson and Robert Schlegel breakdown the terrain around us into shapes, colors and marks, expressing distinctly personal visions.

Diana Standing

Standing Tall

“Autumn Impressions,” local photographer Diana Standing’s show at the Photographers Gallery, Ashland Art Center, opens on October 4th, the First Friday Art Walk, and continues for the month.

New Landscapes on View

Approaching Mount Shasta (pictured) is among the new landscape paintings by Leif Trygg featured at Oak Leaf Studio in October. These new paintings are part of a series of works titled The Great West. Prints and cards of the series including the new works will be on sale this month. Also on view is a small collection of dramatic Pacific Northwest photographs from Bend photog­rapher Bob Trygg.

Autumn Art in Multiple Mediums


October theme is Autumn color, texture, warmth in layering and the merging of foliage with art. Katherine Dron & Jeanne La Rae are featured artists. Bonsai Society exhibit in main classroom along with Ikebana.

“Floral Gardens” oil on canvas by Alice Niemiec

"Peony Flower" Oil on Canvas by Alice Niemiec

“The beauty of flower gardens have inspired me since I was a child. I love to watch the flowers dance in the bright sunshine.” Alice Niemiec

The Female of the Species Part II

Our traditional invitational all women artists show continues through September. Our biggest show of the year, this is part two. Over twenty artists in all mediums are represented and part two features some changes.
The highlight of the First Friday Art Walk (Sept. 6) will be Middle Eastern dances by Zahara, professional dancer and her musicians! We welcome the opportunity to share her exotic and graceful dance movements with you.

Sarah Bronson had brought in more of her handmade cards in a Goddess theme. The Downton Abbey tribute continues with the addition of an unbelievable menu (in linen) for a feast for the Prince Regent in 1917 (36 entries!) Adele Hiles shows animal boxes based on her paintings of tigers and cheetahs. Jewelry by Karen Wasser uses replicas of the same paintings in one of a kind pendants. Janet Patterson shows another one of her prize winning pastels.

Please welcome Jon Del Secco for the months of September and October

Jon Del Secco is an engineer, photographer, film producer & adventurer based out of San Francisco. He spent several years living in Southern Oregon and is delighted to return for this showing. Jon is incredibly grateful that he is able to experience so much in life. It keeps him motivated for new adventures and it inspires him to share these experiences with others.  Jon strives to capture authentic moments as they unfold before him, rather than creating contrived composites. Whether working on a commission or on his own free time, you will always find him with a camera in his hand. Jon is available for work worldwide.  To get in touch, please visit https://www.delseccoj.com/ or on Instagram at @delseccoj

Robert Schlegel, painting & Penelope Dews, ceramic sculpture

Robert Schlegel, Houses on Water, acrylic on canvas

Penelope Dews, ceramic sculpture & Robert Schlegel, painting. September 6th – October 1st. Artist Reception: September 6th, 5-8 pm

From the Ground Up – Clay and Wood Artistry

Functional ceramic teapot by
Bonnie Morgan

Our Featured Artists this month are Bonnie Morgan and John Weston, highlighting Bonnie’s beautiful functional and decorative ceramics with John’s luscious wood furniture and cutting boards.

Dan Elster

aac print image 1

Photographer Dan Elster’s new show, Sentinel of Old Growth, opens at The Photographer’s Gallery at Ashland Art Center Sept. 6 for the First Friday Art Walk and through September.

The Importance of Water

Pastel artist Leif Trygg of Oak Leaf Studio is showing works of art featuring water illustrating how light reflects and changes the atmosphere and feeling of a painting. Rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes and the ocean all are highlighted. It is also the Studio’s yearly annual Fall print sale this month. All are 25% off their original price.

Jenay Elder Soirée

Jenay Elder Mt Shasta

SAVE THE DATE! Jenay Elder, Oil Painter First Friday Soirée/Exhibit September 6th, 5pm-8pm   Co-curated by Denise Baxter & Martha Lee Phelps Please join us as we celebrate one of Southern Oregon’s most talented oil painters.   “Jenay Elder experiences and expresses the joy that life offers when you are present and breathing…” ________________________________ Ashland Property Management boasts a lovely outdoor/indoor environment to view artwork and relax on First Friday.  Stop by for a glass of wine or sit on the grass and enjoy the beautiful weather with friends, both old and new.  We look forward to seeing you! Warmly, Josh, Deanna, Denise & Martha

Merging Art & Music, Come see it happen live

Ashland Deer

How does and artist get from a blank canvas to a finished painting? Merging art and music, come and see it happen live!

Story Telling through Art

denise kester

Enjoy browsing out gallery & meet our artists. Featured Artists: Denise Kester and Melody Blore. Photographer, Dan Elster. Musical guest Doug Warner and wine by Platt Anderson Cellars

Judy Benson LaNier

Crowned Cranes in Flight

Local photographer Judy Benson LaNier’s new show, African Birds, opens at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center on Friday, August 2nd during the First Friday Art Walk.

The Female of the Species – Part I

Our traditional invitational all women artists show opens August 2nd.

Tales and Scales – Embroidery by Robbin Pearce

I have been creating unique embroidery art most of my life. From a child at my grandmother’s knee through my youth embroidering on clothing to now creating statement pieces based on my life and world travels. My Work is simply…Making Art for Arts sake: *to please the eye *to tempt the tactile senses and *to stir the imagination. Robbin’s work will be on display until the end of September – Artist receptions on First Friday August 2 and September 6 from 5-7pm

Sara Swink, ceramic sculpture & Alison O’Donoghue, paintings

Alison O'Donoghue, Odds & Ends

The playful, colorful, imaginative and sometimes bizarre worlds of Portland artists Sara Swink, sculptor and Alison O’Donoghue, painter are paired for a dreamy exhibit with a twist of humor.

“Land of My Heart” Oil Paintings by Silvia Trujillo

"Hill Song" Oil on Canvas by Silvia Trujillo

“It’s my goal to honor land, water, and sky in my paintings and to create a need for preserving an area’s natural beauty.” – Silvia Trujillo

Patterns and Puzzles, Figures and Portals, Stories and Symbols

Dancing Women

In August we will be featuring assemblage sculptures and abstract paintings by Elin Babcock, Raku sculptures by Lorene Senesac, and layered and textural collages by Roxanne Evans Stout.

Fiber meets Pottery meets Painting

thumbnail_Crowned Cranes in Flight

Potter and Painter, Lucille Burke and Photographer Judy Benson Lanier are featured artists, Artist Member show in the classroom. Music by Martin Ball. Wine by Platt Anderson Cellars

Artist Member Show

Several times a year, Ashland Art Center offers its Artist Members the opportunity to participate in an artist member show. The next show will be held on First Friday, August 2, from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm in the main classroom. Artist, Jay Gordon, Kristine Ballenger and Andre Satie will be showcasing their work. Jay Gordon Show: The Inky Ocean Series The Inky Ocean series developed out of a love of watercolor, ink and printmaking, along with the beauty of aquatic life in Japanese artwork, particularly within the history of traditional Japanese printmaking. I love the process of taking an initial drawing or idea and considering how it can be rendered with different types of materials, which influence the mood, structure, and graphic story of each creature. The juxtaposition of the fluid transparency of watercolor combined with the solidity of ink is endlessly interesting to me as an artist, as are the variety of prints that can be created with the processes of relief print, intaglio and monoprinting. Each of these methods has in common the combination of careful planning along with a significant element of chance and surprise. Kristine Ballenger Show: […]

Guest Artist at Oak Leaf Studio

Guest photographer Bob Trygg from Bend will exhibit several of his images showing highlights of Central Oregon.

Schneider Museum of Art Fall Exhibitions

Mark Grotjahn,
Untitled (Baby Dragon No. 2 Face 48.76), 2016 Oil on cardboard mounted on linen
72 1/4 x 56 1/4 inches

Opening Thursday October 24th at 5:00pm-7:00pm On view through December 14th, 2019 Entry Gallery: Highlights of the permanent collection and Masterworks on loan Artists: Mark Bradford Mark Grotjahn Roy Lichtenstein Yayoi Kusama Kenneth Noland and more Main Gallery: Justin Favela solo exhibition, Together/Juntos Heiter Gallery: Victor Maldonado solo exhibition, Excerpts from a Book I’ll Never Write Treehaven Gallery: Self Help Graphics and Art A selection of prints featuring: John Valadez Judithe Hernandez Patssi Valdez Enrique Castrejon Zeke Perla Frank Romero Malaquias Montoya Alex Rubio Alvaro D. Marquez PE Sweeney Jesus V. Barraza Joseph Nuke Montalvo Marisela Norte Rafael Cardenas Anna Serrano Noel Vargas Hernandez

Images Through the Eye of the Lens

"Rogue" photograph by Jim Langhofer

Come see how real artists are presenting the art of photography. You’ll be inspired to take a lesson or two, read up on techniques and perfect your own art!

We’re honored to have Terry Skinny, Ashland’s own premier Historic Commission’s photographer. We’ll be showing individual photographs and our portfolio of Ashland’s Historic Railroad District is always available for viewing.

We’ll also show portraits by Pam Danielle, nature photography by Jim Langhofer, Jamie Lusch and Judy Benson La Near. Landscapes are covered by Todd Davis and Jesse Widener.Travel shots from around the world are by Ken Deveney, Steve Dieffenbacher and Andi Taylor. Other artists offer unique and varied techniques such as iphoneography and digital blitting, among others.

Around 18 artists are showing their work this month. There’s definitely inspiration to be found at Gallerie Karon!

“From the Tide Pool to the Stars” by Pam Haunschild

In My Sleeping Bag VI

The title “From the Tide Pool to the Stars” is a quote from John Steinbeck’s “The Log from the Sea of Cortez: “…all things are one thing and that one thing is all things —

Jimmie Nord, sculpture & Élan Chardin Gombart, paintings

Élan Chardin Gombart, Let's Build More Ruins 3

Jimmie Nord, sculpture & Élan Chardin Gombart, paintings
July 5th – 30th
Opening Reception: July 5th, 5-8 pm

“It took me forever to find my Quetzal” Monoprints by Marcy Greene


Marcy Greene’s process of creating art is a mysterious journey. Getting it “right” or “beautiful” is never the goal. We will postpone our reception to July 12th from 5-7 with Devitt Winery.

Birds and Flowers


For July, we’re featuring Marydee Bombick and Shari Southard. They’ll have paintings and pottery full of flowers and birds, as well as functional pottery and landscape paintings.

Mixed Media Art

aaron taylor

Featured Gallery, Ashland Art Center will highlight Mixed Media Art with featured artists Aaron Taylor and Linda Dixon. Enjoy music, wine and over 70 local artists work.

Julie Bonney


Julie Bonney’s new show, Flower Portrait, opens on the First Friday Art Walk on June 7, 2019 at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center.

“Nature’s Spirit” watercolor and mixed media by Linda Boutacoff


“Nature’s Spirit” ~ Exploring Nature’s Hidden Treasures. Nature is my sanctuary. It is a source of discovery and inspiration that stimulates my creativity and brings joy to my spirit.

Special welcome to artist Toni DeMello for the months of June, July and August

Art is something I stumbled upon while doing life back in 2003.  It’s helped me in many ways and continues to do so!  I want to forever be evolving in my paintings and my life, my hope is that when you view a piece of my art, it touches something inside of you! Antoinet (Toni) DeMello Ashland Oregon– 541-646-8320

Safari ! Part II – Deeper into Africa

African dog mask

  You’ll see artifacts from Ashanti to Yuruba and from areas from Benin to Nigeria in this show. Exotic pieces include masks for ceremonies including face, helmet and shoulder types. (The wearer was host to a sacred being and not to be seen) Furniture, hand carved and handprinted, some with hammered metal embellishments, are not to be missed! These include stools of all kinds and a carved wood cabinet for sacred herbs and medicines. Our centerpiece is a rare handmade leopard bench made for a very prominent King or Chief. (the leopard is a sign of power and this one is munching on a crocodile ) We love our leopards and have several in bronze from Benin (one is life size!) These are complimented with photographs by Judy Benson LeNeir. Pegi Smith has contributed a striking portrait of an African woman. The late Vernon Lawhorn and his wife Jane, show more portraits and versions of textiles in paintings. All these exotic pieces will be on display for purchase in our main gallery and in our new special African room in the The Feathered Wing,

June: Jon Jay Cruson, paintings and Robin & John Gumaelius, sculpture

Jon Jay Cruson, Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 30x30

Jon Jay Cruson, painter and collaborative duo Robin & John Gumaelius, ceramic sculptors will be featured this June. Opening reception June 7th, 5-8. Show runs June 7-July.

Jewelry, Clay, and Garden Art for the Summer

3 Welcome birds

Come see Cheryl Kempner’s new multi-media canvases, clay works, and garden art, along with Elizabeth Ellingson’s sterling silver jewelry focused around her own custom-cut stones.

Marcy Greene – A Leap of Faith – Mixed Media on Paper

Leap of Faith

Marcy Greene’s process of creating art is a mysterious journey. She has come to revel in the wonder of listening in different ways – waiting for an image to reveal itself. Getting it “right” or “beautiful” is never the goal. The Muse is put off by artificial judgments. Creating art is a leap of faith. Talent Cellars will be pouring a selection of their delicious wines from 5-7 pm, be sure to make it down for a sip!

Fresh From the Garden

Oak Leaf Studio introduces a new painting in the ongoing “Fresh from the Garden” series of floral paintings by artist Leif Trygg.

Enclave Studios Spring Exhibition 2019

First Friday,  Enclāve Studios & Galleries presents our annual spring exhibition with new works and works-in-progress by resident artists: Jay Gordon  origami paintings Corey Kahn  architectural landscapes Inger Nova Jorgensen   bronze sculpture and paintings  Nicole Wasgatt  painted abstractions Gabriel Mark Lipper  Insomnia Join us for a glass of wine!

Year of the Pig Celebration


Kickoff for Year of the Pig with Dan Feagin’s Pig Tales, Carolee Buck’s, Art of Travel and Julie Bonney’s Flowers. John Muir School will be Displaying their art and culinary delights.

Spring Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

When I Live My Dream, Anna McGrath, BFA Thesis Exhibition   The Company I Keep, Thomas Fisher, Capstone Exhibition   Home Away from Home, Hayley Weak, Solo Exhibition Beautiful View, Magnificent Desolation, Patrick Vogel, Solo Exhibition On Form and Function, Rafael Ordorica, Solo Exhibition The Voice of the Art Students, Contemporary Drawing & Painting Art Class, Group Exhibition Opening Reception: Friday, May 3, 2019, 5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. Refreshments provided Exhibition Dates: May 3rd – May 24th, 2019 Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building): When I Live My Dream Anna McGrath BFA Thesis Exhibition   Using the media of photography, printmaking, and embroidery this serial art exhibition explores ideas of celebrity, fantasy, fashion, aura, and media through constructed narratives and objects. The exhibition consists of a collection of linked objects and images that document and contribute to a larger constructed editorial, ethos, and attitude. Thorndike Gallery (Art Building): The Company I Keep Thomas Fisher Capstone Exhibition   How are we influenced by those we associate with? The subjects that I paint are people that I know who have affected and influenced me in some way. Some, […]

John Christer Petersen

Pink Tulip Bouquet

John Christer Petersen’s new show, Bouquet of Pink Tulips, opens on Friday, May 3rd at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center. John will exhibit a trilogy of macro images from a bouquet of pink tulips.


Safari ! A Journey to Africa
Artifacts from Ashanti to Yuruba, from Benin to Nigeria.

You’ll find textiles to hang or drape and masks to hang or display on custom made stands. One of these masks, heavily beaded, was made for a King , a man of powerful but dubious history.

Others were used in ceremonies to insure good crops, fertility or to celebrate auspicious occasions.

Many were worn for ceremonial dances (if the wearer couldn’t see, he was supported and guided by men on either side)

Fantastic furniture will be shown – the most unusual being a hand carved cabinet for sacred herbs and medicines and is carved all around.

Last and our most favorite, a procession of Benin bronze leopards, the largest being life size. These will be accompanied by photographs of leopards by Judy Benson LeNeir, Vernon Lawhorn and Pegi Smith. All these exotic pieces will be displayed for purchase in the main section of Gallerie Karon and an all new special room in The Feathered Wing.

Sue Springer, ceramic sculpture & Robert Koch, paintings

Sue Springer, When Women Were Birds

Sue Springer, ceramic sculpture & Robert Koch, paintings. May 3 – June 4. Artist reception May 3, 5-8 pm.

Art Quilts by Claudia Law


This month, we feature art quilts by Claudia Law, whose goal is to capture the beauty of Nature and power of good design in art quilts made with integrity.

Judith Whitman-Small – Atmospheric Landscape Oil Paintings


From First Friday until the end of May we are happy to be showing off some ethereal and lovely landscape paintings by Judith Whitman-Small. Judith’s paintings are inspired by her years of living on Maui, though she is now an Ashland resident. She paints with oil on linen and canvas and her brush marks and colors create beautiful environments that are easy to get happily lost in. Come down during First Friday to see them, check out our newly renovated gallery and design space, and enjoy some snacks!

Moonlit River

Oak Leaf Studio invites you to come see new work by artist Leif Trygg. Located at 247 Oak Street between the Howard Hanson Gallery and Ashland Artworks, the studio is open every Friday and Saturday from 11am to 3pm, and by appointment.

“Come the Spring with All Its Splendor” watercolors by Charlotte Peterson

Purple Rain Purple Rain v3

Inspiration comes in so many ways:

~ spring flowers!

~ a request from a friend!

~ words of a familiar song!

~taking a walk in the park!

Oil Paintings from Life, Spring renewal

IMG_0028 gloria Kastenberg

Featured artists, Gloria Kastenberg, John Kirk and Jo Ann Manzone display new work, wine by Platt Anderson Cellars, Music by Shake n’ Bake & Oregon CheeseCave will be featuring their cheese

Spring Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the opening receptions for the following: High Yellow Redbone Blues, Jae Lamar, BFA Thesis Exhibition Unity, SOU Students and Community, Group Exhibition Best of the Best, Students of the Rogue Valley High Schools, Group Exhibition Opening Reception: Friday, April 5th, 2019, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Refreshments provided Exhibition Dates: Art Building: April 5th, 2019 – April 18th, 2019 FRINGE: April 23rd -April 28th Marion Ady Building: April 5th, 2019 – April 26th, 2019 Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building): High Yellow Redbone Blues Jae Lamar BFA Thesis Exhibition With a title derived from two epithets for biracial people, this show illustrates my identity as an artist straddling two very different cultures. It’s a reflection on my experiences with mental health, race, gender roles and child-rearing, and how they’ve been influenced by my family (split between Republic, Washington and Charleston, South Carolina). Through this work I have realized that I am not “two halves” of one thing, but one whole “something else”. Thorndike Gallery (Art Building): Unity SOU Students and Community Group Exhibition U·ni·ty Noun The […]

John Kirk

Can I Love The Clouds Too

Art photographer John Kirk’s new show “My Avian Friends” opens First Friday, April 5th at the Photographers’ Gallery in the Ashland Art Center, 357 E. Main, Ashland. Kirk views birds as flying works of art and his unique photographic style places them in their wild landscapes and domestic settings.

Please welcome David Nau for the months of April and May

David Nau I paint the vibrations of nature.  All matter vibrates at a particular frequency, that frequency can be influenced by its surroundings.  Water to ice, water to steam.  When different gemstones are placed together they form a symphony of vibrations. Like a composer writes sheet music, I paint the symphony with genuine gemstone and organic watercolor pigments.  

Essential Ingredients, paintings by Eve Margo Withrow


A sense of adventure to explore the edge just outside the box
A sense of play for the creative journey
A sense of inspiration as each layer, each mark, and each surprise unfolds.

Artist as Poet

It’s time for Gallerie Karon’s annual show, showcasing artists who are poets and poets who are artists.

Deborah Oropallo, Dark Landscapes for a White House, video and photomontage

Deborah Oropallo, Video Frame: Pirates, Paris, photomontage on paper

Deborah Oropallo, Dark Landscapes for a White House, video and photomontages in conjunction with The Ashland Independent Film Festival and The Schneider Museum of Art. Artist talk April 11th

Fresh Textiles and Paintings for Spring


In April, we feature our Associate Artist members, with acrylic paintings by Suzanne Etienne, hand-dyed scarves by Connie Simonsen, and weavings and encaustic paintings by Angelique Stewart.

Art & Spirituality – The Need to Create – a short lecture


Sunday, March 31st 5:30 pm (45 min.) Art & Soul Gallery, 247 E. Main St. Wine and Cheese while you mingle and meet after the lecture Kevin Yell is a semi-retired teacher and minister, as well as a multi-media artist, with a background in theatre, dance, writing and design – and mathematics! Originally from the UK, he now lives in Portland, Oregon, where, among other things, he is an occasional spiritual director and popular guest preacher and workshop leader in things spiritual and /or artistic. He is currently the President of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance, and on the Board for New Century Players, theatre company. Kevin believes that the urge to create – whether art, cooking, gardens, or as a true teacher etc., – is a uniquely human activity: We are the only part of creation that continually uses external symbols to communicate. These “communications” often speak to our “Spirit” and our sense of “Spirituality.” They can also be seen as ways in which we mimic the fundamental nature of the Divine as understood in the Judeo/Christian story of Genesis. This Presentation will explore the two sides of the […]

Spring Is Pastel Season

Spring is here and Oak Leaf Studio is open again with new work by Ashland artist Leif Trygg. These colorful pastel paintings capture the beauty of the seasons in Southern Oregon.  Prints and greeting cards of selected works are available for sale.

“All in the Family” April 5, 2019 – July 1, 2019

Ajana Miki, ND, LAc

“ALL IN THE FAMILY” was inspired last Autumn when the staff at Ashland Natural Medicine (www.ashlandnaturalmedicine.com) realized that when we are not taking care of our amazing patients we find ourselves making art to unwind, to rejuvenate and to dive into our true selves.  The saying is authentic: Art is Life, Life is Art.  For us, art is essential to our personal growth and wellbeing.  It allows us to express ourselves in empowering ways that we cannot normally do in our everyday lives.  It gives us a stronger connection to life and our purpose here, now.  At Ashland Natural Medicine we are not just healers, but we are also jewelers, drawers, photographers, poets, digital artists and painters.  We come with many talents. This special show is a beautiful collection of who we are at the core and what we value.  An important guide in our mission statement says, “Family First”.  We stand behind those words because we strongly feel that if we do not take care of ourselves and our family first then we are unable to reach the potential of taking care of our patients at the highest level […]

Aaron Taylor – Life of Color


Raised in Ashland, Aaron Taylor has recently returned to create and share new work. Drawing from an ever evolving appreciation for subtleties of style, line, and color experimentation, his silkscreen prints engage in an imaginative, elemental, and luminous aesthetic. His work will be on display from March 1 through April 30, 2019. You can also visit the artist in his studio space downstairs at the Ashland Art Center. On Friday April 5 from 5-7 Devitt Winery will be pouring complimentary tastings of their wine for First Friday.

Still Lifes and Landscapes

aac image

Browse our gallery and meet the artists at Ashland Art Center. This month’s featured artists showcase still lifes and landscapes. Music, wine & SART will exhibit in our main classroom.

Fine Wines and Felines

Fine Wines and Felines Opens March 1

Gallerie Karon is announcing our 17th year! This show features all cats, wild and domestic. Liz Shepherd brings out her famous black and Persian cats, Judy Benson LaNier is showing her African lions and Jim Langhoffer finally found his puma to photograph in Washington State! Cats in all mediums fill out the show, a customer favorite.

We’re celebrating our anniversary with a wine tasting by Devitt Winery of Jacksonville and chocolate by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Devitt will be bringing three wines – Vionnier, Rosato and Aggie Dog Red. The Rosato is also known as ” The Butler Did it” and our own “butler” has one by his side at all times! Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s fudge in four flavors will round out the celebration.

Added to the festivities will be live music by Dan Felman and Grant Ruiz playing Jazz to Flamenco. Come help us celebrate our 17th year!

Aaron Taylor – New Silkscreen Prints


Raised in Ashland, Aaron Taylor has recently returned to create and share new work. Drawing from an ever evolving appreciation for subtleties of style, line, and color experimentation, his silkscreen prints engage in an imaginative, elemental, and luminous aesthetic. His work will be on display from March 1 through April 30, 2019. You can also visit the artist in his studio space downstairs at the Ashland Art Center.

Springtime at Ashland Art Works


For March, we have new pieces by our member artists. For the First Friday Art Walk, we’re proud to feature three Ashland High School artists as a part of the annual high school art walk.

Darcie Sternenberg


Darcie Sternenberg’s new show, A Black and White Canyon, opens on Friday March 1st at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center.

Winter Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the opening receptions for the following: Still Lives, Justin Berry, Solo Exhibition   Herstory, Women’s Resource Center, Group Exhibition Layering Responses, Clee Ferris, Paige Gerhard, & Anna McGrath, Group Exhibition The Making of: Blindspot, Ben Gradel, Solo Exhibition Infinite Recursion, Kate Womak, Solo Exhibition Inked, Printmaking Class CVA, Group Exhibition   Opening Reception: Friday March 1st, 2019 5:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. Refreshments provided Exhibition Dates: March 1st – March 22nd, 2019 Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building): Still Lives, Justin Berry, Solo Exhibition For Still Lives, Justin Berry has composed two virtual still lifes, each the same, comprised of the same objects, as part of another inquiry into the passage of time in imaginary worlds.  Visitors to the gallery can reach out over two empty pedestals and touch the virtual objects, pushing them around and making them speak or sing or whisper, bringing them to life in ever evolving, and never fully predictable, ways.   Thorndike Gallery (Art Building): Herstory, Women’s Resource Center, Group Exhibition Em·pow·er·ment, noun: the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. Students and community of all identities […]

Millie Whipplesmith Plank, woodblock prints & Christian Burchard, sculpture

Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Chief Mountain, woodblock print

Millie Whipplesmith Plank, woodblock prints celebrating biodiversity & Christian Burchard, madrone burl sculpture. March 1 – April 2. First Friday Opening Reception, March 1st, 5-8 p.m.

Featuring Art Students from Ashland High School

Featuring Art Students from Ashland High School
Works by Student Artists:

Mikhal Mesco Cruz McNamara Julia Petrone

Leif Trygg Pastels 2014-2019

This month at Oak Leaf Studio, selected pastels from Ashland artist   Leif Trygg. This collection features the artists personal favorites from the years 2014 – 2019. Prints and cards of Leif Trygg’s artwork will also be available.

Ashland High School Student Art Show 2019

Ashland High School Annual Student Art Show FIRST FRIDAY ART OPENING: MARCH 1st, 2019 from 5:30pm-7:30pm Light Snacks and Drinks Location: Ashland Natural Medicine 180 Lithia Way, Suite 103 541-414-7230

Plant An Artist

thumbnail_IMG_0756 plant an artist

Friday, March 1, Ashland Art Center will be launching “Plant an artist, watch them grow.” Our gallery will have space for children & young adult artwork among our other showcasing artists.

Watercolor and Illustration Meets Science

paula fong turtle

Meet our studio artists and featured artists and photographers. Enjoy music, wine and browse through our gallery. We will be featuring a local student artist exhibit in the gallery.

East Meets East Part II

Our traditional show, East Meets East celebrates the New Year throughout the Asian World

Visit our latest addition, The Feathered Wing. One room filled with small, versatile furniture in period vignettes. The inner room a striking collection of Oriental furniture, antiquities and icons.

40th Anniversary:: Works from the Collection of Hanson Howard Gallery

Larry Lewis, Perfumed Interior

Join us in February for an exhibition of works from the Hanson Howard Collection made available for purchase at original prices. Opening February 1st 5-8 pm.

“Art & Soul Gallery Artists Small Paintings Plus One Exhibit” paintings by Art & Soul Artists and invited guest artists

"The Lioness" Acrylic on canvas by Jasmine Patten

This Small Works exhibition continues showing the creative expressions of participating Art & Soul Gallery Artists, in a variety for medium and genre, and their invited Guest Artists.

Debra Harder

Pitcher & Pears II

Debra Harder’s new show, The Comforts of Home, opens on Friday, February 1st at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center.

New artist Jesse Smith for the months of February and March

Artists Bio – Jesse Smith was born in Mt. Shasta City, CA in 1983. Having grown up in the Southern Cascades region, he has a close relationship with the area’s natural environments. Jesse has always been drawn to the outdoors. From camping in Northern California and Southern Oregon as a kid, to living out on a local golf course in the summers. He has always had an appreciation for the area, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that he took the path of capturing it and sharing it with the world. After college Jesse began his career as an accountant and raised his two kids, Kai & Orion, alongside his wife Andrea. He is a member of the board of Ashland Little League and enjoys sports and card games in his spare time.“

Shades of Blue: Dyeing with Indigo

Pitcher & Pears 2

Learn about Indigo dyeing, meet our featured artists, Jennifer Anne Nelson and Photographer, Debra Harder. Music by Holly Gleason, wine by Platt Anderson Cellars. A fun evening for all!

Schneider Museum of Art Winter Exhibitions

Maria de Los Angeles_In the Garden of Hope and Freedom_Acrylic on Canvas_65x83_2018

From Ignorance to Wisdom An exhibition in collaboration with Southern Oregon University’s Center for the Humanities Campus Theme: From Ignorance to Wisdom. Curated by Blake Shell, Executive Director of Disjecta, Portland, OR.             January 24th – March 16th, 2019 Opening Thursday, January 24th 5:00pm-7:00pm with a Members and Volunteers VIP preview from 4:00pm-5:00pm. Featuring: Robert Arellano David Bithell Cody Bustamante Miles Inada Robin Strangfeld Ryan Kitson Maria de Los Angeles Adam Batemen   Treehave Gallery: Suds Ur Duds / Fermentation Elastic Solo exhibition by Ryan Kitson January 24th – March 16th, 2019 Opening Thursday, January 24th 5:00pm-7:00pm with a Members and Volunteers VIP preview from 4:00pm-5:00pm.

Winter Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the opening receptions for the following:   it doesn’t look like paradise, Cara Despain, Solo Exhibition Sculpt It, SOU Sculpture Class, Group Exhibition Don’t Say Your Heart’s Not In It, Jae Lamar, Solo Exhibition Sadhana, Patrick Winfield Vogel, Solo Exhibition Medford Photography Collaboration, Lindee Newman & Collaborators, Group Exhibition   Opening Reception: Friday, January 11th, 2019, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Exhibition Dates: January 11th – January 25th, 2019   Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building):  it doesn’t look like paradise, Cara Despain, Solo Exhibition These paintings are pure carbon from burnt debris collected from the recent, extremely intense fires in California. These transformer explosion-induced fires leveled entire towns and burned thousands of acres in minutes. These events point to the larger phenomenon of increasingly severe and prolonged fire seasons in the western states–both in wildlife-urban interface zones and in back country areas. Landscape painting has long sought to idealize territories, often for expansionist purposes and this was particularly true in the American context. The paradises depicted in the paintings were both harbingers of the consequences to follow and denials of the realities of colonization, resource extraction, […]

Dan Elster


Dan Elster’s new show, Wild Eyes, opens on Friday, January 4th at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center during the First Friday Art Walk.

East Meets East

Join us January 4th, 2019 for two major events at Gallerie Karon

Our traditional show East Meets East , celebrating the New Year

throughout the Asian World and the Grand Opening of

The Feathered Wing.Antique Thai Buddha

One room filled with small, versatile furniture show in period vignettes and the inner room, a striking collection of oriental furniture, antiques and icons.

“Small Works” Paintings by Art and Soul Gallery Artists

"Cascading" painting by Pam Haunschild

“Small Works” will showcase the artistic talents of Art & Soul Gallery’s Artists, as we present original art in a variety of genre and media. The show will be exhibited Jan. 2-Jan. 27 2019.

Travel Journaling with Watercolor

IMG_6441 (1) resize

Join us for First Friday, meet the artist, enjoy music by Hollis Peach and wine with Platt Anderson Cellars. Featured Studio Artist, Darlene Southworth, Featured photographer, Dan Elster

Bobbi Murphy

Looking Towards Half Dome

Bobbi Murphy’s new show, Bittersweet: Yosemite 20 Years Later, opens on Friday, December 7th at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center and will run through January.

Please welcome Paula R. Fong for the months of December and January

“I have been fortunate to spend much of my career and recreation time exploring nature. It is fascinating to examine all the details, above and below ground, up close and from a landscape perspective. Every square inch of our natural world contains something artistically beautiful and scientifically interesting. I like to pick out one aspect of the environment and hold it up for inspection, with all its imperfections and variation. By changing perspective, focus, season and habitat, I have an infinite palette, and an unlimited source of inspiration.” Paula R. Fong received her B.S. in Biology from Denison University and her M.S. in Forest Ecology from the College of Forestry, Oregon State University. Her twelve years as a soil scientist and ecologist with the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service gives her a unique perspective of the art in nature. Paula’s primary medium is watercolor with pen and ink. She has illustrated numerous scientific publications, plant and wildlife posters, trail guides, and interpretative trail signs. She lives on a mountain top in rural Southern Oregon.

Michelle Murphy: Plein Air at the Northern California Coast

At the Mouth of Bear River,
Oil on canvas, 19" x 16" 

Plein Air painter Michelle Murphy Ferguson will be displaying recent oil paintings through the end of December, including several pieces that received awards at the Monterey Bay Plein Air Competition.

Gifts By The Gifted

Gallerie Karon’s December show features all of our artists with gifts for the holidays. Let us be your personal shopper – bring your list – we’re here to help.

Animal Crackers, A Gallery Artists Holiday Salon

Robert Koch, Enchantment

In December we continue our gallery artists holiday salon featuring works that honor animals. This show offers many options for those seeking exceptional gifts.

Winter Wonders Holiday Gift Show


Give this holiday season a more meaningful touch with gifts created by local artists. We’ve been busy designing unique holiday creations sure to delight your friends, family, and yourself!

“Expressions” Watermedia paintings by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

"Portal to Summer Dreams" Watercolor by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

Along with our Featured Artist, Art&Soul Gallery presents our new owner Peter Alexander Welch. Music by Beth and Craig Martin with Todd Ragland,

“Expressions” paintings by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

"Springtime Delight" Watermedia by Lynda hoffmin-Snodgrass

EXPRESSIONS is an exhibition of watermedia paintings by artist Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass. This collection of Lynda’s paintings are focused on abstraction with rich textures, patterns and color

Winter Wonders Holiday Gift Show


Give this holiday season a more meaningful touch with gifts created by local artists. We’ve been busy designing unique holiday creations sure to delight your friends, family, and yourself!    

“Light of Love” A stunning Collection of Paintings, By Harmonee Ashley

"Infinite Love" 
Harmonee Ashley

Ashland Natural Medicine of Contemporary Art Presents “LIGHT OF LOVE” A Stunning Collection of Paintings by, HARMONEE ASHLEE FIRST FRIDAY ART OPENING: DECEMBER 7TH, 2018 5:30pm-8:30pm LOCATION: 180 Lithia Way, Suite 103, Ashland OR Originally from Idaho, eight years ago Harmonee Ashlee found Ashland and realized this region of the world would become her permanent home. Harmonee has always lived her life immersed in creativity.   She enjoys using acrylics, oils and pastels as her favorite mediums.  For Harmonee, “Art for me is a path of discovery and healing. When I begin a painting, I don’t know what I am going to create. I surrender to the Muse and to Love, encountering soulful messages that unfold on the canvas, and then I develop what is revealed to me. This has become one of my primary spiritual practices as I play with the unknown, digest experiences, and deepen in my heart, and the heart of Creativity”. As an artist, she is most influenced by Freydoon Rassouli, who is her mentor and favorite artist.  One can clearly see his influences in her paintings. In addition to being a talented painter, Harmonee is a […]

Giving Tree Program at Ashland Art Center


Meet our Artists, enjoy a 10% discount this First Friday weekend. Shop, sip, listen to music and Help a child in need by donating to our Giving Tree Program at Ashland Art Center.

Fiber Art, Photography and Paint


First Friday Weekend Sale, Meet our featured artists, JoAnn Manzone, Susanne Petermann and Bobbi Murphy. Meet our studio artists, shop and enjoy wine and music at First Friday’s hot spot!

Heinz Danzberger

Tiger Lily

Heinz Danzberger’s new show “Tiger Lily” opens Friday, November 2nd at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center. It is part of an ongoing project about the “State of Jefferson”.

Animal Crackers: Gallery Artists Pay Tribute to Our Furry and Feathered Friends

Stan Peterson, Under the Owl, carved wood

Animal Crackers: Gallery Artists pay tribute to our furry and feathered friends, from the fun to the reverent, small pieces and large, 2D and 3D. This show will be up throughout the holidays.

Fall Exhibitions at the CVA Galleries

Please join the CVA Galleries for the opening receptions for the following: kōan, M.a.z., Solo Exhibition   Acts of Gradual Progression, Sheila Lam & Bridget Quinn, Group Exhibition   Feminine Strength, Madeleine Farmer, Clee Ferris, & Syd Rvinsky, Group Exhibition Interphalangeal Florals, Megan Ross & Syd Rvinsky, Group Exhibition Spoon Theory, Milo Sunday Violet (they/them/theirs), Solo Exhibition Sketch, Introduction to Drawing Students, Group Exhibition Opening Reception: Friday, November 2nd, 2018, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Exhibition Dates: November 2nd – November 29th, 2018   Retzlaff Gallery (Art Building):  kōan, M.a.z., Solo Exhibition   Presenting a series of photographed scenarios, encountered spontaneously while moving through public spaces, that produce “silent illuminations”- correspondences between human viewer, as subjective principal, and human-less site, as objective focus. By meditating on these images, one may recognize their own presence idling within.  Further contemplation awakens insight into the “non-duality of subject and object,” or the sound of one hand clapping.   Thorndike Gallery (Art Building): Acts of Gradual Progression, Sheila Lam & Bridget Quinn, Group Exhibition   Acts of Gradual Progression is about longings to create genuine connections through vulnerability and creative exploration. Over the course of 6 months, Sheila Lam […]

Dia de los Muertos Frist Friday


Celebrate Dia de los Muertos at Ashland Art Center. Meet featured artists’s Janette Brown, Katherine Dron and Bridget Reynolds. Music by Frankie Hernandez. Wine, by Platt Anderson Cellars

Please welcome artist Linda J Dixon for October and November

Linda has been painting for more than 20 years and holds a BFA from the University of Central Oklahoma. She teaches painting and mixed media techniques to students of all skill levels.   Her creative energy alternates between several bodies of work, including: traditional oils, abstract acrylics, and mixed media. The use of vibrant color is a common thread connecting her various artistic expression.   She is represented by the Ashland Art Center Gallery and maintains studio 7 on the upper level. More information about her work and classes is available at ljdixon.com.     Artist Statement Enchantment I moved to the rogue Valley almost three ago and have explored my new environment through painting. This body of oil paintings reflects my enchantment with the natural beauty all around me. Capturing the essence of a subject is more interesting than recording every detail. I strive to convey the energy and luminosity animating each subject.    Rich color and the juxtaposition of transparent versus opaque color are prominent features in my work. Palette knives are often employed to keep the colors fresh and impart texture.

New Art for Fall

Fall Creek

This month Oak Leaf Studio re-opens its main gallery with paintings by artist Leif Trygg. Prints and cards of the artist’s work will also be on sale.  

Faces, Hidden and Revealed – Held Over!

Faces Hidden and Revealed – Held Over!
Masks, Puppets and Portraits

There’s a couple of twists to the annual mask and puppet show this year at Gallerie Karon. We’ve added portraits to the mix. That area will include work by Robert Paulmenn, Pam Danielle, Brooks Garden Hauschild and Richard LeVitt among others.

The most unusual offering is from a private collection of vintage ventriloquist dummies. It’s rare to see a grouping like this and all for sale!

Hand puppets are also in the evidence and many, many animals are represented. Other puppets are stringed marionettes.

Our extensive mask collection comes from all over the world. It includes helmet, face and shoulder masks. ( We have a few fun ones for Halloween wearing too! )

Claire Duncan :: Dialogs with the Anthropocene, acrylic paintings

Uneasy Truce/ Broken Truce

Claire Duncan responds to questions of what it means to be human in relation to the rest of nature by pairing elegant paintings of wildlife with images of environmental concerns.

“Mountains and More” Paintings by Carla Griffin

"Smith Rock" Pastel painting by Carla Griffin

Carla presents her exquisite, realistic Oil and Pastel paintings. Her expressive landscapes depict the world through her observations and vision.