Shepherd’s Dream

629 A Street, Ashland, OR 97520
10am-6pm M-Saturday

Shepherd’s Dream offers a line of locally made pure wool bedding, organic mattresses, wooden bed frames and other essential sleep comforts. Our luxurious Shepherd’s Dream wool filled bedding line includes All Wool Mattresses, Mattress Toppers, Comforters and a variety of Wool Filled Pillows, all of which are filled with locally sourced Premium Eco Wool Batting.  Come in and lay down on a dreamy wool bed, try out a natural wool pillow and browse our fine art displays from local and regional artisans.

Currently Featured:

“The Flock”

Suzanne Etienne "Spring with Lambs" 24" X 5'

Suzanne Etienne "Spring with Lambs" 24" X 5'

Ashland artist, Suzanne Etienne and her student “flock”, will charm us with their depictions of adorable woolen creatures.  Suzanne Etienne is best known for her vivid, impressionistic paintings of the American countryside, farm animals, European street scenes and stunning still life florals.  Participating artists from her weekly painting class include: Bette Haberlach, Dottie Palamara, Sally Davies, Joyce Feigner, Susan Pottish, Lilywood, Linda Croft, Mary Hoskins, Jody Palzer and Mindy Carpenter.  Music, refreshments and visual treats await you.