Ashland Open Studio Tour

Inside, Outside, All Around the Towns.

October 15 – 16, 11am – 5pm

This is our 9th year of the annual Ashland Open Studio Tour. In 2020, opening anything was deemed too hazardous. In 2021, we put together an event at Ashland ArtWorks where artists could show their studio work under tents, on the grounds, for one half a day. It was a temporary solution. Now, in 2022, after we dodged a few variants of the deadly virus, we will once again invite you into artists’ realms. Some will be inside, some outside, some both. Please honor each artist’s safety measures.

It is their workspace they are opening to the public, revealing sometimes surprising processes. It is a place they love to work. It can be solitary work for many months, and having visitors bring their interest and curiosity often brings stimulation and new ideas.

Coming through pandemic circumstances, many artists lost gallery representation after permanent closures. Direct studio sales on this day helps a lot while artists continue to seek new outlets. The Tour could also serve as a first studio visit from a new gallery owner.

The Open Studio Tour can also be a fun outing shared between friends on the 3rd weekend of October.

There is no charge to take the Tour. Find Tour maps in AGA member galleries, and look for corresponding lettered signs.


PLEASE NOTE Portal to Beauty will not be participating this weekend.

Participating Studios

Ashland Glass Act LLC

IMG_5833 (1) IMG_E4807Stef and Dan Seffinger

Dan and Stef Seffinger are kiln form glass artists who have worked together since 2002. They launched their studio, Ashland Glass Act LLC in 2006. Both of us have taken extensive classes in kiln form glass techniques and processes at Bullseye Learning Center in Portland.
Stef and Dan create a wide variety of one of a kind glass pieces for both functional and artistic uses. They  have mastered  a variety of techniques of glass making including working with different forms of glass (Powder, Frit, Murrine). They have exhibited their work in  Ashland, Bandon, Portland, and Jacksonville, Oregon including Nimbus Gallery,The Ashland Art Center, and the  Ashland Fiber Collective, and the Crooked Mile Gallery. Stef and Dan have also create commission work. One of Stef’s favorites was creating modern art pieces for the Schneider museum Gala.  Danny also teaches glass making and presents demonstrations. They continue to do special projects, donate to charities and look forward to years of creating and exploring glass. Their website includes examples of the different techniques and pieces they create. Dan and Stef are excited to be joining the Ashland Art works Collective and working with these accomplished artists. You can also check out their work on Facebook and Instagram.

448 Taylor Street, Ashland
541-324-6414 Stef / 541-326-5442 Dan

Claudia Law Studio

Claudia&Waterlilyquilt[2] ClaudiaLawGlowingEmbers[2]Claudia Law

Before I was a textile artist I was a painter. For several years I owned my own business in Manhattan, New York, painting backdrops for commercial photography. I love to paint, but for me, painting is a like standing on top of a rounded hill, while working with textiles is a peak experience. Being able to paint on fabric, which I often do in my art quilts, is about as good as it gets, and I revel in each current project, even while planning (or starting) the next one.

I love combining traditional and new piecing techniques, and have created what I call ‘Free-Style Piecing” (sewing cut pieces of fabric together in a way that mixes planning with spontaneity). Those I’ve taught this technique to call it “liberating.” In my art I’ve always stretched myself and have become so used to the “fear factor” when trying something new that it doesn’t concern me too much anymore. My focus is to combine fibers, paints, thread sketching and embellishments to create texturally rich and beautifully colorful art quilts, featuring landscapes, Celtic knots and themes from nature.

I also find connection to and inspiration from quilters from the past, in my work restoring antique quilts, and, in items such as potholders, coasters, and place mats, function and aesthetics are combined. In other words: no potholder is too pretty to use!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some of my art with you!

762 B Street, Ashland

Denise Kester Studio

Denise Kester The Art Of Shape Shifting 2021monotype 10X10 Kleffman IMG_4770Denise Kester Artist Writer Teacher Dreamer
Richard Kleffman

I specialize in monoprint and monotype viscosity printmaking, which is the resisting and the blending of inks layered on a plexiglas plate that is then run through an etching press.

Using the medium of monoprinting, I draw from the dream and the dream draws from me. The stories and the art I reach for are also reaching for me. Together we create a visual story, expressing what is in my heart and mind. My art reveals the connection and interconnected nature of the world around us. What I create, creates me.

As well as being an artist, I am a teacher, and author of the book, Drawing on the Dream, finding my way by art.

Joining Denise Kester Studio for the Tour is Richard Kleffman.

438 Helman Street, Ashland

Double Take

FlourishAZ_side-sm IntheCurrent6-smKristy Kun
Christian Burchard and Daniel Salisbury

Fiber artist, Kristy Kún explores the transformative qualities of wool and plant fibers through dimensional handmade felt sculpture. Her studio will feature a self guided tour of processes and materials used in working with and innovating this timeless craft. Additionally, the showroom at Double Take is pleased to host artists Christian Burchard (madrone sculpture and turning) and Daniel Salisbury (Möbius sculpture) for the tour.

280 E Hersey Street, #23, #24, #25, Ashland

Enclave Studios*

*Saturday night party only
Enclāve hosts the first annual Ashland Studio Tour Afterparty!

Join Enclāve Studios and friends on Saturday, October 15, 6-9 pm for a night of fine art and freaky vibes, high culture and lowbrow shenanigans, and a celebration of a return to live community events for artists and art lovers alike. We hope to see you there!

1661 Siskiyou Blvd #3, Ashland

Fiber Arts Collective**

image_6483441Open Hours 10-5 **Saturday only

11:00-11:30 a.m. Textile Artist Jo Ann Manzone: Fabric printing
1:00-1:30 p.m. Textile Artist Jzionna Gonzalez: Herbal wedding shower pillow
2:00-2:30 p.m. Rust and Fiber Assemblage Artist Darlene Southworth:  Fiber and found objects
2:30-3:00 p.m. Textile Artist Jenet Johnsen: Loom weaving
3:00-3:30 p.m. Textile Artist and Costume Builder Farrah Southam: Reupholstering with scraps
37 N Third Street, Ashland

Jessica Lee Findleton Art

image1 image2Jessica Lee Findleton
Since 2015 I’ve been curating art shows in tune with the seasons and elements. In order to tell my stories, I mix mediums together and combine colors with layers of jewel tones and metallic acrylics. I utilize hand stretched canvas frames & upcycled wood, sourcing ecological materials from nature that give new meaning to my designs. Bringing in personal imagery through paper & fabric collage & unique assemblages to offer depth and texture. Inspired by rivers & botanicals, my paintings have a relaxed abstract whimsy.

300 East Hersey Street, Studio 15, Ashland

Joy Hand Painted Silk

Joy Light, Abstract, Hand Painted Silk, 60x80 inches Joy LightJoy Light

“I am magnetized by color and I am inspired by silk, an amazingly soft, sensuous and durable fabric. I started painting silk in 1989 and have developed several lines that take their inspiration from my love of life and passion for beauty.

Bringing pleasure from the eye to the heart, each piece has its own personality, a life of its own, channeled by the artist into our world. Light is the essence of the work, the silk is dyed, wrapped, steamed and unfurled ito its final form.

Even to the artist, the work reveals itself — that is the mystical quality of the craft.”- Joy Light

Originally a native of Reading Pennsylvania, Joy Light ventured west in 1979 landing in Ashland, Oregon, where she has lived for over 30 years. A mother of three grown boys, she is passionate about organic gardening, cooking and home décor. Her line of art to wear hand painted silks was launched in 1989.

Joy’s desire is to add beauty to the world with a unique perspective and to empower women by encouraging their self expression.

Each original creation is hand signed and made with love – and joy!

980 Park Street, Ashland

Karen Staal Studio

IMG-2403-primaryKaren Staal
Karen Staal graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA and also earned a degree from the Kendall School of Design. She studied abstract painting at the American University in Washington, D.C. and portrait painting at the Ridgewood Art Academy.

She specializes in oil paintings of the human figure. “I usually bring one or more figures into my work which open the possibility of emotion or narrative, but my main purpose in painting is to achieve a spatial harmony which is satisfying to view. My goal is not to depict people exactly as they are, but to interpret them by creating new harmonies with line, shape and color.” – Karen Staal

1375 Woodland Drive, Ashland

Kempner Clay & Metal

Kempner 3 Crazy birds Kempner plasma torchCheryl Kempner

I make things that make me smile.  Hundreds of brightly colored clay birds have been created in my studio – they are silly and whimsical.  The birds hold flowers, balance books on their wings, hold a teapot or a bouquet of stars. Today the clay birds have expanded into the garden and have combined with metal.   My husband welds and I use a plasma torch to cut recycled steel.   It has been fun to fuse clay and steel into new creations for the garden.

Hopefully you will be able to visit my studio during Ashland’s Open Studio Tour in October.  I will be doing demonstrations cutting steel with my plasma torch.  My clay work is fired in two electric kilns.  I work with both low-fire and mid-range clays – a typical firing lasts for more than seven hours and reaches over 2000 degrees.  My studio has a panoramic view over the valley.  I am a hand builder, so I stand and work at my raised counter.  A three-foot slab roller flattens the slabs of clay that I shape into my artwork.  In fact, the crazy birds are formed from strips of clay that are paddled around a balloon.  Come see the studio.

447 Pape St, Ashland

Kirsten Gamble

0-19 0-25Kirsten Gamble

Kirsten Gamble is an Oregon and Northern California based painter. Studied at UC Berkeley, she paints acrylics on canvas. Her focus is on color and texture. She produces abstracts and abstract landscapes. She also paints still life and portraits. Her work has been shown at Marin Open Studios, Ashland Open Studios, and A Taste of Ashland. She has been juried into shows at the Marin County Fair, the Arc Gallery in San Francisco, and others. Commissioned pieces too. For more information, see her website at

171 Granite Street, Ashland

Langford Sculpture Studio

imagejpeg_0 IMG_0915Jack Langford

I am a sculptor and I also paint and draw. I have and operate an art casting bronze foundry too. I have been working as a professional artist for 46 years. I was born in Warwick Rhode Island in 1957. I graduated from Medford High School in 1975. I have a BFA majoring in sculpture from the University of Southern Maine. I have operated studios in Israel, Maine and Oregon. My favorite medium is stone carving.

4850 South Pacific Highway, Phoenix

Leif Trygg

Ballet Dancerr 4 Hip Hop 1 copyLeif Trygg
Ashland artist Leif Trygg was born in Sweden as received his degree in art from San Jose State University. Leif worked as a graphic Designer and art director before eventually founding a successful advertising agency in Los Altos, California. In 2014 he returned to fine arts when he opened Oak Leaf Studio in Ashland. Leif works in a variety of mediums including acrylics, watercolor, mixed media and pastel. Originally creating landscapes and still lives in watercolor and acrylic, his new work is figurative and captures the beauty and passionate movements of dance in charcoal and pastel. Leif’s work can be seen at Oak Leaf Studio at 247 Oak Street. and online at

247 Oak Street, Ashland

Orphan Girl Fine Art

Barn Owl Erin LintonErin Linton

I grew up in Lincoln, a small community twenty-two miles up Highway 66 from Ashland, now nestled in the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. Here, I could step out my back door to explore acres of towering trees, and encounter the creatures who inhabited my world.
When I was eleven, I rescued an American Robin and happily released him back into the wild with the help of a local rehabber. I was hooked, and over the years I continued to take in orphaned and injured birds. Privileged to watch these creatures, I got to know each of their personalities and with luck, to release them back into the woods I loved.  By now I’ve cared for and rehabilitated hundreds of birds and a few mammals, and continue to do so with the help of Badger Run Wildlife Rehabilitation in Keno, Oregon.
Orphan Girl Fine Art brings together my love for wildlife, my passion for art and my taste for tea. I paint with Gouache on used tea bags. So, why teabags? Because their muted colors and textures enhance the natural qualities of fur and feathers, bringing to the paintings a softness and warmth that mirrors the creatures I love.

Pippa the Barn Owl and Ewok the Great Horned Owl will be present for the studio tour so that folks can see where I draw my inspiration from.

105 Elm Street, Phoenix

Paula Fong Illustrations

IMG_2226 Paula Fong Seabreak seagulls watercolor, 16" x 22"Paula Fong

I am an illustrator of the natural world. After receiving my master’s degree in Forest Ecology in 1983, I worked in the woods throughout Oregon. I incorporate art with my science to produce trail signs and ecology posters, illustrate books and publications, and create fine art prints and cards.

I have been fortunate to spend much of my career and recreation time exploring nature. It is fascinating to examine all the details, above and below ground, up close and from a landscape perspective.  Every square inch of our natural world contains something artistically beautiful and scientifically interesting. I like to pick out one aspect of the environment and hold it up for inspection, with all its imperfection and variation. By changing perspective, focus, season and habitat, I have an infinite palette and unlimited source of inspiration.

8905 Yank Gulch Road, Talent

Portal to Beauty

CLOSED — not participating

038 Boulevard Charms HR 051 Tango Flowers HRAnnekatrine
Annekatrine works with acrylics on canvas or panel to capture the enchantment and beauty of nature.
Currently in the studio: Landscape works of the beautiful Rogue Valley, particularly Ashland, as well as botanical still lives and companion portraits.
Original paintings and fine art gicleés.

640 Reiten Drive, Ashland

Project Space

Burns_Sarah_1759_40A2611Sarah Burns
Julian Bell

Project Space is the educational space, studio and pop-up gallery for oil painters Sarah F Burns and Julian Bell.

Sarah Burns is an observation-based painter working in the European tradition.  For nearly two decades, Sarah has been painting timeless subjects that include Figures, Still-life, and Landscape, while exploring her personal and cultural history. Just like she preserves the truth and beauty of each of her subjects in her paintings, her paintings are physically able to stand the test of time using proven traditional methods and techniques.

Julian Bell started painting in the year 2000 but has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. He starts his paintings by sketching on-site and finishes them in the studio where he can take plenty of time to adjust the patterns and colors to his unique vision. Julian makes time to paint, despite having young children, being a full-time physician and serving as the Ashland Parks Commissioner. When asked why he makes time for art, Julian says it’s essential for him: “It’s a bit of transcendence in a world that sometimes seems very venal.”

106 Talent Avenue, #5, Talent

Space Camp

Influenced by cartoons, comic books, and street art, Rhino has developed his artistic skill and style by doing and watching. Born in Oregon, raised in Talent and Ashland, Rhino works with spray paint, acrylic, paint pens, oil crayons and ink to create electric images reminiscent of the greats he admires; Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Retna, Matt Gondek, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Wizard Skull, Skinner, Alex BBK, Banksy and David Choe. “Spray paint feels like you have color shooting out of your hand!” best describes his preferred medium. In 2021, Rhino was artistically prolific, creating more than 100 paintings. “I’m just trying to do and make all I can with the time that I have.”

919 Oak Street, Ashland

Studio A.B at Little Hill

Empathy Cascadia wide 03 1600Ann DiSalvo
Bruce Bayard

After 23 years on A Street in Ashland, Studio A.B moved to Talent in 2021. We Welcome you to our new place with two studio spaces. Bruce Bayard is mastering the art of photographic collage. Ann DiSalvo explores the limits of figures and landscape in dry media and in paint. We offer private tutoring. Our new garden setting inspires our art and we call it Little Hill.

113 Deborah Drive, Talent

Studio Shoshanah

cell-garden1_776ph red shoes_2_776phShoshanah Dubiner

Artist and designer, Dubiner earned a BA and an MA in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkeley, and Harvard University, respectively, and an MFA in Theatre Design from Brandeis University.  After her formal education, she worked as a costume designer in Rome (Italy) and as a designer of museum exhibitions, graphics, and interactive educational games in San Francisco.

In 2007, a university course in cell biology focused her artwork on the world of the very tiny in which “Nature seems disquieting, strange, wonderful and beyond all comprehension,” (Aldous Huxley).  Her sensuous paintings are grounded in the study of biology, even as their exuberant colors and sensuous biomorphic forms hint at the mystic experience.

She continues to explore the science-art connection in her “Pollinators, Pollen and Plants” paintings for The Farm at Southern Oregon University and in her pastels on protocells/origins of life, in collaboration with Research Professor of Biomolecular Engineering, David Deamer.

In 2007, the plant teachers told her, “Keep painting. Show people how beautiful the Earth is.”

922 Mountain Meadows Circle, Ashland

The Old Red Barn

MARGIE 8-2501 Mee at Houston's59223Margie Mee
Michael Bianca

Michael and Margie live outside Ashland on east Nevada street, we make sculpture out of old rusted steel, and It is all one of a kind. These five beautiful acres are constant reminders of how beautiful it is to live here!

The Red Barn Studio, also houses where I paint in oils, pastels, and watercolors. I love experimenting and will try anything to get to where I want to go! I also paint furniture too!

Because I am drawn to places that need a new perspective, and because things are constantly changing, I feel my work often has a conservationist approach. However, we do have a sense of humor, and love sharing that and our works of art with anyone who comes to “check it out”! We hope you will come by!

1049 E Nevada Street, Ashland

Tim Hallam Photography

_DSC9971Bsml _MG_9516smlTim Hallam

Born and raised in Mt. Shasta, California spending time in nature was an integral part of my life from an early age. At 15 I picked up a used professional slr camera and immediately fell in love with capturing the natural world around me. 16 years later and now living in southern Oregon I continue to pursue this passion. I have been selling my fine art photography at various venues throughout our region since 2016 and am honored to consider subjects throughout the Pacific Northwest the main body of my work.

105 Elm Street, Phoenix