The Photographers’ Gallery

357 E Main St, Ashland, OR 97520
10 - 6 daily

Fine Art Photography by Southern Oregon’s Finest.

Located at the Ashland Art Center, the Photographers’ Gallery is the only one of its kind between Portland and San Francisco. The gallery features work by eleven photographers ranging from nationally recognized to emerging artists. A wide variety of styles are represented including: black & white, landscape, street, travel and abstract photography.

Our photographers are Lewis Anderson, Julie Bonney, Deb Harder, John Kirk, Leonard Lea, Rio Montero, Bobbi Murphy, John Petersen, Darcie Sternenberg, and David Lorenz Winston.

Currently Featured:

Dan Elster

The Wanderer

The Wanderer

The Trickster

Local wildlife photographer, Dan Elster, opens his new show The Trickster at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center during the First Friday Art Walk, February 2nd.

Born in Chicago, he was the manager of his brother’s food distribution business on the west side.   Several years ago, Dan and his wife Patty took a leap of faith – they quit their jobs, sold their home and hit the road. Patty took a job as a travel nurse, while Dan pursued a dream career in wildlife photography.

Dan’s subjects are completely wild (no captive or “staged” shots) and it’s important to him that people know that. There is something different about wild creatures, you can see it in their eyes. – to them, every day is a struggle, just to survive.

Despite every effort by man to eradicate them from the western United States, coyote populations have grown substantially in the last 100 years. Their range has expanded eastward too. Coyotes are tough, smart, resilient survivors … and they’re beautiful too.


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